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VINE VOICEon December 5, 2009
Format: DVD
Unified Tag Team Champions Chris Jericho & Big Show vs. Legacy - Due to Edge suffering an injury, Big Show was chosen as Jericho's mystery partner. Eventhough this was originally setup to be a heel vs. heel match, the crowd clearly got behind Jericho & Show. This was very similar to the triple threat at The Bash where Legacy was caught off guard by the last minute suprise so they did their best to avoid Big Show by working over Jericho & keeping him away from Show with Cody even pulling off a suprising moonsault at one point. This was a good tag match overall but it took a while to get into since there wasn't a babyface to get behind.

Right around here was the talk segment of the PPV which was a C.M. Punk promo putting over his heel "straight edge is better" character. Again, I personally prefer these things on free TV than an event that people payed to see but I'll give credit in that it did it's job in continuing to build him as a heel.

ECW Champion Tommy Dreamer vs. Christian - Tommy Dreamer returns to the hometown of the original ECW as the champion and was even treated to some old school "ECW, ECW, ECW" chants in the beginning of the match...however, it was clear that Christian had the bigger amount of fan support. Both went back & forth with various counters against each others signature moves like the DDT & the sitting rope double footkick & one sequence going from the Killswitch into a sleeper hold. Dreamer even pulled out some moves I don't recall seeing from him before like D'Lo Brown's old "Sky High" and Dean Malenko's "Texas Cloverleaf." Another good match here & I'll go on record in saying that I think this was probably Dreamer's best non-hardcore "wrestling" match in his WWE career.
As a side note, it was nice to see that the ECW Championship got it's own banner on the "Night Of Champions" set unlike last year where they just reused the Crusierweight Championship banner & put the letters ECW on it.

United States Champion Kofi Kingston vs. Primo vs. M.V.P. vs. Jack Swagger vs. The Miz vs. Carlito - This was one of those matches that was fun to watch as all six men were allowed in the ring at the same time which made for various good multiman spots like the classic "electric chair." Not everyone had a highlight reel but you saw various highlights like Swagger showing his power, Carlito & Kofi showing their athletic ability various times, a reunion of Carlito & Primo, and a very unique version of M.V.P.'s playmaker with Swagger & Miz. Again, a very fun match to watch.

Womens Champion Michelle McCool vs. Melina - This started off with a bang as McCool took advantage of Melina during her entrance. I thought this was a very competitive match (by diva standards) between of both ladies and saw moments that I've never seen before like a DDT on the security barrier. I'll go on record in that this was my favorite "divas" match since the Beth/Melina "I Quit" match last year & I enjoyed this more than their match at The Bash the month before.

WWE Champion Randy Orton vs. John Cena vs. Triple H - The rematch from WrestleMania 24. This has a funny beginning as it was clear that Randy Orton was the guy with the target on him from both Cena & Triple H and Orton tried to seperate himself from them but they both went right after him. This built up & got better over time with good multiman interaction before it erupted into what Michael Cole described best, "Chaos!" While what happened towards the end with all three men & the referee looked confusing, it's something we've seen around 8 years ago but a nice twist along with an RKO that took out two people at once, this was a good match. Eventhough I enjoyed the WrestleMania match more, this wasn't a disappointment.

Divas Champion Maryse vs. Mickie James - Past Mickie becoming the next diva to win both the Divas & Womens Championships, there was nothing to see here as these women just didn't click together & apparently, Maryse was hurt here which didn't help matters either.

Intercontinental Champion Rey Mysterio vs. Dolph Ziggler - All I can say after watch this match is that Dolph has really come along way from dressing up as a cheerleader yelling "NICKY!" to having a very impressive performance here against Mysterio...with bonus points for having Maria in his corner. This was a nice match that built up over time with Dolph pulling out some impressive moves which were either high impact (his gutbuster from the top rope & a dropkick onto Mysterio when he was in mid-air) or grounded (various "wear down" & submission holds while Mysterio put in the hype of performance that he's known for & doesn't ever disappoint. Another good match.

World Champion C.M. Punk vs. Jeff Hardy - This was similar to their match at the Bash as far as how both men worked well together but also different in that Punk was now in full heel mode which was shown various times such as him trying to take advantage of anyway he can retain his championship either by pinfall, submissions like the dragon sleeper, or even trying to rush the referee into doing a countout at one point but Hardy refused to lose. Everyone really came off their feet towards the end when Hardy went "crazy" once Punk tried to cheat Hardy out of the championship again like he did at The Bash leading to what J.R. liked to call "the Hardy Party."

