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on October 22, 2008

A Boy and his Dream

Breakdown September 27, 1998
Edge vs. Owen Hart

Terri Invitational Tournament- Ladder Match
New Brood vs. Edge & Christian
No Mercy October 17, 1999

8 Pounds of Gold

Triangle Ladder Match for the World Tag Team Championship
Dudley Boyz vs. Hardy Boyz vs. Edge & Christian
WrestleMania April 2, 2000

WWE Intercontinental Championship: Lance Storm vs. Edge
SummerSlam August 19, 2001

Championship Unification Match: IC vs. US - Edge vs. Test
Survivor Series November 18, 2001

Singles Superstar

Edge vs. Mr. Perfect
Sunday Night Heat March 3, 2002

Hair vs. Hair Match: Kurt Angle vs. Edge
Judgment Day May 19, 2002

Steel Cage Match: Kurt Angle vs. Edge
SmackDown! May 30, 2002

World Tag Team Championship: Billy & Chuck vs. Edge & Hollywood Hulk Hogan
SmackDown! July 4, 2002

Edge vs. Eddie Guerrero - Unforgiven September 22, 2002


* The Totally Awesome Best of Edge & Christian


Injury - Return!

WWE Intercontinental Championship: Randy Orton vs. Edge
Vengeance July 11, 2004

Street Fight: Shawn Michaels vs. Edge
RAW February 28, 2005

Gold Rush Tournament Final: Kane vs. Edge
RAW May 16, 2005

Love Triangle

Street Fight: Matt Hardy vs. Edge
RAW August 29, 2005

WWE Championship: John Cena vs. Edge
New Year's Revolution January 8, 2006


Hardcore Match: Mick Foley vs. Edge
WrestleMania 22 April 2, 2006

6- Person Tag Team Match: Terry Funk, Tommy Dreamer & Beulah vs. Mick Foley, Edge & Lita
ECW: One Night Stand June 11, 2006

Triple Threat Match for the WWE Championship: Rob Van Dam vs. John Cena vs. Edge
RAW July 3, 2006


*Adam Copeland vs. Christian (WWF tryout)
Cornwall, ON November 10, 1997
Commentary By: Matt Striker & Edge

* Intercontinental Championship: Jeff Jarrett vs. Edge (Never before seen Edge surprise- even to him - IC title win)
Toronto, ON July 24, 1999
Commentary By: Matt Striker & Edge


"I Equal Ratings!"

WWE Championship: Edge vs. John Cena
SummerSlam August 20, 2006

I Persevered

Money in the Bank Qualifying Match: Rob Van Dam vs. Edge
RAW February 19, 2007

Randy Orton vs. Edge
RAW April 30, 2007

Money in the Bank - Again!

World Heavyweight Championship Match: Undertaker vs. Edge
SmackDown! May 11, 2007

Last Chance World Heavyweight Championship: Edge vs. Batista
Vengeance June 24, 2007

World Heavyweight Championship: Edge vs. Rey Mysterio
Royal Rumble January 27, 2008

My Speciality

Tables, Ladders & Chairs Match For the Vacant World Heavyweight Championship: Undertaker vs. Edge
One Night Stand June 1, 2008

Hell in a Cell: Undertaker vs. Edge
SummerSlam August 17, 2008

What's Next - Sequel?
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VINE VOICEon January 8, 2009
NOTE: I updated this review in 2013

"You Think You Know Me" is the opening phrase before every single incarnation of his theme music & it pretty much fits the character as he's gone morphed so many directions throughout his career such as a man running around in a long coat with some sort of inner rage, a gothic lifestyle who's trademark was bloodbaths, a comedic tag team specialist who loved posing for 5 seconds, an energetic wrestling rock star, a "Rated R Superstar", and lastly the ultimate opportunist but all these characters can be summarized in one word...Edge. Now this DVD is in the format of a match anthology where there's no documentary or anyone else speaking on the DVD except Edge himself but he stays in character & only appears a few times to talk about the the importance of the next series of matches while also showing highlights at times of the incidents leading up to a specific match as if it was a movie preview.

vs. Owen Hart - While Edge made his PPV debut the month before in a mixed tag match, this was his first PPV singles match along with it being a rare combination of 2 canadian wrestlers facing off against each other on a PPV behind held in their home country. Both men traded holds early with Edge going after Owen's arm while showing some athleticism with a dropkick & frankensteiner before Owen was able to keep catching Edge on the outside with a powerslam on the floor & in the ring release belly to belly while going arial himself with a top rope dropkick. They continued to trade momentum & kept countering each others offense including a moment straight out of WrestleMania X that resulted in a solid encounter between both men but the main story behind this match was the appearance of someone who would forever be linked to Edge.
"In Your House: Breakdown" Sept. '98

