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WWE '13
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on October 31, 2012
Platform for Display: PlayStation 3
I have been a huge wrestling fan and wrestling game fan for pretty close to 2 decades now. I was excited for this year's game mostly for the "Attitude Era" mode that replaced the Road To Wrestlemania from WWE '12. After playing a few matches and checking the movesets and also briefly starting the "Attitude Era" campaign, I must say I am throughly impressed with what THQ produced this year. The graphics are amazing, the gameplay is improved from last year, and the enhanced audio is somewhat better from WWE '12. There is very little to complain about in WWE '13, though there are very trivial minor things to mention;

1}Some character models are kind of wrong. Certain faces in the game are wrong. Classic example; Shawn Michaels. He looks like a cross between Chucky the killer doll from Child's Play and Bret Michaels from Poison. Seriously, couldn't THQ have scanned the real HBK's face and put that into the game? Also, some hair textures look awful. It's not enough to noticeably effect the fun factor, but hardcore wrestling fans will notice these things.

2}The gameplay is definetely improved, but still has a few bugs. Certain weapons have glitchy interaction and certain environments are kind of spotty and buggy as well. While certain things like table interaction have been improved, they still lack table finishers like the older Smackdown games had. Granted, the "predator technology" is a relatively new addition since WWE '12 and THQ will have to perfect it. It's all minor though and not something to harp on.

3}Outdated looks and/or missing parts; Some current superstars are missing entrance gear and their looks. In the case of Daniel Bryan, he doesn't have his ring jacket he's had since before last year's Mania. Also, his in-game character model looks the same as it did in WWE '12. His hair is exactly the same and his beard looks too neat and trimmed as compared to the "goatface" thing he has had since shortly after Wrestlemania of last year. Again, this doesn't affect the fun factor but true wrestling fans pay attention to detail. THQ needs to as well to truly capture the real WWE experience accurately. Kinda seems like rushing the product year-to-year makes THQ lazy and they simply use the same model each year unless there is drastic change in apperance.

Attitude Era mode has been great so far. The challenges are abit frustrating at certain points, but it is awesome to relive some of the moments from WWE's golden days. Certain events are given more weight than others, though. I didn't like how the Montreal screwjob was kind of glossed over in comparision to the detailed DX formation. That was a big event and not doing it in-depth is kind of selective. However, I've only started the DX campaign and haven't unlocked all of them. Bret Hart has an unlockable campaign, which I'm hoping will cover more of the Montreal event.

Bottom line: I haven't even begun to scratch the surface of WWE '13's wealth of material such as creation modes, WWE Universe 3.0, or other features yet. I've only played a couple of hours with it and I'm impressed with the overall product. People always want to claim WWF No Mercy on N64 or Wrestlemania 2000 were the best wrestling games. Not anymore. With additions such as catching finishers and Oh My God moments, this is as close to real life in-ring WWE as it gets. While there are minor things that THQ can improve upon, this game stands out as the best WWE game to date. Any true WWE fan or wrestling fan in general will appreciate what WWE '13 has to offer.
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on October 30, 2012
Platform for Display: PlayStation 3
Really, I am giving it 4 and a half stars and rounding it off to five. The Game play is easy to pick up, the graphics are very good. A code in the booklet allows you access to some content, but one drawback is they make you pay $19.99 for "WWE Fan Axxess" to get some other downloadable content, including some of the current WWE talent, one a current title holder and another a headliner on the Pay Per View event they just held two nights ago. I'd understand including them as unlockable content, but after just dropping $60 on the game, I think that the current roster should be included in the price of the game the way EA sports made Madden.
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on November 28, 2014
Platform for Display: PlayStation 3Verified Purchase
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on October 31, 2012
Platform for Display: PlayStation 3
It is all too fitting that the "Best in the World" graces the cover of, possibly, the best wrestling game in the world. If any ONE person has issue with this game, they have to be nuts. Sure, it has it's VERY minor inconsistencies (i.e. Bossman missing his gloves), but is that really any reason to completely trash and dismiss the game? It has TWO games worth of a roster and TONS of options. For me, the little things like having 4 attires for classic Kane, 3 themes and 4 trons for Undertaker, and probably every WWE titles that ever existed and more, makes the game a huge improvement.

