Customer Reviews: WWE: Extreme Rules 2010
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on February 12, 2011
Extreme Rules 2010 was a bit of a mixed bag. Although it had some flaws, overall it was an above average PPV. Unfortunately, those hardcore rules fans looking for an extreme event will be sadly disappointed.

Before any matches begin, Sheamus attacks Triple H backstage with a pipe, thus "cancelling" their scheduled street fight.

Gauntlet Match
The Miz & The Big Show vs. R-Truth & John Morrison vs. MVP & Mark Henry vs. Hart Dynasty:
Wow, The Miz effectively annoys the life out of me. For some reason, we don't get a tag title match, just a number one contender type match. Yes, it's kind of confusing, but it seemlingly works here. It's a pretty good choice to open the show. There's a lot of crowd heat, and the match keeps going. If nothing else good comes from this match, at least it was the beginning of the end for Miz/Show's title reign. Good contest.

CM Punk w/ Luke Gallows & Serena vs. Rey Meysterio:
The match's stipulation is that if CM Punk loses, he has to have his head shaved. With maybe a challenge from the cage match coming up later in the event, this is easily the best match on the card. The work is very solid and has a ton of unique holds and counters. The action is non-stop, and somehow the WWE has managed to fool us into a CM Punk win. Good from top to bottom.

Strap Match
JTG vs. Shad Gaspard:
I was really glad to see that ridiculuous team come to a close, but I didn't really care to see them in a match against one another at a PPV. The Baltimore crowd would agree with me here- as the audience was almost dead as it could be. The break-up was sort of abrupt, leading to a stale storyline here. Not that there was necessarily anything wrong with the contest, but it was pretty obvious that no one really cared.

World Heavyweight Title Extreme Rules Match
Jack Swagger vs. Randy Orton:
While this was a strong match on the night, whether you could classify this as "extreme" or not would be a pretty good argument. If I'm not mistaken, the ring steps are used for a few minutes in a weak spot in the match. Maybe a chair moment, or two- but overall was just a regular match. Let us not allow this to take away from the quality of the work though. I like Swagger in the main event, and he doesn't disapoint here. His technical showcase is crisp and professional. Orton looks good as well. Not the extreme match that was advertised, but is good for what we got.

Street Fight
Triple H vs. Sheamus:
I think we were all wiping the sweat off our brows when we saw that this match was able to take place. I don't know what the company was thinking here- but making us try to stomach a glorified beat down in the form of a street fight was not what the crowd was looking for. If the weird storyline isn't enough to anger you, the match drags on for way too long. If you're looking for a good contest between these two, see their Wrestlemania match; this however was a poor street fight that was most likely a waste of time.

Women's Title Extreme Makeover Match
Michelle McCool w/ Vickie Guerrero & Layla vs. Beth Pheonix:
There was quite a bit of heat in the prior weeks on Smackdown, leading up to this match. The ring was filled with domestic items inluding: buckets, makeup, brooms, and the ever popular ironing board. This, surprisingly enough, was literally the most "extreme" match of the evening. The crowd actually gives it their attention, and we're given a pretty decent 10 minutes with some good bumps and hits taken by each lady.

Steel Cage Match
Edge vs. Chris Jericho:
This was probably gonna settle in to the runner up spot for the best match of the evening. At this point in the show, we are ready for something extreme. Still don't get much of it here. There's a chair introduced into the ring, but it doesn't claim many exciting moments. There are a lot of close calls here, and anytime you throw Edge and Jericho together, it's going to be something worth watching. There are a couple parts where this match falls short of stealing the show. A couple times where any idiot could easily escape the cage and win if they used their brains is overlooked, and your intelligence is slightly insulted. But if you can look passed these, you're in for a pretty good watch.

WWE Title Last Man Standing Match
John Cena va. Batista:
This matchup closes the night pretty well. From the course of the evening, we are used to no weapons, weird stipulations, and surprising endings. This match features all of the above. Sure we are a little disappointed about that, but it fits. The match works well though. I would have appreciated this a little more if we weren't told it was a last man standing match, as the ending is kind of crumby. Honestly, how does a match end with duct tape? Whatever, I guess. The ending kills whatever potential I ever saw in the match.

