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on February 14, 2005
For those of you that only know Rob Van Dam from 2001 to the present, this is the DVD for you. With this DVD you will finally see why a large quantity of wrestling fans think it is a travesty at how RVD has been underused in the last two years. This DVD has 16 complete matches, 11 matches are from his days in ECW and that is what you need to focus on. The extras are so so, there is a couple of eastereggs with funny RVD interviews from ECW. The matches is worth the price alone. Here is a rundown of some of the greatest matches you will ever see and they are on this DVD.

Robby V vs. Pat Rose: Ok, th is isn't one of the greatest matches and the next match I review won't be either but it shows RVD 12 yrs ago when he was trying to make a name for himself.

Robby V vs. Scotty Flamingo: Like I said before, not a great match but you get to see both RVD and Raven before they got there big breaks in ECW.

Rob Van Dam vs. Axl Rotten: And the legend begins. This is his first match in ECW and he is still trying to find the character he wants to be but he gains the ECW fan's respect in his debut match.

RVD vs. Sabu(2 matches): These guys trained together under The Original Sheik and these are just two of there classic encounters. Both matches are around 20 mins in length and the action never slows down.

RVD and Sabu vs. The Eliminators: For new fans, this may be you only chance to see one of the best and most underrated tag teams of all time, seeing that The Eliminators have been broken up for almost eight years and neither one is in the WWE. The Eliminators were Perry Saturn and John Kronus and they were in my opinion, the best tag team at the time. Before The Dudleys got there huge push in ECW. This is a great hardcore tag team match that includes, Tables, Ladders, and Chairs, among the usual RVD moves.

Rob Van Dam vs. Lance Storm: Decent match, lets you see the story of how RVD became Mr. Monday Night.

Rob Van Dam vs. Jeff Hardy: Total squash. Only reason for this is to continue the storyline of the Mr. Monday Night angle.

Rob Van Dam vs. Tommy Dreamer: This was a flag match in which the winner would get to raise his flag. Tommy Dreamer carried the flag for ECW and RVD carried the flag for WWF, which is now WWE. Some hard hitting action. Only minus in this match is the screwjob ending. Should have been a clean decision. Not giving away the outcome, but a non ref makes the official three count.

Rob Van Dam vs. Bam Bam Bigelow: This is the match in which RVD became the individual that could do no wrong. No matter what he did after this match, he was a fan favorite. The aerial moves he pulls off in this match will astonish you.

Rob Van Dam vs. Jerry Lynn(two matches): Two of the greatest wrestling clinics ever displayed. Not much more I can say. The best match they had is not even one of these two. Thats my opinion of course and that match I am speaking of is on the Rise and Fall of ECW dvd. These two matches on this collection are classics as well and would complement the other match for anybody that has the Rise and Fall DVD. The latest ECW match on this dvd is RVD and Jerry Lynn from ECW's last ppv. It shows RVD use the Van Terminator, which is the best in ring move he has ever done.

Rob Van Dam vs. Balls Mahoney: Very similar to the Bam Bam Bigelow match. RVD doesn't do quite as many daredevil moves as he did in the Bigelow match but he still does a couple that are just amazing.

Rob Van Dam vs. Jeff Hardy: In my opinion, this is his finest match since coming into the WWE. There was so much difference in the four years since his other match with Jeff Hardy, that I couldn't group them in a review like I did the Lynn and Sabu matches. Jeff Hardy had come along way since 1997 and this was 2001. This was for the hardcore championship and in the introduction that RVD gives before this match, he states that he wish WWE would bring back the hardcore title and he thinks the reason they did away with that title is because no one could keep up with his own hardcore style. I can't argue.

Rob Van Dam vs. Chris Jericho: Great scientific display by these men and it took place in 2002, which was the year it appeared WWE was going to give RVD the proper push he deserved.

Rob Van Dam vs. Christian: One of the shorter ladder matches you will see but it was the most brutal in WWE history. This being a ladder match, I am not including the TLC classics. Good display by two men that in my opinion should be future world champions.

The intro into each match by RVD is insightful as well. Any fan of RVD or ECW should by this must have collection.
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on January 28, 2005
This 2-DVD set will be a gem for any true wrestling fan. Spanning his early WCW days through his current tenure in the WWE, this set features some of RVD's most memorable matches. The true highlight is getting his best ECW matches with digital quality.