But wait. For those who are all about everything that has to do with the gameplay, you're in for a treat, too. I expected the game (and would've been OK with, given the huge roster alone) to handle just like last year. Uh uh! This is a whole new beast, and as the controls have not changed, the flow and feel of every move has. Moves are executed with nearly 100% perfection and realism. Even the new, more enthusiastic crowd makes the experience that much better. Hearing that crowd during the match makes me feel like I'm there and that every moment is an epic one. It makes me want to keep playing the match or excited for the next one.

A big thing for me, is the existing superstars' movesets. It was just last year that I actually started to play Universe mode with the actual superstars and I felt that most of the ones I played with, their movesets were not accurate. So far, I've played as HBK, Miz, Kane, CM Punk, '98 Rock, DX Triple H, and Paul Wight and feel as though their stock movesets are as accurate as they can be. Even playing as Paul Wight (Big Show) was fun, and I've never enjoyed playing as Big Show!

Lastly, one other thing that I love (but get a little annoyed with) about the game is the reversal system. It is still the same, yes. But it seems to be much more touchy this year. Meaning you need to be more skilled than ever to nab a reversal. But this is certainly a good thing, as it provides a more challenging A.I. And I haven't even increased the difficulty in the options menu yet.
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on December 15, 2012
Platform for Display: PlayStation 3Verified Purchase
Prior to my update; I had a high opinion of this game.
However, as of January 2013, I deem this game is in no condition to be sold.

It is HEAVILY bugged.
The game publisher THQ went bust, and now no one will fix the many problems still in the game!

Here are just some of the many bugs that will forever go unpatched;

** Story Designer bugs
(No crowd audio during matches in Story Designer. Also players have reported freezing when trying to save a created story among many, many other issues.)
** Superstar threads glitch
(When you create a new attire coloration for some superstars, the attire will appear spotty in-game)
** Ring announcer bug
(The ring announcer will sometimes not announce a superstar as they make their way out to the ring, but instead just say "AND")
** Created finishers bug
(Created finishing moves deal considerably less damage than ordinary special moves)
** Various moves cause perma-freezing
(Though not very frequently; at times when a player does a move on another, it will cause a perma-freeze to one or sometimes both superstars)
** 1 count bug
(even after heavily damaging an opponent [A.I. controlled] you'll get only a one-count)
** Broken Attributes
(Players have tested attributes and proven that many of them have no affect)
** Broken Pin bar
(even after dealing a considerable amount of damage to an opponent [user controlled] their kick out meter will still be large.)
** Triple-Threat matches don't work [A.I]
(A.I. in triple threat matches are the absolute worst. Triple-Threats will always turn into a handicap match one way or another because A.I. only changes target when you hit them. If nobody hits them, guess what? Whoever they were targeted on when the match begins remains their target throughout!)

Virtually every mode of the game has some sort of problem. Including the Universe mode.
I also want to add that the online servers are terrible. Even with 2k now "supporting" WWE '13.
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12 of 17 people found the following review helpful
on November 5, 2012
Platform for Display: PlayStation 3Verified Purchase
I want to love this game... trust me, I REALLY do! The problem?

Yet again, NO ONE tested this game! In roughly 15 hours of play, I have come across more than 3 dozen RIDICULOUS glitches that should have barred this game from being released to the public. A lot of them are downright embarrassing, and a testament as to how THQ & Yukes are teetering on bankruptcy.

The game itself can be very fun... downright incredible... IF... and that's a HUGE IF... you can avoid the glaring, pathetic glitches. To name the Top 10;

1.) Wrestlers usually freeze in place. This has happened to me well over 30 times already in 142 matches. You will do a move, or trigger an OMG moment, and either your wrestler or the AI will just lock up and refuse to move from anywhere from 5 seconds to over a minute.

