WWE: No Mercy 2008
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on October 6, 2008
I believe the WWE truly delivered on this ppv. This is a WWE ppv that can be viewed from top to bottom without making your eyes bleed. Every match, except for one, is very watchable and enjoyable, and the final two matches on the card make this ppv worth buying. This was a very solid effort from WWE and all the workers, except for two, did a commendable job of making this ppv believable, watchable, and exciting. The crowd in Portland, Oregon was also extreemly hot for the entire night, which added tremendously to the ppv and they need to be commended as well. Anyway, on to the matches (rated out of 5 stars).

1. ECW Title Match:
Matt Hardy (c) vs. Mark Henry (w/ Tony Atlas)

This was a surprisingly decent/watchable opener, a remarkable feat considering Mark Henry is in it, and it did its job of keeping the crowd hot. These two executed a believable and watchable match. **1/4 stars

2. Women's Title Match:
Beth Phoenix (c) (w/ Santino Marella) vs. Candice Michelle

Another surprisingly good match, and a Women's Title Match no less! While it was kept short, I was very impressed with the quality of this match and these two women deserve to be commended. This also kept the crowd hot and excited and there is nothing at all unwatchable about this match. *1/4

3. Kane vs. Rey Mysterio: if Rey Mysterio loses, he must remove his mask

While I must say that WWE really dropped the ball on this storyline, this match was quite enjoyable, and most of all, believable! You wouldn't expect a match between a 7-footer and someone who is 5 foot 6 to be believable, but these two executed the match impressively. Don't get me wrong, this is not an exceptional match, per say, but it is very watchable and enjoyable with a great ending. So far on the night we are 3 for 3 and the crowd is still fired up. **1/2

After the match MVP walks down to ring and complains about being kept off No Mercy. We then get appearances from Randy Orton, Priceless and Manu, CM Punk, Kofi Kingston, etc...The crowd did not appreciate this at all, and there were noticably loud "boring" chants echoing throughout the Rose Garden. While I agree with them, I can understand why WWE wanted to at least let these quality superstars show their faces on the ppv. Had this been a "big 4" ppv it would have been unnacceptable, but with No Mercy this is understandable and forgivable on the part of WWE. Anyway, moral of the story: while not a snag in the show thus far, as it is not a match, just skip this. Moving on...

4. # 1 Contender's Match
JBL vs. Batista

And things were going so well. This is a HORRENDOUS match, and is a borderline squash match. The only positive thing about this match is that it was short, but it was still sloppy and BORING as hell. Batista also killed any momentum JBL had as a main eventer and just made him look terribly weak (for better or for worse, you be the judge). This was a poorly worked, poorly booked match and this is certainly our first stinker of the night. What a shocker considering JBL and Batista usually deliver gems on ppv! (See Great American Bash 2005 for further details on horrendous matches). *1/4 (generous)

5. Undertaker vs. Big Show

This was a believable big man match and it far surpassed my expectations (they were extreemly low so don't get too excited). However, this was a very watchable match with some nice spots including a picture perfect DDT executed by the Undertaker (I love DDTs so I had to include that). I did not care for the ending, and neither did the crowd, but it did make sense as far as continuing the storyline is concerned (again, whether or not that is a bad thing you be the judge). This is not a bad match by any means. **1/2

So far we are 4 for 5 as far as enjoyable and watchable matches are concerned, but we have yet to have any really exceptional stand out matches that make a dvd of the ppv worth purchasing. This is about to change...

6. WWE Title Match:
Triple H (c) vs. Jeff Hardy

I just ate this match up. This was an extroadinary, yet different matchup between these two superstars. Jeff Hardy shied away from his usual high flying arsenal in the early going and proved very adept at keeping pace with the far more traditional Triple H. This juxtaposition of styles clashed in a very positive way, and as Jeff resorted to high risk maneuvers towards the middle/end of the match, things got very exciting. The ending was unbelievable, and actually had me doubting myself several times as to who would come out on top. This match was crisp, slow-building, and finished in a thrilling manner, and the crowd just gobbled this up. I can't recommend viewing this match enough, and it proves that you don't need silly gimmicks and over-the-top matches to entertain wrestling fans. ****1/4