Ladder Match w/Christian vs. New Brood (Hardy Boyz) - This was the not only the first tag team ladder match in WWE history but also the finals of a series of matches between both teams called the Terri Invitational Tournament (which allowed Jerry Lawler to have so much fun with the initials) in which the winning team would gain an amount of money & her managerial services. Gangrel was ejected from ringside early on in the match allowing this match to be straight up between both teams with them having so many highlight moments such as Jeff being backdropped over the top rope all the way to the middle of the isleway, Christian giving Jeff a reverse DDT off a ladder, Edge powerbombing Matt off the ladder, Jeff's missle dropkick off the top rope knocking Edge off the ladder followed by a swanton bomb on the ladder, Christian on the receiving end of a legdrop off the top rope from Jeff who leapfrogged over a ladder in the process, Jeff Hardy being a handyman by breaking a ladder & then fixing it, Edge & Christian delivering a baseball slide with the ladder into Matt's crotch, Edge receiving a neckbreaker off the ladder, and all four men "crashing & burning" off the ladders. This was the match that put both teams on the map that would eventually plant the seeds for the future series of ladder/T.L.C. matches featuring various members. Since this was the first tag team ladder match, it was non-stop action & never a dull moment.
No Mercy '99
[The Ladder Match; Hardy Boyz: Leap Of Faith]

Ladder Match w/Christian vs. WWE Tag Team Champions Dudley Boyz vs. Hardy Boyz - Although these three teams are more famous with being the innovators of the T.L.C. match, this was actually the precursor to that match in this being the first triple threat ladder match. Everyone started brawling both in & out of the ring with the ladders coming in to play early as weapons such as a battery ram, the Hardys poetry in motion, an attempted 450 splash on the ladder that resulted in a bad landing, and Bubba Ray's top rope splash onto a ladder with Jeff Hardy underneath while later taking a page out of Terry Funk's book with using the ladder for an airplane spin. All six men began taking more risk off the ladder from Christian's crossbody in the ring to the outside, Edge's spear, Bubba Cutter, double suplex, and two ladders in the ring being pushed over with everyone having a bad landing. The Dudleys turned up the intensity as they brought tables into play that saw a "crash & burn" fall off the ladder through a table, a powerbomb off one table though another, one person being pushed off the table scaffold through another table that look like it exploded on impact, and the highlight reel of Jeff Hardy's swanton bomb off the biggest ladder in the match through a table. This was a non-stop highlight reel that was described by Jim Ross best, "Tables & Ladders & broken bodies along the way!"
WrestleMania 2000
[Wrestling's Highest Flyers; Jeff Hardy: My Life, My Rules]

vs. Intercontinental Champion Lance Storm - This was during the period of the "invasion" angle with Edge representing the WWE while Storm was a member of the WCW/ECW "Alliance" with Edge starting off in control early hitting moves like a top rope crossbody before Storm heavily focus on the ribs from hanging him on the ring ropes to various kicks & stretches while grounding Edge with his knee in the midsection. Edge was able to catch Storm in mid-air making a comeback with power moves like a powerbomb & powerslam as both men would go back & forth such as Storm with a half crab that Edge was able to reverse into his own with a big amount of close nearfalls. Lance Storm has gone on record as this being on his favorite matches in his WWE career as it was a solid contest with the story of Edge's ribs being worked on being played out heavily from start to finish.
SummerSlam '01

Unification Match: WCW United States Championship vs. WWE Intercontinental Champion Test - This was the first of two unification matches to merge WCW & WWE championships together with the winner also securing a job regardless of which company would win the "Winner Take All" match later in the night. Test started out the match in his favor taking the match to the outside & dropping Edge on the guardrail numerous times while also using power moves while Edge went for a more aerial attack with various dropkicks including one off the top rope & catching Test in mid-air with another one as they traded momentum throughout the contest such as Edge countering the pumphandle slam while Test hit a spear of his own. Edge was really coming into his own as a singles wrestler while this was Test's best year in his career resulting in a real good match.
Survivor Series '01

vs. Mr. Perfect - On Mr. Perfect's DVD, Edge talked about how much of an honor it was to wrestle Mr. Perfect since he was one of his wrestling heroes growing up as this was the match he was talking about but it went around four minutes & too short to be anything noteworthy...besides the awful commentary.
"Sunday Night Heat" Mar. '02

Hair Match vs. Kurt Angle - Both men were very aggressive from the start with various moments happening in the early moments of the match from Edge spearing Angle while he was tied up in the ropes to Angle delivering a belly to belly suplex sending Edge out of the ring to the floor. They exchanged momentum as Angle attempted slowed down the pace grounding Edge with holds like a chinlock while Edge was very fast paced such as a running crossbody over the top to the floor & missle dropkick causing Angle to resort on a heavy amount of suplexes including a release off the top rope which Edge retaliated with spear after spear before Angle did his own spear resulting in both men having a heavy amount of close near falls. This match was the definition of the word "intense" as both men started off hot & didn't let up making this a standout match in both mens careers with the special added bonus of all the backstage segments & eventual haircut adding some extra entertainment.
Judgment Day '02