The card here is generally pretty strong. None of the matches were DUDs, so I guess that keeps us tolerant of the lack of violence here. Perhaps WWE should consider changing the title of this PPV, it surely might go over better with those fans expecting something a little more. I would recommend this.
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on August 13, 2011


The opening bout was supposed to be Triple H against Sheamus in the street fight but they brawl backstage so it must be postponed. So The Miz and Big Show make their way to the ring after this and The Miz goes off on how he and Show are the greatest tag team ever. He also speaks on a situation that happened with the great Bret hart, Teddy Long goes out after this and announces this match. Just so you know I thought Miz was funny and his reaction when Show puts his hand over his mouth is great. Plus I love that he hates on The Orioles since I lived in Baltimore Maryland, and well other places in Maryland. Don't get it wrong I like The Orioles and all but I love when heels do that. Also I would like to say it is always great going back and hearing Matt Striker on commentary.

1.[GAUNTLET MATCH]BIG SHOW & THE MIZ VS R-TRUTH & JOHN MORRISON VS MVP & MARK HENRY VS THE HART DYNASTY-this match means Miz and Show start out against one team and the winner moves on to face the next tram and so on. First they took on Truth and Morrison in a good opening contest which was fast paced. Still Morrison gets his team disqualified after not releasing a somewhat triangle choke on the ropes, no wonder Truth is feuding with him now. So next up we get MVP and Henry in another fast paced match as Miz and MVP battle. Show knocks MVP out so Miz gets the pin fall, but The Hart Dynasty is up next. As the head to the ring with legend Bret Hart leading the way they make short work of Miz and Show and get the number one contender spot for the next night on Raw. This was a fun opener and quick so it was a great opening.

2.[HAIR ON THE LINE]CM PUNK VS REY MYSTERIO-in this one Punk put his hair on the line against Lil Rey Rey here. Any way when these two go at it you know it will be a good match. Also listen to the commentary closely on this track, you just may hear two commentators hating on another. Well I will just say it Matt Striker is a great commentator and his style kinda fits how I like a heel commentator. So I don't know why they hated on him in real life, real life heat that is. Any way this is a great match as one would expect with all kinds of counters and such. Punk ends up saving his hair as some one interferes for him. Punk was great here especially when he is twirling his hair with the cover, great subtle heel thing to do.

3.[STRAP MATCH]JTG VS SHAD-now at one time I had hope that these two would be apart of a big tag team revolution in the WWE. But alas the WWE and these two did not live up to that since the WWE is not that interested in tag team wrestling anymore for some reason. This was a better match tan most thought it would be and I actually liked Shad's heel turn. The match was short and sweet moving at a nice pace and I liked the ending for this one with JTG getting the win.

4.[EXTREME RULES WORLD TITLE MATCH]JACK SWAGGER VS RANDY ORTON-this match was so much better than I thought it was going to be for some reason. I knew it would be good but it was better than I expected. Both come out to give a good performance and a pretty good match. It takes a while for anything to get extreme with weapons and such but when it does it is good. The ending for this one is great and fits the style of the match. I am still glad watching this even now that Swagger kept the belt.

5.[STREET FIGHT]SHEAMUS VS TRIPLE H-now I will say that I am a fan of the hardcore like matches such as street fights. Also I did like this match as it had some good spots but it went on a bit too long. Still it had some good action from both wrestlers particularly some great kicks. Triple H did a good job selling the injured arm and makes a come back towards the end but Sheamus gets the win. Love the kick to Triple H after the match was over, great way to end things.

6.[EXTREME MAKEOVER WOMEN'S TITLE]MICHELLE MCCOOL VS BETH PHOENIX-now other than the crazy stipulation here I like this match, which is saying something for the WWE. They do not really respect their ladies division unlike TNA, but I knew these two would do a good job. Beth is one of the best wrestlers and McCool is one of the best entertainers. This was a good hardcore type match with Beth getting the title.

7.[STEEL CAGE]EDGE VS CHRIS JERICHO-I am a huge fan of Jericho and always thought Edge was really good. So with that said I had a feeling this was going to be a good cage match. The action here is great with Jericho in classic heel mode even having the match won but going in arrogant to beat on Edge some more. Of course that costs him the match but still a fun cage match.

8.[LAST MAN STANDING WWE TITLE MATCH]JOHN CENA VS BATISTA-now I know hat other people think but I thought this was a good match. It was well executed in my opinion and had a good pace. I enjoyed the storyline going in here and thought the slow build was good. The high impact moves were every where since that is basically what these two have. But the clever ending and win for Cena was great.