2.) Weapons bounce like they're on a trampoline. If you drop someone on a chair... the chair will launch itself halfway across the screen. In one instance, I had a kendo stick go from near the ring apron to out in the crowd.

3.) Several historical inaccuracies. Did anyone at Yukes actually check out the video footage or check their facts? They claim Edge debuted on Heat against Vader. This match NEVER HAPPENED. He debuted against Estrada of the Boriquas on RAW. Several dates are also pathetically wrong in AE Mode.

4.) A lot of the Universe Mode Title histories are so far off the mark, it's a wonder. It claims Stephanie McMahon only held the Women's Title for 5 weeks, when in reality, she held it for 5 MONTHS.... not weeks. Who ever set this crap up, fire them! They even split up the history of the IC Title because of the designs. The original IC Title has it's own history, separate from the one used in the Attitude Era until sometime last year. Come on... same belt... same history! What the heck is wrong with Yukes?!

5.) The AI is obsessed with the announce table. Even in matches where there are DQs and count-outs, the AI will ALWAYS try to take apart the announce table to set it up.

6.) AI is also so easy to beat, that it's sad. On Legendary, with the sliders adjusted so I would never be able to win a match in WWE 12... I am dominating everyone in less than 3 minutes on Normal... and on Quick, less than 60 seconds.

7.) The Draft in Universe Mode ALWAYS trades Undertaker back and forth, and ALWAYS has the same matches. RAW and Smackdown had the same 4 Draft Matches on each card, didn't even change a single participant. On RAW, the first 2 picks were Undertaker. On Smackdown... same thing. So, 4 of the 8 picks were for Taker. Seriously? I have 35 guys on each show, and I get Taker FOUR TIMES?!

8.) They also have an option to turn off Tag Team break-ups and formations in Universe Mode. The problem? It doesn't work at all. I turned it off, and in a year, LOD and Team Cobro have been split up, and I have 4 new Tag Teams... and the option is STILL off!

9.) Good luck with factions, or even 3 man teams in Universe Mode OR in Exhibition. You want to have Too Cool? Go for it... but if you put Scotty & Rikishi on a team, Rikishi will enter in Grandmaster's place. Brood? Gangrel will replace Edge or Christian. Another untested, useless, and lazy thing by Yukes.

And probably the most glaring issue... considering this is the one that was hyped as the "big thing" this year... the audio.

Quite honestly, it's horrendous. So horrendous, that I am actually thinking about getting rid of this game and going back to WWE 12. You cannot hear entrance themes half the time, and in a Royal Rumble match... forget it, you can barely tell music is playing at all. There are NO CROWD CHANTS AT ALL. There are 2 preset chants I have heard that are programmed; Daniel Bryan gets Yes and No chants during his entrance and at the start of a match with him in it, and if you put someone through a table, you may get an ECW chant.

That's it... there have been no other chants documented from ANYONE. This "brand new audio system GUARANTEED to be as realistic as possible... drowns out almost all entrance music, and has no crowd chants. Pretty realistic, huh?

Unless Yukes and THQ spend an absurd amount of time fixing this game up, I don't see very many people keeping it past the holidays. There are far too many decent and polished games on the horizon even before 2013 starts, and I don't see very many people keeping this game, considering the faults that are present that are beyond unprofessional.

If even half these problems were fixed, I would gladly raise my rating to 4 stars... but the way the game is presented at present is god-awful and NO ONE should pay full price for it. Save your money!
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12 of 17 people found the following review helpful
on November 3, 2012
Platform for Display: PlayStation 3
Last year, when WWE 12 was released to mixed reviews, I personally believed it to be a great game for a fresh attempt. In alot of ways, I thought even WWE 12 was the best game of it's time. Coming from a hardcore wrestling game fan who's played just about every WWF,WCW,ECW,LOW(and loads others I'm probably leaving out)WWE 13 stands out as possibly the best WWE game ever released. The roster is deep for a wrestling game, plus you once again have 50 CAW slots. So basically, you have the ability to have every big name ever in wrestling in the game.