7. World Heavyweight Title Match
Chris Jericho (c) vs. Shawn Michaels

If any match could follow up the previous one, here it is. It is worth noting that Shawn Michaels has now had an unsanctioned match and a ladder match while working with a torn tricep, and both matches have been exceptional, which is just amazing and speaks volumes about the performer that Shawn Michaels is. As far as this match goes, Jericho and Michaels are once again on their A games (should any of us be surprised?), and they deliver a fantastic match with some excellent spots. Once again the finale left me doubting myself and it was very exciting. This show could not possibly have ended in a better way, and this is the match of the night (no easy feat considering the previous match). ****1/2

So there you have it. 6 out of 7 matches are very watchable, and 2 of those 6 matches (the final 2 of the show) are among the best matches you will see all year from WWE. With the exception of one debacle (JBL/batista), this is a ppv that wrestling fans can enjoy all the way through and will be treated to two outstanding title matches to end the show. In my opinion this is a dvd worth adding to your collection, and that is coming from someone who has been very critical of WWE as of late. Is this a positive sign of things to come? Only time will tell, but I think WWE should continue to be enjoyable at least until Cena comes back from injury (hopefully AFTER Survivor Series because I want that to be an enjoyable show as well).
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on March 24, 2009
Based on most of the reviews that are posted on this item here on amazon being a mixed bag (basically from what I have read), it certainly took a while for me to actually check this event out. This was one event that had high stakes written all over it but one thing to praise is the audience as they were really into everything during the show which usually helps an event for the better or the worse.

ECW Champion Matt Hardy vs Mark Henry. The story going into this one was that Mark Henry had lost the title the previous month at Unforgiven but was never officially beaten within the scramble match leading to this match. Henry obviously had the power advantage early by tossing Hardy around & delivering powerful clotheslines but Hardy was able to resort to a stick/move offense including working over Henry's knee which ended up playing a factor various times during the match. This was the type of match that we should have gotten back at SummerSlam as it was a solid worked match but I actually enjoyed their previous encounter on free TV which is ironcially on the SummerSlam DVD as an extra.

WWE Womens' Champion Beth Phoenix vs Candice Michelle. Candice came out right away to try and score the quick win before Beth's power was able to regain some momentum. That momentum would quickly return to Candice with Santino trying to do his best for Beth to get back into the match with him paying for it in the end. This wasn't a long match but it was enjoyable for what it was as they made the best out of the time they had with Santino being the comedy factor on the outside but pay close attention to the aftermath for a tease of tension between Beth & Santino.

Rey Mysterio vs Kane. This had to be the most bizarre feud of the year but if you know Kane's history, this was not the only bizaree feud he's been in. I don't like to quote to many reviewers but one reviewer's thoughts were exactly similar to how I thought this match would be since Rey usually becomes a squash when facing bigger men. This wasn't the case though as even though Kane had the size and strength advantage, Rey was able to bring the fight to Kane with various kicks & using his speed to get his high flying offense in with certain occassions seeming like he was gonna pull off the upset before leaping into a steel chair (no really, LEAPED). The finish may be a little disappointing (nobody likes DQs on a PPV) but this match was better than expected as this feud buildup was weak along with the fact that Rey's style meshed well with Kane's so I'll give it credit there.

Right around here was a segment involving MVP & Randy Orton starting with MVP complaining about not having a match which brought out appearances from Legacy, CM Punk & Kofi Kingston. This was a long segment that the crowd turned on right away & was pretty pointless considering we could've had a match in the place of this.

Batista vs J.B.L. The winner of this match would be the No. 1 Contender for the World Championship. Considering that these two have never had a match that was really worth checking out (look at their 2005 feud to prove my point), this match was kept short but was nothing more than a dominate performance by Batista with the aftermath being more entertaining than the actual match as we know how great of a heel J.B.L. truly is.