The special feature includes HBK's farewell speech.
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VINE VOICEon June 15, 2010
Gauntlet Match: Big Show & The Miz vs. John Morrison & R-Truth, M.V.P. & Mark Henry, Hart Dynasty - Just like the Royal Rumble, Miz had to insult Teddy Long resulting in him getting thrown in a match last minute but since he refused to shut up, Teddy Long made it a 3 team gauntlet match before Show had to force Miz's mouth closed. The first team was Truth & Morrison in a WrestleMania rematch & they had the advantage over Miz before Show tagged in & dominated but Morrison was able to counter Show's chokeslam with a triangle choke but unfortunally couldn't break the hold in time leaving Show & Miz to face the next team. M.V.P. & Mark Henry tried to take advantage of Show being choked out but Miz was able to tag in but left alone to fend them off as Show was on the floor recovering until Show was able to get in one last knockout punch to save Miz & get the victory. The final team was the Hart Dynasty (let by Bret Hart) who picked the bones to gain a tag team title shot the next night.

Rey Mysterio vs. C.M. Punk - With Mysterio having the condition on him at WrestleMania, Punk had it on him this month with his hair being shaved if he lost. They started the match off slow but picked up the pace over time working over each other with some loud kicks. Punk worked over Mysterio's back & ribs along with trying various submission holds only for Mysterio to keep finding ways to get out of them including one time doing a frankensteiner out of the G.T.S. Both members of the Straight Edge Society were able to get a shot in on Rey during the match but eventually got caught & sent to the back however a new one appeared here helping Punk keep his hair...for the time being.
As a side note here, pay close attention to the commentary because the real life "heat" between Matt Striker & the RAW commentary team spilled over here to the point where Striker was told to shut up at one point.

Strap Match: J.T.G. vs. Shad - It was no longer Cryme Tyme but Who's Time? Seriously outside of some occassional loud lashing, this match was pretty dry & uneventful as it followed the same formula that you see in most strap-type matches where one guy was touching the corners right behind the other person only to seak out the win in the end. Their forgotten regular match on "Superstars" weeks later was better as far as quality is concerned.

World Champion Jack Swagger vs. Randy Orton - A RAW vs. SmackDown "Extreme Rules" match here as Orton pinned Swagger twice since he became champion. Swagger attempted to play to the "Extreme Rules" by using weapons & taking the match to the floor but Orton was able to block the attempts & get the advantage so he kept it in the ring & wrestled Orton but always seemed to either showoff after every move to the point where Jerry Lawler had to keep pointing it out & Orton took advantage of Swagger by using the World Title to hurt Swagger's ribs. As I just stated, the rules of the match favored Orton as he used various weapons such as a trash can, steel steps, and the announce table to go along with his "viper" offense. Swagger was able to use Orton's chair against him in the end to retain the championship but Orton definately got the last word.

Street Fight Match: Triple H vs. Sheamus - This was suppost to happen earlier in the night but Sheamus attacked Triple H on the way to the ring causing his arm & neck to be injured coming into the match. Triple H had vengeance on his mind as his completely dominated Sheamus in the opening moments & was close to making this a flawless victory before the effects of his hurt arm started to show. Sheamus worked over his neck throughout the match. Triple H was able to fight back with the help of a kendo stick but all his injuries & a heavy amounts of kicks to the head were just too much as Sheamus got the victory. Stay tuned afterwards as Triple H was down but not out until Sheamus put him out for good.

Extreme Makeover Match: Womens Champion Michelle McCool vs. Beth Phoenix - For those who remember the "Good Housekeeping Match" between Chyna & Jeff Jarrett years ago, this match was setup the same way as they had various household items & beauty products setup at ringside to use for this match...complete with the commentators ready to use every joke & pun in the book. McCool had Vickie Guerrero & Layla in her corner and did get involved in this match (including trying to stop a top rope move by hitting Beth's feet on the ropes with the bushy part of the broom...almost laughed at that) while weapons such as a bucket & hairspray were used that caused a Gino Hernandez reference from Matt Striker. The one weapon that more effect than anything else was the metal ironing board as Beth took punishment from that by either it being dropkicked into her chest or landing headfirst on it from the top rope but she overcame all the odds to finally gain the championship.

Steel Cage Match: Edge vs. Chris Jericho - Before the match, Edge made it clear what his intentions were as he stated that he wasn't going to try to escape the steel cage and that played out in the early as Jericho tried to stall going into the cage before Edge forced him while Jericho also attempted to leave the cage every second he could & failed at every attempt. Edge would use the cage as a weapon by backdropping Jericho into it while Jericho eventually focused on Edge's ankle & switched his priority to hurting Edge instead of just winning the match. Both men would give their finishers along with Jericho doing a modified version of the Codebreaker where he did a springboard from the roped to catch Edge on the top rope but both men wouldn't quit causing Jericho to plead for Edge to just stay down. Edge would give Jericho a taste of his own medicine by injuring his ankle & delivering the same torture Jericho did for weeks before finally getting a victory & his revenge.

