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11 of 12 people found the following review helpful
on July 28, 2006
So, This movie is really serious. I spent an entire afternoon combing the island of Manhatten looking for aplace that carried used VHS cassettes. After a rather fruiless search I stumbled upon a Porn Shop on the corner of About 26th and 6th. They had a stack of VHS tapes along the bottom edge of the store that I decided to look through. After looking at the rediculous cover of this tape, I flipped it over and read the first scentence. "A guitar shaped spaceship streaks across the night sky in search of the origins of Rock & Roll" I purchased the movie then and there, and have never looked back. Of the actuall movie, I can only say great things. If however you are one of those crumudgeonly types who looks back on the 80's and feels only regret and loathing, you should run for the hills. From the Jermain Jackson video in the beginning, to the New Wave Vs. Rockabilly battle of the bands at the climax, this movie is a non stop blast. If I could buy a copy of this movie for everyone, I SO would. Nuff Said.
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on October 22, 2012
I loved this movie as a kid... used to watch it at my aunt's house whenever I could! cheesy, I know but so glad I found it!
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on October 31, 2014
You can research the history of this film for can hate on it if you want, but it is SO ridiculous and SO unabashedly low brow that it acheives what it set out to be...SO entertaining!!! The muic, the clothes...all VERY 1980's. The flick doesn't take itself seriously for one second, but true talent abounds. Pia Zadora will probably never be known for her high qualiy films (BUTTETFLY notwithstanding), but she CAN sing, and she is goofy, charming and energetic here...damn good. This plays like a bad music video with extended dialogue and "plot", and in fact, opens with one: version one of WHEN THE RAIN BEGINS TO FALL, the #1 smash European hit by Pia and Jermaine Jackson. It has NOTHING to do with the film, you complain? Jermaine is not anywhere else in the movie? SO WHAT, it is unintentionally hysterical! A truly horrid video for a great dance song, and Germany ate it up with a spoon. The rest of the program is meant to be funny, and it IS. Overgrown teenagers, an Octogenarian Sheriff, a psychotic killer, and space aliens abound! Ruth Grdon, The Tom Nolan Band, and Jimmy And The Mustangs all join Pua and Craig Sheffer for the joyous ride! ENJOY!!!
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7 of 10 people found the following review helpful
VINE VOICEon September 19, 2007
A good Pia Zadora film is truly a contradiction in terms. But even at their trashy self-promoting worst (BUTTERFLY, FAKE OUT, THE LONELY LADY), they never scaled the queasy heights that 'VOYAGE OF THE ROCK ALIENS' reaches with its desperate last-ditch attempts to showcase Pia's ...for lack of a better word... talent.

'ROCK ALIENS' is a...ERM...musical produced in 1984 but not released until 1988. (And looks like it was extremely dated by 1985.) Not only are we subjected to bad acting, but bad acting performed in parachute pants, Flock Of Seagulls hairdos and - god help us - mullets-for-women! Compounding this offense, the music features mind-numbing synth rock and one of our personal favorites - neutered rockabilly.

We think we can speak for everybody when we say that most films could be improved immensely if only they included a video starring Jermaine Jackson and Pia Zadora. And that video should feature them as two unrequited lovers stuck in the middle of a gangland war that pits the extras from 'FAME' against a large group of Male Nuns on motorcycles. We've prayed for this particular visual for years, and finally someone was gutsy enough to include it in this very movie.

Whoever that someone is -- Bless you!

Once the video ends, we're quickly thrown aboard a guitar-shaped spaceship manned by a crew of bad Devo impersonators (the rock group Rhema) and their very annoying robot. The aliens discuss their vague mission; to explore earth, then promptly beam down in a telephone booth a la DOCTOR WHO.