The Undertaker vs Big Show. This stemmed from what happened at Unforgiven in which the Big Show turned on Undertaker before he was able to get his hands on Vickie Guerrero which for those keeping track, happened three days prior to the event. Both men started right off trading blows with Show having the power advantage while Taker was trying to use his speed instead overpowering his opponents since he clearly didn't have the power advantage this time. They went back & forth with impact moves as such as the chokeslam, a big DDT, clotheslinesb but the real impact being the improved striking hands of Show that ended up being too much for the Taker. Undertaker has usually brought out the best performance possible out of Big Show & this was no exception.

WWE Champion Triple H vs Jeff Hardy. Triple H made his intentions clear right from the start that he had a lot of respect for Jeff Hardy but at the end of the day would stoop to anything to win the match with his opening offense proving all of that. Similar to the previous matches, Hardy had the speed but Triple H had the power. However unlike the other matches, Hardy was able to go hold for hold with Triple H while Triple H tried to rely on his experience by taking advantage of missed opportunities by Jeff such as his crash & burn dives at times leading to Triple H to work on those injuries. This really took a different turn as the pace picked up with both men exchanging counters after counters while Jeff just wouldn't stay down & even at times was one step ahead of the champion before it was one last surge that made the difference. Jim Ross & fellow reviewer D.P. quoted this match as "one of the most competitive WWE Title matches ever" & that's no question as this match had it all from the action to the crowd just being hot throughout as Triple H was able to give Jeff Hardy perhaps his best pure wrestling match in his career.

Ladder Match: World Heavyweight Champion Chris Jericho vs Shawn Michales. The most personal feud of the year concludes here with the rewards increasing as this time they were fighting for a championship. Considering how personal it was, this wasn't the high spots ladder match that you tend to expect but instead took another turn. These two came to fight & were more willing to beat each other up than gain the victory. Moments include both men coming off the ladder going through the announce table, Jericho taking a shot to the face that knocked his tooth out, the appearance of Garrison Gade, Shawn delivering an elbow onto Jericho who was under the ladder, Jericho taking a fall off the ladder to the outside that was a shock that he didn't tear his knee. Like I said both men were out to hurt each other as Jericho worked over Michaels' back & injured elbow while Michaels worked on Jericho's knee with the ladder being used for impact moves before it came down to a dug of war that could be phrased perfectly as "perfect timing". These two had a series of matches throughout the year but this one was able to stand out on it's own as again it wasn't the typical ladder match but more of a fight with ladder being used on occassion resulting in one hell of a main event with both men taking some hard shots here.

Overall, the only things that I didn't enjoy on this card was the Batista/JBL match & the interview segments but the overall card was solid with the three main events standing out resulting in another quality PPV from 2008 for the WWE so I would recommend this event if anything for the main events.
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VINE VOICEon February 6, 2009
ECW Champion Matt Hardy vs. Mark Henry - This was a solid opening match with the story of Henry attempting to dominate with his strength while Hardy took a page out of Bret Hart's old book of working on the big man's legs & bringing him down to his size. They had a better match on Sci-Fi (the extra match on the SummerSlam DVD) but this was still enjoyable

Womens Champion Beth Phoenix vs. Candice Michelle - Well, I enjoyed this match more than their series around this time last year with Beth working on Candice's previously injured shoulder while Candice tried hard with her selling & offense. Of course, Santino was at ringside actually added to the match here instead of distracting from it.

Rey Mysterio vs. Kane - The stipulation here was that if Mysterio loses, he must unmask. Normally I don't like these "David vs. Goliath" matches with Mysterio as he's just regulated to being nothing more than a spotmonkey to make the other guy look big & dominate (just look at his World Title reign) but that wasn't the case here as Rey got some good offense in, was able to hold his own against Kane here, and took one hell of a chairshot.

Right around here was a talking segment between M.V.P. & Randy Orton. Unlike how the talking segments at SummerSlam (HBK/Jericho), Unforgiven (Show/Guerrero/Undertaker), and Armageddon (HBK/JBL)...this was just pointless, didn't do anything for anybody and was a waste of time that had the crowd turn on it right away by chanting "boring!"

Batista vs. J.B.L. - This match was almost a carbon copy of their SummerSlam 2005 match in that the match only served one purpose & that was to showcase Batista as being dominate as hell and with the exception of J.B.L. getting in a few shots here & there, it was exactly that. Depending on your taste of humor (and how you feel about the divas), the aftermath was probably more entertaining than the match itself.

