Customer Reviews: Vornado DVTH Whole Room Vortex Heater, Automatic Climate Control
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on November 11, 2003
I recently moved into a house that had an exceptional heating system except in the master bedroom (probably due to a large French door). Didn't see the logic in heating the whole empty house just to keep one room warm, I started to look for a suitable heater. Upon some search, Vornado DVH surfaced as a viable option. Although pricier than other models, if it did what it claims to do (even warmth, quietness, safe to kids' touch, and good control) I thought the product would be ideal for my family needs.
While searching for the best price, I came to read the ratings by others on the Amazon site, and it was disturbing for me to see that there was a noticeable disparity among the raters (please look through the reviews and see for yourselves-5 to 1 star). But it sounded great at least for those who had them in working condition, so I decided to give it a try, knowing that there is a chance that I might get the bad apple.
Well, I have been using the unit for a while now and I have to tell you that it is worth MORE than its weight in gold!!! It is quite; temperature control is dead accurate; heating is impressively even throughout the room; and it really doesn't get hot at all to the touch; and even looks cool. I have occasional circuit breaker tripping when I use hair drier in the bathroom connected to the same room, but Vornado has not tripped the circuit not even once, even though I usually have it run at 78F when I use it (basically all night).
I'm sure others' claims on defective products are valid. But if you are unsure whether to give it a try because of those reviews like I was a few weeks ago, I strongly recommend you give this product a try. Even if you end up with a defective product like others claim, if you can get a good one after exchange (and get something like what I got), it is worth the trouble-and believe me I'm an extremely lazy person when it comes to product exchanges...
I only write this review because I wished that I had something like this to help my decision making. Hope it helps you.
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on February 11, 2005
I live in a basement apartment in Washington DC. The winters here get pretty cold and I do not have control of the heater. The landlord upstairs controls the heat (and they are rarely home).

I plugged this heater into my front room. The room measures 20x25'. The temperature gage intially read 58 degrees! Wow that's cold. I set the digital temperature gage to 72 degrees. It initially took about an hour to reach that temperature (I think the electronics needed to be broken in).

This little heater has been plugged in and running nonstop, 24 hours a day, for the past three weeks and it is nothing short of spectacular!

I positioned the heater at one corner of the apartment and it heats the entire room and keeps every corner of the room at the same temperature.

Since it has a plastic casing, it is constantly cool-to-the-touch and I have no reservation with leaving it on when I leave in the morning to go to work. The unit *never* gets hot.

I thought $100 was a bit expensive for a heater, but wow... this purchase has been justified.

I also have a humidifier (by Bionaire) running on a 24-hour basis to prevent the room from becoming too dry.

The temperature gage on the heater is spectacular. You really can tell the difference between 70 and 72 degrees with this heater.

It's fabulous. Nothing short of fabulous.
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on November 20, 2004
The Digital Vortex Heater is wonderful! We have a drafty attic office in our home, which has been impossible to heat. We've gone through at least 3 different heaters (all under $50) with no luck. We decided to try the Vornado Digital because of "how" it heats.

With other heaters, the room never really got warm. As long as you sat or stood directly in front of the electric heater, you were freezing. With the Vornado Digital heater, it warms the entire room by circulating the heat. And believe me, no matter what other says, it works! The only drawback, is it does take (depending on the size of the room, how cold it is outside, and how drafty the room is) some time to heat up the room. For the attic office space we have, it's about a 20' by 20' space. It warms up the room in about 20 mins, depending on how cold it is outside. BUT, once it's warm, it stays warm! The internal thermostat on the Vornado Digital works quite well. We actually have to turn it down or off after a while, because it gets so warm. I have been noticing after a few weeks of use, that it seems to warm up faster. So maybe there was a break-in period it had to go through, I can't be sure. Although, it does seem to work better after a little use.

We tried several different heaters from several different manufacturers, and the Vornado was by far the best at warming a room, and keeping it warm! Is this heater the kind of heater that pumps out direct HOT air? No. If you want a heater that is just going to be pointed at you to keep you warm, this might not be the heater for you. But if you want a heater that will heat up a room and keep it warm, with soothing warm air, there is no other heater better for the price! Again, it's most amazing feature being that is circulates the air throughout the room. Just for the feature alone I am satisfied, because I feel that's the secret to correctly heating a space. The only downfall being, that it takes some time to do it.