The House Party '96 match vs. Axl Rotten, RVD's ECW debut, is interesting to see because he really hadn't found his character yet. The matches with Sabu (Hostile City Showdown '96 and Hardcore Heaven '96) are incredible and still hold up as such nine years later. A bonus from 1997 is getting to see him wrestle on RAW is WAR vs. Jeff Hardy.

Probably the best match on the DVD is his 4/4/98 match in Buffalo against Bam Bam Bigelow. That night, Van Dam won the ECW Television Title (with a little help from Sabu) and wowed the crowd with dives three rows into the stands. Just an amazing match. This match can also be found on the ECW Path of Destruction video, released a few years back.

The set also has some historical matches, too, such as RVD main-eventing the Anarchy Rulz '99 PPV in Chicago against Ballz Mahoney and his match with Jerry Lynn to wrap up ECW's final PPV, Guilty as Charged 2001.

The set also includes such matches as RVD vs. Tommy Dreamer in a flag match from November 2 Remember '97, RVD and Sabu vs. The Eliminators from February '97, RVD vs. Lynn from Living Dangerously '99 (nice touch to not re-release the Hardcore Heaven '99 match again), etc.

Then, adding to the ECW legacy, the set includes three of RVD's best WWF/WWE matches. First is his inaugural WWF PPV match, when he took on Jeff Hardy at Invasion (7/22/01). This was a great match that gained him more popularity with fans who hadn't watched ECW. Also included are a great match with Chris Jericho from King of the Ring 2002 and a ladder match vs. Christian from a September 2003 edition of RAW.

Buy this set as soon as possible!
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on April 13, 2005
This is an awesome DVD set with some really killer matches and extras. Matches are rated out of 5 stars.

Robbie V vs. Pat Rose - This one is ok, it's only on here to show RVD's WCW debut, however he does show us that he was always an amazing athlete by pulling some high-flying moves off **1/2

Robbie V vs. Scotty Flamingo - Once again ok, but only on the DVD to highlight RVD's time in WCW. Here he's taking on a guy who would later be called Raven (for those who didn't know) not much going on, though **

RVD vs. Axl Rotten - Finally, we get to the ECW chapter. A very entertaining match, even though they don't use any weapons. Cool over-the-top flip by RVD ***1/2

RVD vs. Sabu (Hostile City Showdown) - The best RVD/Sabu match, this one will keep you begging for more when it's finally over, lengthy, awesome and crazy *****

RVD vs. Sabu (Hardcore Heaven) - First one's better, but that's not saying this match is any more horrible, some sick bumps taken by Rob and Sabu, both men carried out on stretcher ****1/2

RVD/Sabu vs. The Eliminators - Saturn and Kronus were always a great tag team but so was Rob and Sabu. A great tag team match with some seriously insane double team moves ****

RVD vs. Lance Storm - a really cool match, even though some people don't like it. Weak chair shots by Storm and great chair work by Rob cool finish ***

RVD vs. Jeff Hardy (Raw) - Squash match, only reason it's on here is too capitalize on the "Mr. Monday Night" name. Pretty weak match *1/2

RVD vs. Tommy Dreamer (Flag vs. Flag match) - The match is great with some great wrestling by both men, super weak ending ***1/2

RVD vs. Bam Bam Bigelow - This match is one of the very best on the DVD Rvd takes some awesome leaps and the way it ends was very creative *****

RVD vs. Jerry Lynn (Living Dangerously) - Oh my god what can I say that hasn't been said yet, this match is freakin' awesome way better than their 2nd match. Jerry Lynn could've been champ *****

RVD vs. Balls Mahoney - This is to only capitalize on the defenses of the television title. This match is still pretty good ****

RVD vs. Jerry Lynn (Guilty as Charged) - A so-so encounter compared to their first match, only good thing is the bumps that both men took, cool finish ***1/2

RVD vs. Jeff Hardy (Invasion) - One of Rob's finer WWE matches but not his greatest, again there were some serious bumps taken by both men ****

RVD vs. Chris Jericho - This is Rob's first ever actual time as being accepted as a member of the WWE roster, Rob would later lose the KOTR tournament to an undeserving Brock ****

RVD vs. Christian (Ladder match for the IC title) - I absolutely love this match, even if it is a little short, some really cool ladder moves and one of RVD's best singlets, I think *****
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VINE VOICEon January 19, 2006
NOTE: I updated this review in 2013.

