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on May 2, 2012
The ability to scan to an SDHC card without using a computer is handy (another alternative would be to take a photo of the document or photo with a digital camera). I used it to scan the folks' photo albums.

On the ST415-VPS model (not on the ST415-VP model), the resolution of 900dpi (maximum) is very good (higher than the -VP model and the 600dpi Wolverine mentioned below), and also PDF file output is supported. I purchased the -VPS model at Staples and the one sold here on Amazon might be the -VP model.

* Since there are rollers on only one edge of the scanner, the "bumps" on the other edge tend to move whatever you're scanning when the bumps hit the edge of the paper (see image attached). A similar model, the Wolverine PASS200 Handheld Portable Documents, Books and Photo Scanner (apparently manufactured by the same company) has rollers on both the leading and trailing edges.
* There is about 1" of dead space on each side of the scanner that is not scanned, which may be an issue when scanning a page from a book, i.e. if the left margin is less than an inch.
* Disposable Alkaline batteries are supposedly required; I used NiMH rechargeables and they worked OK but were drained after about 100 scans.
* There is no crop feature (even if the background is entirely white or black), so the resulting scanned image is always 8.5" wide, requiring use of computer software to crop them down to the desired size (say 4x6").
* Scanned photos were always a tad crooked (compared to a flat-bed scanner), also requiring computer software to rotate them into position if desired. Despite the single-roller design, I experienced less Fun-House-Mirror type distortion using this scanner compared to the Wolverine PASS200 Handheld Portable Documents, Books and Photo Scanner
* The JPG files that were output had about 2KB of extra padding at the end of each file, confusing and locking up some photo viewer programs.
* The resolution is not remembered across power-cycles, so must be reconfigured each time the unit is powered on (unless you always want to scan at the lowest resolution).
review image
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on December 26, 2011
This portable scanner is amazing. I have a huge collection of magazine clippings that I've kept in a binder for years. My plan was to scan each page, but it was taking forever on my flatbed and I burned myself out, so I stopped. Since I've gotten this scanner, I've pulled them out again. In a day and a half, I've scanned over 400 items. I am halfway done and it feels great. It literally takes three seconds to scan a full page. You press the scan button, run it down the page, and then press it again. The file saves on your SD card. From there, you can insert the SD card into your computer to rip the images off or plug the scanner into your USB port directly. You cannot scan and view while the scanner is plugged into your computer, but I didn't find this troublesome at all. I simply scanned a huge chunk of paper and then plugged the scanner into my computer. Every image I scanned looks great. As of yet, none of the scans have come out blurry.

The software that comes with the VuPoint is called Abby FineReader, but I haven't used it much. Instead, I open the scans in Photoshop, crop, and save. It's very easy and the images look amazing. You can create a low or high quality scan, but even with the low quality scan, the images look pretty good. I believe you can save the scans in the Abby FineReader program as Microsoft Word docs, jpegs, or pdfs.

If you're one of those people that holds onto a lot of paper and desperately wants to get rid of it, then this scanner was made for you.
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on December 15, 2011
This an incredibly powerful little product. It is extremely easy to use and the quality of the copies is excellent in black and white as well as in color.
It comes very handy when you need to copy legal documents and a copier is not available. The quality of the copy can be verified immediately if a laptop is available as well.
It works great when copying small portions (such as tables, graphs, pictures or cartoons)from very large books,that don't fit on top of a copier.
When making scans of smaller books, or when the text is too close to the edge of the page, it is a good idea to slip a cardboard cover (from a binder for example) under the page, in order to give firm support to the rollers beyond the edge of the page.
I would recommend purchasing the optional hard case and a memory chip, since it has no buil-in memory.
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on March 16, 2012
I disagree with the one-star review.

