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VINE VOICEon September 2, 2007
Picking up where Collection Three left off, with the next 14 episodes in the series, Voltron: Defender of the Universe - Collection Four ends the Lion Force Team's first season with the remaining 7 Season One episodes, and starts the second season with the first 7 Season Two episodes. The 4th of 8 Voltron DVDs planned for release by Media Blasters, Voltron - Collection Four is a 3-disc set which comes in a "[Red] Lion's head special molded tin featuring digitally remastered episodes 46-59, Full Frame (1.33:1) video, English 5.1 audio, plus extras which include [at long last] voice actor interviews with veterans BJ Ward (Princess Allura/Witch Haggar), Neil Ross (Keith) and Michael Bell (Lance). As with the previous collections, the amount of work put into this next-to-last Lion Force Team collection will do right by the show's fans. Here are the episodes contained in this collection, plus a list of extras:

46. "The Mighty Space Mouse"
47. "Summit Meeting"
48. "Return of Coran's Son"
49. "Coran's Son Runs Amuck"
50. "Zarkon Becomes a Robeast"
51. "Lotor the King"
52. "Final Victory"
53. "Dinner and a Show"
54. "Envoy from Galaxy Garrison"
55. "Mousemania"
56. "The Shell Game"
57. "The Traitor"
58. "Voltron Meets Jungle Woman"
59. "Little Buddies"

Special Features:
* New 5.1 Surround Mix
* Episode synopses with original airdates
* Featurette on the American produced Lion Voltron episodes
* 1984 stills gallery
* Man on the Street: Voltron memories
* Voices Actor Interviews

Go Voltron!
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on January 3, 2008
The fourth Voltron collection starts off with an epic five-part story, which was originally intended to be the conclusion of the series. Fortunately, because of the show's incredible popularity with American audiences, World Events partnered with Toei (the largest producer of animation in Japan) to create still more exciting Voltron adventures. These additional programs begin on the second disc, and you will undoubtedly notice a difference. At this point, the overused Haggar/Robeast formula is downplayed in favor of richer and more diverse storytelling, making the Red Lion Collection the best Voltron set yet! The newer shows also contain more narration by the legendary Peter Cullen (a.k.a. Optimus Prime) as well as some different background music. Unfortunately, although the artwork in these tacked-on episodes is just as good, if not better than before, the colors are way too dark, the characters look flat due to a lack of shading, and the picture is as grainy as a bowl of Grape Nuts. Princess Allura's famous golden locks are now as orange as a Halloween pumpkin. Pidge's traditional lime-green jumpsuit has an ugly olive hue, and his Voltron uniform is almost black...but at least he's finally done away with that girly hairband, and that's certainly a good thing.

This Defender of the Universe volume contains a total of fourteen dramatic episodes; among them are classic tales like these:

"Mighty Space Mouse": In an effort to divert the attention of the Voltron Force's ever-present mouse friends away from the activities of her new underground Robeast, Witch Haggar orders her blue-furred feline to patrol the fields surrounding the Castle of Lions. Little does the elderly evildoer know that main mouse, Cheesy, has recently obtained a tiny whistle and a saucepan helmet and become the designated drill sergeant of the space mouse kingdom. The red-eyed rodent has been working day and night to whip his verminous troops into shape, and, armed only with sharpened twigs, the fearless little critters are now ready--in fact, eager--to tangle with the crafty crone's cantankerous kitty. Pidge (who is naturally fond of the space mice because they're small and squeaky, like himself) is so impressed by Cheesy's `Scat Squad', that he builds them their very own Voltron-inspired bomb-shooting aircraft!

"Zarkon Becomes a Robeast": The foul-tempered King of Doom throws his infuriatingly incompetent son, Lotor, in the dank dungeon of Devil's Castle for allowing the awesome Energy Cannon to fall into the hands of the indomitable Voltron Force. Meanwhile on Planet Arus, Princess Allura hosts a meeting of the Denubian Galaxy Alliance, where she informs the diminutive Prince Bandor and his contemporaries of Coran's ingenious plan to use the captured Cannon to disrupt the protective screen of electronic charges surrounding Planet Doom so the almighty Voltron can reach the savage planet's vile surface and eradicate Zarkon's abundant supply of weapons and ammo. But before the conference of galactic luminaries adjourns, the odious oppressor's robot ships descend on Arus with lasers blazing! Can Lance and Keith reach the Energy Cannon before Zarkon's fleet obliterates it?