Steel Cage Match vs. Kurt Angle - It should be noted that Stu Hart was in the audience for this match while Kurt Angle during this time refused to show his bald head after Judgment Day & was wrestling with a wig inside of amateur wrestling headgear. The cage came into play early on with Angle being thrown into it while Edge missed a spear attempt going shoulder first into the cage but Edge kept bring the fight to Angle using his own suplexes & top rope clothesline before Angle got back the momentum using various suplexes of his own & ramming Edge's face against the cage busting him open. The action continued to get more aggressive with to the point where the referee became a casualty while Edge delivered such a suplex from the top rope that it flipped Angle inside out only for Angle to come back with an Angle Slam from the top rope as well with each man pulling out their signature moves while still taking & delivering some high risk impactful moves involving the cage door & coming off the top of the cage with another man who Angle had his issues at the time made an appearance as well. This was a very exciting cage match that continued to play off the feud they had going at the time where it was very intense from start to finish.
"SmackDown" June '02
[Bloodbath: Wrestling's Most Incredible Steel Cage Matches]

w/Hulk Hogan vs. WWE Tag Team Champions Billy & Chuck - This was a dream situation for Edge as his childhood hero was Hulk Hogan to the point where he got the ticket to see him at WrestleMania VI & not only does he get the opportunity to team with him but it was also against the Tag Team Champions on the Fourth Of July holiday complete with Hogan coming out waving the American flag & his classic theme of "Real American" (Jimi Hendrix's "Voodoo Child" was his regular theme during this time). They were dominate early on against both men causing Billy & Chuck to single out Edge working him over with fast tags & double teaming with even Rico getting involved building to the eventual hot tag to Hogan. This was all about Edge having his special emotional moment with his childhood hero.
"SmackDown" July '02
[Best Of SmackDown: 10th Anniversary; Hulk Hogan: The Ultimate Anthology]

vs. Eddie Guerrero - A SummerSlam rematch here as Edge came out very aggressive with moves like a powerslam & vertical suplex before Eddie focused on Edge's head with a tornado DDT from the second rope & a unique neck twist chinlock. This match only picked up the intensity as Eddie would taunt Edge to hit him before throwing his own punches only for Edge to knock him out & mount a comeback that included a sick powerbomb, facedrop onto the turnbuckle off his shoulders, and Edgecution DDT. This was a very hard fought match between both men who started off aggressive & didn't let up at all.
Unforgiven '02

vs. WWE Intercontinental Champion Randy Orton - Edge started out constantly in control causing Orton to keep going outside whenever Edge started to build momentum to the point where he tried to walk out of the match before he finally started to get more aggressive like pounding on Edge while he was in the ropes along with a chinlock half-nelson combination. Edge started to return the aggression such as delivering a baseball slide to Orton causing his head to hit the announce table followed by a clothesline off the apron & missle dropkick while Orton targeted the throat area using his knee to choke Edge before applying a wrenching side headlock with a bridge. They continued to trade momentum with Orton continuing to use dirty tactics to try to steal a win while both men continued to counter each others moves like the spear & RKO. This was a very competitive match between both men to the point where the crowd was cheering both men throughout the match.
Vengeance '04
[History Of The Intercontinental Championship; Randy Orton: Evolution Of A Predator]

Street Fight Match vs. Shawn Michaels - They started out brawling right away from in the ring through the crowd with Edge on the receiving end of being whipped with a belt & hit with a trash can while being the other end of a fan's photo thanks to HBK before retailing using the trash can lid & DDT on an open chair causing Shawn to be busted open. A ladder was brought into play as a weapon various times from thrown directly into one's face, thrown at the other who was knocked off the top rope to the floor as a result, drop toe hold & catapulted into it before Shawn used whatever he could get his hands on including delivering a loud chairshot & kendo stick to Edge's head. Both men took as much as they could give from both using dirty tactics, weapons & their signature moves resulting in one intense bloody fight.
"RAW" Feb. '05

vs. Kane - This was the finals of the "Gold Rush" tournament where the winner would get a World Title shot while it should be noted that Edge had a confrontation with Kane's wife Lita before the match causing Kane to come out very aggressive from the start overpowering Edge to the point where he easily tossed him over the top rope & dropped him on the barricade. Edge had to resort to a low blow to get the advantage before working over the leg heavily with Kane being able to fight by constantly catching Edge in a power move whenever he went for the spear but it was when the referee was out that lead to an ultimate betrayal & birth of a new alliance which could be summarized under the phrase, "ART IMITATING LIFE!"
"RAW" May '05

Street Fight Match vs. Matt Hardy - I stated that Edge's previous match (and eventual feud with Kane) was "art imitating life" because Kane was portraying what happened to Matt Hardy in real life as far as being betrayed by Lita in favor of Edge leading to this feud between these two & after their disappointing (to say the least) match at SummerSlam, they had this street fight. Both men started out brawling right away taking it into the crowd & around ringside using various weapons from a trash can to a ladder including Matt using Edge's own spear right into a ladder in the corner followed by a legdrop off it before Edge retaliated attacking Hardy's head with a kendo stick & trash can lid. They continued to just use whatever was around them for impactful moves from a DDT on the ringside steps, trash can to the head, and even Lita getting involved but things when to a "point of no return" when they both went to the stage area with one man sacrificing himself just to hurt the other. This was the definition of a aggressive match that really played off the feud that both men really hated each other to the point where they would take a hit just to hurt the other more.
"RAW" Aug. '05