The Attitude Mode is a welcomed change and a fitting tribute to the most popular time in WWF/WWE history. I especially like the video packages that recap the real life events, as well as the in game cutscenes counterparts. The match objectives are cool as well, and despite being frustrating at times, is awesome when it rewards you with unlockables. I can't believe it took till now for WWE to do away with the RTW and implement actual footage and events from the real life shows. This mode alone is well worth the price of the game.

The creation modes are once again awesome, as they have a few minor changes, but otherwise are the same as last year. Not a bad thing though, since the creation material last year was superb.

The gameplay is by far the bread and butter of 13. If you're like me, then you loved it last year, and this year it is more polished and refined. With the additions of catch finishers,OMG moments and comebacks, it's about as realistic as a wrestling game can be to real life in ring action.

My only minor gripes with this game is some slowdown in gameplay, a few odd character models, and some collision issues. However, all of that is so minor and trivial that I still give this game 5 stars, as it is that fun and addictive. A must own for any diehard fan of wrestling and wrestling games...
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14 of 20 people found the following review helpful
on February 8, 2013
Platform for Display: PlayStation 3
Year after year the same wrestling game is released for home consoles, with minor tweaks here and there. The games are hyped up as "Bigger, Badder, Better", and "The Best Wrestling Game Ever", yet every single year it winds up being just that, hype.

WWE 13 is almost exactly the same as WWE '12 from last year, with some minor things added to the game such as "OMG!" moments, being able to break the ring/barricades, and catch finishers if your opponent jumps from the top top rope. (Very situational)

Story Mode 5/10

The story mode is simply matches in which you fulfill preset goals given to you for each encounter. There is no more Road To Wrestlemania, or any form of enjoyable storyline to follow. The only nice addition is the actual wrestling video clips that play now and again as you progress in the story mode of one vs one or rarely tag team matches. It's hastily put together and it shows.

Graphics 5/10

Game graphics are still the same as they where in even Smackdown VS Raw 2007, with no major change to the graphical engine, that would really push the home consoles specs. There's no excuse for this kind of lazy development in 2013 anymore.

Sound 2/10

The sound in WWE 13 is horribly broken. The crowd noise is so loud that it deafens you, and there is no option to turn only that aspect off. You either turn the SFX off completely, or you have to suffer through the horribly loud crowd noise. To not to be able to adjust key sound elements in a game in 2013 is pure laziness on the developers part.

Controls 5/10

Same as last years title WWE '12 with no improvements whatsoever. Again, no excuse for this for a title in 2013. Developers yet again being lazy.

Gameplay 4/10

The gameplay is even more broken this year then last years title WWE 12. More glitches abound that ruin your gameplay, wrestlers randomly freeze after certain moves are done, the A.I. is horrible, Universe Mode is a broken mess, and Online is just as crappy it was in WWE 12.

Online 3/10

Online play and community creations are still broken, and do not function properly 9 out of 10 times. You will frequently lose connection, matches will de-sync with other players and cause you to win on your screen, while other players in the match will have it show them winning on their screen. Community creations and the server that is used for that is still broken and a nightmare to get to work properly, if it ever does. And of course you have all the cheaters/glitches online who just ruin the online play for fair players.

PS3 specific issue 1/10

The PS3 has a specific issue where your normal file size is around 7MB (Megabytes). If you create a single created wrestler (CAW) the file size jumps to over 2GB (Gigabytes) in size! This effects you trying to backup your save file to USB drives, or uploading it to the PS3's cloud storage you get with the Playstation Plus service, as that only supports 1GB (Gigabyte) of saves.

