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on October 27, 2010
THQ has made this last series installment for the Playstation 2. But as to be expected THQ waters it down and some features are not available for this version. But I'm not complaining, at least we get one more PS2 title. Here are the games features and my verdict.

WWE UNIVERSE MODE: This is a cool new addition. It combines exhibition and career mode together. You or the com can set up matches to either play or simulate. If you do play matches the game will start keeping track and respond to everything you do. Rivalries can be set up depending on your actions in a match. Also it can unpredictable. You might suddenly get attacked on your way to the ring, or Vince Mcmahon could come out and talk to you. It's never ending and you will be very entertained for sure.

ROAD TO WRESTLEMANIA- This mode once again returns with 5 stories, Chris Jericho, Christian, John Cena, Rey Mysterio, and Undertaker's where you try to break his streak. The Undertaker story is the best in my opinion.

CREATE A STORY MODE- Returns with even better fashion! Lots more new things to choose from! 2010 experimented with this idea, but 2011 takes it to another level.

SUPERSTAR ABILITIES- These are still here, but some changes have been made. Remember the huge list of 21 to choose from? Now it's been scaled down to only 11. Some abilities are now assigned to all superstars while some of course have been taken out...

Evasive Dodge
Lock Pick
Ref Shield
Taunt Thief
Hardcore Resurrection
Possum Pin
Fan Favorite

Assigned To All:
Object specialist
Exploder Turnbuckle Attack
Pull Back Attacks
Strong Strikes

List: Remember in 2010 some were already available, while some you had to work for? Well in 2011 all of them are already available.
Dirty Pin
Move Thief
Hammer Throw
Fired Up
Ring Escape
Springboard Dives
Outside Dives
Leverage Pin (NEW!) (You can reverse a groggy grapple or running attack into a pin of your own!)

SUPERSTAR ATTRIBUTES- THQ finally brings something new to the table on this one. Everytime you created a superstar you had to jump through a million matches to build up your attributes. 2010 you had the level up system which wasn't too bad. But now you can set up all your caw attributes right out of the box. This time they are only in 5 point incriments. You can even go and edit attributes on WWE superstars. But this time THQ forces you to stick with realistic skill levels depending on weight class. (glad this returned)

ROSTER- Better than ever. Offering 70 superstars. Legends have returned! Jimmy Superfly Snuka, Terry Funk, The Rock, Steve Austin, AND WE FINALLY GET JAKE THE SNAKE ROBERTS! (none of that 2006 crap!)

CREATE A FINISHER- Returns once again with more new options for crazy cool moves!

MATCH CREATOR- Another new addition from THQ all you do is select the type of ring, and the list of rules. But for some reason I've tried this and it doesn't feel real special. But it's also there when you go to a regular match on the versus screen.

Although there are things about this game I'm happy with, I have a few cons as well...

Bret Hart- Is not availbale unless you pre order from Best Buy! Why in the world is Bret Hart an exclusive? It's rather pointless because Bret has been available in past Svr games. If you wanna make somebody an exclusive how bout people that were never in the game like Doink The Clown or something!

CREATE A SUPERSTAR- Nothing Special and very disapointing. The same stuff from the last 2 years. Wouldn't of hurt THQ to at least add some new parts. They really dropped the ball here.

VERDICT: All in all this game is very solid and keeps taking things up a notch.But this version is only worth getting if you don't have any other system. The new Gen stytems obviously offer a lot more like graphics,better blood animations, new caw parts etc. A Svr game will never be perfect and will always have flaws, but you know you're going to get entertained none the less.
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on August 22, 2011
70 WWE Superstars and the new Universe mode are really why anyone and everyone should buy this game. Not to mention how cheap it is. The Universe mode generates wrestling cards based on who your WWE superstars are feuding with. You play the matches you don't or make matches to add to the card or don't play any.