WWE Champion John Cena vs. Edge - Edge earns his nickname "the ultimate opportunist" here as he cashed in his "Money In The Bank" at the right time.
New Year's Revolution '06
[O.M.G.: Top 50 Incidents; Satan's Prison: Elimination Chamber Anthology]

Hardcore Match vs. Mick Foley - Edge went on the offense right away using a cookie sheet & even executing a baseball slide into a road sign but it was when he attempted a spear that for some reason hurt himself more than Foley & causing his shoulder to bleed in the process as he revealed a strand of barbed wire wrapped around his waist underneath his flannel shirt. Foley continued to whip Edge across his bare back with the wire with Lita getting involved only for Foley to do his famous Cactus clothesline over the top rope with Lita on his back going over as well. They started to brawl on the outside with Foley thrown into the steps more than once & head whipped back onto the ramp before Foley own weapon of "Barbie" was used against him. Edge ended up taking more punishment of his own when he took a drop onto thumbtacks, a barbed wire "Mr. Socko" that Lita even felt the effects of, and "Barbie" resulting in Edge bleeding before he was able to give a spear to Foley that resulted in not only such a visual but also Mick Foley finally getting his "WrestleMania Moment."
WrestleMania 22
[Mick Foley's Greatest Hits & Misses: Hardcore Edition; OMG: Top 50 Incidents]

w/Mick Foley & Lita vs. Tommy Dreamer, Terry Funk, Beulah - It was during this time that Foley had aligned himself with Edge & Lita to the point where they resurrected the retired Hardcore Championship & declared themselves co-champions but this originally scheduled tag match was turned into a six "person" tag when Beulah challenged Lita after she kept getting involved in the prior weeks while Foley came into the match with a black eye thanks to Funk & did a funny pre-match promo referring to a period in the history ECW that all the fans truly hated. All four men started brawling both in the ring & on the floor with various weapons coming into play such as a cookie sheet, Dreamer doing a baseball sliding a trash can into Foley & Dreamer hip tossed onto a ladder by Edge before Funk did his classic airplane spin with the ladder before Foley pulled out a barbed wire board that came into effect as everyone took a hit into this board at one point. Edge & Foley got very violent using the divide & conquer strategy using the barbed wire to have Funk bleeding from the eye, Dreamer taking "Barbie" between the legs, and even Beulah getting a taste of Mr. Socko but they fought back resulting in Foley being on fire with both him & Funk falling into the barbed wire board, Dreamer using the a barbed wire crossface, the traditional ECW "catfight" before things ended in a pin attempt that was so sleazy that even the referee went "what the hell are you doing?" This match was the EXTREME violence you would expect from a show with the letters "ECW" attached to it.
ECW One Night Stand '06
[Mick Foley's Greatest Hits & Misses: Hardcore Edition; ECW: Extreme Rules]

vs. WWE Champion Rob Van Dam vs. John Cena - Edge was the odd man out here as he had his issues with both men causing them to take turns getting their shots on Edge until he was a non-factor leading to Cena & RVD squaring off before Edge came back into play where Cena targeted Edge on the outside allowing RVD to capitalize with Cena distracted. There were some unique moments involving all 3 men in the ring such as a top rope crossbody onto one one man while he was in air for a vertical suplex, two men working together to take out one before turning on & taking each other out, Cena hitting an F.U. on everyone in sight, and one man stealing the win resulting in a very solid triple threat match.
"RAW" July '06
[Best Of RAW: 15th Anniversary]

WWE Championship Match vs. John Cena - Based off their previous title match on Saturday Night's Main Event, the stipulation added to this match was that Edge would lose the WWE Championship if he was disqualified while Cena had the hometown advantage with them being in Boston. Cena was heated off Edge slapping his dad earlier in the week & kept going for quick pins while Edge tried to take the easy way out when he was in control hoping for Cena to get counted out as they traded momentum with Edge grounding Cena with various headlocks & even the camel clutch while Cena made his comeback using his power & trademark moves like the throwback & 5 knuckle shuffle. They continued with countering each others offense like an F.U. into a DDT & spear into STFU causing Lita to get desperate various times attempting to save Edge by a DQ only for Edge to either throw the weapon away or beg Lita to not use it knowing he would lose the title. Edge is one of the people who has that natural chemistry with Cena that can get more out of him than his "stereotypical" performance with his match being very entertaining from the in-ring action to both men playing off the disqualification stipulation.
SummerSlam '06

vs. Rob Van Dam - This was a Money In The Bank qualifying match for WrestleMania featuring the previous two winners of the match. RVD started off in control with his "educated feet" to the point where Edge was sent to the floor several times before Edge was finally able to catch RVD in the ropes & proceeded to work over his neck with various holds like a neckbreaker & chinlock. One key moment in his match came in the corner where RVD caught Edge with kick so hard that it broke his jaw as RVD continued to deliver various kicks to Edge & taking it to the air with a flying crossbody before Edge was able to eventually catch RVD once again with a dropkick in mid-air. This was a competitive match between both men to the point where Edge wasn't able to compete for weeks afterwords due to the hard kick to that broke his jaw.
"RAW" Feb. '07