In the end, this ranks right next to this years version of The Bash as the best edition of this PPV but was a step above The Bash as one of the best overall PPV's WWE has had this year so this is worth going out of your way to see. I recommend.
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3 of 3 people found the following review helpful
on July 27, 2009
Format: DVD
This was an OK ppv. There were things I liked about it and things I didn't, but one of the positives was it was a very wrestling-heavy show. There was only one real bad match, and the rest were pretty solid with a few good matches here and there. However, there were no great matches on this show or anything particularly memorable, and if you missed this ppv I don't recommened ordering the replay or buying it on dvd. If you have the time I would rent it, because the action is solid throughout, but this is not one that I would add to my collection. Matches are rated out of 5 stars (*****).

1. WWE Unified Tag Team Championship Match
Chris Jericho (c) & Big Show (c) vs. Cody Rhodes and Ted Dibiase

Choosing Big Show as Jericho's mystery partner was about the worst thing they could have done. Big Show's appearance alone killed the crowd straight off, and this match had practically no heat. As far as the work was concerned it was not a good match, especially for an opener, and this didn't do anybody any favors. Jericho actually worked as a babyface throughout, and both he and big show were cheered for winning, which was weird. *1/2

2. ECW Championship Match
Tommy Dreamer (c) vs. Christian

Solid match, but the crowd wasn't very into it. That being said, both guys worked hard, and the timing of the title change was good. Dreamer had more than run his course as the Champion, and Christian is far better suited for the role. Not much to complain about here, but also nothing to go out of your way to see. **1/4

3. Six-Pack Challenge Match for the United States Championship
Kofi Kingston (c) vs. MVP vs. Jack Swagger vs. Primo Colon vs. Carlito vs. The Miz

This was a good match, much better than I expected. Everyone worked hard, especially Primo, and they managed to have the crowd pretty into it by the end. They had the usual multi-man spots but also some good isolation action, and they managed to set up a couple fueds along the way, particularly furthering the fued between the Colon brothers. ***1/4

4. WWE Women's Championship Match
Michelle McCool (c) vs. Melina

Not bad for a women's match, but it was a little clunky and it didn't have much heat. They both worked hard for sure, but there isn't much to see here. *3/4

5. Triple-Threat Match for the WWE Championship
Randy Orton (c) vs. John Cena vs. Triple H

Very good match. I may be in the minority here, but I actually enjoyed this more than their wrestlemania match. It wasn't anything spectacular, but it was a real good world title match. The finish was complicated but I felt they pulled it off well, solid work from all three throughout. Nice seeing Orton retain here, but I'm not sure where they go from here. ***1/2

6. WWE Divas Championship Match
Maryse (c) vs. Mickie James

Horrible match, and it went on far too long, more than eight minutes. I don't know what they were thinking when they give this match so much time. There was no crowd heat at all, I mean none. There were times when there was literally silence. Mickie was noticably upset with Maryse as well, and they both had a terrible match. Maryse is a great personality but she's really not a wrestler, and it showed quite badly here. At least Mickie won the title. DUD

7. WWE Intercontinental Championship Match
Rey Mysterio (c) vs. Dolph Ziggler

This was a pretty good match but the crowd was still quite dead from the last match. Another problem was no one in the audience really bought Ziggler as a threat, and treated him as such. That being said, Ziggler probably took about 90% of the match, and it was pretty solid pro wrestling action throughout. A little slow in the middle but it picked up by the end, and Rey got a good pop when he won the match with his trademark moves. **1/2

8. World Heavyweight Championship Match
CM Punk (c) vs. Jeff Hardy

Good match, but nothing special. This was pretty much a good smackdown main event, only slightly better, with some kickouts after finishers and such. Pretty surprising having Jeff go over, and the crowd popped huge when he won. Interesting to note that Punk worked this entire match as a heel, so it seems as though he has finally transitioned to being a full fledged heel, which I think suits him well. ***1/4

This was a decent show. There was nothing really memorable or any great matches that I would recommend watching, so this is not a dvd to add to your collection. That being said, there was mostly solid pro wrestling action throughout the card, and I think this would be nice for a rental.
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on June 9, 2010
Format: DVDVerified Purchase
JeriShow VS Legacy: They show a highlight package about the injury to Jericho's partner Edge. He introduces Big Show, reviving his fledging career. Legacy does a good job at the surprise wrestler but fans dont seem to care. Show and Jericho do some good work in there first tag match together. Rhodes hits a moonsault midway into the match that is totally awesome and nearly wins the tag titles. Despite what people say, this was a damn good match and a great way to kick off this PPV. The ending was well done. I dont know why people didnt like this match because it was very good.

