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on April 24, 2007
I bought one of these on a whim when the product launched just before Christmas, 2006. It seemed like a perfect - if unnecessary - stocking stuffer for my wife, since we're both wine enthusiasts. I never really felt these "gimmick" aerators did much that a solid 1/2 hour decanting couldn't do. Boy was I wrong.

The device itself is attractive, compact and solidly built. It appears to be a simple oblong plexiglass "funnel" with a rubber grip. There are two small channels in the center of the funnel, which look like "cracks" in the plastic (I've read product info that assures worried buyers these cracks are proper and unavoidable). Wine is poured through the top of the funnel, and immediately a suction sound is heard as the pouring draws air into the wine before it escapes out the bottom of the funnel. The aerator is easily held, and I've never had a problem with spills.

Now on to the "effect" of the Vinturi. I've been using the Vinturi for 5 months now, on a variety of wines ... from a bottle of "Two Buck Chuck", to a nice '98 Vietti Barolo, to a bottle of 97' Phelps Insignia. In every circumstance, with every wine, I've noticed a significant improvement in the quality of the wine when poured through the Vinturi, as opposed to tasted directly from bottle. The flavours are more blended, the finish is less acidic, and frankly, it has made most of the wines I drink a more pleasurable experience, from sniff to swallow. I've conducted several "blind" tastings with friends, and we all agree - this thing works.

If you're a serious wine drinker - or shopping for a wine drinker in your life - give this product a try. At $40, it's about the price of a decent California Cabernet, and will yield results for decades to come. I plan on picking up a few dozen this Christmas and giving them out as gifts to business clients.
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on December 16, 2009
Well, I'll be... this silly little thing actually works. How can you get the effect of decanted wine in the time it takes to pour a glass from a newly-opened bottle? After reading other reviews, I was convinced to try it, but after seeing it work I thought, "There's no way- that was too fast and too easy."

I was wrong.

I took 3 blind taste tests. I washed 2 identical glasses, opened a new bottle of Merlot, poured one straight from the bottle and poured the other through the Vinturi Aerator. I left the room and asked my wife to move the glasses to the table and call me when all the bubbles were gone. There was no question which one had been aerated. I picked it right away. Even when my son tried to tell me I picked wrong, I stood by my choice, it was that obvious. It softens the wine, releases the bouquet and created a silky finish. I took multiple tests and picked it right every time. My wife took turns testing and could tell as well.

I got an aerator for red and white so a couple days later I opened a bottle of white and did the same test and got the same results. The difference is enough that I won't have a glass without it now. Even wine I would normally open and pour and drink right away is now aerated, red or white, it makes a real difference.

I bought the tower, which is an added expense, but it's nice for parties so guests can serve themselves and not have to handle the aerator, just pour and enjoy. The quality of the parts feel solid, not cheesy plastic like I thought it would be. Taken care of, I don't see why these can't last for many years, and since it's just liquid and air, it should work just as well in 10 years as it does today.

I'm impressed and plan to show them off to my fellow wine enthusiasts at our annual New Years party.
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on January 3, 2012
I had my skepticism, I start with that because if you like what you already drink what could an aerator do to it? Well it does enough for me to keep this little tool out and nearby my good alcohol. I did the old side-by-side non aerated to aerated single shot taste test. For the really cheap clear alcohol all I can say it does is make it have less of a burn while drinking and actually smooths out the after taste to a nice fade off. As for higher end, scotch in my case, I tried a 12 year single malt & a 17 year old single malt. Starting with the 17 year old scotch, this stuff is smooth and great to begin with, the side-by-side test concluded with the aerated scotch being much more floral/aromatic, the after taste was MUCH more enjoyable as it seemed to melt into a buttery feeling and just faded off into bliss.
The 12 year old scotch, it's good on the rocks and a splash of water. With the aerator it turned a 12 year old scotch into a very close 15/16 year old scotch. All the little notes of flavor came to live, I won't way it is perfect but a cheaper bottle of scotch in my cabinet just payed for this little aerator. All the harshness and lingering after taste of the 12 year old scotch, just melted away. Again not on the same level as the 17 year old but pretty darn close. I can put the max of 2 full jiggers, or more :), and know that what comes out will be a nice drink all around.
For the $$, I'd suggest you give this a shot (or 2) if you like to enjoy a fine liquor. I know I will defiantly be keeping this at close hand when making my drink, or drinks for others. I'm very tempted to by a few for some good friends and family to spread the enjoyment. The stopper and release button are NOT mechanical! An ingenious and fool proof design of two opposing magnets creates the opening effect while the weight of the magnet closed the stopper. Truly is machine washable and pretty durable.
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on March 6, 2007
At first I doubted it but my son wanted desperately to buy me a present for the holidays so I told him to go for it. It does everything it says it does and I use it by the glass or with a decanter.

The first one was purchased online but now some wine shops in Florida are begining to carry them. Works with reds and whites, and immediately softens those tannis or acidity depending on the wine.