vs. Randy Orton - After months of teaming as Rated RKO, their got too out of hand causing the team to disband leading to this showdown with both men starting out trading punches when Orton was the first guy to play dirty gaining the advantage using the ring ropes & barricade before Edge was able to make a comeback spearing Orton so hard off the apron he landed on the announce able. Both men went back & forth with them having the same move in mind leading to a crash & burn while also knowing the other so well that they were able to counter each others pin attempts while also trying to steal the win resulting in a rare "heel vs. heel" competitive match to the point where Orton was bleeding at the end.
"RAW" Apr. '07

vs. World Champion Undertaker - Edge once again earns his nickname of being the "Ultimate Opportunist" as he cashes in Money In The Bank after Undertaker was beaten & bloody after a cage match against Batista when another WWE superstar also decided to make an impact on his return.
"SmackDown" May '07

World Championship Match vs. Batista - After losing his previous two title matches, this was Batista's last title shot against Edge with a special treat of seeing how both men greeted former World Champion Harley Race at ringside. Batista grounded Edge with a hammerlock working the arm while also using his power for moves like a sidewalk slam & driving Edge into the apron. Mistiming by Batista opened the door for Edge to take advantage working over his shoulder with an armbar & various stretches while also stopping Batista whenever he tried to mount offense by yanking on his arm. There was a point where Edge got real desperate taking advantage of the champions advantage only for it not only to backfire on him but "unleash the animal" in Batista resulting in Edge being knocked out but in the process being in the right place at exactly the right time. Out of their series of matches (including another World Title match at this same PPV the next year), this was the best one because of how competitive it was while also selling the story of both men having something to lose if they lost with a creative ending.
Night Of Champions '07

World Championship Match vs. Rey Mysterio - It was pointed out on commentary that both men were former WWE Tag Team Champions with the ironic part of that fact being that they defended & lost those championships in the same arena of Madison Square Garden while it should also be noted that despite Edge being aligned with Vickie Guerrero & his group "La Familia" that he was the fan favorite here. With Edge having the clear size & power advantage causing Mysterio to use his superior speed to keep outpacing Edge to the point where Curt Hawkins & Zack Ryder tried to get involved on the outside while Rey also went aerial with a dive over the top rope & seated senton. Edge kicked the leg out of Mysterio & focused on it with a half crab & also tried to remove his knee brace underneath his pants but Rey still kept coming with his speed & top rope maneuvers including him pulling off a baseball slide into a DDT before Vickie Guerrero got involved & Edge delivering one of the most impactful spears we've seen in what turned out to be a good solid championship match.
Royal Rumble '08

World Championship/T.L.C. Match vs. Undertaker - After Taker was stripped the championship months earlier & their last match still didn't determine a new champion, they met here in Edge's specialty match of T.L.C. match which was also the first time Taker has been in this type of match & only the second ladder match in his career as both men were evenly matched as one would use the ladder to their advantage like hitting the top of the ladder face first, going into a ladder setup in the corner only, and later a low blow only for the other to deliver a receipt with the same move. Taker took the advantage using a ladder & chair on Edge but Edge used a chair to block his trademark apron legdrop regaining control with various chairshots while also delivering a splash off one table through another one before Taker came back putting Edge through a ladder on the outside & later a Last Ride off the ladder through stacked tables resulting in members of La Familia coming out to try to help Edge but ended up causalities of the tables & ladders & chairs themselves before one of the took the ultimate fall off a ladder that they couldn't get up from. This was the highlight reel carnage that you expect from this type of match with tables being destroyed, chairs being damages, and the ladders being used for impact.
One Night Stand: Extreme Rules '08
[Ladder Match 2: Crash & Burn]

Hell In A Cell Match vs. Undertaker - In the weeks leading up to this match, you saw Edge's personality change & it was showcased in this match as a different Edge wrestled here than you saw in their previous encounters because Edge came off as insane & obsessed with Taking out taker once & for all instead of being scared, intimated, and relying on help like his previous encounters. Taker got the advantage early & used the cell right away as a weapon itself & brought the ringside steps into the ring before Edge quickly countered using the steps himself like spearing Taker right against it before Edge resorted on his past history in T.L.C. matches by using those items as weapons. They went back & forth punishing each other from knocking one off the apron into the cell, one move that was so impactful that it broke the cell wall, using whatever was at ringside including the monitors & TV cameras & announce tables themselves while pulling out their big moves various times such as the spear, chokeslam, and Last Ride before receipts were being given one by one for all the past attacks in their past with the final image being of one person being sent "straight to hell." This lived up to what a Hell In A Cell match should be as far as the level of violence & aggression given out by both men.
SummerSlam '08
[Undertaker's Deadliest Matches]