Last Man Standing Match: WWE Champion John Cena vs. Batista - Before I get started, if your not a fan of Matt Striker's heelish commentary or his interactions with Jerry Lawler & Michael Cole when I suggest you watch this on mute as once again, things started to get heated between both men to the point where Cole had to yell at him to just shut up & call the match. Now both men tried to pick up the win early on after planting the other guy with each move before Batista gained the advantage working on Cena's knees with a chair & the figure four. Cena was able to recover & took advantage of the "Extreme Rules" with executing an Attitude Adjustment on the chair in the ring along with the announce table. There were times where both men brought weapons into the match that ended up backfiring on them such as Batista with a chair & Cena bringing in a table only to be crashed through it. After seeing how the power moves wouldn't keep Batista down, he went back to what he knew worked for him at WrestleMania with the STF and used another object to put Batista in a "sticky" situation causing Cena to not only win but embarrass Batista as well.

The only DVD extra on here is the music video of Shawn Michaels retirement speech after WrestleMania XXVI. In the end had a mix of everything as it had some good performances, some average matches, some matches that were good for what they were, and others that watchable but easily forgettable. But overall I was pleased with this show & I would give it 3.5 stars but I was disappointed that we didn't get the full unedited retirement speech instead of the highlight video so I won't bump it up to four but it's still something I would recommend.
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on September 12, 2013
Gauntlet Match: Unified Tag Team Champions ShowMiz vs. John Morrison & R-Truth, M.V.P. & Mark Henry, The Hart Dynasty 3/5

Rey Mysterio vs. C.M. Punk - If Punk loses he get his head shaved. 4/5

Strap Match: J.T.G. vs. Shad 1/5

RAW vs. SmackDown Extreme Rules match for the World Heavyweight Championship: Jack Swagger(c) vs. Randy Orton 3/5 (Swagger cashed his Money In The Bank contract on Jericho on an episode of Smackdown.)

Street Fight: Triple H vs. Sheamus 3/5 (This was suppost to happen earlier in the night but Sheamus attacked Triple H on the way to the ring causing his arm & neck to be injured coming into the match)

Extreme Makeover Match for the Women's Championship: Michelle McCool(c) vs. Beth Phoenix 3/5 (Not like the hardcore match at Survivor Series 2002 but close)

Steel Cage Match: Edge vs. Chris Jericho 4/5

Last Man Standing Match for the WWE Championship: John Cena(c) vs. Batista 4/5
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on July 15, 2010
This ppv right here was just very good, this had some very nice matches and i ws very pleased to see the turn out.

Tag Team Gauntlet match for a Future Tag Team Championship match
ShoMiz vs. R-Truth & John Morrison, Mark Henry & MVP, and the Hart Dynasty
This was actually a nice opening match. This only happened because Miz kept running his mouth after what had happened with Triple H and Sheamus in the back and Teddy kept warning him to shut his yap. Well, this was pretty solid, but had nothing really special until the Hart Dynasty came in with Bret. Each of the three matches had it's short times, but had nothing. 3/5

If CM Punk loses, he gets his head shaved
CM Punk vs. Rey Mysterio
This was actually a very good match, both highflying styles clash very nicely in the ring and always put on a good match. The only bad match between each other was just their Wrestlemania 26 match. That was about eight minuets, until this match here was a very nice 15 minuet match. Each had it's hardcore moments, with Punks domination at times, and the S.E.S moments, with the masked man to cost Rey the match and let Punk keep his hair, well, for another month anyway. 4.5/5

Strap match
JTG vs. Shad
I really have nothing good to say about this match. This was another match that i thought would suck other than the Extreme makeover match. Really, i don't get the stip to this match really at all, and thought why they even put this match on the card. 2/5

Extreme Rules match for the World Heavyweight championship
Jack Swagger vs. Randy Orton
This match was actually way better than i thought the out come would be. This didn't have many weapons, like what hitman pointed out, but they had some very nice, and brutal trash can, and chair shots. This had two huge RKO moments with one on a chair, and one on the outside. These two put on, again i say, a pretty nice match for their small rivalry. Like Hitman also said that he has a little more respect for swagger, well, i agree with that. Swagger beat orton without any help from outside interference, or like that, so i gotta give him some props for beatin orton. 4/5