There is a new Road to Wrestlemania where you choose from 5 workers (Undertaker, Christian, Chris Jericho, Rey Mysterio and John Cena). This time in Road to Wrestlemania... you can walk backstage around a virtually empty arena. There are a few scattered wrestlers to talk with, but it feels very vacant. This really could have been streamlined. The voiceover work is bad and wodden. Sure some workers step out above the rest, but they sound very uninspired. The bad part is you're stuck having to watch the workers talking... It could have been like Morrowind where you zoom in on the worker's face, but no you're stuck having to hold the analog stick to look at the worker's face.

And the next main mode is the storyline mode. You can make your own storylines and play them. You follow the storyline in matches and angles from week to week and it branches such as if you win a match against Primo, you'll face Chavo, but if you lose you could end up in an angle with John Morrisson. It is like the old N64 No Mercy path system only far more advanced.

There are tons of options to edit the computer AI, movesets, entrances, how you want to play, editable match options... put it in a cage, KO only, first blood, weapons, 2 of 3 falls, no DQ and so on. Change their brand, change their enemies and allies and so on.

The controls are pickup and play, but have depth that you'll find hours into gameplay. Its nice. Some of the animations could be better like you'll be do a side headlock and then do a second side headlock takeover. So the guy is in a headlock... then you reheadlock him to do a takeover. Maybe its a PS2 limitation?

- WWE Universe Mode
- Best in the Franchise
- Character models look excellent
- Overwhelming amount of matches (HiaC, Inferno Match, Championship Scramble and everything else you can imagine)
- Very in depth creation stuff (create a storyline / worker / finisher / entrance / moveset)
- Seems just like the PS3 version (except commentary)

- Commentary is very inacurate like if Kofi is the champ it still says Miz or diva's matches his and him are used.
- BRIEF slowdowns (lag). I hear its horrible but for me its brief and tollerable.
- Cumbersome creation tools just from how in depth they are
- Load times. They're very noticable
- It feels its age. Match controls can be clunky
- Crowds look like they're N64 characters
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on October 27, 2010
I have not played every part of game yet, but from what I have seen so far, I'm not as impressed with this as I was with SVR 2010.
First off, and most disappointingly, title defenses no longer exist in exhibition mode. That was the number one thing I enjoyed about SVR 07, 08, 09, and 10. Title defenses happened in exhibiton mode which made me make stories and build contenders through there. I enjoyed building contenders from the ground up on both rosters and making different matches and creating feuds and building up to future ones. I could control and separate rosters and would be able to go 2 or 3 or even 4 months without putting one certain guy against another. I loved that anticipation of the future which made me play constantly. I could make specialty matches for titles. One glitch in SVR 10 was that elimination chamber matches were not contested for titles, which let me down. And in this SVR 11, no exhibition match will be a title match. I think they had it that way in the very first SVR in 04 (which would have been called SVR 05).
WWE Universe mode. A major let down. Might as well call it GM mode. Only one show is controlled by you, and you can't even choose which one. It is RAW or you don't play. You have to simulate SMACKDOWN and SUPERSTARS and those shows feature strange matches with strange tag team pairings. Also you can't switch champs to start off. Deal with the default champs. Plus, number one contenders are not even decided by you, the CPU chooses. I wish I could control everything there. At least in 07 and 08 you could choose the show.
There are too many superstars and arenas that have to be unlocked. In SVR 10 every single arena was available from the start which made it perfect for exhibition. I'm now kind of wishing I kept SVR 10.
Road To Wrestlemania is another let-me-down. I played Christian's full RTW season and the only thing I got unlocked for the effort was a Cody Rhodes t-shirt. Made me lose interest in playing any of the other ones.
Match creator is pointless. You just choose the same settings that you would if you picked an exhibition match.
Changing rivals and allies: If a team is set up in team management, the team will disband completely if you take tag partner off a superstar's ally list.
Not a fan of the concept of DLC packs. I have a PS2 and even if I upgraded I don't think I would pay for DLC packs no matter what.
Now to what I like:
The Royal Rumble elimination controls. Much easier than in 09 and earlier.
I'll give the game credit for the Money in the Bank match. SO MUCH EASIER to get the briefcase and takes a lot less time. No more standing on a ladder for what seems like ever and seeing a red case meter very slowly trickling down until it turns black. just right joystick up then hold it down until case is freed, within a minute. Much credit for that.
I love the looks of the superstars, the graphics, and entrances. Always have. Also like seeing which new superstars are on there. Sheamus, Drew McIntyre, Hart Dynasty are excellent to see, even Vance Archer is a nice sight on here.
However, I may noy keep the game much longer.
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on October 26, 2012
SvsR 2011 is the final game of the series to be released on the PS2. The PS3 version features a few more options, but the final ditch effort for a WWE PS2 game shines brighter than the last 2 efforts that had glitches and and a a not as exciting roster of wrestlers to choose from, compared to SvR 2008. However there are still some things this game left me disappointed with.