Undertaker vs. Big Show - As their 2003 feud showcased, Undertaker is one of the wrestlers who can bring out the best in the Big Show and that showed here as this was one of the best "big men" matches in recent WWE history with both men pulling out some impactful power moves on each other including the various punches from Show.

WWE Champion Triple H vs. Jeff Hardy - I can try to summerize this match but Jim Ross said it best at the end, "one of the most competitve WWE Title matches I can remember calling." The counters, great wrestling, fast paced action, and crowd that was hot throughout the entire match made this be one of those matches that made both men come out looking strong than they did coming in no matter who won or lost.

Ladder Match: World Champion Chris Jericho vs. Shawn Michaels - This was a different type of ladder match than we're used to seeing...and that's a good thing. Just like their previous matches like the Unsanctioned Match at Unforgiven, this was more about each man trying to beat the hell out of each other with the ladder making moves more impactful instead of pulling off a bunch of cool looking high spots. Couple of moments to look for was when Jericho took a fall off the ladder straight to the floor that we normally see except he didn't have tables to break his fall and one hit with the ladder right to the fact that resulted in one of his teeth getting knocked out. Fun match with both men (innovators of this match in their own rights) setting a different standard for a ladder match.

Bonus Match: WWE Champion Triple H vs. ECW Champion Matt Hardy vs. World Champion Chris Jericho - This was a match from the MyNetworkTV premier of SmackDown with champions from all 3 brands against each other in a non-title match. This was a typical triple threat match with some double teaming and everyone getting their moments in at times. Nothing special but a nice match overall.

In the end, the only things that really dragged this PPV down were the skits/segments and the Batista squash but besides those, this was your typical PPV that WWE has been having all year with all solid matches with last 3 matches being the highlights. This is an event I would recommend overall.
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on January 27, 2009
ECW Championship Match
Mark Henry vs. Matt Hardy
In my opinion, this opener was very successful. Even though Henry has some limited skills, Matt made him look strong. Good match with a nice pace.

I skipped the next one but Beth Phoenix retains the Women's Championship

Kane vs. Rey Mysterio- if Rey loses he loses his MASK
Dissapointing match. The storyline was bad enough but this one could have been a lot better with different scenario endings. The match is good but the ending to this match is waste of money.

#1 contenders match
JBL vs. Batista
Another short,horrible, and dissapointing match. Basically Batista dissapointed because he wasnt with a good wrestler. This one should have been saved for Raw. Bad match

The Undertaker vs. Big Show
This one was slower than I thought it would be. These two really could have brought more but that wasnt the case tonight. Big Show was really the big messup here. Bad ending

WWE Championship Match
Triple H vs. Jeff Hardy
Match of the night. These two didnt dissapointment and brought their skills. Jeff really shows he can keep up with the "big guys" as he brings suspense to this great match. Triple H does a good job making Jeff seem close to winning. The storyline of Jeff being so close to getting the title was very successful in my opinion.

Ladder Match for the World Heavyweight Championship
Shawn Michaels vs. Chris Jericho
This one was as good as the WWE championship match. I thought this match was very good. Jericho and Michaels really make the ladders come into play here. They use the ladders like they are really hitting each other. I credit my favorite wrestler, Chris Jericho, for making this match good. Michaels does a great job here. Best Ladder match in a long time.
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on November 4, 2008
After coming off an interesting Unforgiven, No Mercy was average at best on this night. Many of these matches had so much potential going in but most of them did not paid out. As other reviewers stated, the last 3 main events on this card really saved this ppv from becoming probably the worst of the year. The mid-card is pretty weak but the main events made up for them..... somewhat.