CM Punk goes thru the crowd and cuts a promo, god I love this guy. Probably the best talker in the business right now and a very good promo despite what fans thought, it was serious.

Tommy Dreamer VS Christian: Two men I respect alot. Dreamer deserved the ECW title after Vince took the company he loved and turned it in a joke and his friends (Sandman, Sabu, RVD) into whipping boys. Dreamer should have won the match because it was in Philadelphia but then again, why would anyone in WWE care about ECW. Dreamer's reactions are great when he goes for a cover and why I enjoy this guy's work so much. A short match but it was good while it lasted. Christian wins the ECW title in the end and would hold it until the last day of ECW. Dreamer and Christian shake hands and hug after the match.

Jack Swagger VS Carlito VS Primo VS The Miz VS Kofi Kingston in a 6-Pack Challenge for the US title: Non-stop action in a short match but good while it lasted.

Michelle McCool VS Melina: The PPV was going great and here comes a roadblock. Skipped over this one.

Randy Orton VS Triple H VS John Cena: Three men i'm sick of watching on Raw and on PPV's. The match was good but WWE needs some fresh wrestlers to go after the title.

Maryse VS Mickie James: I would have skipped over this like any other womens match but Jamies is hot and I enjoy Maryse's mannerisms. Hard to believe James is gone from WWE. That being said, this match sucked beyond belief and James looked bad in the last few months of her WWE career.

Dolph Ziggler (with Maria) VS Rey Mysterio for the IC title: Hard to believe Maria is gone from WWE as well, damn she was smoking hot. A very good match that went back and fourth, Mysterio retains the title in the end.

CM Punk VS Jeff Hardy: I notice this main event is rather short. Match was solid but didnt blow me away. Hardy wins the title in the end.

Overall, a very good PPV. The women matches sucked and the main event was missing something but still good. Highly recommend this PPV.
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VINE VOICEon August 30, 2009
Format: DVD
Before I rant (as usual) about this DVD, I want to be clear about this:
"Night of Champions 2009" is a solid event. I wouldn't go out of your way to buy it, but it's not a bad way to kill three hours.

Having said that, I have a beef to pick with Philadelphia, the city where the WWE held this event. From practically start to finish, the "City of Brotherly Love" sat on their hands, and pretty much took away from my enjoyment of this PPV. There were a handful of matches on here that I just `knew' I would've loved if I could've have a few more cheers to listen to. But, I wasn't given these necessary cheers.
I've been able to enjoy some great matches that came with a quiet crowd. But 3 hours is a long time to put up with it, don't ya think?

It probably all started because of the confusing opener. The Unified Tag Team Titles were contested between Ted DiBiase and Cody Rhodes, challenging Chris Jericho and his mystery partner...Big Show. Big Show replaced Edge, who will be out until spring 2010 due to injury. Even though the fans got behind Jericho and Show towards the end, the WWE didn't do any favors by having four bad guys start the show. After all, it helps a bit if we know who they want us to cheer for, even if we decide to go against the creative team. It doesn't help that the two-on-two action was pretty standard stuff. I would've picked another contest to begin the PPV.

I should've known I was in for a long one when Tommy Dreamer defended his ECW Championship against Christian, because the hometown of the original ECW Arena was silent for BOTH wrestlers. I guess the original ECW died a long time ago, because the "Innovator of Violence" and "Captain Charisma" worked their tails off to put on a remarkable singles match to no avail. I can't understand what went wrong. The moves were well-executed, and there were a lot of neat exchanges between the two wrestlers. Even the tearful hug when Dreamer loses his prize didn't get much of a reaction out of the crowd. Surely the 1.1 cable rating for ECW broadcasts included someone in Philly, right? Guess not.