No matter what you call him, he's exactly what his one time theme music & DVD title says in that he was one of a kind as far as his athletic skill, presence in the ring, innovative offense, and overall in-ring ability resulting in many singles & tag team title reigns including World Championships & a history making reign as a World Television Champion...that man is (point your thumbs at yourself) Rob Van Dam. Now the DVD set is in the format of a match anthology from his career in WCW & ECW & ECW which hosted by Josh Mathews with Rob Van Dam having comments on various subjects with video clips in between each match on various subjects such as WCW, his ECW debut, relationship with Sabu, story behind the names "Mr. Monday Night" & "The Whole F'n Show", his record setting Van Dam Lift, the importance of the ECW Television Championship, injuries, his various finishing moves, WWE Hardcore Championship, and the difference between wrestling in WWE compared to ECW.

Matches Include:
Robbie V vs. Scotty Flamingo - This short match last a little over 3 minutes just showing Rob in his early days wrestling barefoot while showcasing such offense that is typical of him & others today but rarely seen during that time such as his martial arts kicks, backflip, springboard crossbody, and split legged moonsault. The bigger story behind this match though happens around 3 years later when these men would become big name attractions in ECW with Robbie V becoming Rob Van Dam & Flamingo being known as Raven.
"WCW Worldwide" Feb. 93

vs. Axl Rotten - This was RVD's ECW debut match that saw him showcasing his unique style early on with such offense as the split legged dropdown, japanese armdrag, and springboard crossbody while using martial arts strikes while Rotten resulted in his trademark formula of brawling while doing some impactful holds like the t-bone suplex & a clothesline that turned RVD inside out while also mocking his martial arts before RVD recovered showing his cat-like ability & aeral offense with various holds such as the top rope somersault, top rope side kick, and split legged moonsault. The match itself isn't anything special but it was a showcase for Rob Van Dam to make a positive first impression on the ECW fans which he did.
"ECW Hardcore TV" Jan. 96

vs. Sabu - Sabu was wearing a neck brace which he tossed aside right before the match while RVD had an injured leg which Sabu attempted to go after right away before the top rope broke in the opening minutes but didn't stop Sabu as he still did his moves such as the the triple jump moonsault & suicide dive onto RVD on a guardrail. The match went into the crowd with both men throwing chairs at each other with RVD being able to execute a legdrop using a chair as they made their way back into the ring with both men using the chair throughout the match for more impactful offense such as RVD money flipped out of the corner onto an open chair & one of the very first Van Daminators while both men showcased very similar offense with Sabu's top rope flip legdrop & RVD's top rope flip dive. Both men turned out the intensity with such hard hitting offense such as a double jump dive into the crowd, a DDT through a table, coming off the top rope catching the other man in a DDT on the way down, a brainbuster superplex, and the atomic arabian facebuster from the top rope resulting in a match that was just so physical that both men had to be taken to the back on a stretcher.
On a personal note, this was the very first ECW match I ever saw & had me hooked ever since.
Alternative commentary on this match by RVD & Paul Heyman include the story behind the broken ring in this event resulting in the infamous dance by Kimona, RVD's history with Sabu, the ECW audience, his work ethic, and moves he's glad he doesn't do anymore because they're too dangerous.
ECW Hardcore Heaven 96

w/Sabu vs ECW Tag Team Champions Eliminators - Both teams were so evenly matched from the start that they kept trading momentum performing the same offense on each other using quick tags & double teaming while performing stereo moves like splashes & leg lariats. Sabu & RVD were able to maintain control with their double team offense such at the low dropkick & camel clutch, surfboard & top rope elbow before the brawl went to the outside with Sabu diving into crowd while Eliminators made a comeback with back to back top rope splashes, various combination of kicks, and even preventing Sabu from doing his daredevil attack by kicking the legs from under him. This was a quality tag team match as both teams were very evenly matches & similar to each other with the addition of tables & ladders & chairs adding another element to the match years before we would ever hear of a T.L.C. match.
ECW Crossing The Line 97

