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WWE: Hell in a Cell (2013)
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on January 26, 2014
The following things definitely kept WWE’s Hell in a Cell from reaching five stars (guess you can already tell what I won’t be giving it). But I will give it a 3.5 out of 5 (although closer to 3)

1. A few of the matches in Hell in a Cell were better suited for the pre-show. One was the mixed tag match of Khali/Natalya vs. Fandango/Summer Rae. The other match was Epico and Primo…I mean, Los Matadores vs. The Real Americans.

2. The IC championship match being delegated to the pre-show. (Hey, wait, there wasn’t even an IC championship match this time around!) Somehow, Curtis Axel blew out both of his hips in the tag team match on the Monday prior to the PPV. It was described as a “freak accident” and would not be able to defend his title against Big E. Langston. There’s no word as to how long Axel will be out of commission. I wonder if the 30 Day rule will actually be utilized, which is the title must be vacated if the title holder cannot defend it. On the bright side, Big E. was able to fight Dean Ambrose for the U.S. Championship, which was actually on the PPV.

3. Last time, Sandow said he couldn’t cash in his briefcase because he got injured. What was his excuse this time? I just wish the man would stop talking about cashing in and just cash in. At this point, I just want him to surprise us.

4. Same old Cena

Confession One: I would have liked to have seen Cena away a little while longer. I know originally, WWE said Royal Rumble, but I wouldn’t have been too mad if he didn’t pop up until Survivor Series.

Confession Two: I have never been a big fan of Del Rio and even less of a fan of him being champion.

To be honest with you, the outcome of this match was very predictable. “No matter how valiantly Del Rio fought, Super Cena would rise to the occasion and seize victory.”

5. Paul Heyman wasn’t actually in the Hell in a Cell match. He ended up on top of the cell. I am happy that CM Punk got some level of revenge when the match was over, yet it would have been nice for Heyman to have gotten beaten up in the cell. As entertaining as it has been to see the CM Punk/Heyman feud, it is starting to get a bit old. I would like to see Punk get involved in a new feud, although I am sure Cryback (I mean Ryback) wants to get vindication for his defeat.

6. A predictable ending to the main event.

I find it very ironic the WWE Universe voted Shawn Michaels as the special guest referee. I’m not saying I don’t love Shawn. He’s one of my favorite wrestlers.

However, if we go by Shawn Michaels’ track record as a referee, he leans towards the side of controversy.

I hoped that Shawn would rebel against the Authority and get some type of justice for Daniel Bryan. Yet, Shawn is Triple H’s friend.

It would have been nice to have seen Big Show actually show up, despite the restraining order. He made such an impact in some of Bryan’s other matches.


Things that kept the PPV from scoring a 1 or a 2:

1. The excitement of the very first match, the Tag Team Match. I think WWE made a wonderful decision in keeping the titles on The Rhodes Brothers. It’s been a very long time since the Tag Team division has been this exciting, and the match never got boring.

2. The return of Kane: the one who attacked everybody.

3. When Punk finally got his hands on Paul Heyman.

4. The aggressiveness of Daniel Bryan in the main event match.

I don’t think that WWE has done enough (yet) to vindicate itself from the debacle of Battleground. I will sit back and see what happens with Survivor Series.
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VINE VOICEon November 13, 2013
It should be noted that WWE continued their annual "Rise Above Cancer" campaign with the Susan G. Komen foundation so you saw the pink ribbon on various places around the stage & ring area including the middle rope being pink along with talents wearing their pink-themed t-shirts throughout the night. Rey Mysterio also returned to WWE for this event doing spanish commentary while on a personal note as I normally don't comment on these things but I thought the intro video was one of the best ones they've ever done.

WWE Tag Team Champions Cody Rhodes & Goldust vs. The Usos vs. The Shield - This started off the the Rhodes & Usos going at it with The Shield picking their moments with blind tags & singling out one man while finding ways to not only keep his partner but the third team as well out of the match before the other teams started to use The Sheild's own strategy against them with the action really breaking down with the teams performing a variety of aerial assaults & big moves on both teams either individually or at the same time. This was a very good opening match with all three teams working hard.

Right around here was a segment where The Miz called out The Wyatt Family & not only got them but ended up getting another unexpected monster as well.