It will also mess up the Auto Upload feature, which requires you to either delete your created wrestlers, back them up to a large external hard drive, or upload them to community creations (If it works 98% of the time) and then re-download them again. There's no excuse for a save file to go from 7MB to over 2GB from creating a single created wrestler. Yet again this is sheer laziness on part of the developer. (Yukes)

Final Thoughts

THQ as an early publisher did great works on many games. The first WWF Smackdown! game on Playstation 1 was a great game. Even later on with WWE SmackDown! Here Comes the Pain as that was received as one of the best wrestling games released.
However for years now since 2007, THQ and Yukes stuck to the "Rinse and Repeat" formula that so many sports games have followed.

There was no more innovation, it was cut/paste from year to year with minor adjustments added in, or taken out and called new again. THQ/Yukes became stagnant and complacent with their WWE license, took the fans and customers for granted, did not address core gameplay issues/broken mechanics and simply said "We'll fix that next year" and rarely if ever did they follow through on anything that they promised.

They wonder why they went out of business, when the answer was right there in front of them for years. And for those folks who purchased WWE 13, don't expect a patch to fix anything as THQ is now bankrupt. A horrible way to end a once great company and franchise by having your customers left in limbo with a broken game.

Final Score
3.6 out of 10
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1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
on May 16, 2014
Platform for Display: PlayStation 3Verified Purchase
It's very Good...WWE 13 , my son tiene el WWE 12, and need the new game , is New and Amazing ... Yess is fine... Play Station 3 Wrestling Games
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on June 26, 2013
Platform for Display: PlayStation 3Verified Purchase
It may have taken many WWE releases to finally get it right, but they did, in fact, get it right with WWE '13. The controls are pretty much the same from WWE '12, which is a good thing. It's very easy to learn and start competing without getting pummeled because you can't remember the three or four button combo needed to perform a suplex or a body slam.

The game has various modes including the normal WWE RAW/Smackdown "season" and the newly added "WWE Attitude Era" mode. The Attitude mode basically takes you through history starting back with the formation of Degeneration X and the progression to present day WWE. Now, this is a very cool idea and opens up the opportunity to play as very cool wrestlers such as Mankind, The New Age Outlaws, Stone Cold, etc. The one issue I have with the Attitude mode is that, if you want to unlock certain bonuses such as new wrestlers, you must not only win the matches set for you, but you must perform certain actions during the match. For example, you are Shawn Michaels wrestling the Undertaker. You must win by pinfall...AND you must perform Sweet Chin Music twice, hit the Undertaker with a chair, successfully land an elbow drop from the top rope to the OUTSIDE of the ring and perform at least 3 taunts. I mean, seriously? Isn't it enough to just win the match? Nope. Some of the matches aren't that demanding in terms of the "extras" that you must perform, but it's annoying nonetheless.

And while I'm on the subject of unlocking bonus material, that's another negative aspect of this game in my opinion. You do start with a decent stable of wrestlers, but there are SO many more available and you must unlock them all by performing various feats in the game. I guess I'm just an old fashioned MK type of guy who wants the instant gratification of having all available fighters at my disposal. If your favorite wrestler is Bret Hart, then you want to play as Bret Hart. Not win the Diva's championship in a lumberjack match to unlock him. I suppose some gamers consider this a reason to put long hours into the game and look at it as a plus. I'm just not one of those guys who plays games over and over again to win all of the trophies, so to me, it's an annoyance.

Another thing I'd like to see is a living roster option similar to sports games such as NBA 2K13 or MLB The Show. WWE constantly shuffles its active roster and introduces new characters. After 3 or 4 months, the WWE '13 roster was out of date. There is downloadable content available for SOME new wrestlers (Ryback, for example), but the DLC is fairly limited and the updates were eventually halted. I suppose this is a tactic that Madden fans know well. Force you to buy next year's edition if you want the new players. Oh well.

Overall, this is a very fun game for casual and especially hardcore WWE fans. It has the content, the controls, the graphics, the music, the customization and everything else a wrestling fan could ask for. I can't think of a better wrestling game I've played.

Overall: 4/5
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