1. Ecw World Title
Matt Hardy vs. Mark Henry w/ Tony Atlas
Hardy was getting cheered right of the gate in this match. I like how they are giving both of the Hardy boys their push. This match didn't suck, it actually was better than one of the matches later on in the card. Hardy was going for the knee of Henry while Henry used his massive body to dominate Hardy at points in the match. This match is what I expected to be. 3/5

2. Women's Title
Candice Michelle vs. Beth Phoenix w/ Santino Marella
I was really happy with how this women's match went down. I give credit to Candice in this one. She is really trying out there unlike most of the divas. Probably one of the better women title bouts of the year. 2.75/5

3. Rey Mysterio vs. Kane
The stipulation to this match was that if Rey lost, he would have to unmask. I found this match pretty good. It had some good counters. Kane was overpowering Mysterio at times. Rey took some punishment on his back. The match had a viscious chair shot at the end. The dq I felt was unnecessary but it fitted in well. 3.5/5

This is the part in the ppv where MVP head towards the ring to complain how he did not have a match on the card. Randy Orton then makes his enterance and starts getting on MVP. The fans started chanting boring once Dibiase, Rhodes, & Manu entered the ring. After about 10 minutes of useless information, Cm Punk and Kofi Kingston came out and cleared the ring. A segment here worth absolutely nothing.

4. #1 Contendership
John "Bradshaw" Layfield vs. Batista
This is the match I was talking about from the Hardy/Henry bout. This match could have been way better then it was. It had a little bit of brawling in the beginning. There wasn't really anything special or exciting from this match. This could have been on Raw. This match wasn't ppv material at all. 2/5

5. Undertaker vs. Big Show
I was happy with this match and how it went down. I believe Big Show really gets underscored in his wrestling ability. He brought it to the Undertaker in this match. A lot of brawling and high impactive moves. Also a couple of the counters looked very devastating. The ending was very appropriate and only there to add more battles from these two in the future. Good match and really was a saving grace from the previous bout. 4/5

6. WWE Title
Jeff Hardy vs. Triple H
This was the match of the night and also a far better match from their Armageddon encounter last year. Hardy did not seem uneasy in the ring and was really taking it to the game. Hardy and Triple H blended in pretty well with each other. A good competitive match up. This match should have been the main event in my view. A good title match from Smackdown. 4.5/5

7. Ladder Match for the World Heavyweight Title
Shawn Michaels vs. Chris Jericho
This had to be the most personal feud of the year. Initially starting all the way back in April at Backlash and finally ending here at No Mercy. HBK and Jericho found new ways to use the ladder here. They both pulled off some moves that they shouldn't have pulled off. But they put on a good fight. The ending was very unique to say the least. A nice way to end this feud. I felt they could have put on a better show but it was satisfying in my book. 4.25/5

No Mercy is a rental. I suggest yall renting this before actually purchasing it. The last 3 matches were the saving grace for this one.
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on October 24, 2013
The ECW title match between Matt Hardy & Mark Henry was not great but had pretty nice psychology by Hardy and good in it's own right. The Women's title match between Beth Phoenix & Candace Michelle was so-so with a side of Eh. The Rey Mysterio-Kane match was not great but pretty good even the DQ ending. The Number One's Contender's match between JBL & Batista was mostly a squash bout but it was quick and mostly painless. The Undertaker-Big show match was not good,too much "striking" which makes it more like a boxing match then a wrestling bout and a unsatisfying finish to boot. The WWE title match between HHH & Jeff Hardy was awesome in terms of both wrestling and storytelling. The Ladder match for the Worlds title between HBK & Y2J was intense,smash-mouth,personal bout with a hair-raising ending to boot. I give this PPV a 7 out of 10.
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on April 24, 2010
This edition of the No Mercy series was kind of soft compared to the ones before. Some okay matches but nothing to write home about. The Triple H/Jeff Hardy match was the one major highlight but I am a big Triple H fan so thats not saying a lot. Of course its always nice to see Candice Michelle in action especially now since the only way to her now is on old W.W.E. D.V.D.s. The big disappointment for me was the Big Show/Undertaker match. I know these guys are capable of a good match but they didn't bring it on this night. Take my advice unless your a true fan or just a collector don't buy this one or at least don't pay too much for it.
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1 of 2 people found the following review helpful
1) ECW Championship
Mark Henry v. Matt Hardy (champion)
Ive never believed mark henry to be a top performer and why he still has a contrct with WWE amazes me to this day. He has horrible mat skills in ring skill and even worse mic skills (hence Tony Atlas) ANd even worse they say that matt HArdy is way over with the ECW Championship. I say hes way under. Matt Hardy is an amazing performer and for him to be an opening matchup to me is quite insulting while his drugged out brother gets the main event....Matt did the best he could to compliment Henry's INCOMPORABLE WRESTLING STYLE....Not a good opener thank god Matt Hardy does what he does.... 4/10