Great Khali & Natayla vs. Fandango & Summer Rae - This is Rae's in-ring debut and was very impressive trading momentum with Natayla with counters & reversals & takedowns while you got pretty much what to expect from Khali & Fandango including one funny moment between Natayla & Fandango but this was a match made for free TV & nothing past a PPV filler.

United States Champion Dean Ambrose vs. Big E. Langston - With his original opponent in Intercontinental Champion Curtis Axel out of action & a confrontation on the pre-show, Big E. gets a U.S. Title match here. Ambrose attempted to intimidate Big E. only for him to return the gesture & use his power to dominate causing Ambrose to try to eliminate that advantage grounding him. This was an average match that was one of Big E.'s better performances he's had in recent weeks with both men taking a nasty hit at one point that did cut them on different parts of their face.

Hell In A Cell Match: C.M. Punk vs. Ryback & Paul Heyman - For those trivia fans, this was first time that superstars met in back to back Hell In A Cell matches as Punk & Ryback where locked in the cage while Heyman positioned himself at the top of the cage. Punk attempted to break Ryback down attacking his legs & Ryback used his superior power combined with the cell to his advantage multiple times along with other weapons like a kendo stick as he was able to keep catching Punk whenever he attempted to mount offense causing Punk to resort to tactics that worked before on Ryback along with utilizing the kendo stick & bringing a table into play which worked to both men's advantage. "What a difference a day makes" because this was the type of brawl that we should have gotten in their match a year ago as they did use the cell to their advantage along with weapons to beat on their opponent but stay tuned afterwords as you saw the showdown that's been a long time coming.

Los Matadores vs. Real Americans - Swagger told the story of working over the leg & ankle while Cesaro showed his superior strength while Los Matadores did their lucha influenced offense & double teaming causing the Real Americans to keep one member of the team away from his partner & ground them. This was an average tag match that was only memorable for the a record setting revolutions on the giant swing by Cesaro & J.B.L. on commentary with his theory on who El Torito really is.

World Champion Alberto Del Rio vs. John Cena - Cena came into this match wear an arm pad which Del Rio targeted right away with strikes & stretches & using ring environment to his advantage while Cena came back with some offense like catching Del Rio in mid-air with a dropkick & tornado DDT along with even coming off the top rope but did hurt himself with some of the moves he did as they did trade momentum back & forth with counters & reversals to submission attempts with Del Rio continuing to focus on the arm & Cena showcasing also superhuman strength with that arm. If you can get past what pretty much everyone knew what was going to happen going into this match which I admit I wasn't happy with, I will give this match credit in that they told a good story here focused around the previously injured arm.

Divas Champion A.J. Lee vs. Bree Bella - A.J. had Tamina in her corner while Bree had her sister Nikki with A.J. focusing on the neck & throat using the ring ropes & moves like the neckbreaker while Bree was able to counter out of Lee's Black Widow & attempted a submission of her own along with other moves like a missile dropkick. Another match where I'll give credit in that they tried to pack a lot in a short amount of time but it was pretty much no different than their previous encounters.

Normally I don't comment on backstage skits but around here was one with the Primetime Players & Bob Backlund that I have to recommend checking out if you just love either team's characters.

WWE Championship Hell In A Cell Match w/special referee Shawn Michaels: Daniel Bryan vs. Randy Orton - Both men were pretty even early with both executing different types of dropkicks & utilizing not just the cell but also the steel steps at ringside to their advantage before Orton was able to take advantage of using Bryan's momentum against him to keep the match at a slow & methodical pace showing a more aggressive side such as using headbutts & even dirty tactics while Bryan kept a fast pace executing his strikes from a running position & scoring offense off the second & top rope with a steel chair coming into play on more than one occasion for both men before things really broke down with Triple H kept having conflicting opinions about the way things were going with Shawn Michaels leading to all the relationships with Shawn & all three men coming to ahead...literally. Orton & Bryan haven't had a bad match against each other & this was no exception with the only negative thing being that after getting the same type of finishes for months between these two that didn't have a positive response to the point where it's public knowledge that cable companies gave refunds to the fans who demanded it out of disgust that we shouldn't have gotten that type of finish again with the only thing positive coming out of doing it that way being that & the follow up angle the next night on RAW being that it may lead up to a possible dream match at WrestleMania.