It's obviously expected that this version would have the best graphics and amount of matches to choose from. Yes, it does. However, the first thing I wanted to know was, how many backstage areas are there? To some people, they do not care and only want to participate amongst in-ring events. I however have loved the fact you could go backstage since THQ's "WWF No Mercy" title on the N64. THQ also made the best backstage stuff back in around 2004 in "Smackdown: Just Bring It" where you not only could go backstage, but you could enter new rooms from the lobby, locker rooms, boiler room, car park, outside on the street and go from room to room whenever you pleased. When the titles became the SvsR series, the best so far in that series has been SvsR2007 & 2008... the ones in 2011 they have finally tried to put a little more effort into the backstage areas compared to 2009 and 2010. They are a decent size, and there is about 5 or 6 areas you can battle in, but unfortunately they are nowhere near as much fun as that of the backstage areas in 2007 or 2008, and no where near as great as the first of the "Smackdown" series. Some new things in backstage areas are cool, like power-bombing opponents into the wooden lockers, or blowing them up against soda machines, but the lack of interaction with with most of the objects and boundaries needed a lot of work... how many titles can THQ release where you whipe someone against something and they just run on the spot with no impact to collide into? (same with the ring areas, nothing has been changed).

For the most part, everything else seems pretty much what most of the other SvsR games have been like. However the controls have been changed, and this time, almost for the better. Now you have more ways to preform moves and easier ways to get behind your opponents, something even the great 2008 lacked... however, I just wish this was included with 2008, as in 2011, so many moves, and I mean, SO MANY moves have just not been included. I understood that maybe if certain wrestlers are not apart of a game, their finishers or signature moves may not be included, so I was not surprised that there was no Hulk Hogan atomic leg drop to find as a selectable move for a caw, but leaving out a standing regular leg drop move? WTH???? Every other SvsR game has had a simple leg drop to choose, but this game they decided to remove it, and only let you have spinning leg drops etc..? WTH? Seriously? Are you kidding me here? What was even more disappointing is the new "Tag Team Finishers" excited you into thinking they have made some awesome new double team finishers... but no, they are the regular tag team finishers, they are just assignable to certain tag team partners, but THQ decided to take away some of the best tag team finishers that the previous games all had. Now there is NO Back-breaker & Leg Drop (Tennessee Jam), no 3-D or Dudley Drop, and no Doomsday Device. WHY??????? Why would they expand their double team moves so much in 2011, but leave those moves out? There is no double Sweet Chin Music either. Don't expect to find SCM & Pedigree (DX) either, nor those cool double team moves by the Hardy Boys where they jump off each other. BAD THQ, BAD, BAD, BAD. How could you leave those moves out when they have been in every other game BUT this?