(Bonus) Adam Copeland vs. Christian Cage - This was a dark match at a WWE show after Edge just got his contract & before Christian got his. This was impressive for it's time as you saw the crowd reacting to what they were doing despite both men being unknowns as they did moves that were unique for the WWE audience at that time like head scissors, top rope legdrop, and diving headbutt as you can see how dated this match is by how the winner celebrated by "raising the roof."
The commentary with Edge & Matt Striker discussed what was going through Edge's mind before the match, his look, and just having fun at his own expense during this match.
Nov. '97

(Bonus) vs. Intercontinental Champion Jeff Jarrett - This was at a non-televised house show in Edge's hometown of Toronto at the Skydome, where he watched WrestleMania VI, being a last minute replacement due to flight problems with Ken Shamrock & had already wrestled earlier in the evening. Jarrett jumped Edge coming into the ring but Edge quickly recovered to the point where Jarrett went to the outside to try to slow the momentum down using the ringside steps & attempted to use the chair at one point. The action went back & forth between both men including trading sleeper holds at one moment before a big distraction allowed one man to capitalize with the ultimate result being completely unexpected to everyone...including Edge.
Commentary with Edge & Matt Striker discuss the difference between himself then & now along with how this title match effected him in the future.
July '99

The only other DVD extra was a highlight package featuring "The Best Of Edge & Christian." Now originally I thought this set was disappointing because they went with the "match anthology" format with Edge not breaking character & rarely talking on his set instead of a documentary & bonus matches but we would get that years later after his retirement so that's not an issue anymore. They really did pick out a bunch of matches that were very important to his career in one way or another with the big bonus being at the time that there was a low amount of matches previous released onto other DVD sets which is still pretty much the case to this day but I still feel like a match from his feud with Christian in 2001 should have been on here (like the cage match from the Rebellion PPV). In the end, this is one of 3 sets put together that makes the perfect Edge career anthology (his recent DVD & The Ladder Match would be the other two) as a majority of the matches on here were quality & I recommend.
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on January 20, 2016
As an "Edgehead" I was so thrilled when I got this. It adds to the book to make it more alive and shows things anyone who is into WWE or Edge can appreciate. He is witty throughout and the content is perfect for keeping the attention of anyone including my children!
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on February 11, 2015
I thought the price was too good to be true. It is amazing this box set was selling for $9.99 BRAND NEW! Thanks to Newbury comics for the great deal and to Amazon for the free fast shipping! Get it if you are a huge EDGE fan! Comes with a card with a piece of a worn t-shirt, a coin, and a beanie! Great buy.
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on December 31, 2008
The latest release from WWE Home Video showcases one of the most controversial and exciting wrestlers in the business. The man known as the "Rated-R Superstar" starts from humble beginnings as Adam Copeland in Toronto, Canada, where he trains to be a Pro-Wrestler, in addition to his life-long friend Jay Reso (AKA Christian) who he teams with in the late-'90's and they become one of the funniest and most talented teams in the history of the WWE, meeting teams such as the Hardyz and The Dudley Boyz and trading the Tag-Team titles back and forth. Edge finally broke out on his own and became Intercontinental Champion, and he also faces some top-quality opponents such as Eddie Guerrero, Lance Storm, Test, Kurt Angle, Mr. Perfect, Randy Orton and Edge. Later on, he trades the WWE title with John Cena and Rob Van Dam, and also the World Heavyweight title with the Undertaker and Batista. He also faces off with Hardcore Legend Mick Foley, Rey Mysterio, Kane, Matt Hardy and other top Superstars. I do recommend this DVD set (3 Discs) for all fans of this controversial but highly-rated wrestler. 4 1/2 out of 5 stars.
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on January 14, 2012
I loved Edge. When he retired, I had to find a way to see him again. So..... I bought WWE: Edge- A Decade of Decadence. Basically, it tells the story of Edges life through matches he was in. It is not really a "autobiography" as it is just a bunch of matches that span from his early beginnings to 2008. It was a great buy because I love watching Edge in action.
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on October 14, 2012
I need to preface this review by stating that I'm a HUGE Edge mark. He became one of my favorite wrestlers in 2000 with he and Christian's epic feud with the Hardy Boys & the Dudley Boys and became my undisputed favorite after Austin and the Rock were gone. I order this set to compliment Edge's "You Think You Know Me?" set and it has quickly become one of my favorite WWE dvds of all time.

"A Decade of Decadence" contains 26 matches spanning Edge's career up to the summer of 2008. The set is broken down into the three discs.