Street Fight
Sheamus vs. Triple H
This was just from earlier that night, Triple H getting his butt whooped backstage by Sheamus with kicks and a pipe, he was dominated by sheamus practically from the start, but he did get some nice, hard shots from a kendo stick in. But, sheamus got about four kicks on the game and finally pinned him at about 15 minuets in. This was just a totally slug fest and never lived up to expectations at all. 3/5

Extreme Makeover for the Womans championship
Michelle McCool vs. Beth Phoenix
This one wasn't even watchable. 1/5

Steel Cage
Edge vs. Chris Jericho
Wow, these two always put on very nice matches, and this one took the cake for the ppv. These two put on a very good match. Their match at Wrestlemania 26 was very good, but with the addition of the steel cage, these guys put on a match. This had it's moments like Jericho being a idiot and going back inside the cage after he already escaped and was on the steps, but other than that, all of Jericho's escape failures, and don't get me started on the codebreaker from the second rope. This was a very good match as i pointed out and had some very nice action to make up from the slow opening. 4.5/5

Last Man Standing match for the WWE championship
John Cena vs. Batista
This of course was the match of the night. These guys put on one of the best matches i had seen in a while. The match was just a weapon fest and was very hardcore and brutal. Some of the hardcore moments were the three table spots, the barricade moment, and other moments that you will have to see for yourself. But, i really liked the length and the great action in here and was very satisfied with the turn out, and the coward ending to the match, with the duct tape and a pretty big win. This was the best out of the three match series of the cena/batista ppv rivalry for the title. 5/5

Like J-MAN said, PICK THIS FREAKIN PPV UP!!!!!!!!!!
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on May 26, 2010
Unified Tag Team Champions The Big Show & The Miz Vs. The Hart Dynasty Vs. R-Truth & John Morrison Vs. MVP & Mark Henry - Originally, the Street Fight between Triple H and Sheamus was to open up the show but Sheamus attacked Triple H backstage before the match could get under way. Therefore, the Miz and Big Show came out and preached how they were the best tag team in the WWE which led to Teddy Long coming out and making this 1 on 3 Gauntlet match to give the winners a tag team title shot the next night on RAW.

The match started out with a rematch from WrestleMania between the tag champs and R-Truth and Morrison that ended in a disqualification allowing the Miz and Big Show to challenge MVP and Mark Henry next. The match went along around the 3 minute mark until MVP hits the Playmaker and immediately takes a big right knockout shot from the Big Show to give himself and Miz the win. Next up was the Hart Dynasty (who was accompanied by Bret Hart & Natalya) and right out of the gate, they take out the Big Show and then hits the Hart Attack onto the Miz to gain a tag team title shot against Show-Miz. Overall, nothing noteworthy other than the fact this match elevated the Hart Dynasty in being the top tag team in the WWE currently and to split up the team of the Big Show and the Miz. 2/5

C.M. Punk w/ The S.E.S. Vs. Rey Mysterio - The first rematch of the night from WrestleMania with the added on stipulation this time being if C.M. Punk does not win, he will be shaved bald. If you seen their previous matches in the past (at WrestleMania and Armageddon '08), you will know that Punk and Mysterio makes a good pairing inside the square circle and this match is no exception. This match is a very good back and forth encounter between the two with CM Punk having the slight advantage by having the S.E.S. being at ringside until the referee ejects them from the match. From there, the WWE Universe becomes alive giving this match the proper "pop" it deserved. In the end after an interference by a masked man, CM Punk gains the victory after scoring with the GTS to ensure his hair will be safe for the time being. 4/5

Shad Vs. JTG (Strap Match) - The tag team partners formerly known as "Cryme Tyme" finally split ties in this match as they go head to head against one another. The match has a couple of loud shots with the strap with the strap itself being the difference maker in the match and quite honestly I felt the victory was awarded to the wrong individual but overall, a nicely done match that did its job. 2.5/5

World Heavyweight Champion Jack Swagger Vs. Randy Orton (Extreme Rules Match) - Weeks prior on RAW Orton has previously beaten Swagger twice. However, the "All American, American" vowed he was going to cut the Viper's head off and retain his championship. From the start, Swagger used his collegiate, wrestling ability to show Orton he is not afraid of the Viper's poison. The match itself has a very good series of momentum shifts with a few clever and unique counters with various objects being used and also Orton hitting Swagger with two of the hardest shots I've ever seen and heard with a trash can. In the end, it was Jack Swagger out smarting the Viper to counter a RKO attempt to retain his World Championship but Orton got the last word as he hit the RKO to Swagger on the outside. 3.75/5

