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on June 4, 2009
My name is Shelby and this is my video review of my 5-month-old son playing with Sophie the Giraffe. We love Sophie. She is very well-made and I hope seeing Sophie in action will be helpful to others. Also, I think I repeat myself a little in the video--sorry about that!

*****UPDATE 3 AND 1/2 YEARS LATER*****
Little Theo in the video is turning 4 at the end of this month and I wanted to comment on what a long and useful life his Sophie had. She endured years of some very hard chewing and never cracked, tore, or got any holes. She got a little dirty and lost some paint, but other than that she was still going strong when Theo finally outgrew her. Her long legs turned out to be perfect for those 2 year molars as well, since they reached all the way back. I ended up throwing her away since it seemed like a really gross hand-me-down, but she was structurally in as good a condition as the day we bought her.

Now we're on baby #2 and Sophie #2. Our daughter had six teeth (four on top, two bottom) when we adopted her at 16 months old and she took to Sophie right away. If you're wondering if Sophie is a good teether for an older infant or a child who already has some teeth and a strong jaw, I give that a wholehearted "Yes!" As long as there are still teeth coming in, Sophie is fantastic.

Please be aware that no young child should be left unattended with any toy including Sophie. Because of her size and shape, she is easy to remove from a child's mouth should something go wrong. As I said, our Sophie lasted over 3 years without any cracking or splitting.

We STILL love Sophie, even after all of these years. Happy teething!
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on October 8, 2013
We've had it for about 10 months before comparing with an authentic one and finding out that ours was fake. The body is thicker and has very unpleasant chemical smell which never goes away. Real one would have a pleasant rubber smell. Who knows what kind of chemical our baby has been sucking on... Also, the paint is pretty much gone now.
review image review image review image review image
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on October 11, 2008
My 5 month old daughter LOVES her Sophie the Giraffe toy! This toy is absolutely wonderful in every way. Sophie is made of soft rubber and makes a pleasant-sounding squeak whenever any part of her body is squeezed, so even a young baby can elicit a reaction from the toy with minimal effort.

I don't know what it is about Sophie, but whenever my daughter plays with her, she gets very vocal and talkative.

I saw another review which referred to this toy as "a glorified dog toy". That reviewer is mistaken, and simply doesn't realize the value of this toy.

- Sophie's body, while soft, has several areas of thicker rubber (the nubs on her head, her ears, and her feet) which are perfect for teething babies to gnaw on for relief.
- Sophie's contrasting colors (spots) are visually stimulating to a baby.
- She is easy to grip given her long, thin neck.
- This toy is made of 100% natural rubber and uses food-grade paint (SAFE!).
- This is a quality baby toy which will last for many years.

I would much rather pay $20 for a safe, engaging toy for my baby, than pay $5 for some piece of junk with lead paint.
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We just got this for our infant, and I couldn't help but give it a bit of a test chew, myself. Now, I obviously don't have a huge deal of experience (or, memory, rather) with teething toys, but this is good stuff. Very satisfying to bite on. I'm thinking of getting a second one for myself to use in the office to deal with stress. Much better than my kid's silicone pacifier, which I've also tried.

My only complaint is that the giraffe appears to have fluorescent lip stick, which is a bit disconcerting to see in a giraffe, even a French one.
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on April 19, 2014
We were so excited to give our teething 8-month-old this toy for Christmas (2013). She loved it instantly and carried it around constantly chewing and sucking on it. After three weeks of use, the color on the giraffe's ears and feet was peeling off. I can only assume that my baby had eaten what was no longer there. We could not have been more disappointed in a $20 TEETHING TOY. We returned our Sophie immediately to the seller (BabyHaven) who was very kind to work with and accepted our return with no questions. Two months later though, there was no refund in my account. I had to contact BabyHaven again to ask about it and at that point they promptly issued the refund. As a result of all this, I did some research on Sophie the Giraffe and found out that some online sellers are selling fakes, although they are packaged in very authentic-looking boxes. When you compare them to the real thing you can see the difference. I would recommend buying this toy IN-STORE ONLY from a major retailer with a reputation to protect.
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on May 23, 2011
Beware! This is a fake! I would have never noticed if I didn't hold it up beside a real one. They are totally different. I figured this out because the paint began to peel off immediately and my cousin told me she had the same problem with one she got off of amazon. She went to a store and bought a replacement that will not peel. When we compared the two, the colors of the giraffe are different, the spots are different, and even the shape and legs are different. It is a shame someone is selling these fakes, or at least a bad version of the toy since the paint will come off in a child's mouth.
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on September 30, 2011
My 6 month old was playing and biting on this teether, and the front curved leg become lodged in her throat. Thank God I was sitting right next to her. The angled, flexible leg is actually the same size as the pediatric oropharyngeal tubes used to keep baby airways open during medical emergencies (I am an EMT). There is nothing scarier than seeing your baby choking! Please, heed my warning.
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on May 26, 2010
I heard my baby gagging and rushed over to find one of the legs stuck in her throat!! Her face was turning blue when I pulled it out of her mouth. Please do not risk your baby's life by purchasing this product!
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on August 8, 2011
We've had Sophie for a little while, and until 3 days ago, I often recommended it to others. I am still a bit traumatized over what happened (and could have happened), and would definitely NOT recommend it unless a baby is secure and unable to roll over with it. I would also strongly caution anyone who owns this toy to PLEASE be careful and supervise your child at all times! I am extremely careful about my children's toys (choking hazards don't stay in the house!), yet the possibility of this hazard didn't even occur to me until it happened. Hopefully, sharing my experience will prevent a tragedy for another family.

My teething baby was chewing on Sophie and rolled onto his tummy (he is not yet able to roll from tummy to back consistently). When he rolled, Sophie's long leg jammed into his throat. Since he was on top of it and couldn't roll back, he could not get it out. I was right there and didn't even realize what was happening until he made a muffled crying sound. When I picked him up, he was already turning purple and immediately vomited and started screaming. Just another minute or two and the situation could have turned tragic. So far, neither the US distributor nor the manufacturer has responded to my attempts to contact them, but I'm hopeful they will respond and implement a design change (shorter legs?) to eliminate the possibility of this happening.
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on September 15, 2011
Well we received this when my little one was a bit too young to play with it, but I am scared for him to use it. Maybe we got a defective one because all of the spots are wearing off, including the feet, ears, and even the black eyeballs today! It also smells very rubber-toyish, almost like a dog toy.

I am going to try and return it to Amazon, but we don't have the box so we will see.

I know few will read this, or believe this post, but I am uploading pictures to show the defective product. As a new parent, most of you know how little free time we have to do anything, so for me to take the time to post this really means that I am NOT a strong believer of this product. For teething, I would suggest the baby banana. My little guy, 4 months, and 20lbs - yes I got a big guy, love the baby banana. He holds on to the handles and shoves the thing into his mouth. Here is the link for the baby banana:Baby Banana Bendable Training Toothbrush, Infant
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