vs. Lance Storm - This was originally suppose to be Chris Candido vs. Lance Storm but RVD replaced Candido after he suffered an injury with Storm always remaining one step ahead in the early exchanges before RVD was finally able to catch him before both men had an aerial attack with holds like the leaping somersault dive, top rope back elbow, and moonsault press on the outside. RVD got more aggressive to the point where he brought a chair into play & threw it in Storm's face quick like a bullet followed by the running chair dropkick in the corner & frog splash but Storm kept fighting back catching him in submissions like the boston crab into a single crab before using the chair himself for holds like a Tiger Bomb & top rope legdrop onto the open chair. This was a solid match & they would go on to have better quality matches as Storm still wasn't comfortable with the ECW environment yet (as you could tell by the chairshots he gave) but this was more about the infamous speech afterwords where RVD addressed the crowds chants of "You Sold Out!"
ECW Barely Legal 97

vs. Jeff Hardy - This was just a quick dominate squash match with RVD using his trademark holds like the somersault dive, split legged moonsault & 5 Star Frog Splash but mainly noteworthy for him getting his nickname of "Mr. Monday Night" from Jerry Lawler.
"RAW" May 97

Flag Match vs. Tommy Dreamer - This wasn't the type of flag match where you had to get your flag off a pole to win the match but just a regular match where the winner was able to raise his company's flag (WWE for RVD & ECW for Dreamer) while it made clear before the match that Dreamer was wrestling with a broken heel to the point where he had to wear a medical boot to compete. RVD went right after Dreamer's foot & worked over it quickly as the match went into the floor where RVD was able to pull off a springboard somersault off the guardrail before Dreamer was able to catch RVD with a chairshot giving Dreamer an advantage before Bill Alfonzo got involved. RVD someone was cut over his eye but continued to bring the offense using a chair with such holds like a springboard side kick or top rope backflip into low dropkick in the corner but Dreamer made a comeback giving a receipt for the dropkick & used the chair to block RVD's attempt at his split legged moonsault before catching RVD in the middle of his offense again countering it into a drop DDT from the top, hitting his own Van Daminator, and a piledriver that had RVD's body bounce inches off the mat. This was a good back & forth match that had everyone getting involved from the wrestlers to the managers & referees to outside associates with a few surprise appearances with the only thing negative here is that the a part of the match was edited for some unknown reason.
ECW November 2 Remember 97

vs. ECW Television Champion Bam Bam Bigelow - Sabu was already scheduled to face Bigelow for the TV Title at the upcoming PPV so Bill Alfonzo set it up for RVD to face Bigelow in order to soften up Bigelow for the match with Bigelow having a bandage above his eye from a previous match against Sandman. Bigelow kept catching RVD whenever he went for his offense like a regular kick or frankensteiner & powered him down before working him over with moves like headbutts but RVD continued to try to use the "hit & run" offense as he took to the air coming off the top rope with sidekicks & crossbody before the match got taken into the crowd where he took Bigelow down with a frankensteiner off the guardrail & went off the top rope into the crowd onto Bigelow twice. They made their way back to ringside where Bigelow continued to bring the power to RVD as he powerbombed him onto a ringside table that didn't give causing Bigelow to come off the apron with an elbow through RVD & the table before making their way into the ring where RVD went after that Bigelow's cut over his eye with various kicks as Sabu appeared going after the eye as well but accidentally assisted in history being made in the process. The match itself was definitely "power vs. agility" as Bigelow was a powerful beast causing RVD to take many high risk moves to the point where some of them remained on the opening video of the TV show for a long time afterwords with the result being the start of a historic reign that definitely made RVD a main event attraction.
"ECW Hardcore TV" Apr. 98
[ECW: Path Of Destruction]

ECW Television Championship Match vs. Jerry Lynn - Both men were so evenly matched early on that they had a stalemate before Lynn got the first major hit in after RVD mocked him with a clothesline that sent RVD to the outside followed by catching him with a cannonball off the apron & baseball slide sending RVD into the crowd as Lynn followed him with a springboard crossbody. RVD came back with his trademark spinning legdrop off on the outside onto Lynn as the match went back into the ring where he brought a chair into the match catching Lynn in a surfboard only to launch him in the air landing on the chair before Lynn countered an attempt at a monkeyflip into a powerbomb onto the chair followed by a reverse DDT & countering the Van Daminator into a legdrop with both holds causing a landing directly on the chair as both men would eventually fight for the chair on the top rope with RVD taking two chairshots & coming back with a Van Daminator that caused Lynn to fall through a table. This was a very athletic & physical contest that was the "breakout" match for Jerry Lynn as he earned the nickname "The New F'n Show" after this match.
ECW Living Dangerously 99