Disc One:

vs Owen Hart (Breakdown: In Your House. 9/27/98) Owen Hart is one of the greatest technical wrestlers of all time and he was a great opponent for Edge in his first PPV match. These two worked a relatively fast pace and the match featured a few very crisp looking counters. Christian makes his debut and cost Edge the match. 3/5

Terri Invitational Tournament Ladder Match - vs The Hardy Boyz (10/17/99). This was the first tag team ladder match and these four young superstars went out and made a huge name for themselves in this match. Listen to the crowd reaction as the match goes on. The pops get louder and louder as these teams bump their asses off and go from one innovating spot to another. Just a classic match. 5/5

Triangle Ladder Match for the WWE Tag Team Championships - vs the Dudley Boyz & the Hardy Boyz (Wrestlemania 2000. 4/2/00). If you ever want to show someone who thinks wrestling is "fake" a match that might change their minds, I would pick this match. Just a crazy stunt brawl that saw all six men take huge chances and probably shorten their careers (and lives) in the process. Ladder & TLC matches are so common now, but I remember watching this as a 13 year old back in 2000 and being blown away by what I was seeing. The match that made me a wrestling fan. 5/5

Intercontinental Championship Match - vs Lance Storm (Summerslam. 8/19/01) A solid, but not spectacular match that had one great near-fall push it to the 3 star ranking. You can see the single's potential in Edge in this match. 3/5

United States/Intercontinental Championship Unification Match - vs Test (Survivor Series. 11/18/01) I never cared for Test but this is a solid match. Edge bumped well for Test's power moves and Test worked well with a quicker opponent. 3/5

Vs Mr. Perfect (Sunday Night Heat. 3/3/02) Nothing special here. It's a short match with a past-his-prime (and it kills me to say that) Mr. Perfect vs Edge, who at this point is still trying to figure out how to work as a singles wrestler. 2/5

Hair vs Hair Match - vs Kurt Angle (Judgement Day. 5/19/02) These two have great chemistry and to me, this is Edge's coming out party as a singles star. This is a hard hitting, fast paced 16 minute match that features several momentum changes and false finishes. Edge picks up the win and proceeds to shave Angle bald (a look he still sports today). Great match. 4.5/5

Steel Cage Match - vs Kurt Angle (Smackdown. 5/30/02) Another classic match between these two and one of the best cage matches ever. Angle was sporting a goofy wig, which added to the match for me. Edge gets busted open as these two brutalize each other in the cage. Hulk Hogan makes an appearance towards the end. 4.5/5

World Tag Team Championship Match - w/Hulk Hogan vs Billy & Chuck (Smackdown. 4/4/02) Hogan sucks but his match is enjoyable. Just a basic tag team match where the heels dominate much of the action before the faces get the hot tag and proceed to win the belts. Edge was a huge Hogan fan as a kid, and he's obviously thrilled to win the Tag belts with his idol. 2.5/5

Vs Eddie Guerrero (Unforgiven. 9/22/02) Taking place shortly before their classic no DQ match on Smackdown the following week, these two all-time greats worked a smooth, fast paced match. It improves on their Summerslam encounter from the past month and some great near falls really add to the match. Still, this match gets overshadowed by the classic from Smackdown a few days later. 4/5

Disc Two:

Intercontinental Championship Match - vs Randy Orton (Vengeance. 4/11/04) Edge had been out for 1 year with a neck injury and had returned to take out Evolution "one by one". The match starts off slow and takes awhile to get going, thanks to a young Orton's penchant for using one too many rest holds. Once the pace picks up though, these two work to a great climax with several near falls. 4.5/5

Street Fight - vs Shawn Michaels (Raw. 2/28/05) A spot-fest, but a very entertaining one. Edge busts HBK open with a trash can lid and Michaels is soon a bloody mess. These two would then proceed to beat the piss out of each other for the next 10 minutes or so. Great tv match. 4/5

Gold Rush Tournament Final - vs Kane (Raw. 5/16/05) Kane is one of the most underrated workers of all time and these two worked a solid match to determine the #1 contender to Batista's WHC. The real story of the match is the on-screen beginning of the Edge & Lite relationship. 3/5

Street Fight - vs Matt Hardy (Raw. 8/29/05) One of the most personal rivalries of all time results in a great tv match full of action and brutality. After 15 minutes of back and forth action, Matt and Edge battle to the top of the stage where they both end up crashing through a table in the electrical area. 4/5

WWE Championship - vs John Cena (New Year's Revolution. 1/8/06) More of a segment than a match but still one of the most memorable moments in WWE history. After Cena escapes the Elimination Chamber, Mr. McMahon comes out and announces that Edge is cashing in his MITB briefcase and, two spears later, Edge wins his first WWE Championship. 5/5 (Because Edge is my favorite wrestler)

Hardcore Match - vs Mick Foley (Wrestlemania 22. 4/2/06) A show stealing match from these two. Edge proves how tough he is by dishing out tons of punishment to Foley, and receiving equally as much (including getting backdropped into thumbtacks.) The end, where Edge spears Foley through a flaming table, is a classic WWE moment. An extremely violent match. 4.5/5

6 Person Tag Team Match - vs Tommy Dreamer, Terry Funk & Beulah (ECW One Night Stand. 6/11/06) Even more violent than the WM 22 match, thanks to Dreamer and Funk. Some great promo work by Foley, Edge, Lita & Beulah set the stage for this match. Mostly, it's just the four men beating the hell out of each other using chairs, ladders, and barbed wire. Edge wins the match by pinning Beulah in the "legs up" missionary postion. Great match on its own and I added a full star because I've also had a soft (or maybe hard?) spot for Beulah. 5/5