"Dinner and a Show": A peaceful afternoon in the picturesque pastures of Planet Pollux is rudely interrupted by the horn-hatted Cossack the Terrible and his army of sky sled riding robots. With electro-lash in hand, the fiendish periwinkle-faced tyrant rounds up the hard-working Polluxian farmers and loads them onto his boxy brown transport ship. One fortunate farm boy escapes the steely clutches of Cossack's mechanoids and dashes off to inform Princess Romelle of the nightmarish invasion. Romelle immediately radios her identical Arusian cousin, Allura, and the Voltron Force flies to the rescue. Tragically, before our heroes reach Arus' sister planet, the hapless pink-clad pilot of Blue Lion is sucked into a deep trench in the center of a giant asteroid near the dreaded Aurora Quasar!

"Envoy from Galaxy Garrison": Despite the impeccable job Keith and company have been doing battling the devilish King Zarkon and his minions thus far, Galaxy Garrison inexplicably decides to send a crusty old General to Arus to take over command of the Voltron Force. The curmudgeonly interloper even goes so far as to declare our beloved Voltron obsolete! Can the five young Lion pilots defeat Witch Haggar's indestructible moonstone-powered Robeast without forming Voltron...or will the portly General's senseless meddling spell ultimate victory for the hated forces of Doom?

"The Shell Game": Just as life in the towns and cities of Arus is finally returning to some degree of normalcy, Haggar the heartless hag has to spoil it all by unleashing a gargantuan crab-shaped monstrosity to topple the newly-erected houses as if they were mere stacks of children's building blocks. As always, the ever-reliable Voltron Force is on the scene in two shakes of a space mouse's tail; but while they're busy battling one overgrown crustacean, a second is tearing through the walls of Lion Castle's basement and making it very difficult for Nanny to get her laundry done.

"The Traitor": In what is probably the finest episode of this collection, we meet Joran. Once a soldier in the loathsome armies of Doom, Joran saw more of Zarkon's cruelty than he could stomach, and at last reached out to help the villain's persecuted prisoners. As punishment for his disloyalty to the pitiless King, the one-time slave driver became a slave. Now he takes abuse not only from the disciples of Doom, but also from his fellow captives, who will always see him as one of Zarkon's cold-blooded henchmen. Eventually, Joran and the other despondent hostages are dispatched to Planet Zahl to mine for the lazon that will allegedly make Haggar's Robeasts invincible. There, the scar-faced former Zarkon follower encounters the beautiful and compassionate Omnia, who offers him a chance at redemption.

Volume Four's extras include a Season 3 featurette, an art gallery, and some man-on-the-street interviews. Best of all, we finally get to see the voice actors: Neil Ross (Keith/Pidge), BJ Ward (Allura/Haggar), and Michael Bell (Lance/Sven). So don't delay, grab a groovy Red Lion tin today! Mega-thrusters are GO!
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on July 26, 2011
I watched this show all the time as a kid, and it never got old. Peter Cullen and all the great voice acting, the fantastic animation, and the catchy theme... (dun, du-dun, dun, du-DUHN! "Voltron defender of the Universe!) It still seems contemporary after all these years. It's good to see this show getting paid its respects in these DVD sets.

I love that we still have beautifully designed DVD sets like this one still available ( and for super cheap! $5.45 as of the day of posting. ) I'm irritated when they rush out cheap and generic looking packaging for DVD sets and still charge more or less the same amount. This set like the others has slick design and magnificent artwork on all sides of the packaging. And bonus! The tin case makes it even more durable and collectible. I wish more DVDs would release with this level of sophistication and attention to detail. Very worthy purchase.

