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on April 18, 2012
Here it is. The legendary "No Holds Barred". This is not a great movie - or even a good movie, but it's a classic. It represents a time and place for lots of golden era wrestling/Hulk Hogan fans out there. I remember how big this event was when it hit theaters - everyone was clamoring to see it! The tie-in on actual WWF programing with "Zeus" (Tiny Lester) was way ahead of it's time and is something we see a lot of in todays WWE programing. Be warned that this movie really sucks, but it's awesome too!
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on August 30, 2003
Over a decade before The Rock became a movie star in "Scorpion King", big Hulk Hogan got his chance to be a movie star. Who could forget his starring debut as WWF champion, Rip Thomas? Rip is the biggest star on cable and this is bad news for a competing network run by the evil Mr. Brell (played by Kurt Fuller), who demands Rip sign to his station. Rip won't do it though as he is signed with another company and "his word is his bond". When he is turned down, Brell looks elsewhere for talent and promotes a tough man contest where the winner gets a whole lot of money and a spot on his network. Enter Zeus, a convicted killing machine who takes out the competition.
While Zeus makes for huge ratings, Brell still isn't happy. He wants to promote a match between Zeus and Rip. He will stop at nothing to get it either as he hires a female assistant to seduce Rip and has Zeus hospitalize his little brother. This of course sends Rip on a rampage and results in the ultimate showdown between the two massive stars.
This movie is one of those "so corny, it's great" films and actually inspired several real-life matches between Hogan and actor Lister on WWF pay-per-view. Fuller as the scumbag network executive is just priceless and the scene where Hogan's Rip is getting pummeled while his brother watches from his wheelchair and sad music plays in the background is reason enough to pick up this forgotten gem. Hogan has never been better.
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on May 14, 2012
With the DVD format being around for over 16 years, I eventually gave up hope that "no Holds Barred" would EVER become available on the format. So, imagine my surprise when I get a 5am phone call from my best friend telling me that it was finally going to be released! I was 12 years old when this film was released in theaters, and a huge fan of wrestling at that.... So seeing the immortal Hulk Hogan on the big screen was indeed a pipe dream for me, and "No Holds Barred" fast became one of my all-time childhood favorites. After seeing the film again recently through adult eyes, I can say with confidence that it is undoubtedly cheesy....but in a good way. Pretty much what you'd expect from an 80's action/comedy. I've been a DVD collector for the past decade with over 1,100 titles in my collection. "No Holds Barred" has remained at the top of my 'most wanted' list for YEARS.

My only hope is that the film will be presented in its original widescreen format. I can't possibly imagine why it wouldn't be.....but stranger things have happened. I'd also like to see the steel cage match which accompanied the film on Pay-Per-View which was coined as "No Holds Barred: The Movie / The Match". In fact, any WWE cross-promotion material would be certainly welcome.

That being said, I won't complain if this is a bare-bones release. The opportunity to have this film as a part of my collection is more than I could've ever expected, especially after waiting so long. July 3rd can't come soon enough!
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on July 4, 2012
I love 80's action films and wrestling, so this is a marriage made in heaven. Hulk Hogan plays Rip, the WWF Champion, and is pursued by a rival company. If you're a wrestling fan it really doesn't make much sense but the business was still protected at the time. Hogan does a good job for a wrestling film, Zeus looked good as a villian, and the film had some very funny moments. Is it corny? sure. Is Rip's injuried brother unintentionally funny? yes. Highly recommend this to old school wrestling fans, today's audience may not get it. Current WWE stars even mocked this film in a recent ad. If you like old school 80's macho action flicks, then you should enjoy this.

I don't know who is in charge of marketing at WWE or if they have someone who markets just the dvds but whoever it is, they need to pick up the slack. WWE has always lacked in the speical features on there dvds and this one could have been much better then a measly photo gallery. I know Hogan is with the rival company but they could have added the unreleased, rarely seen match that followed this movie, Hogan/Beefcake VS Zeus/Macho King in a cage. WWE doesn't seem to care what fans think anyway because the money just flows even if the product sucks.
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on July 18, 2001
This 89 minute long film works ultimately on the levels of parody.How can a film with such awful dialogue,bargain basement production values and atrocious,atrocious acting have any hope of being taken seriously?About 80% of the script consists of Hulk Hogan,Tiny Lister and the other huging macho guys making noises along the lines of ''raaaaahaaaah'',''grooooooar''and ''aaaah''and the sets,especially those used in the end showdown,look like they cost about all of $150.The video I own of this movie is at least eight years old,so being played on a VCR in the day and age of DVD players,the sound volume,especially if played late at night ,is practically mute.Never has something so influential been so low key.The video was brought for me as a gift,and over the years,I've come to appreciate it on it's camp levels as a strictly wrestling/revenge motif flick,and certainly not as Shakespeare.Having said that,in amongst all the macho rubbish,Kurt Fuller does give a fairly involving performance as the slimy villain.Otherwise,this is a film you will definitely have to accept for what it is...or else.
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on May 18, 2012
Yes, it is cheesy, and yes, we had to wait two decades for it, but No Holds Barred is finally coming! I'm just glad I lived to see to the day. And I can't wait until 2024 when it comes out on BluRay!
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on September 1, 2007
This could be one of those so bad they are good movies. This is pretty much a very silly film, where no one can act, or I should say, everyone overacts ridiculousy. The story is not too intriguing. Nevertheless, it is No Holds Barred wrestling fun.