Triple Threat Match for the WWE Championship - vs John Cena & Rob Van Dam (Raw. 4/3/06) Put John Cena's power, Rob Van Dam's high flying ability, and Edge's storytelling and you've got a great match. This took place shortly after RVD got busted for marijuana possesion so WWE had to get the belt off him quickly. While not as great as one might hope, these 3 worked well together and Edge stealing the title from John Cena's grasp was a great moment. 4/5

Disc Three:

WWE Championship Match - vs John Cena (Summerslam. 8/20/06) This took place in Cena's "hometown" of Boston and the story was that Edge would lose the championship if he was disqualified. This is the match where Cena and Edge really clicked and they produced nothing but great matches from this point out. While Edge dominates much of it, Cena gets in plenty of offense so that it doesn't follow a "typical" John Cena match forumula. I loved the part where Cena has Edge in the STFU and Lita is about to clock him with the belt but Edge yells at her not to because he'll loose the belt. Great storytelling. 4/5

Money in the Bank Qualifying Match - vs Rob Van Dam (Raw. 2/19/07) Edge states before the match that RVD is one of his favorite opponents and these two do have great chemistry. RVD was always a favorite of mine and he really bumped well in this match. Pay attention to the kick from RVD that dislocates Edge's jaw. A fun, hard hitting match. 3.5/5

Vs Randy Orton (Raw. 4/30/07) A great heel vs heel match here. This was supposed to take place the previous week, but Cena and HBK's epic hour-long bout pushed it back a week. Momentum gets traded frequently and Edge does a great job of getting the crowd to boo him more than Orton. Great match. 4/5

World Heavyweight Championship Match - vs The Undertaker (Smackdown. 5/11/07) After a grueling cage match between Taker & Batista, Mark Henry comes down and assaults the deadman. Edge then appears with the MITB briefcase that he won from Mr. Kennedy the night before on Raw, spears Taker, and becomes the new World Heavyweight champion. Much like Edge's previous cash-in, more of a segment than a match. Entertaining, but lacks the oomph of his first cash-in. 2/5

Last Chance Match for the World Heavyweight Championship - vs Batista (Vengeance. 6/24/07) Batista was all power and Edge bumped well for him and tried his best to make Batista look as powerful and dominant as he looks. Nothing spectacular, but I enjoyed the ending. 3.5/5

World Heavyweight Championship Match - vs Rey Mysterio (Royal Rumble. 1/27/08). A lot of wrestler have great matches with Mysterio because they can use more power moves and diversify their offense because of Mysterio's stature. Edge was no exception. I loved that the MSG crowd cheered for Edge and booed Rey Mysterio. A quick 12 minute match that feautres a great spear to win it for the Rated R Superstar. 4/5

TLC Match for the Vacant World Heavyweight Championship - vs The Undertaker (One Night Stand. 6/1/08) Another one of my favorite matches. Taker & Edge had great chemistry and both took a lot of punishment in this match. Those chair shots that Edge gave Taker are brutal (as we don't see headshots in today's WWE) as was Taker chokeslamming Edge onto a suspended ladder. The Edge-Heads interfere and end up helping Edge win the title after dropping Taker off a ladder through a stack of four tables. Fantastic stuff. 5/5

Hell in a Cell Match - vs The Undertaker (Summerslam. 8/17/08) A great HIAC match and the capper to the Edge/Taker saga. These two incorporated bits from each of their previous encounters to produce, IMO, the best HIAC match since WWE switched to the taller cell. Taker giving Edge the last ride through the ring was a cool visual. 5/5

Bonus Features:

Disc one contains a 5 minute tribute package to various funny moments with Edge & Christian. Disc two features two bonus matches. Christian's try-out match for the WWE the night after Survivor Series 1997. It's a fast paced match where you can see flashes of potential from both men. The other match is Edge's first ever IC title win from Jeff Jarrett at a house show in Toronto from 1999. There's nothing special about the match but it's rare and extremely cool to see. Edge & Matt Striker do commentary for both matches.

Overall Rating: This is a great set from WWE. All 26 matches are highly entertaining and really shows how Edge was able to put on a good match with any opponent. I highly recommend this set to all WWE fans. On this day, I see clearly...that "A Decade of Decadence" is one of the best WWE produced dvds out there. 5/5
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on April 12, 2015
to be honest I bought this DVD just so I can get the beanie but in all honesty edge is a wonderful superstar and this is an awesome set I just wish it would include Chris Benoit but we all know why he's not included but I digress if you don't care that is is in his rated R superstar character throughout this whole DVD then I'd say you should get this DVD if you're an edge head or just another wrestling fan looking to add to his or her collections.
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on June 16, 2012
My son really enjoyed the videos. Edge is his favorite wrestler so I gave this to him for his birthday.
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on April 21, 2013
My 6 year old loves Edge and last year I bought him the "You Think You Know Me" dvd set since he cant watch Edge wrestle anymore. After he watched those DVDs at least 100 times I needed to find more fights for him.

In case you are wondering, this set does include the legendary Championship 3 way ladder match between Edge and Christian, The Duddlys and The Hardys.
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