This was another in the string of PPV's where a significant amount of the card where matches that mostly came off as fillers due to having already seen the match either before or after the PPV as soon as RAW the next night with some of the free TV matches being better than the PPV match (Natayla/Rae & Big E./Ambrose) but the main matches on this card did deliver so I would recommend this overall.
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VINE VOICEon January 6, 2014

Despite the fact that I really don’t think they should have these gimmick match PPV’s going on I will admit that I do look forward to this one. There is something special about HITC matches when they are done right and I am always hopeful they will be when this comes around every year. This event turned out to be a good one that is worth the purchase.


1.[TAG TITLES]GOLDUST & CODY RHODES VS THE SHIELD VS THE USOS-what a great opening match we got right here. Things started out great with The Shield working a great strategy throughout the match picking their moments to be in the ring and then picking the champs apart. All three teams looked great here as the match played out and eventually turning into an all out brawl. That superplex was amazing as was the action here as everyone looked great here and had spots. The champs keep the belts in an excellent opening contest.

After the match the Miz makes his way to the ring and challenges Bray Wyatt. Bray drops one of his great promos and then sends the troops out after Miz. This brings out the returning Kane who cleans house.

2.THE GREAT KHALI & NATALYA VS FANDANG & SUMMER RAE-this was actually a more fun match then one would think. Khali and Fandango do well with each other but this was the ladies show right here. Natalya is one of the best women’s wrestlers there is and Summer did very well in her debut here. She gets the upset win in a short but entertaining affair.

3.[US TITLE]DEAN AMBROSE VS BIG E LANGSTON-why is the champion coming out first, I can’t stand that. Any way this is a match that was made earlier in the night. Any way Langston looked good here as he was getting his push. The match was a competitive one going back and forth with Big E using his power while Ambrose tried to break him down. Big E would take the win after Dean is counted out, he would then take his frustrations out on him.

4.[HELL IN A CELL]CM PUNK VS RYBACK & PAUL HEYMAN-one of the matches I was looking forward to and was a rematch from last year. Except roles were reversed with Punk as the face. This match was a better one with both men using weapons on the other as well as the cage. The table that is brought in made for some good moments with Punk eventually getting the win. This of course allowed him to make his way to Heyman. He lets loose with a beating on him and gets his revenge on old Paul E. also I have to point out that I hate the zoom in when there is impact camera, it does not make it seem more realistic.

5.REAL AMERICANS VS LOS MATADORES-this was a fun tag match that would see the Real Americans trying to work over the quicker team. Good back and forth with a big swing in there for good measure. L.M. get the win in a quick tag match that was fun over all, especially the bull.

6.[WORLD TITLE]ALBERTO DEL RIO VS JOHN CENA-this was a good match between these two. The story here was Cena had an injured arm and Del Rio specialty attacks the arm. So the match would see Del Rio do everything he could to that arm attacking it throughout the match. Cena of course fights back and ends up taking the title with his “never quite” attitude. This was a good match that was more grounded thanks to Del Rio targeting the arm.

7.[DIVAS TITLE]AJ LEE VS BREE BELLA-this was a good match in the Divas division that had some good moments for both. In the end AJ of course would keep the belt after applying the Black Widow. This was a good match over all.

8.[WWE TITLE HELL IN A CELL]DANIEL BRYAN VS RANDY ORTON-these two always have good matches together and they had one once again here. Both looked good here taking advantage over the other often trading momentum. The match has a good sense of what it wanted to be taking its time to build up to things. Of course we all know now how this played out with Triple H getting his with HBK superkicking Bryan out of his shoes leading to an Orton victory. This was a very good match and a wise choice for the closing of the show.


1.KOFI KINGSTON VS DAMIEN SANDOW-this was the kickoff match for the event and overall was a fun one. This was a quick paced opening match that could have been seen on Raw or something but it did its job as a kickoff point. Both guys looked good at various points here with Kofi using his athleticism more so for his offense. Still it would be Sandow who picks up the win here.

