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on March 23, 2012
I'm using this book as a prevention method rather than actively needing to correct problems in my voice. This book goes into detail telling you all sorts of things which can cause problems with our voices. I can think of a lot of singers who have tremendous trouble with their voices who could use this to prevent sounding like Marge Simpson's sisters the next day after a performance. A lot of aspects in here can actually make your voice stronger, as well as keeping your singing machine healthy. If you have lost something in your voice, be that power, range or anything else then this book is for you. But as I've stated, in my situation, you can also use the book to prevent trouble from arising. Every singer should have this.
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on March 29, 2013
Hi, do you have a long term issue with your voice? Suffer hoarseness? Pain from what used to be in your range? This book seeks to address these (the best a twenty-three page book can) and without replacing any medical or professional advice.

FOR - THOSE WHO DON'T HAVE RYV: If you're a singer you should get RYV2+ and RYV2AM first. If not either of those than Voice RX if your problem isn't severe. Check my reviews.

RYV devotees: Well if you have RX, RYV, and RYVAM you have a bulk of what this book is about. The new info here is mostly a guided checklist for troubled and damaged voices.

This book is broken up into SEVEN parts...

PART 1 -- REST isn't just about sleeping, but sleep strategies. That and avoiding common activities that lead to overuse like the phone or emotional exchanges.

PART 2 -- ELIMINATION lays out a long list of foods, products, activities that are aggravating or destroying your voice. Some are obvious like smoking or alcohol, others (like tomatoes) are not so obvious.

PART 3 -- SUPPLEMENTATION includes not only vitamins like C, Calcium, and zinc, but herbs like Slippery Elm. You'll know how much, how often, and when.

PART 4 -- ELEVATION won't be talking you to the Himalayas. Instead you'll be elevating your water intake and adding in some nutrients.

PART 5 -- TONING let's you work the cords. Eventually you want to produce tone again and this section steps through it gently so you don't come away damaged or exhausted. Don't push it here and you will regain phonation.

PART 6 -- SEVEN-DAY PROGRAM REVIEW shows you how to review your application of the previous four parts. This is important to success. You must measure how far you've come and continue to make progress.

PART 7 -- THE 5 & 10% RULE is a method for weening yourself off vices. Here it uses cigarettes and alcohol as an example, but I'm sure you could substitute in caffeinated drinks or dairy. It worked for Jaime so who knows--it can work for you too.

BUY? -- If you own Jaime's other products and you are still having problems with your voice you might as well give this a buy. It's not that expensive and your voice is important, no? You should probably get serious and consider getting vocal lessons from Jaime and/or seeing an ear, nose, and throat specialist.

Did this review do its job? Thumb it up please. Questions or comments? I'll try to reply below, but be warned: I don't regularly sign into Amazon or like to argue.

Keep it Rockin'
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on July 10, 2011
If you need your voice reset then this is the book to do it. I don't suffer with many vocal problems and that is because I followed the advice that is in this book even before I read it. This is a 7 day program and it works if you do it!
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on July 26, 2013
The air and water diet, Vocal reset and Voice RX are 3 short books that belong together. The books are easy to read and the content easily understood. The books contain no references. This is simply the author's tips for solving various problems with your voice, which worked for him (and his students).

Both Voice RX and Vocal reset are probably useful tools for finding out what's wrong with your voice. The air and water diet is all about how you can easily obtain more energy. My experience is that voice problems often can be very complex, and I doubt you will find all the answers in these books.

At the same time, I like the author's view of what vocal health is about. Factors such as breathing, exercise, stress and what you put in your stomach I know from experience greatly affects your entire physical and mental health. This again is the foundation for a good vocal health.

In these three books Vendere systematizes this thinking for you, and give you a direction to work towards. But I think that these books are more a supplement to the larger book, Raise your voice, and that this book should be read first to fully understand the intentions of Vocal reset, Voice RX and The air and water diet. Much of the information in the three books can be found in Raise your voice. Vendere also refers to this book several times.

The subjects of the three books are narrow, and the books are short. The content is also partly old news. I therefor give Vocal reset, Voice RX and The air and water diet 3 stars. Put the price into consideration, and I think the books are worth every cent.
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on June 3, 2013
This book only takes a small amount of time to read, and a week to undergo the entire RESET process. If you are serious about getting the most out of your voice, and have a week within which you can spend a great deal of time in silence, then whether or not to give this a go is a no-brainer.

The value for money this book offers is simply tremendous, however like the rest of Jaime's books you wont be getting the most of this books techniques unless you follow through with the instructions to a tee. Get a notebook!

My voice is feeling fresh and free and I've noticed I more naturally place my voice better and breathe deeper, but maybe this is do to the cumulative effect of working with Jaime's other books in the Reclaim Your Voice Trilogy.

Cheers to any of you who give this program a go, I wish you all the best for your endeavours. You can't help but make progress with ease and confidence when you follow the methods Jaime provides.
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on April 21, 2013
This book is quite short in length, and like Voice RX, much of the information contained inside is simply common knowledge. That being said, not all singers have a good understanding of what is best for their voice, so if you are unsure, then it is probably a good idea you purchase both Voice RX and Vocal Reset. Really the information in both books could have been presented as one, but since they are separate, only reading one does not cover all the necessary bases. Depending on your current lifestyle, this program may seem extreme in its methods, and to Jaimie's credit, he mentions this at the beginning of the book. The program requires complete commitment to reap any noticeable results, but those who dedicate themselves, will know exactly what their voice needs to stay strong and ready for every show on the road.
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on March 23, 2013
If you lose your voice, that's tough. If you lose your voice and you're a singer.....That's detrimental. This book is Jaime's guide to reset your voice and get you back in the game. If you're just dealing with sore throat issues, you'll want to check out his other book (Voice RX) but if you're working through more severe issues from constant abuse of your voice (possibly singing which case you should check out Raise Your Voice and The Ultimate Breathing Workout), or from being sick and losing your voice then this is the book you need to read. Jaime has helped famous professional vocalists get back on track and he can help you too.
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on April 16, 2013
If you are truly one of those people who gets hoarse easily, clears their throat religiosly, or is always losing their voice after a band practice session, this book is for you. It in this is a seven day plan on how to regain your voice and bring it back to its natural state of free flow. But you must stick with it to reap the rewards, and part of it is a no talking phase. You can still benefit from this book if you never have lost your voice or got hoarse. Prevention is the best medicine. Thanks Jaime. What a great read.
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on May 10, 2012
I welcomed the advice and premise of this book. It is an admittedly rigorous plan for a better voice, but I got a sense of what can go wrong with a voice besides just aging. However, this is a "how to"Vocal RESET book and I attempted to copy a couple of pages to have with me and was unable to do so. This is a book available only on Kindle so I bought it to try out Kindle as well. I dearly love the printed word in my hand not on a computer, but I tried.
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