My suggestion is to at the very least, try the Vornado Digital. I purchased it from the Vornado website for $100.00, but I suggest going through Amazon to save on shipping. I think you'll be happy you tried it!
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on December 10, 2004
I recommend this one only. It seems to me that DVTH is an upgrade version of DVH (you can see the product number which is different) and far better than VH2. Current temp. and setting temp. is shown repeatedly with fan speed ('LO', 'HI', and 'FA'n only), and it accurately monitor and warm up the room.

Other heaters stops fan as well as the heating element when the desired temparature is reached; this one doesn't. Fan works continuously (slowly) when the temparature is reached... so that the entire room air is heated up properly. I tried Homles one, and Black and decker one, but they don't have this functionality.

I am pretty sure this fan works well esp. when there is another heat source (like ordanary apartment) but heating is not enough. I am not sure for other cases. But definitely, this guy is well worth the money (I know this is expensive). You can search hard and ask for the best price in a big online company which sells this.
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on March 3, 2003
I have owned several different space heaters from different manufacturers over the past 5 years or so, and this is the best by far. Most ceramic heaters generate too much heat in a small area and they get hot enough to start fires. The ceramic heaters I have used have melted parts of my desk or chair, they are a real fire or burn hazard. Even though they have fans inside to blow the heat, the heated air is so hot that it never gets more than a few inches in front of the heater before rising straight up. You are always either freezing cold or in fear of being burned depending on hwo many inches you place it from you. Oil heaters are nice but they have a terrible smell (supposedly this goes away) and they do not have a way to spread the heat at all.
The Vortex heater has a medium sized fan with a small wire heating element behind it. It's very much like the way a hair dryer works to heat air. This heater generates lots of air flow, more like a regular fan, while heating the air. You can place this heater 6 feet away and you will still feel a warm breeze from it.
The vortex heater is VERY quiet, and the front of the heater does not get hot enough to burn you. I also use this heater a quiet personal fan for the summer time. If you set the FAN switch to ON, the heat switch to LOW and the thermostat all the way down, it will blow air but not stop heating it.
The plug and power cord on the heater does not get hot like other heaters, but remember never cover the power cord on any space heater or high-powered appliance because it does still generate some heat.
The heater does a good job of detecting the temperature of the room and will turn off when it reaches the desired temperature setting.
The heater will turn off if tipped over. If the heater is bumped it turns off for a second. However, if you wanted to place this heater on an angled surface it will still work. Whatever the mechanism it has, it allows it to be angled but not tipped over all the way or bumped suddenly. The heater does not have a way to aim it up or down. It is preconfigured to blow at a very slight upward angle.
I have been using this heater to heat my 7 month old son's play area recently. He started crawling and the front of the design on the heater is just barely large enough to allow his tiny little fingers to poke into the front of the heater and get hit by the fan (this has never happened but at the largest part of the gaps in the front of the unit, it would be possible). Other than that, this heater is safer for children because neither the air nor the front of the heater gets hot. I would say that in a few more months his fingers will be too large to poke through. If this heater had the fine wire mesh front like most other heaters, it would be perfect.
The vortex heater is a little more expensive than other heaters, but it is well worth the extra money. I have had this heater for about 2 or more years and it works GREAT!
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on March 1, 2006
I loved the way the Vortex Digital Heater heated and the way it kept cool to the touch. But within a week, the one I had started cutting off when it hit the set temperature and did not come back on. I was worried that it was overheating all the time and called Vortex who told me I could send it in at my expense and pay $15 to fix it. I emailed my Amazon seller (Louise at Pinnacle Packaging) who was wonderful and paid to have it sent back to her, and is going to refund my money. I think I am going to buy another one only I am going to purchase it from a local store and make sure I can bring it back if the new one does the same thing. I guess I am a sucker but I really liked the way the thing worked when it worked correctly!
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VINE VOICEon September 22, 2006
All in all this is a good heater! Easy to use (three buttons not counting the on/off). Heats quckly and has small openings on the front and sides so to keep out kids fingers and pets paws. Heats up my good sized room all around well. Not bright like other heaters so that you can't watch TV due to the brightness projected.