You also get interviews with CM Punk and John Cena as special features here. Over all this was a good event that had some good matches on the card. I wouldn’t say it is the best of this event or even 2013 but it was still a good one. I would recommend this to any WWE or wrestling fan out there.
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on November 9, 2013
The 3 way-3 team match for the tag team titles(Goldust & Cody Rhodes vs The Shiled(Seth Rollins & Roman Reigns vs The Uso Brothers(Jimmy & Jey)) was the same 3 way formula but everything clicked,it was very good and a fun finish to boot. The Mixed Tag Team match between Fandango & Summer Rae against The Great Khali & Natalya was just 5 minutes of filler and that's that. The United States title match between Dean Ambrose & Big E. Langston was boring Boring BORING! The Hanicap/Hell in a Cell match between CM Punk against Ryback & Paul Heyman felt more like it was made for free tv rather then PPV with some added plunder to boot. The Real Americans(Jack Swagger & Antonio Cesaro)-Los Matadores(Diego & Fernando) tag team match also felt like a match that was made for free tv but more acceptable. The Worlds title match between John Cena & Alberto Del Rio was not great but pretty good even the very predictable Cena title win. The Divas title match between AJ Lee & Brie Bella was fine but not really special. The Hell in a Cell match for the WWE title between Randy Orton & Daniel Bryan was brutal,smash-motuh,hard-hitting bout even with the overbooked ending. I give this PPV a 5 out of 10.
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on August 16, 2014
WWE came into Hell in a Cell with a lot of intrigue thanks to the blossoming authority storyline, CM Punk's final revenge against Paul Heyman, and the culmination of Daniel Bryan's feud with Randy Orton. Unfortunately, the event was weighed down by predictability and lackluster in ring action, making it one of the worst shows of 2013.

Not Worth Watching: AJ Lee once again defended the title against Brie Bella, John Cena returned to defeat Alberto Del Rio for the World Title in a mediocre match, and CM Punk's revenge on Paul Heyman ontop of the Cell, while fun, didn't make up for the outright bad match with Ryback inside it.

Worth Watching: Daniel Bryan and Randy Orton had a solid HIAC match for the WWE Title that was marred by the obvious Shawn Michals heel turn. Not a violent match, but still up to snuff for these two. Dean Ambrose and Big E surprised with their solid US Title match, even with the bummer finish.

Match of the Night: surprisingly, it was the opener between the Shield, The Rhodes Brothers and the Usos that stole the show. This was a great, fast paced and highlight filled match that never got slow and didn't turn into a complete spotfest. Excellent effort by all three teams.

Most of this card wasn't bad, just not very interesting. It didn't help that the card beforehand looked pretty darn good, but as we've seen with the Hell in a Cell theme PPV, it simply doesn't work as only one of the shows has been passable.
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on January 7, 2014
Great matches, got DVD for special needs brother and he enjoyed it, he watched it already a couple x, Good dvd to purchase!
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on December 2, 2013
Hell in a Cell 2013 review.

Triple Threat Match for the Tag Team Titles
Cody Rhodes & Goldust(c) v. The Shield (Rollins&Reigns) v. Jimmy & Jey Uso 4/5
- MATCH OF THE NIGHT. These guys are amazing in the ring. Steal the show in the opening match.

Fandango & Summer Rae v. Khali & Natalya DUD

United States Championship
Dean Ambrose(c) v. Big E Langston 2.5/5
- Decent little match here. Made cause Axel wasn't cleared to compete this evening.Langston wins by countout.

Handicap Hell in a Cell Match
CM Punk v. Ryback & Paul Heyman 3/5
- Well basically Punk versus Ryback here, but it was decent match. Punk wins then gets his hands on Paul Heyman.

The Real Americans v. Los Matadores 2/5
- Welp, the Matadores get the in here..

World Heavyweight Championship
Alberto Del Rio(c) v. John Cena 3.5/5
- Cena makes his return since his elboy surgery and wins the World championship for the 14th time, I believe.

Diva's Championship
AJ Lee(c) v. Brie Bella 2/5
- AJ gets the win by submission.

Hell in a Cell Match for the Vacant WWE Championship, with Shawn Michaels as the Guest Referee
Randy Orton v. Daniel Bryan 3.5/5
- This was a good match up here, but could of been way better. Everyone seems to be complaining about the ending.. But it has happened and you just gotta deal with it. Orton gets the win and the WWE Title after a little dose of Sweet Chin Music.

Hell In A Cell 6/10.
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on December 2, 2013
All these matches were good, but not really PPV worthy. I was really disappointed with the Punk/Heyman/Ryback "handicap" match. To have Heyman just stand on the top of the cell the entire match made it feel as though it was a one on one even with Punk going up and beating Heyman after the match. It seems as though it would have been more effective if he would have been involved in the actual match.
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on January 23, 2015
great dvd & great service
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on December 23, 2014
good wrestling dvd
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