I have Vol. 6 too, and that is nice too, put it has a different case, kind of like the ones that checks or business cards come in, not like the tin one on Vol. 4. But it is just as nicely designed as well; they kept the design scheme consistent. I will probably buy all of them before it's all said and done.
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on April 17, 2011
America needs hero in our culture filled with villians that creep in the night and harm our children. They come in the form of our TV, rapper music, MVP, VH1, violent video games. Voltron is a refreshing change to the bombardment of violence, demeaning of women, and meaningless deaths that cause our children not to feel remorse or regret. Voltron is a defender of the simpler times when honor and the protection of value meant something. Voltron shows a team from diffferent back grounds working together against the odds, trusting each other, depending on each other to keep their land safe from the evils that come up against it. This tin came carefully packaged for safe keeping. I know I will have this series to share with my grandchildren and more, I hope. Thanks
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on March 18, 2011
I already have a disapointment with this new 2007 Voltron's DVD series. They removed all deaths, kicks in the nuts(by the princess), bloodsheds and then repeat scenes of people running to fill up the space. In the special features they show you the scenes (not the whole chapter) with a big CENOSRED you never get to see the scenes as we did when kids.

Another deal is the dialog. Many female voices are men pretending to be women, why not replace those lines with real ladies? Want to make it better?..thats the way to improve things the right though.

Anything else, not bad at all(special features). By the way, DO NOT spect the same chapter order, just in case.
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on March 29, 2015
Voltron was my favorite cartoon as a child and one of my favorite childhood pictures of me is me triumphantly raising my Voltron action figure I received for Christmas in 1985. I cant wait to make my kids watch Voltron and I hope they have something in common with their old man and love it as well!
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VINE VOICEon March 17, 2009
This set includes fourteen episodes of the Lion Force Voltron series. These are the final seven episodes adapted from the Beast King GoLion episodes, and the first seven episodes that were produced by World Events Productions for a second season of Lion Force Voltron.

On this set, there are five items in the "Special Features" menu. The first is labeled, "Voice Actor Interviews." Neil Ross, BJ Ward, and Michael Bell were interviewed for this feature. They talked about how they auditioned, what characters they portrayed, the recording process, how they developed their characters, and remembering cast member Lennie Weinrib (who had passed away while the Lion Force Voltron DVD sets were being released).

The next feature is labeled, "Season Three Featurette." This piece includes interviews with Franklin Cofod, Marc Handler, Peter Keefe, and Bill England. This featurette explains why World Events Productions produced new Lion Force Voltron episodes instead of dubbing Albegas (a third robot series they had acquired the rights for). They also talk about how they got several staff members from the original Beast King GoLion series to produce the new episodes, and explain the process that was used to produce the new episodes. The featurette ends with talking about the two new characters (Cossack and Merla) that were introduced in the new Lion Force Voltron episodes.

The next feature is "Man on the Street: Voltron Memories." These are "man on the street" interviews conducted by Jeremy Corray. He went around the streets of St. Louis and randomly asked people if they remembered Voltron. Unfortunately, most of the people interviewed seemed to only have really vague memories of the show, and were more likely than not to give absolutely wrong information.

The "Gallery 1984" feature is a slideshow of production art, stills from the show, pictures from the Voltron Express event, and pictures of Ted Koplar and Peter Keefe sititng at a table with Voltron toys. Unfortunately, there's no way for the viewer to control how quickly the pictures go through the slideshow. The final feature on the set are trailers for other properties released by AnimeWorks.

For fans of Voltron, this set allows you to obtain more episodes of the Lion Force Voltron series for your DVD collection. The first couple of special features on this set are pretty decent, but the others are a disappointment. Even with that flaw, this set is still worth owning, especially if you are a Voltron fan.
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on August 31, 2013
The fourth batch of episodes from the US adaptation of Beast King GoLion is another fun romp that brings back great childhood memories. My daughter loves the action and the addition of the tin case makes it that much cooler a collectible.
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on December 4, 2014
Very happy with this purchase! Bought for our disabled son as a Christmas present. It got here on time and in perfect condition. I was really surprised at how nice the tin case is. Our son loves this show, can't wait for him to open it.
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on December 26, 2012
This was my favorite cartoon back in the day so i had to get these when I saw them on sale. The cases are nice and well constructed, the quality of the DVD is great on my 61" TV and I can now watch good ole Voltron whenever I want!
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