Keep in mind that it's an electric heater. It will not heat up your entire house nor a massive victorian ceiling room. Plus you must keep it on the floor (good hard surface). The cord is long, but I needed an extension. KEEP in mind you NEED to purchase a special contractor grade extension cord capable of taking 1200 watts (12.5 amps) or else you risk fire (this is how many fires happen in the winter).

Know what you're buying. This is a good higher end heater. Follow the directions and you'll be fine and this heater will give you warmness on those cold nights.

Added: if you need an extension cord make sure you get the highest rating of a 14, contractors grade. Maximum 20 feet in length. Thanks to Scott for the corrections!
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on January 15, 2005
This is the best electric heater I have ever owned, nothing even comes close to its performance. Instead of getting a portion of your body warm, it warms up the entire room in minutes. The digital thermostat is easy to set to the precise temperature desired, and the control's digital readout cycles automatically with the Hi/Lo setting, current room temp, and thermostat temp setting. When the desired temp is reached it maintains the temperature automatically.

A very nice feature is the case never gets hot and the output temperature is not burning hot, but comfortably hot.

The heater is very stable and easy to move around with one hand, even while the heater is operating.
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on February 27, 2003
We just moved into a house with a 300+ square foot sun room that is unheated except through a couple of windows and a door through to the house. It was very cold in this room initially, so much so that you couldn't do anything in winter without additional heating. So I thought I'd try a DVH heater to see if it would do the job rather than either ducting into the room or installing baseboard heat. When I got the unit, I was extremely skeptical. It's very small and it's very light, and it doesn't look like it will do anything at all. Well, it's just above zero outside as I write this, and I'm in my sun room that is evenly heated to 70 degrees. And I saved hundreds of dollars over the alternatives.
(I purchased the DVH over any other unit because it has a temperature control in degrees, while most [all] other similar units make you guess instead of setting the exact temperature.)
In addition to heating the room, it is also so quiet that I can have it sitting right next to me without it bothering me in the least. And the cord and the unit stay cool, which is a big consideration with our two little dogs running into it. You can actually put your hand against the front of the heater when it's going full blast on high power and it's only warm, not hot.
The controls are simple also. You press the power switch, set the temperature that you want, and then select whether to use high or low power. And then you're done, you just turn it on or off from that point forward. It then displays the power setting, the room temperature, and the desired temperature continually on the top of the unit.
Obviously, I'm very happy with the DVH and I highly recommend it to anyone. I do want to add that it would probably have taken two of the units to completely heat the room to a continuous 70 degrees if it was totally unheated, but it's still much better than the alternatives.
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HALL OF FAMEon September 11, 2005
I keep birds, and in the winter months and cooler days I want their cage areas warmer than the rest of the house (we keep the thermostat on 62 degrees in winter because the upstairs stays too warm otherwise, but the little heaters keep the birds and us from freezing downstairs.)

In attempt to keep the birds warm in our cool house, I have gone through several little heaters and settled on this Vornado model as the best for my purposes, although I also continue to use two Honeywell models I bought a while ago.

My Vornado heater circulates the air with or without the heating element running and makes the ambient heat even.

I have a wall heater/air conditioning unit at work, so I brought a Vornado into the office to keep my feet warm and my head cool. I've even used it on hot days to circulate the cold air from the floor (with the heating element off). I have a Vornado fan upstairs at home for the same purpose in summer. I figure the technology is similar?

I like the dial on the Vornado better than that on the other little heaters because I can't understand their dials--even after reading the instructions over and over (I don't reset the temps very often, so once I figure it out if I don't use it for a while, I forget how to use it). The Vornado is very straightforward for a 'non-mechanical' person like me--what you see is what you get. I also use the Vordado air filter systems for my birds and me. I love Vornado products.
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