Speaking of missing moves, there are so many expected moves in this game that are not present; Kane has no tombstone piledriver, (yes its in the game, but it's Undertakers) for some reason, the Big Shows finisher is a punch to the head, yet the "Show Stopper" is a selectable move in Creating a move set, and while i'm talking about Big Show, his character looks nothing like him, both model and in game picture. It's like instead of designing him, they created him in their CAW and set it to his default look, yet they put him on the cover of the game???. Many more moves like The Jacknife Powerbomb (Kevin Nash), Full Nelson Choke Slam (Brian Adams), Abdonmal Stretch Slam (Crush), Top Rope to Outside Choke Slam, Diamond Cutter and regular head scissors are not present in this game. WTH THQ????? Those moves are not even creatable in the create a finisher options.

Creating a Wrestler has not been improved much, it's pretty much the same ole', same ole' junk from the past few games. A couple of useless things added here and there, and a few of the old WWE logo's from past games not included to make way for the newer guys, so no "Two Words Suck It" for the reverse side of shirts, but you can have unreadable ones instead. THQ obviously put very little effort into improving the CAW looks, as so much stuff looks nice and 3D with the clothes and body, face paint etc... but then you get blurry pixelated WWE logos to slap on shirts, that just make the graphics seem poor because THQ slapped together something that resembles the WWE logos by using MS Paint, and thinking they are good enough to slap on more higher resolution attires.

Well, I have powerslammed a lot of this game so far, so let's see what pros we can talk about. The Elimination chamber matches have had a glitch in them since 2009, and continued in 2010 where you could not climb the turnbuckles, which prevented you from climbing to the top of the cells; well they finally rectified that problem and you can once again play the match properly. Inferno matches have had an update to the way you win, however I would prefer to just drag an opponent to the sides, the controls of how this version is won is a bit confusing. Hell in a Cell has been made bigger, not better, but different. The cage is much larger, and you can now grab weapons from under the ring. However the cage door has been removed, so you can't walk in or out. But you can preform a finisher through the cage wall to escape to get to the top of the cell. The top of the cell still has two plates you can break through, and now you can throw your opponent off the roof and into the tables below... no more jumping off and missing completely either. Ladder matches have a much better way of winning now imo. No more wearing down a slow bar, it's a matter of timing on pulls to grab it.

In Exhibition modes, you also get random little cut scenes where one opponents might attack the other from behind before the match. Allowing you to start the match possibly with a finisher ready. This can be good, if you get the finisher, or bad if your opponents gets it first. Exhibition mode also runs through as a roster event, it is confusing at first, but easy to figure out. Pointless tho. Apart from it's how you unlock certain wrestlers by playing what match is assigned on the show. Royal Rumble matches have had a few little changes to the way eliminations occur, mostly button mashing selected buttons, but now with finishers for an easy elimination. However, back to a con, you can't select the rules for Rumble Matches, it's over the top or the highway. Why can't we select pinfalls and submissions? Or even turn off the over the rope eliminations? You'd think when you see "Match creator" you would be able to adjust those rules? Nope. Not to mention backstage areas are by KO only as usual. Is it asking so much to be able to customize those rules to make our own fun THQ? You haven't gotten that right since "WWF No Mercy".

Another con is the arena areas, even tho there is about 15 or so, they all seem the same. They either have a lot of spectators, or a lot of empty seats. But every environment, including the stage area seems exactly the same until you get out of the ring and the angle changes to face the stage, and even then, it just seems like an altered gif playing on the stage screens. The only one that seems different is the Tribute To The Troops arena, which is outdoors, but you only see the sky on certain camera angles, and there is army mesh around the ring with the troop uniform spectators. Which look pathetic and very low resolution. When you play certain matches, foreground objects obstruct your view of the ring.

Road To Wrestlemania is not much different to past games, but it has been improved. You walk around backstage and can enter a few rooms, find sub-missions and progress through 3 months of matches (about 20 in total including side missions), but as usual, there are 4 wrestlers to choose to compete in there RTWM story, or if you choose "against Undertaker" you can select your caws or a few other superstars and attempt to beat Undertaker at Wrestlemania and break his streak. Personally, not something I ever wanted to do, and know it will never happen, so why play it?