The Six Pack Challenge for the United States Championship was my favorite of the night, and it sounded like the Wachovia Center would agree with me. There was so much crazy action going on, that even the sleepiest of fans got a jolt. So many near-falls, so many turn-of-events, and so much unpredictability. Usually the champion (Kofi Kingston) is favored to win these kinds of matches when smart marks made their predictions; even though Kofi retained the belt, there were enough moments where it looked like he wouldn't.

Next was the Women's Championship Match, featuring a "Bash" rematch with Melina and Michelle McCool. Now, I always expect audiences to be silent during women's matches, because I guess people just don't enjoy that sort of competition. But when the contest is this good, can't we make an exception, Philly? I haven't watched many TNA Knockout matches, but McCool and Melina were trying all sorts of offensive maneuvers, that I couldn't believe they were unappreciated. If you remember the unique matches involving Trish Stratus & Mickie James, then you know what I'm talking about. I thought Melina and McCool put on a solid match at "The Bash", and I liked this one even more.

In the middle of the card, the WWE Championship was contested between Triple H, John Cena, and Randy Orton (the champion). Even after their disappointing "WrestleMania XXIV" showdown, and even after an endless number of matches between any of these guys...somehow this seemed like it was the right time for a triple threat. And it actually came off very well. This match was way longer than their "WM" bout, and even with less 3-way action, I found myself attentive for the entire piece. But Philly once again didn't seem to agree with me. Now, with the three most charismatic wrestlers on "RAW" competing for the one grand prize, what in the world didn't work for this audience? When I say they were on their hands, I don't mean in that respectful Hitman-slow-build way. I mean, this audience seemed freakin' bored! The finishing moves got little pop! If they were just uninterested with seeing Orton, Cena, and HHH in a marquee match wouldn't know by the noise they made during the entrances.

Unfortunately, Mickie James and Maryse followed the "RAW" main event with a huge letdown considering all of their hype from the Monday broadcasts. Frankly, I think Mickie James can be excellent, but Maryse never did much to convince me she deserved her Diva's Championship. And believe me...this match made me even more puzzled. The whole contest was sloppily put together, made worse because apparently neither the referee nor the production truck bothered to tell these ladies to wrap it up and give us a break. I was glad when the match ended, and not just because Mickie won the strap. Philly, we're on the same page with this one.

The Intercontinental Championship Match didn't occur until about 2:10 into the broadcast, which is later than usual for a PPV's penultimate contest. Thankfully, Dolph Ziggler and Rey Mysterio were given just the right amount of time to put something solid together. Regretfully, their hard work was once again met with deafening silence. I should add that even though Ziggler has proven to be a potential star in the making, his first outing with Mysterio was kinda rough around the edges. Their "SummerSlam" opener had much better hype, and was a more fascinating contest because both Rey and Dolph pulled a lot more interesting moves from their arsenal. This "Night of Champions" encounter will go down as a decent start, with better things to come.

Our main event features CM Punk defending his World Heavyweight Championship against Jeff Hardy, in another "Bash" rematch. First off, much credit must be given to WWE and Punk for taking this character, and patiently turning him into a believeable and fascinatinig villain. I emntion the storyline because Punk's facial expressions (and promo earlier in the evening) are what make this main event work so well. Aside from the solid in-ring physicality, Punk's body language add so much more to it. Out of their 3 PPV matches, I'd call this one my least favorite. "The Bash" had a mystery to it, because we didn't know how CM Punk would behave. And "SummerSlam" had a heart-breaking finish to a vicious TLC Match. But this "Night of Champions" contest is too one-sided for too long, with Jeff Hardy barely getting any offense in. Plus, the finish is a tad weak. But it's still a PPV-quality showcase that I'm glad I got to watch. Too bad Philadelphia's Wachovia Center seemed like they wish it took place elsewhere.

I know this whole review takes potshots at Philadelphia, but I'm dead serious when Is ay that the quiet crowd took away from my enjoyment of this solid event. This is literally a 4-star PPV getting a 3-star review. I don't how else to explain it. It's like being able to watch a visually captivating action sequence without getting any sound to emphasize what you're seeing with your eyes.
WWE, I thank you for trying to make my money well spent.
Philadelphia, bring some "F"-ing Red Bull next time!