Meanwhile on earth, Didi (Zadora) is singing one of her many, MANY songs. And this upsets her abusive boyfriend Frankie (Craig Sheffer), not because her singing sounds like a bad female impersonator emulating Jayne Mansfield, but because - for no explained reason - Sheffer will only allow his rockabilly band and no one else to perform in the town of Speelburgh. (Yes... SPEELBURGH ... Perhaps Hitchcockville and Lucasboro were too obvious.) It must be said that Sheffer's acting choices for Frankie the toughie are top notch. We just know he means business by the way he blinks and twitches a lot.

Zadora soon grows tired of Sheffer's tormenting the leather-clad citizens and takes an interest in the alien commander ABCD (pronounced "absid"). Surprisingly, ABCD instantly falls for Zadora. We know this because he blows up - literally - from sheer passion. (In every Zadora flick, only the males ON SCREEN succumb to lust-fueled frenzies when she enters the room - the males in the audience seem to have a natural immunity.)

Thanks to the alien's knack for ripping-off Devo, they're invited to play at Hiedi High's school dance where ABCD plans to woo Zadora away from Sheffer. Of course, Sheffer gets wind of this, and tries to stop them from playing at all costs. Aside from subplots involving local sherriff Ruth Gordon (!) pursuing the aliens, and Michael (THE HILLS HAVE EYES) Berryman as (surprise,surprise) an escaped mental patient, that is pretty much all there is.

Primarily written as a showcase for Pia's dubious talents, it's a tad strange that she's barely in it. Oh, she's featured prominently during the many musical interludes (which hilariously point out the only thing worse than her acting is her singing and dancing.) But oddly the film's focus seems to rest on the Rock Aliens, (a.k.a. Rhema). A major mistake. Their total lack of charm and musical talent make you long for more accomplished musicians, like THE NEW MOUSEKATEERS or David Hasselhoff. And their many stale fish-out-of-water antics wouldn't pass muster on a sub-par episode of TVs 'PERFECT STRANGERS'.

But every Bad Direct-To-Video Pia Zadora Musical (released in 1988) has an upside: If you know an annoying person who just won't shut up about how terrific the '80s were, show them this film, and feel free to chuckle as they whimper, stammer and slowly regress into a fetal position. But just be sure to avert your OWN eyes, or you'll soon be joining them.
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on May 20, 2013
This movie is 100% perplexing and 100% entertaining to watch. I really have no idea why some of the characters are even in the movie, which I suppose made it that much better.

Don't get me wrong, this movie isn't 'good' in a traditional sense. Rather, it's good because of how ridiculous it is. If you're on this page you probably already know you want to see it. Pick up the VHS, I couldn't find it anywhere else.
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on April 22, 2015
I've been looking for this movie in English for ever, and I was a little nervous since everything on it was in German, but it was in English and my sister was overly excited. Shipping was fast, it arrived a few days early.
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5 of 8 people found the following review helpful
on February 16, 2006
I was actually an extra in this movie (my one line was cut!). It's pretty bad but is a nice little early 80s snapshot of the kind of Stray Cats vs. Duran Duran thing that was happening at the time. My highlight in the filming was when the producer's wife (Charlie's Angel Cheryl Ladd) was on the set. The Ruth Gordon scenes were flown in. She was never on the set. They just recruited a lot of us from the punk club in Atlanta (688) and Pia had a couple of us kicked out. Mindless.
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on October 30, 2014
One of my all time favorite movies! It is cheesy, yes, but I watched this as a kid and remember it. I had been looking for this movie. Glad I found it.Thank you for making it available on DVD.
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1 of 2 people found the following review helpful
on September 16, 2013
I love Pia Zadora and this movie, but this Blu-ray has 1080i/50z menus as well as upscaled video. Even if you have a region free Blu-ray player, it probably won't play on your HDTV because it isn't in 1080p Full HD. The video is in unmatted 1.33:1 as well as a cropped 1.78:1 version. Both are from the previous standard definition master and have PAL speed-up built into them! The only good thing about this release is there is a promo reel and some additional trailers and TV spots that feature footage or alternate takes not used in the film, but again it has been upscaled to 1080i/50hz!

A very unfortunate Blu-ray release.
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