Finally some legends have been included once again. Not just one or two, The Rock finally comes back to Smackdown, Stone Cold has arrived once more to raise some hell, and new inclusions are Jake The Snake Roberts, Jimmy Snukafly, Sabu, Terry Funk, Paul Bearer (manager only) & Rob Van Dam. What annoys me the most tho, Bret Hart is an exclusive character to some versions of the game if you pre-ordered it at the time from certain places. WTH??? He was in 2008, why make him exclusive to ... forget it THQ, you bungled so much with this and other games so far, why would you stop there? You can't even make a decent CAW of him. Pathetic THQ. Just Pathetic. No consideration for fans in the future, just forget the current and work on the next and expect more $$$.

You can now create finishing moves from a standing position, corner, and new to this game, top rope moves... again, they are limited to pretty much what you can already do in the game, you just can't seem to really make the ultimate moves you desire.

Overall, this is the best Smackdown vs Raw since 2008. But you also had to take the good with the bad... in many ways, had this game here included the backstage areas of 2008 and had more legends or allowed you to create better looking legends, it could have been a 5 star game. But I can only give it 3 and a half. Thanks for the last effort for the ps2 THQ, but you could have made it so much more entertaining.
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on July 13, 2012
So, SvR finally has the one thing it's definitely been missing all along: a bona-fide fantasy mode.

For fantasy-sports fans like myself, this is a godsend, pushing a franchise that's already a lot of fun up to 11. The enjoyment of seeing rankings shift and storylines play out essentially on their own is something that simply can't be duplicated, and for the first time SvR actually does it.

This is not to say that WWE Universe Mode is without its flaws; it has several, some of them maddening: You can't dictate rankings, and it doesn't show how those rankings are derived. You can't spin off new shows, even if your roster is massive, and despite having extra brands available (they're essentiall parking areas for wrestlers you don't want involved in things for a while). You have to save the file to finalize ANY change to a wrestler's profile. It doesn't have rankings for unlockable titles. You can't create a match for a non-unlockable title, though the unlockables provide an exploity workaround for that. Perhaps most maddeningly, YOU CAN'T RESET THE *#&$ING THING - this is particularly irritating because the requirements for most if not all of the non-Legend unlockable wrestlers involve matches IN UNIVERSE MODE, so the closest you can come to a new full-unlock Universe is to reset everything manually after WrestleMania to how they were at the beginning, and even then it won't be entirely right because the rankings will be off! Still and all, much of that can be excused on the grounds that it's the series' first attempt at such a thing, so I have to say that it's pretty decent as a starting-point.

As far as the rest of the game usual, it's a mixed bag. Don't miss GM mode a bit. The new storyline mode, Road to Wrestlemania, has some fun writing (I was particularly tickled by the Edge & Christian reunion) but is rather disappointing in that all but one road are restricted to only one or two playable characters. The AI is still woefully in need of rewriting (this from someone coming essentially directly from SvR06) and so embarassingly bad at finishing a table match that it would be hilarious if it wasn't already painful - and forget about just watching a mixed-tag match in Universe mode! Yay for being able to create a proper MitB match, boo for the lack of triple-threat tag matches. Still don't understand why there aren't six people in the ring at the start of a Royal Rumble, though the Rumble itself is still being incrementally improved. Creation modes are as capable as ever, though with some new quirks that took a little getting used to (again, having come directly from SvR06). I miss JR, and I miss the level of banter that goes on in the SvR06 announcing - to me, comments on every other attack are just so much static - and why in the world are both brands announced by the same team?! Disappointed by lack of Hogan, but I guess he can't be in EVERY game, especially with him being over at TNA right now. Glad to see alignment changed from clean/dirty to good/evil - after all, how often did Eddie blow the roof off a place with a dirty win?! XD

So, all in all, I'd call it about three steps forward and two back. Definitely a good game on the balance, especially with as cheap as it's going for right now. Solid entry.
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on April 2, 2012
Not quite.