*****MATCH SCORES*****
Unified Tag Team Championships
Ted DiBiase & Cody Rhodes v. Chris Jericho & Big Show
"5.5 / 10"

ECW Championship
Christian v. Tommy Dreamer
"7.0 / 10"

Six Pack Challenge for the United States Championship
Jack Swagger v. Carlito v. The Miz v. Primo v. MVP v. Kofi Kingston
"7.5 / 10"

Women's Championship
Michelle McCool v. Melina
"7.0 / 10"

WWE Championship
John Cena v. Triple H v. Randy Orton
"7.0 / 10"

Diva's Championship
Mickie James v. Maryse
"3.5 / 10"

Intercontinental Championship
Dolph Ziggler v. Rey Mysterio
"6.0 / 10"

World Heavyweight Championship
CM Punk v. Jeff Hardy
"7.0 / 10"
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2 of 3 people found the following review helpful
on July 2, 2010
Format: DVD
The best matches on the card were The Women's title between Michelle McCool & Melina which many considered the best Divas match of 2009,The IC title match between Rey Mysterio & Dolph Ziggler which was a good solid back-and-forth match,The 3 way bout for the WWE title between HHH,Randy Orton & John Cena which was better then their Wrestlemania 24 encounter and the World's title match CM Punk & Jeff Hardy which was also a good solid back-and-forth championship bout. The worst match was the Unified Tag Team title match between the team of Chris Jericho & Big Show against The Legacy(Ted Dibiase,Jr. & Cody Rhodes) mainly becuase Jericho's poor choice of choosing Big Show over Christian & Jack Swagger thus making the match a forgettable affair. The rest were OK. I give this event a 7 out of 10.
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on March 1, 2014
Format: DVDVerified Purchase
If you're a wrestling fan, you're reading this review. If you are a WWE fan, you may have actually bought this, at the then going PPV rate, and watched it once. Now you can own it forever for a price so low, you could buy 8 or 9 of them and give them out as gifts and STILL be less than you paid for this on 2009.

Anyway, the Main Events on this card, where EVERY WWE TITLE WAS DEFENDED, featured Jeff Hardy defeating CM Punk for the World Heavyweight Championship, Randy Orton retaining the WWE Championship against Triple H and John Cena in a Triple Threat Match, Mickie James winning the WWE Divas Championship from Maryse, and WWE Intercontinental Champion Rey Mysterio retain his title against Dolph Ziggler.

The undercards have Chris Jericho and The Big Show defending the WWE Tag Team Championship against Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase, Christian defeating Tommy Dreamer to win the ECW Championship, Kofi Kingston defending the WWE United States Championship in a match against MVP, The Miz, Carlito, Primo, and Jack Swagger, and Michelle McCool defending the WWE Women's Championship against Melina.

In the almost 5 years since this PPV took place, several of the talent are no longer with the company and several of the championships have been retired(including ECW being shelved for a second time). So this is a great Time Capsule from a time when many up and comers were making their marks and many established stars were preparing for their exits.
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on March 3, 2013
Format: DVDVerified Purchase
I enjoyed this ppv quite a bit. Huge Orton fan so it was nice to see him go over, Punk/Hardy match was the best of the night is say. All the matches were solid IMO, including both of the women's matches.
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on June 26, 2011
Format: DVD
First Let me start off by sayin that i normally do not order pay per view events. but i chose to order this one because of the matches that appeared on the card especially cm punk vs jeff hardy.

I will only talk about the matches i felt were very good

first chris jericho and bi show vs legacy

chris jericho pretty much touches anything wrestling and it turns to gold.when i saw the tag titles beingg defended i thought immediatley that the match was oin to dra on and not really important. but as chris jericho can only do he put together reat chemistry with the big show and went on to form a very memorable ta team woth the big show. the match itself was very ood but not a lot of nearfalls.

tommy dreamer vs christian

very good emotion from the philly crowd towards dreamer and i personally believed dreamer was goin to retain. i was suprised by a very comp;etitive match between dreamer and christin.

