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on November 7, 2011
My daughter got a VTech Zoom camera several years ago. It's been a longtime favorite toy and she is now 8! This camera has not changed much from the version we have.

The camera is sized really well for little hands, they can grip on the rubber handles on either side. Instead of having a single viewfinder like typical cameras, this one has two - so the child looks through with both eyes, eliminating the need to squint through a single eyehole. The camera itself is okay, 1.3 megapixels is enough to take some viewable pictures, but it does poorly in low light conditions (which is a lot of places). This never bothered my kids.

What makes this camera a hit is the games on it. You can take a picture, then play games with that picture - it makes the picture into a puzzle, you have to rotate the pieces to fit it back together. You can also choose scenes which place cartoon images around the outside of the picture. There are settings where you choose to be a pirate and then a little pirate outfit appears and the child can line the persons face up with it and take the picture so they look like a pirate. They also really enjoy taking videos - this is something that children universally enjoy, saying silly things into the camera.

If you have a child who is really into photography and you think wants to take really nice photographs they want to be able to say print out, or look at on the computer later, I recommend you look into getting them an inexpensive real camera. This camera is not going to take amazing photographs. It's much better than the Fisher Price version though, which we test drove as well - that camera only takes .3 megapixel pictures, but you aren't going to get amazing photos out of it. In face, after downloading pictures the first time, we just stopped bothering with this camera - the kids enjoy tremendously as a toy.
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on September 7, 2012
Offered as "others often buy this" is an SD memory card. This is misleading, since the camera DOES NOT have a slot for an additional memory card. DO NOT BUY for this camera!
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on December 26, 2011
Coming from a family of photographers, my five year old has been asking for a camera for quite some time now. We finally got her this one for Christmas and it was not been a disappointment at all! It has a very fast shutter that helps take pictures quickly, there are a few fun features on the camera that my daughter likes to play with (the three games, photo editor, playback for the edited pictures). Very easy to navigate through and it even has a video component too! Of course the picture quality is not that great, but its really just for fun anyway (unless your child has a HUGE desire to print their photos out...)Its also nice that the camera has a binocular-type lens since kids have a harder time focusing in on a single lens like an adult camera. Overall I would recommend this camera to kids who are four and over, since its a little advanced for anyone younger than that, but perfect for a preschooler just learning the art of photography!

** UPDATE ** Camera is toast! Was not durable and now the buttons have somehow gotten stuck so its history...
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on September 18, 2012
I have several cameras my self and my niece is always curious about using them... as they are rather expensive, I would prefer to keep sticky hands off my professional equipment! I bought this camera as a birthday present and I am highly pleased with it.

It has served her well so far... she takes it on car rides and shoots pictures out the window and plays the little games that it comes with. she just turned 4 years old.

- the handles are very sturdy and kid friendly, it is safe and secure to hold no matter how sticky or slippery little hands can get
- the view finder is meant to be help up to both eyes. kids have a hard time with the close one eye and focus, snap. this allows them to naturally just put their face to the view finders and snap away
-it is a creative outlet and lets kids focus on cool things like nature. pull them away from the tv and let them hang out in the garden while you sip cocktails with a friend :) there are boundless flowers and bugs dying to pose for this cute little camera
-some of the pictures were very clear and thats surprising seeing how shaky and how much children cant keep still
- it is wonderful to load them up and show your kid their own photo album.. it is like watching the world from your kids eyes and its hillarious and fun and great for them to tell you stories of why they took pictures and what they are about
- it feels durable
- the video feature is an amazing addition
- good price and great present

-the screen where you view the pictures and you play games is pretty small. lucky kids have better eyes than adults!
-does not take great pictures in unlit rooms... must be with bright lights or outside

I dont have many complaints for this being a childs first camera. i think it is a great price for what you get.. and any toy that helps children learn to appreciate their surroundings is money well spent. I am more than happy with my purchase! I think this is an amazing gift and it has gotten lots of use. i think that i will keep it mind for any future gift ideas...
best suited i would say for kids 4 and up (just because you do have to navigate through some buttons to change functions)
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on March 13, 2013
I bought this on the recommendation of several friends and the good reviews on Amazon. I'm very disappointed that no one mentioned that this is essentially an electronic toy, not a camera. Before even removing from it's packaging I turned it on with the "try me" feature and it is SO LOUD I can't believe it. My husband came running from the opposite side of the house asking what that noise was. Even if the volume can be lowered, I planned to give this to a three year old, who would no doubt at some point have it at full volume. That's enough of a reason to return it. Also, as I read more about it, this seems more focused on games than picture taking - shame on me for not noticing - I was swayed by the glowing reviews. Also, on further consideration, a 1.3 megapixel camera is ludicrous nowadays. For about $15 more than this costs, I could buy a "real" digital camera with 14 MP. My daughter has been using our $300 point and shoot for months and I wanted to get her something that could be her own. But after using ours, it's almost cruel to give her this. It's an electronic device masquerading as a camera, and if your child has ever even used your cell phone camera, they'll be disappointed in the pictures this takes. I'm returning it.
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on November 6, 2012
We bought this for our 3 yr old, but our 7 yr old enjoys it too. Many, many pictures have been taken. I do have to go through and delete shots from time to time to free up space, but it holds in the 100's. Some of the features are too advanced for a 3 yr old, but I believe it will be entertaining for at least a few more years. If you are looking for something fun, with lots of effects to choose from, this is great. If you are looking for quality photos for printing or an album, choose something else.
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on October 16, 2011
Our 4 year old Granddaughter love this camera. Her brother has one in blue, and she now feels special since she has her own! It has improved her hand-eye coordination tremendously.
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on December 26, 2012
My 3-1/2 year old really likes playing with our camera. For Christmas we bought her this camera hoping it meant that she would play with hers, and not ours. She really likes it, although she is just understanding how taking pictures work. That said, there are a few things lacking with this camera.

The quality of the pictures are horrible. If your hands move at all, or the thing you're taking a picture of happens to move, the picture is blurry. The best comparison would be a lower quality cell phone camera. Our daughter doesn't care about that, but it's kind of a bummer. In my mind I thought it would be fun to see her pictures, and possibly make them into a scrapbook for her to look back on. I realized that isn't going to happen the first time we uploaded the pictures and viewed them on the computer. They were all blurry and low quality.

The other issue is there is no review after you take a picture. There IS a way to review them, but it involves going into the menu area and finding the correct icon. It's a process. I wish it were more of a push button type of thing, which is quicker and easier for me when my daughter constantly wants to show me what she's taken a picture of. It would also be easier to erase the bad pictures.
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on December 2, 2012
I truly think my daughter is going to love this camera and I myself am excited to give this to her on christmas day.

PROS- built well and proven to be pretty durable, nice sized screen on the back to play games and review pictures, reasonably priced, its pink just for a little girl, cool features etc..

CONS- pictures seem very dim, it seems as if in order to get a good picture the child should be outside on a nice day of it indoors it needs to be a well lit area, the camera is a little on the bulky but thats ok because it lessens the chance of being lost, and thats really it.

yes i would reccomend this unit to another buyer with a child maybe 8 years old and under
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on March 18, 2013
As you can tell by the star review, most of the areas are great on this camera.
I would NOT recommend buying it though as the batteries are not securely held in. There are 2 compartments for batteries, both identical, but they can be opened by a 2 year old. My granddaughter did it right in front of me. I couldn't believe how easy it was for her to do it. The batteries came right out. This camera should not be allowed to be sold this way. There should be a cover that can be screwed on. Children should NOT be able to remove the batteries from any toy.
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