No Holds Barred is The Hulkster's first lead in a film. He is "Rip", a character that is very similar to the real life Hulk Hogan. His fights are extremely popular, and the network that carries him has rating overs the top. Naturally, a competing network wants Rip, but he is not interested. In attempt to gain ratings one way or another, the network's owner and 2 of his employees visit a trashy bar, where huge, filthy wrestlers duel out in a no rules ring, where you are lucky if their bodies even stay within the ring. Intrigued by the event, the owner televises a tournament there called "Tough Guy Competition" where anyone with the guts can fight for $100,000. Zeus "Tiny Lister" comes and scares the heck out of everyone, destroying everyone he touches. The network owner is happy, and does what he can, hurting Rip's younger brother and girlfriend to get him to fight Zeus on television. The final fight comes and it is a whopper - lasting about 10 minutes, and truly is a no holds barred spectical.

The movie is rather laughable most of the time, and doesn't take itself seriously. Hulk gets some tender moments in, and while his intentions are good, the acting isn't. Then there's the good ole "what's that smell scene". I coudn't stop laughing it was ridiculous. Zeus is one crazy guy, and spends most of his time grunting, and when he speaks he still grunts. Built like a machine and with a blind eye, he has the look of a villain no less.

There are tons of action throughout the film, whether iy be wrestlers throwin each other around at the bar fights, or Hulk going insane with anger at Zeu's gym tearing up the place. The last fight is worth it all though - its total fun.

So silly of a movie, but sometimes those are the best one's. There aren't really many wrestling movies out there like this, so if you want to see Hulk going all out in a film, this is your best bet. A guilty pleasure all the way.
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on December 24, 2003
No Holds Barred could be the best movie ever made. How did the Acadamy over look this movie for best picture in 1989. Not since Rocky III have we seen Hulk Hogan light up the big screen like he does in this movie. RIP Thomas (played by Hul Hogan) is a successful wrestling champion who is is forced to battle the ultimate oponent, Zeus (Tom "Tiny" Lister Jr.) The movie brings you to the edge of your seat with a climatic battle with Zeus and will leave searching for those tissues when RIP's brother (Mark Pellegrino("Murph Calzone in Drowning Mona") is tragically paralyzed. My favorite scene in the movie is when RIP is caught up in a violent robbery at a diner. Instead of surrending to the crooks, he throws pies and other baked goods at them. He through them so fast the robbers did not have time to fire their machine guns. I dont want to give to much away, if you have not seen this movie you are depriving yourself of cinematic genious! I am still waiting for the DVD version so I can see behind the scenes footage of thhis masterpiece.
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on May 11, 2012
The Acting in this movie was Not Very Good; and the storyline seemed to copy the Rocky flicks; in that Hogan was kind of unsure whether or not he could take his opponent. But it had it's Great Moments Too. Like when Hogan & Zues Faced Off for the 1st time in Public. Like Gorrilla Monsoon & Gene Okerlund used to say "The Tension was So Thick You Could Cut It With a Knife." Again, the movie was Definitely Chessy/but it was "Good Cheesy." :D
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on January 7, 2006
A success, a brilliant success. The only movie to inspire a Green Day album. This Hulk Hogan classic tells the story of Jesus Christ's fight against the Romans in this modern day battle. Instead of the battle field taking place in the days of old and our hero getting crucified, the battle is in a bar and our Hulk gets Zuesified. Jesus (aka Rip) lashes out the same way 2000 years later...with raw muscle power and brute force. Could Jesus be locked in a car by a bladder deficient limo driver...NO...either could the Hulkster. Hulkamania lives on, and rises again every Easter.

Simply stated, worship the Hulkster, or chances are you will suffer eternal damnation. This movie is a quality family flick that should be watched religiously every Sunday. The Creator may have rested on the 7th day, but on the 8th he made No Holds Barred.
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