Sheamus Vs. Triple H (Street Fight) - Soon after the World Championship match ended, Sheamus made his appearence and wanted the referee to raise his hand and declare him the winner of the match. However, the Game returned from the trainer's room and the match finally gets under way. Triple H was heavily selling the injury from the attack he recieved from Sheamus at the beginning of the program and Sheamus was targeting those injuries every second of the match. After various counters to Triple H and scoring with four consecutive kicks to the temple, the "Celtic Warrior" is victorious. 3/5

WWE Women's Champion Michelle McCool w/ Vickie Guerrero & Layla Vs. Beth Phoenix (Extreme Makeover Match) - All I can say about this one is after all the interference from Vickie and Layla, Beth Phoenix finally ends Michelle McCool's title reign with a very derseving Women's Title win. 1.25/5

Edge Vs. Chris Jericho (Steel Cage Match) - After a seemingly shocking lost at WrestleMania, Edge looks to the cage to gain reprisal for his WrestleMania lost to Chris Jericho. The cage stipulation added more variations for these two to use for example, Jericho able to use the cage for balance and able to use certain maneuvers such as the Walls Of Jericho and Codebreaker from the top rope while Edge used the cage to keep Jericho locked inside and prohibit him from escaping. I think these two had a good match inside the steel but for me, I didn't see this match over topping or equaling their clash from WrestleMania. But overall, still a good bout between the two. 3.5/5

WWE Champion John Cena Vs. Batista (Last Man Standing Match) - Like I mentioned about Rey Mysterio and CM Punk, if you have seen Batista's and Cena's previous two bouts against each other (WrestleMania & SummerSlam '08), these two really have chemistry with each other and without of a doubt can bring the absolute best out of one another. Since his return last fall, this was Batista's best showing to date and Cena was at his best too like he always is in these types of environment. Early in the match, Batista tried to use straight wrestling to weaken the champion and at one point using the figure four leg lock to do just that. John Cena, on the other hand, using his strength and power against "the Animal" to gain advantages. Not many weapons used in the match but when they were introduced, Batista and Cena used them very strategically and at the perfect times(for example, the three table spots and the duct tape ending). Don't really want to give anymore away but like I said, John Cena and Batista have chemistry and in my view this is their best match I have seen these two in together. Awesome main event and without of a doubt, match of the night. 5/5

Extreme Rules 2010 was a nice follow up to WrestleMania XXVI. Not a mind blowing PPV like Backlash was last year at this time but there are a few matches here that makes this event worth checking out thanks to the Cena/Batista, Mysterio/Punk, and the Swagger/Orton matches.
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VINE VOICEon June 29, 2010
One thing you gotta give WWE credit for is they really innovated a lot throughout this entire PPV. I'll try to give you a fair overview of what went down at "Extreme Rules 2010", but don't be surprised if I keep going back to the same point.

*****The evening starts off when the advertised Street Fight gets delayed because Sheamus and Triple H were duking it out backstage before getting to the ring, which resulted in HHH getting knocked out. Why they weren't just allowed to get it on anyway defies logic, but whatever.*****


1) Gauntlet Match - #1 Contenders Match
The Miz & Big Show (Unified Tag Team champions) v.
R-Truth & John Morrison / MVP & Mark Henry / The Hart Dynasty
---Because Miz kept running his mouth, Teddy Long forced the self-proclaimed greatest tag team of all time to compete in gauntlet competition. Whichever team of challengers won got a future shot at the tag belts. I wish these 3 matches went on longer, since it would've made all the challengers & the champs look even better. But I rather enjoyed the opener anyway because it all moved at a really exciting pace. The Miz & Big Show were fighting their hearts out, with hungry opponents just waiting to get the winning pin. While it won't go down in the history books, it definitely got me pumped up for the rest of the PPV.
"6.5 / 10"

2) CM Punk's Hair On The Line
CM Punk (w/ Straight-Edge Society) v. Rey Mysterio
---If there's one thing you can count on from CM Punk and Mysterio, it's that any series of matches involving these guys is going to feature very unique matches. Throw Punk & Rey together, and we're in for a ride. Many thought their "WrestleMania 26" encounter was too short. This rematch is the answer to those criticisms, as long as you're prepared for a slower-paced battle. The high-energy display we saw at "WrestleMania" isn't gonna reappear for about half of the match. But fear not, because gifted performers like Rey and Punk capture your attention from the getgo. The maniacal CM Punk plays the crowd perfectly, with Rey doing his underdog role better than pretty much anybody wrestling today. The only letdown from this match is that it built such strong momentum towards the end that a cheap "masked accomplice" tactic was used. This very strong performance from these two men didn't need that copout ending. But when you get such a good match, it's forgiveable.
"7.5 / 10"