cm punk vs jeff hardy

this storyline was the storyline of 2009. so when i saw this match this i wanted to order this right away. they had the match of the night and jeff hardy won the world title which i didnt think was a odd move at the time but then when i foun=d out about his contract situation it then made sense
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on September 7, 2009
Format: DVD
Unified Tag Team Champions Chris Jericho & The Big Show Vs. Legacy - The Big Show turning out to be Chris Jericho's mystery partner didn't really bother me. TBS & Jericho seemingly worked well as a team throughout the match & Ted DiBiase along with Cody Rhodes did a good job isolating Chris Jericho while working as a very good cohesive duo. There were a few botched spots in the match but nothing really to fuss over. In my opinion, this wasn't a bad Tag Team Title match at all & a pretty enjoyable opening match from where I stand. 3.25/5

ECW Champion Tommy Dreamer Vs. Christian - Its funny how this event was hosted in Philadelphia, the home of ECW, but yet Christian was cheered more then Tommy Dreamer was. This ECW Title match was pretty average in my eyes but is still something worth viewing. Christain's & Dreamer's Extreme Rules Match on free TV was slightly a better match to me. But overall, this was pretty solid back & forth encounter between the two & they delivered a fairly good ECW Title Match. 3.5/5

United States Champion Kofi Kingston Vs. M.V.P. Vs. Jack Swagger Vs. Primo Vs. The Miz Vs. Carlito - This match was held under the Six Pack Challenge rule where only one pinfall or submission would end the match which to me was the match's only problem as it turned the match into one giant cluster. However though, the match turned out to be a good one. A couple of good multi-man & individual spots with a little bit of the action being taken to the outside. Overall a good match that kept feuds going between the Colon Brothers and between Jack Swagger & MVP and to maintain a stable U.S. Champion in Kofi Kingston. 3.5/5

WWE Women's Champion Michelle McCool Vs. Melina - This was definitely a step up from their meeting at The Bash & one of the most physical Women's Title matches I have seen in a very long time. McCool & Melina gave a 110% effort & they both worked hard to deliver a good Women's Title match in which they did for me. Of the two Divas matches on the card, this is the better one. 2.75/5

WWE Champion Randy Orton Vs. Triple H Vs. John Cena - If I can be completely honest for a minute, I didn't see this match being better than the WrestleMania 24 version. The match started slow but picked up to a steady pace as it progressed & quite honestly I didn't see any high points in the match at all besides the RKO at the end for the finish. Though, there are a few good spots I recommend looking out for such as the two Cena/HHH and Orton/Cena encounters, John Cena applying the STF to HHH on the announce table, & HHH using the Sharpshooter for the first time since I don't know when with John Cena using the Crossface that led to the confusing ending involving the tap out from Randy Orton (the same thing actually happened before at the 2001 King Of The Ring in the WWE Title Triple Threat Match between Steve Austin, Chris Jericho, & Chris Benoit). A very good match to keep Randy Orton's Legacy going & a very enjoyable WrestleMania 24 WWE Title rematch. 3.75/5

WWE Divas Champion Maryse Vs. Mickie James - This is the worst match of the night as it did absolutely nothing for the live fans in attendence as they gave this match no attention at all. They were completely dead & they had a right to be. Not a very good Divas Title match at all and is really the only bad match of the night. 1.5/5

WWE Intercontinental Champion Rey Mysterio Vs. Dolph Ziggler - Its obvious that Dolph Ziggler is no Chris Jericho but he did one heck of a job upping up his game from his godawful feud with Khali for this I-C Title Match against Mysterio. This match went back & forth at a fast pace with Ziggler & Mysterio getting in some good offense on one another. Ziggler had a smart method in trying to wear down Mysterio with good ground work & submissions where at the same time Mysterio used his unorthodox high flying offense that he is known for against Ziggler. Bottom line is that Dolph Ziggler was a great pairing for Rey Mysterio & these two did an amazing job to keep the Intercontinental Championship alive and well. A great job from both competitors & a fantastic match. 3.75/5

World Heavyweight Champion C.M. Punk Vs. Jeff Hardy - Credit has to be given to C.M. Punk & to WWE for that matter in making Punk this super villain & a perfect opposition for Jeff Hardy in that sense. Punk worked the match entirely as a heel to allow Hardy to come back fighting strong & to allow the crowd to get all over Jeff Hardy's band wagon at the same time. Punk & Hardy had a great World Title Match at The Bash & this match is no exception. Both Hardy & Punk fought hard and they delivered a good main event. The ending was a bit too weak but still an entertaining & good main event and a nice way for the "Hardy Party" to begin again. 4/5