Derek says:

"1) Does NOT scan to PDF" -- Some models do, some don't. Anyway, JPGs can be saved from PhotoShop as PDFs.
"2) Eats batteries for breakfast." -- Not my experience, I've not felt it used batteries too quickly.
"3) Hard case and SD card are available separately. Hard case is over $20." -- Do tablets (iPad, for example) come with cases? No, so what's the gripe? It comes with a perfectly suitable soft case in which my wife carries the scanner in her purse for scanning "at site" as needed.
"4) One must practice getting one's arm and scanning speed calibrated takes practice if you want a good end result. No automatic feeder." -- That's what is to be expected with this kind of device. It doesn't claim to be a flatbed and it is rather obvious that it is does not have an automatic feeder!
"5) Try to set the date and time on this thing...go ahead, I'll wait." -- I did it the first try and I don't claim to be a Sci-fi Guy.
"6) Comes with useless software that isn't needed to view or do anything with the unit." -- Buy a laptop or desktop computer and see how much bloatware comes with it. If one doesn't want to use the included software, don't install it!

"For what it's MEANT to do (i.e. relieve you of over $80 and infuriate you) it does passably well. Oh, and there's the scan to JPG thing. You are better off applying the purchase price toward a flatbed scanner." -- It is MEANT to compliment a flatbed scanner not to replace one. It does more than "passably well" if one takes the time to learn to use it for documentation of items that either won't fit a flatbed or don't need the quality. I.e., don't expect it to do what a flatbed will do. Its intended purpose is to make it easy to scan receipts, newspaper or magazine articles, etc. My wife uses it for those purposes. I use it on packages of items we purchase to scan UPC codes, serial numbers, and to document other "needed" sections that are not suitable for scanning on a flatbed (and formerly documented using a digital camera). It is certainly useful on trips when it is out of the question to tote a flatbed scanner around.

The other reviews (as of this date) are much more "on point" and evidence realistic expectations of what this scanner is intended to do and, in general, reflect the experience we've had with ours.
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on January 2, 2012
Gift receiver was very pleased with it and just what she needed. However, when I read the description of it and read that an sd card could be used with it I did not buy one because I interpreted it as an sd card could be placed in it, but not required to use the scanner. When the gift receiver tried to use it without the sd card, it would not work at all. An sd card is required to use this product. Sellers should describe that an sd card is required to use the scanner or add it onto the product.
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on February 6, 2012
I'm a professional genealogist and used to lug around a portable copier. With this neat scanner, I can just tuck it in my purse and go! Just got it this weekend, set the date/time (after a bit of practice), did some sample scans of faded old pix and some magazine pages. Wow. Great results, loaded scans on to my computer with no problems. Just have to remind myself to be sure magazine/book pages are laid flat. This is a GREAT product and will be a terrific help to me in my research.
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on February 21, 2012
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on May 10, 2012
Spent 5 minutes reading instructions and this great little scanner made short work of scanning receipts I needed to email to my employer!! I love it!! I didn't use the software included, I simply uploaded to Windows Live Photo Gallery (created a "receipts" folder in Pictures first) and magically I had JPG files of my receipts. I rotated to right-side-up the receipt that got scanned upside-down - easy as pie. I didn't use the card adapater, I find the cord easier to handle than taking that tiny little card in and out of the scanner, and no more or less time consuming. I think I'll pop this little scanner into my knitting bag - to have at knitting club to copy patterns. I'm sure I'll think of many other uses. Delighted with this purchase.
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on April 13, 2012
I bought this to use on-site when collecting genealogical data. Many of the places I visit (funeral homes, newspaper archives, cemetery offices, government offices, and local genealogical societies) often do not have copy machines for public use and often charge quite a bit to make copies for you. This little gadget will be very handy in those places.

I have tested it on some old, faded documents, some with physical damage, to try to simulate the "field conditions" where this will be used. It created clear, legible copies in both jpg and pdf formats at the lowest resolution setting.

I cannot comment yet about battery usage. And this device is clearly not intended as a replacement for a good, high resolution flatbed scanner. But, for its intended uses it is a very good device and the price is hard to beat.
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on November 27, 2014
I have only recently received this product and so far, it meets my expectations. It has been easy to use and download files to the computer. It came with a sturdy carrying case, batteries, adapter, USB cord, and 4GB microSD card. It also included a bag in which to place the scanner if you choose not to use the carrying case. I mainly purchased this portable scanner to use when scanning pictures from various family members. I have found it to be ideal for this purpose.
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