3) Strap Match
Shad Gaspard v. JTG
---It's to the credit of the former Cryme Tyme partners that they pulled off a decent match without overstaying their welcome. They simply get in, work their match with some creative stuff, and get out. Pointless? Perhaps. But I think for what it was and how short it was, I enjoyed it. Considering I never cared much for Cryme Tyme, I guess this was the best possible sendoff we could've asked for.
"5.5 / 10"

4) Extreme Rules - World Heavyweight Championship
Jack Swagger (champion) v. Randy Orton
---The key word for this match is "Smart". I originally thought WWE dropped the ball with this one, since they didn't let Swagger defend his belt against Chris Jericho and/or Edge (the two top "SmackDown" talents at the time). Throw in a good guy Randy Orton, and I thought we were in trouble. While I still think Orton doesn't work as a hero, this match clicked from the getgo. Swagger used his technical abilities to defend his title, while Orton uses cold psychology and brute force to fight back. Somehow, these two delivered a compelling match in the ring, and things got rougher once the weapons came into play. Pulling off two kinds of matches and overcoming a potentially disastrous storyline is truly something else. Trust me folks, I didn't have much faith in this once. It probably turned out to be my favorite match on the card.
"7.5 / 10"

5) Street Fight
Sheamus v. Triple H
---Full disclosure: I didn't really wanna check this one out. I liked the "WrestleMania" match between these two, but that was a straight-up wrestling match. Now, Sheamus and Triple H can have good matches without rules ...but I don't think they can have them 'together'. Some pairs of wrestlers just don't click, and I think HHH/Sheamus may be one of them. Also, Triple H as a hero with a handicap has rarely worked. It didn't work against Chris Jericho. It barely worked against Umaga. It only really worked against Kurt Angle, and Sheamus is no Kurt Angle. To make matters worse, Sheamus basically beats a one-armed HHH for about 20 minutes with a brief comeback here and there from "The Game". I just got bored after a while that I started fast-forwarding, and it was still uninteresting. The match finally gets some life breathed into it towards the end, but it's too little too late. I commend these guys for telling their story creatively, but sometimes all the unique ideas in the world can't cover for two guys who don't mesh very well. I'm sure there will be yet another HHH/Sheamus encounter down the road, but I'm not looking forward to it.
"5.5 / 10"

6) Extreme Makeover Match - Women's Championship
Michelle McCool (champion - w/ Vickie Guerrero & Layla) v. Beth Phoenix
---I trusted Phoenix & Michelle to work a solid match together, but I thought this Makeover gimmick was gonna ruin their hard work. Well, it actually came off pretty well. Sure, a straight-up Phoenix/McCool showdown would've been much better. But when they bring in the toys, there are some true "DAMN!" moments. Vickie & Layla have some funny moments at ringside as well. To my delightful surprise, this is one of the best women's matches in a long time.
"7.0 / 10"

7) Steel Cage Match
Edge v. Chris Jericho
---I want to be clear about something: Any match involving Edge and Jericho is gonna be better than just about anything else on WWE's current programming. That being said, when these two square off, you rightfully expect a great match. On this night, I think their Steel Cage Match is simply good, but nothing more. There are some unique spots, such as how a steel chair gets into the ring, and how both men deliver their finishing maneuvers. However, there are too many moments when Jericho manages to reach the top of the Cage, each time being dragged back into the ring, slowly and unconvincingly. Even with Edge promising to not win via Cage Escape, this one never seems to get off the ground. It's a good match and worth checking out, but if you're expecting a classic from the Canadians, I don't think you're gonna find it here.
"7.0 / 10"

8) Last Man Standing Match - WWE Championship
Batista v. John Cena (champion)
---It is time to acknowledge that Batista and John Cena have great chemistry together, on par with other famous rivalries like Angle/Benoit, Bret/Hennig, Taker/HBK, or Flair/Steamboat. Yes, they click that well together. How else to explain such an impressive match like this main event, not to mention their previous work together? Granted, the match takes a little while to get moving, and yes, John Cena still oversells way too damn much (he's knocked out after one elbow strike!). But man, I could watch these guys work again and again. It's easy to fear that the PG-WWE will ruin a potentially great fight, but I think Cena & Batista overcame those standards very well with a rugged fight filled with some very creative moments. In fact, I don't think I've ever seen a Last Man Standing Match with more creativity. John Cena and Batista may not have the respect of all hardcore wrestling fans, but when they work in one-on-one showdowns together, they've got my undivided attention.
"7.5 / 10"