One side effect is that it introduced so many tiny microscopic bubbles into a Chardonay I was drinking that it made it slighly cloudy. Normally this is bad but since I detest the acidity of a Chardonay it was a totally welcome relief and the wine was sooooo much better!

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED - I have one in each car and one at home, I never drink wine without it and everyone who tries one - buys one!
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on June 21, 2011
I have the original Vinturi, and have actually carried it in a plastic bag in my purse out to dinner. This product does such an amazing job of aerating your red wine so you can drink it at it's best immediately. No need to decant and wait. The Travel Vinturi, makes the perfect gift for any red wine lover. It's size and travel case make it convenient to tuck into a jacket pocket or purse. I love mine and I gave one to a friend who is equally thrilled with hers.
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on November 21, 2007
Let me start by saying that I am only an amateur wine aficionado. I purchased one of these at a winery in Napa and have not been able to put it down for the past four months (I even take it with me to restaurants). It works great for reds and is very easy to use and clean. I ordered a few more for Christmas gifts. It is the next must have for wine lovers.
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on January 16, 2008
I am always skeptical of "hobby toys". These sorts of things generally sound nice as a gift. However, in reality, they either don't do anything in reality or are useless to the person with the hobby.

This product really does what it says. It puts a lot of air into a glass of wine as you pour it. It does seem to instantly decant the glass of wine for you. It is easy to use, and almost as important, easy to clean. The rubber "holder" is invaluable, as the Vinturi will have some wine drips that you don't want spilled on your floor somewhere.

Many wines improve with decanting. After 1 month, we have continued to use the Vinturi and prefer using it to both our decanter or going with no decanting. I recommend this product to others.
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on January 9, 2013
I had remained a sceptic about aerators until my friends and relatives convinced me to re-evaluate them. I choose the Venturi because it is made of high quality glass and includes a small screen filter. I decided that I did not want to use two hands to pour one glass of wine so I bought the unit with the Venturi stand. Not only does it work well, it sits very attractively on our table. If you are considering an aerator, go Venturi - either with or without the stand.
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on November 8, 2011
this is the 3rd product that i have bought. Vinturi is so convenient to carry around - that is when you need it most, at restaurants as you have no time to let the wine breathe. i gave this as a present to my husband for his birthday and he carries it around with him all the time. this also is not yet common here so the waiters are amazed with this. my husband was skeptical at first but now he is a believer. Exellent product. product delivered very promptly and carefully packed.
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on February 1, 2013
I'll be perfectly honest. I'm typically skeptical about items of this nature. Also I'm fairly frugal, but am very much willing to pay for what I like. I also to this point have not written a review on amazon. THIS ITEM IS ACTUALLY WORTH USING! Please also note that I have had a Vinturi Red Wine Aerator sitting in my liquor cabinet for about a year without use... I find the use of that product... unnecessary.

I literally went through all 8 of the single malts and blended Scotch Whiskys in my bar doing blind tastings of each. Of the 8 bottles, SEVEN of the bottles I was able to easily distinguish which glass contained the Aerated and which contained the straight poured liquor. And when I say easily, I mean of the 8 bottles, 6 of them I was able to tell 3 out of 3 times which glass was Aerated, one of them I was able to tell 2 out of 3 times, and the last it was very difficult to tell.

But much much more importantly... the difference was GOOD. The spirits were smoothed and the notes were much more pronounced in a non invasive and offensive way. It actually enhances the flavor and the ability to taste the scotch. Mind you, each bottle was tested straight up, with a 1oz to .5oz scotch to water dillution, and on the rocks chilled until approximately 33-35 degrees.

The only bottle that I wasn't convincingly able to differentiate between the aerated and the straight poured glasses also had is an extremely pronounced Lagavulin 16 which is an EXTREMELY strong flavor and bodied scotch. This bottle had also been sitting half open for approximately a month at room temperature allowing it to breath and mellow. The other bottles were all fairly new (within the last 2 weeks) and far more full (3/4 full or just opened).

I can't testify if it makes a difference on other liquors as of yet but to be perfectly honest I really do not drink many straight up in the same way as I do scotch. I feel that scotch is the gold standard of tests due to the extreme depth and complex nature coupled with the wide variety of distinctive flavors among brands and ages.

Will this make a Dewars White Label taste like a Glenlivet 18? Certainly not. It will however mellow the medicinal overbearing nature of the high alcohol content of spirits while allowing you to taste the more distinctive and subtle notes hidden within.

I will happily continue to test this device ;) I can't imagine it to make much of a difference in cocktails that are strongly shaken due to the shaking process's ability to mix air within the solution. I would imagine this to be most useful with more delicately treated mixtures however at this point that is 100% pure speculation.

In conclusion... for anyone who appreciates scotch, do not hesitate to purchase this item. Even if you decide that you prefer the more harsh and medicinal notes of a scotch prevented from breathing, the petty $30 is well worth the experiment in itself. For half the cost of any decent bottle of scotch at the very worst, you bought yourself an exciting and quite fun adventure in tasting and reassessing your appreciation of the liquor you try to justify paying such high costs for.
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