2) Women's Championship
Beth Phoenix (champion) v. Candice Michelle
I didnt watch the entire match as womens matches bore me, i have seen very little in the womens division that excites me (other than REALLY REALLY HOT chicks running around in tightly clad spandex) but i can honestly say that i miss Trish stratus and chyna and wish Mickie james had something to do with this PPV she knows how to entertain..and tha glamazon beth phoenix is absolutely a horrible performer...all around 3/10


3) Rey Mysterio (Must Unmask If Defeated) v. Kane
you always have to respect what Rey mysterio had done in the ring. hes an amazing high flyer truly only outdone by the hardys or the era of edge and christian. so i love to watch his matches. to me however the idea of kane and rey going at it just didnt make much sense. the storyline was put together well the match didnt quite match it though. good finish though...leaves you on the endge of the seat and kind of its savior for its suspense "7.0 / 10"

Now I have to agree with the review before me....
They spent an enormous amount of time plugging a promo for MVP that seemed logical then it expanded to randy orton and then dibiase rhodes and samu...and then CM punk and kofi kingston...and WE DIDNT EVEN GET A MATCH!!! WTF WAS THAT FOR???? I think Orton realized that it was stupid for him to even be in the ring so he left. and i really hope they drop that storyline quicker than a 20$ H* It was worthless and had i actually paid for the PPV id be pissed.


4) Number-One Contender Match
JBL v. Batista
A good sluggers match for the time that they gave them. it was extremely short and the fans i think liked it because the checmistry wasnt there! i would have expected more from these two..especially from Batista! but he finishes strong and it salvages a good look...once...
"6 / 10"
JBL takes the mic afterward and cuts a very funny promo that had me rolling....its still hard for me to see his as an acolyte and then New york self made millionaire....TWO COMPLETELY DIFFERENT PEOPLE!


5) Big Show v. The Undertaker
I thought this match was if not the worst was close to the worst match of the night..maybe the year..big show is horrible and cant compliment taker AT ALL! and the REDICULOUS FINISH they put together for this match made me want to punch my screen! WHO THE FU** knocks out the undertaker!!! THE WORST FINISH TO A MATCH EVER!!! HE goes from one PPV throwing EDGE into the ring from a hellacious chokeslam from a ladder to a knockout from big show?? you have to be kidding me....use your top talent better in better matches...... 2/10
"6.5 / 10"


6) WWE Championship
Jeff Hardy v. Triple H (champion)
This match had me on the edge of my seat for the ENTIRE MATCH!!! I really didnt see these two putting together anything memorable but oh did they steal the show..(until the WORLD TITLE MATCH)Jeff Hardy threw himself around and you really saw him get over with the fans and triple H was top notch! The finish is unlike anything i have seen in WWE since its glory days in the 90"s...A simply amazing match!!


7) World Heavyweight Championship
Chris Jericho (champion) v. Shawn Michaels
I have watched all of HBK's matches with Y2J and few dissapoint. Many people use their epic Wrestlemania XIX encounter to set the bar and i belive this one came damn near to surpassing it. shawn michaels is truly still the showstopper and proves it during this match. they do everything with teh ladder and some will complain there were few attempts at grabbing the belt until the closing minutes....i admired it because as much as i keep my imagination open whilst watching WWE i know the match wont end within 5 minutes so why fool the fans or try and thats what jericho and michaels did they keot the attempts at the belt until they knew it mattered. It finishes so flawlessly and you really believed michaels would have gotten it and a interference from lance cade was imminent..i just wish we could have seen triple H come out to aid shawn and help him get the title but a memorable finish for years to come...a winner and a savior for this god forsakenm PPV. 10/10
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on December 21, 2013
couple of scuffs but plays good and quality is good too very good pay per view recommend to all people
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on December 29, 2009
Come On, I got it for Jeff vs HHH and the Jericho vs HBK Ladder match. Thats all.
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