vs. Jerry Lynn - This match was a completely different setup than a majority their previous matches in ECW as this one wasn't for a championship, Lynn wasn't a fan favorite at this point in his career & had Cyrus in his corner, and RVD was returning after a long absence without Bill Alfonzo in his corner. The early exchanges between both men sent them into a stalemate before going over the top to the outside with RVD having his mouth bleeding from going into the guardrails but being able to recover with a moonsault press off the guardrail followed by his trademark corkscrew legdrop onto Lynn on the guardrail. Both men traded momentum with RVD delivering a backflip splash then second rope moonsault splash, Lynn doing a hard clothesline to RVD's bleeding mouth, RVD's running chair dropkick in the corner, and Lynn catching RVD on top rope with powerbomb onto chair followed by a DDT onto the chair. This wasn't a classic as their previous battles over the television title but still a high quality encounter that saw both Cyrus & his nemesis getting involved but it mostly remembered as the final original ECW match that a majority of people saw.
ECW Guilty As Charged 01

vs. WWE Hardcore Champion Jeff Hardy - "The more things change, the more they stay the same" as RVD is once again wrestling in the WWE as a member of ECW against Jeff Hardy just like how he did 4 years earlier except ECW at this time was part of the invasion faction called "The Alliance" with WCW while Jeff Hardy was no longer that no-named jobber but established as one half of the Hardy Boyz tag team holding multiple tag team & singles titles in WWE. Both men traded momentum early on with both men having a stalemate, RVD able to hit rolling thunder, Hardy pushing RVD off the top rope onto the barricade, and Hardy running the barricade for a clothesline only for RVD to catch him with one of his own. The took the match into the crowd before making it back to ringside with RVD being able to execute his trademark moonsault & corkscrew legdrop while Hardy was able to comeback with a sunset flip to the outside that resulted in RVD being powerbombed off the apron onto the floor as Hardy pulled out a ladder only to be shoved off the top of it onto the ramp. Hardy introduced a chair with various chairshots to RVD before RVD responded with his Van Daminator that ended up knocking Hardy off the top of the ramp to the floor causing Hardy to be cut above the forehead before the match made it's way back to ring with both men being able to avoid & counter each others signature moves like the split legged moonsault & swanton bomb while hitting their own impactful moves like a DDT & 5 Star Frog Splash. This was the match you would expect from these two as they both have offense that's almost similar in that they almost come off as daredevils with the amount of high risk moves to not only deliver but take as well.
Invasion 01

vs. Chris Jericho - This was the semi-finals of the King Of The Ring tournament that year as both men same out with the same idea exchanging armdrags & a dropkick at the same time resulting in a stalemate before RVD finally got an advantage with his educated feet & going areal with his somersault dive over the top rope & side kick off the top rope causing Jericho to use dirty tactics to gain advantage with a double arm superplex followed by grounding RVD while still breaking the rules whenever possible such as choking using the ropes & wrist tape as they continued to battle back & forth with various counters & reversals throughout the rest of the match. This was an average encounter as they seemed to be off at times as their match from the previous Unforgiven PPV was a better quality encounter.
King Of The Ring 02

Ladder Match vs. WWE Intercontinental Champion Christian - Christian was in control early before RVD was able to regain momentum with his baseball slide into a ladder & somersault over the ropes onto Christian & the ladder followed by his spinning kick onto Christian laying on the ladder. Christian gave a hard irish whip onto RVD into the ladder in the corner before RVD countered showing some strength of his own by pressing Christian onto the ladder followed by a backwards flip. Hard hits were taken by both men such as Christian being monkeyflipped into a ladder, RVD landing on a ladder after missing the frog splash, and Christian falling & hitting a ladder face first. With both men being ladder match experts, you got what you expected from a one on one ladder match as there was plenty of hard hits & using the ladder to make moves more impactful.
"RAW" Sept. 03
[Ladder Match 2: Crash & Burn]