Night Of Champions is a bit above The Bash. Night Of Champions is really a good card from top to bottom with only one bad match in the Maryse/Mickie James Diva's Title Match. I wouldn't go out of my way to get this but it wouldn't be a bad purchase. This was a nice set up PPV for WWE's next PPV, SummerSlam.
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on August 20, 2009
Format: DVD
Unified WWE Tag Team Championship Match: Chris Jericho and The Big Show (Champions) vs. Legacy (Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase)
Due to Edge's injury, Jericho had to pick a new partner, and he chose Big Show. The match started off with some phenomenal psychology, with Big Show hitting massive power moves and working over DiBiase and Rhodes ferociously. The match only quickened in pace when Jericho came in, though Jericho soon lost the advantage to Rhodes and DiBiase after Rhodes hit a moonsault off the top turnbuckle onto Jericho. DiBiase and Rhodes got the advantage on Big Show after a combination of drop kicks, Jericho and DiBiase went back and forth between their submission finishers, and then Jericho ate a DDT from Rhodes that seemed to be the end, but Jericho miraculously kicked out! Following this, Jericho tossed Rhodes out of the ring, hit the Codebreaker on DiBiase, in which Show followed up with the Colossal Clutch to force DiBiase to tap. AWESOME opener and a TERRIFIC tag match, and it's nice to see WWE caring about their tag team division once again. Winners: Chris Jericho and The Big Show. Match Rating: 5/5

ECW Championship Match: Tommy Dreamer (Champion) vs. Christian
This match took me by complete surprise and BLEW me AWAY. There was a lot of back-and-forth action between Christian and Dreamer, and they all hit their signature stuff along with some unique counters. Dreamer hit a flip off the apron onto Christian at one point, and dodge Christian's flying clothesline to the outside which caused Christian to splat onto the ground. Dreamer kicked out of the reverse DDT and counter the KillSwitch, but Christian also countered the Dreamer DDT. The end came when Christian went for the KillSwitch, only to have Dreamer counter it into a Dreamer DDT attempt, only to have that countered into the KillSwitch for the win. Phenomenally smart and awesome match, though it's a shame Dreamer lost the title. Winner: Christian. Match Rating: 5/5

Six Pack Challenge United States Championship Match: Kofi Kingston (Champion) vs. Carlito vs. Jack Swagger vs. vs. MVP vs. Primo vs. The Miz
First of all, this isn't a real "Six Pack Challenge". Second of all, this match is ALSO insanely phenomenal and wildly entertaining. Everyone hit their finishers early on, and there was a lot of psychology between Carlito and Primo. MVP and Swagger also gave a great performance, and they were very exciting. The end came though when Carlito tricked Primo, hit the Backstabber on him, and then ran right into a Trouble in Paradise from Kofi Kingston for Kofi to get the pin and retain his title. Doesn't sound all that exciting, but this match was GREAT. They were all over the place though and there was too much action to call. Winner: Kofi Kingston. Match Rating: 5/5

Women's Championship Match: Michelle McCool (Champion) vs. Melina
I can't believe I'm saying this, but this match, between two women for the Women's Championship, is actually one of the BEST MATCHES ON THE CARD!!! Considering the first three matches earned a 5/5 rating, that's saying something. At first, it seemed like it would be a regular women's affair and that these two would have a repeat of their match from The Bash. However, things got interesting quick with Melina dodging a clothesline by bending backwards in a way similar to The Matrix!!! Hell, McCool even attacked Melina while she was doing her entrance by baseball sliding her to the outside floor off the apron in a sickening thud. Both women took tremendous bumps throughout the entire contest, with McCool missing a baseball slide on Melina that sent her face smacking to the floor on the outside. McCool also missed a big boot on Melina while she was against the barricade, and McCool got crotched on the security barricade! They then battled on top of the barricade, and Melina ate a VICIOUS DDT on the barricade!!! I'm not kidding. Back in the ring, the match wrapped up when McCool managed to roll Melina up for the hard-earned victory. I applaud these two women for putting on the best women's wrestling match I have ever seen. Expertly done, and it continues this pay-per-view's streak of perfect matches. Winner: Michelle McCool. Match Rating: 5/5