"Extreme Rules 2010" hits a rough snag with the bait-and-swtich Street Fight that never paid off in my opinion. But it hits the checkboxes everywhere else for me. Believe me, I didn't expect to like this card very much. But WWE laid it all out on the line with this one, and I'm sure there's something in it for every kind of wrestling fan.
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on October 8, 2014
ty the product was as agreed by the buyer. I would buy again
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on July 30, 2010
WWE's post Wrestlemania show used to be called Backlash, until the recent overhaul of the PPV schedule. Now, Extreme Rules is the show that continues and wraps up all the Wrestlemania feuds. Is Extreme Rules 2010 worth the money? Well, maybe.

1. Gauntlet Match- ShoMiz vs. John Morrison/R-Truth, MVP/Mark Henry, and The Hart Dynasty= The team that gained a pin over ShoMiz was to receive a Unified Tag Team Championship match the following night on Raw. A pretty terrible way to open the show, not very good stuff at all and I expected better from these teams. 1 out of 5.

2. CM Punk vs. Rey Mysterio(if CM Punk loses, he gets his head shaved)= I'm going to be honest. This was a good match. But it wasn't as great as everybody says. Out of their 4 PPV matches they have had, this is my least favorite. But these two always work a good match together, so you will enjoy this match. It started off hot and finished hot, but the middle just seemed to drag on too slowly for my tastes. Still, a solid offering. 3 out of 5.

3. Strap Match- JTG vs. Shad Gaspard= A filler match between the former tag team partners, but it was harmless enough that it was fairly decent to watch. Nothing ground-breaking here, but you can do alot worse than this. 2 out of 5.

4. Extreme Rules Match- Jack Swagger vs. Randy Orton(World Heavyweight Champonship)= Yet again, another match I don't think is as good as people say it is. No real interesting weapon use, and it just bored me. Has a few ok parts to it, but nothing you'll wanna check out more than once. 2 out of 5.

5. Street Fight- Sheamus vs. Triple H= This match seemed like it would even open the PPV, until we saw Sheamus attack HHH from behind. They teased throughout the show that HHH wouldn't be able to compete in the match, but of course he did, and what this match is is a 15 minute long beatdown of HHH. However exciting that sounds to you is how exciting this match will be. For me, I liked the character development of Sheamus, but it went on way too long for what was just a glorified beating. 2 out of 5.

6. Extreme Makeover Match- Michelle McCool vs. Beth Phoenix(Womens Championship)= If I told you this match had more weapon use than most of the other matches on this card, would you believe me? Well, believe on, cause it's true. Doesn't make for a much better match though, because the weapons they use just seem to be setting the women's rights movement back about 50 years. Ironing boards, makeup, and brooms aplenty! But it was an ok match all in all. 2 out of 5.

7. Steel Cage Match- Chris Jericho vs. Edge= This was my personal favorite match on the card. A great story was told by these two guys, and there were some cool spots, including a very nice springboard codebreaker. Steel Cage matches are very hit or miss these days, but this is one of the better ones I've seen in recent years. 4 out of 5.

8. Last Man Standing Match- John Cena vs. Batista(WWE Championship)= This started off pretty slow and also pretty bad. I didn't get into it until they finally introduced the weapons. It seemed like they were just stalling until they got to that part really. But it did eventually pick up, and had some good spots and sequences. Two pretty big problems I had with this match though. The first, I can't stand how almost every time the ref began counting, he'd reach 9 and the fallen wrestler would immediately shoot up. There's a difference between effective selling and unrealistic selling. The second, and biggest problem, is that the ending is absolutely awful. Don't expect a decisive ending if you check this out. 3 out of 5.

Not the greatest show you could get, but if anything, you should really only be buying this show for the cage match and the Punk/Mysterio match. The main event was given a 3 for everything that happened before the ending, I won't take any points off the ending, because that would just discredit the other 20 minutes that happened.
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on June 4, 2010
Although I do like the quality of the matches,the event still failed to live up to it's name mainly because WWE's no blood rule,it's ban on chairshots to the head and it's PG rating.Not to metion the event's lack of weapon useage.The best matches on the card were the Swagger-Orton,the Cena-Batista and especially the Rey-Punk match eventhough Punk won and I would have loved to see his hair get shaved.The worst match was the "Extreme" makeover match.The rest are O.K. I give this PPV a 5 out of 10.
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