(Bonus) Robbie E vs. Pat Rose - This was RVD's WCW debut in a "Underdog Challenge" where two unknown names have a match to get noticed by the WCW officials (similar to the current concept of TNA's Gut Check) as this was mostly just an early display of RVD's unique style that was unseen in WCW during that time with his mix of martial arts kicks, athleticism using moves like the crossbody & split legged moonsault, and basic wrestling ability such as an armbar.
"WCW Saturday Night" Jan. 93

(Bonus) vs. Sabu - Both men were coming into this match with injures to the point where RVD had a cast on his wrist while Sabu intimidated the ring announcer to make the match with no time limit. Sabu went after RVD & keeping him grounded with various submissions while attacking RVD's knee before dropkicking RVD off the top rope to the floor & into the crowd where RVD kept getting hit with chairs followed by his triple jump moonsault into the crowd but RVD was finally able to start mounting some offense when he cannonballed himself with a chair onto Sabu on the floor followed by a running hilo over the top to the floor & shoving Sabu off the top through a table. RVD targeted Sabu's neck heavily with moves like the german suplex, top rope neckbreaker that would in the future be known as the Buff Blockbuster & giotine legdrop but Sabu was still somehow able to put RVD through a table with a flip legdrop & punish RVD with a hanging spike DDT & triple jump moonsault. Nobody was able to physically bring this much of a fight to Sabu before RVD & this was the beginning of the series that would put him on the map in ECW with the aftermath that ensured this rivalry would continue.
ECW Hostile City Showdown 96

(Bonus) ECW Television Championship Match vs. Balls Mahoney - RVD was originally suppose to defend the title against european wrestler Johnny Smith but he was taken out & replaced with Balls in the main event position of this PPV. Balls started out in control being very physical with his brawling to the point where they went to the outside & in the crowd twice as RVD got some offense in with an early Van Daminator in the crowd & top rope hilo into the crowd before Balls resorted to not only his superior power with holds like a powerbomb & powerslam but also going aerial himself with a legdrop & frog splash himself off the ropes. A chair was brought into play as RVD used it for a more impactful dropkick & rolling thunder while Balls caught a monkeyflip attempt into a powerbomb on the chair followed by a spike DDT & chairshot that just absolutely knocked RVD out. This turned out to be a much better match than expected as RVD was able to bring out more from his opposition than they normally would against anyone else during this period as Balls Mahoney had the reputation of just being a "hardcore chair swinging freak" but actually showcased athleticism as well.
Alternative commentary with RVD & Paul Heyman talked about the history behind this PPV event, the importance of being the Television Champion, addressing the label of ECW being a "bingo hall promotion", Bill Alfonzo, Balls Mahoney's underrated ability, and how RVD was a different type of champion defending against both faces & heels.
ECW Anarchy Rulz 99

Other DVD extras include two vignettes on RVD, a look behind the scenes of the music video for his "One Of A Kind" theme song by Breaking Point, a video feature on RVD filmed at the Invasion PPV, his profile from "Before They Were Superstars", talking about his WrestleMania moments, various "Confidental" stories on the airbrush artist who does his singlets & comparing his frog splash to Eddie Guerrero's & a tour of the Jakks Pacific office & a look at a fantasy match against Jimmy Snuka & answering 10 questions on 'Outside The Ropes', and two hidden ECW promos.

While I question some of the match choices (the Jericho match & editing the Dreamer match), the match quality overall was no different than his frog splash in that it's 5 stars that I recommend to anyone who's a fan of Rob Van Dam, ECW, or just good quality action.
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on February 8, 2005
When RVD came into WWE in 2001, I knew very little about him. We didn't get ECW locally and I never got to see TNN. But after the last 3 years of stellar performance, I wanted to see what RVD was like in his element: ECW. So when I saw RVD's One of A Kind DVD on a local store shelf, I immediately picked it up and bought it. This DVD is without a shadow of a doubt one of the best Superstar packages ever produced by WWE.
This really shows the evolution of RVD from low-card challenger to the mid-card king to main eventing PPVs when he wasn't even ECW champion. Here are some of my favorite matches on this DVD:
1) RVD vs. Sabu- Amazing. The rope broke and they still put on an extreme classic.
2) RVD vs. Bam Bam Bigalow- I've watched Bam Bam for most of the time I've watched wrestling, and I've never seen him get his butt handed to him in such a dramatic fashion. Great match.
3)RVD vs. Jerry Lynn- WOW! EXCELLENT 25 min. match. Too bad Lynn couldn't make it in WWE.
4) RVD vs. Hardy-(Invasion 2001)- This is where that Bon Jovi wannabe gets to know the true Mr. Extreme,(MR.PPV) RVD.
5)RVD vs. Christian- Excellent Ladder Match. Sounds great on DVD compared to live TV.
There are other superb matches on this DVD. My advice is to get it now!!!!
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on November 9, 2014
...and a must have for RVD fans. It's the ECW matches that makes this great, and this is the highest quality format you'll see it in. Some are somewhat lackluster, RVD vs. Balls for instance, but even then he makes it entertaining to watch.
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VINE VOICEon November 2, 2012
This 2 disc set chronicles the career of high flying artist RVD from the earliest days starting on the WCW throw-away shows onto ECW and finally arriving at WWE.