Triple Threat WWE Championship Match: Randy Orton (Champion) vs. John Cena vs. Triple H
A rematch from WrestleMania XXIV? Eh, I wasn't really that excited about this match, but in the end, I was blown away. This match completely trumps WrestleMania XXIV in every single way. There were a ton of awesome spots, like Cena inadvertently hitting a flying shoulder block off the apron onto Triple H on the outside, and Orton playing his part MASTERFULLY as the bad guy. Everyone hit their signature moves, and Cena botched a flying fameasser from the top rope onto Triple H plus a bulldog onto Randy Orton, and the crowd got totally against them! They played on this perfectly throughout the rest of the match as well. Triple H got locked into the STF multiple times, but he managed to break out of the hold before tapping during these occasions. Triple H hit the Pedigree on John Cena, but neither Orton nor Cena hit their finishing maneuver at that point in the match. One particularly awesome spot occured when Cena went for the Five-Knuckle Shuffle for the second time in the match, only to have Triple H pull the ropes down and cause Cena to fall to the outside! Orton ended up getting put into a Sharpshooter (you're not reading that wrong) from Triple H while Cena simultaneously applied a Crossface! Orton tapped out, but the ref didn't know who to give the win to! Legacy then ran out and attacked Triple H and Cena. DiBiase and Triple H brawled on the outside while Rhodes beat up on Cena. That was until Cena got Rhodes up for the FU, but Orton hit the RKO on Cena, with Rhodes ON his shoulders, to secure the victory and retain the title yet again!!! Winner: Randy Orton. Match Rating: 5/5

Divas Championship Match: Maryse (Champion) vs. Mickie James
Oh, but here's where the perfect streak would come to an end. I knew this right when the match started. Maryse has some cool moves, but they really don't matter much when the entire match is sloppy, boring, too long, and uneventful. There was only one cool spot, which was where James hit a Lou Thesz Press on the outside of the ring to Maryse, but the rest of the match was just dull. I can't even remember how it ended, but James walked away the new Divas Champion. Winner: Mickie James. Match Rating: 2/5

Intercontinental Championship Match: Rey Mysterio (Champion) vs. Dolph Ziggler (with Maria)
Ziggler made quite the impression last month at The Bash, and Rey Mysterio has had a great feud with Jericho. This is a good match, though it drags on a bit too long and Mysterio doesn't get much of a chance to shine. Mysterio hit his usual offense and Ziggler pulled some unique submission holds out of the arsenal as well as some suplexes to try to wear Mysterio down. A particularly sweet spot occured when Ziggler hit a super gutbuster on Rey that was beautifully done. Rey managed to counter Ziggler's attempts at a tiger bomb and Ziggler countered the 619 a couple of times. Ziggler applied a full nelson that lasted FOREVER, until Mysterio finally powered out, hit an insiguri (which Ziggler selled beautifully for), which set good old Dolph up for the 619 and the Swan Dive to get the victory and retain his title. Winner: Rey Mysterio. Match Rating: 4/5

World Heavyweight Championship Match: CM Punk (Champion) vs. Jeff Hardy
Punk cashed in Money in the Bank on Hardy at Extreme Rules and they had a match at The Bash that Hardy won via disqualification when Punk, in his cowardice, decided to kick the referee to get the disqualification. This match is a return match, though it's really not as good as most of the card. There was some unique submissions from Punk and Hardy did his usual stuff (multiple times, which kind of made the match drag a little), though a super faceplant was impressive. Hardy went for the Twist of Fate early, but Punk countered and went for the Go To Sleep only for Hardy to power out of that. Later, Hardy connected with the Twist of Fate, only to get Punk's knees right into his back when he went for the Swanton Bomb. Ouch. Punk then hit the Go To Sleep, but Hardy miraculously kicked out! A frustrated Punk then tried his signature knee to the face in the corner move followed by a running bulldog, but Hardy countered and nailed Whisper in the Wind. Hardy followed up this effort with the Swanton Bomb to secure the pinfall and become World Heavyweight Champion...finally. Winner: Jeff Hardy. Match Rating: 4/5

This show BLEW ME AWAY. Almost every match on the card was 5/5 material. There was only one bad match, though the last two matches of the night didn't compare to the earlier parts of the card. Night of Champions 2009 has broken WWE's this season and WWE finally has a pay-per-view this year that's TRULY worth seeing.
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