The majority of matches on this collection are from ECW(and for good reason). During the wraparounds, RVD gives his insights and thoughts which I found interesting. There are a number of extra features including a "before they were stars" segment on Rob Van Dam.

Rob Van Dam is one of the most breath-taking and thrilling wrestlers with his death-defying moves that only RVD can pull off, and with such splendor. This DVD set gives a nice chronicle of his career and what RVD is all about.
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on April 12, 2015
A great collection of the first decade of RVD's career, with commentary from Mr Monday Night, himself. I've been a fan since his ECW days but what I really got a kick out of on here were the WCW matches, especially the one with Scotty Flamingo (aka Raven), a sort of "before they were Extreme" matchup of two of ECW's brightest stars.
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on February 2, 2005
Unlike the best of the intercontinental championship dvd, this is one that delivers. This dvd contains about 3 hours of matches with wrestlers like Jerry Lynn, Jeff Hardy, Sabu, Bam Bam Bigelow, Y2J, and Scotty Flamingo a.k.a Raven. RVD talks about his time with all 3 companies WCW, ECW, and WWE and compares the companies. He talks about his favorite wrestlemania moment, wrestlers talk about who would win b/w RVD and Superfly Jimmy Snuka, comparing his frog splash with Eddie Guerrero's and have that move became one of his signature moves and a breif detail of what RVD's life was like before entering the business. Any die hard fan of Mr. Monday Night would enjoy this as it contains many memorable matches from ECW. Recommended.
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on February 1, 2005
Great DVD, would be 5 stars if WWE had a better match selection.

They should have included one of his matches with Steve Austin. Also, they could have replaced the Balls Mahoney & Chris Jericho matches. They were decent, but there is much better RVD matches out there.

Match Ratings

Robbie V v. Pat Rose *1/2

Robbie V v. Scotty "Raven" Flamingo *1/2

RVD v. Axl Rotten (ECW Debut) **1/4

RVD v. Sabu (Hostile City Showdown) ***1/4

RVD v. Sabu (Hardcore Heaven) ***1/2 (Amazing effort, considering the ring ropes break 3 minutes into the match)

RVD & Sabu v. Eliminators- ECW Crossing the Line Again 97 **** (Great tag action)

RVD v. Lance Storm- ECW Barely Legal 97- *** (minus points for the absolutely pansy chair shots by Storm)

RVD v. Jeff Hardy (RAW in 97) * (just a squash)

RVD v. Tommy Dreamer- ECW N2R 97 *** (watch Van Dam sell a piledriver like a man, 3 feet into the air)

RVD v. Bam Bam Bigelow- Van Dam wins the TV Title **** (Absolutely jaw dropping maneuvers by Van Dam)

RVD v. Jerry Lynn- Living Dangerously ****1/2 (Some of the most innovative chain wrestling and counter wrestling you will ever see)

RVD v. Balls Mahoney, Anarchy Rulz 99 ** (lets just move on)

RVD v. Jerry Lynn- Guilty as Charged 2001 ***1/2 (not their best match, but still much better than I remember it to be)

RVD v. Jeff Hardy- Invasion 2001 ****1/4 (Really put RVD on the Map)

RVD v. Chris Jericho- KOR 2002 *** (kinda slow, but solid match)

RVD v. Christian- Ladder Match RAW **** (Not the best ladder match you will see, but possibly the most brutal. Some spots are just sick

Overall, great effor, but could have reached an even higher level.
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