I had really expected to love this game, especially with the "if it's in WWE it's in the game mantra". However, THQ decided to tweak with something they had just tweaked in the previous installment; the grappling system. Is it simpler to just have the right analog stick and not worry about R1? Yeah. But honestly.. I liked how the system was and it made sense to me. Along with this change you now have to wear down your opponent to access different moves in your grappling categories. From a realism standpoint this makes sense since you wouldn't be able to piledrive or powerbomb your opponent within the first few moments of a real match but I believe this is a case where they would have benefited from leaving things alone. I found myself doing the same move over.. and over.. and over.. and over... You obviously can mix it up by throwing the opponent into the corner or against the ropes to do other moves but those also become repetitive VERY fast. All that being said, the moves you can do look exceptionally smooth and realistic (just not enough moves to keep me interested).

The graphics look great but I'd still argue 07 (even 08) look sharper. With that said, this is by no means a big deal since everything looks as it should with the exception of the block-like audience that us ps2 users are more than used to at this point.

WWE included some decent legends, but nothing you will be too shocked by. Rock, Austin, Ricky Steamboat, Jake the Snake, and RVD (apparently RVD appearing at the Royal Rumble was enough of a presence to justify inclusion in a video game lol - no complaints here, just amused by that).

Some changes I did really enjoy, like the WWE Universe with constant new matches and match types thrown at you at random. It's a very good idea and something I wish the previous games had done since I enjoy them more overall. I also liked the subtle touches like enemies jumping you before the bell rings during a match. This would be an example of a change made that targeted realism that I enjoy. I'm not against these changes I just think they went too far with the grappling tweaks.

Load times are fine and the menu interface is very easy (similar to the one found on svr 2010).

Overall I'd say it's no better than a 3/5 which is dissapointing to me since I know this is the end of WWE on my ancient console. It's a good game but if you own svr 2010 you wont have much need for 2011; I've already gone back to playing 2010.
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on December 23, 2011
Awesome Game Ever in SvR Series. The Game have the best graphics. Single matches, Tag Team Matches etc.this year they have done it all right with almost 70 Superstars, Divas, and Legends.there's a new mode called WWE Universe. This is basically the combination of the old career and exhibition modes. the controls are very easy in this game. in create a superstar mode, there are so many chose which is good.
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on February 2, 2014
Even though it's 2011, it has great graphics, amazing features, and a nice gameplay. Rey Mysterio's gameplay had the best storyline. I didn't know what I was doing with the different features and matches at first, but now I play it every day. I play with my brother whenever I get the chance. This game is COMPLETELY worth the money. But overall, a shocking game.
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on January 15, 2011
Smackdown vs. raw 2011 for the playstation 2 was a big dissapointment!
first off the TLC match's for the Ps2 have not changed(Only for Xbox360&PS3)
I thought the TLC match would improve and be more hardcore
but it's the same as every SVR game...except for the ladder finishers
the announcers mess up of who's in the ring or what move is being done.
that's a big one because it pulls me away from the WWE experience
the back of the box says if it's in WWE it's in the game
but I dont feel like im watching a WWE program.. I feel im playing a crappy WWE game.
The road to wrestlemania mode does have the 3rd person but wasn't much fun.
the story lines are short and you dont get much freedom backstage because most the wrestlers say
"get out of my face" and you have to find these challenge match's to unlock legends like (stone cold or the rock)
you have 5 superstars story's to pick from John Cena,Vs. The Undertaker,rey Mysterio,Christian & Chris Jericho.
but I found myself wanting to play Randy Orton or Triple H or Shawn Michaels but thats all they had to offer.
The WWE Universe wasn't very fun they say create ur own world and stuff it's bull I can't change the superstars in the
championship match cause it will say it's a normal match because changes have been made.
I find this to be very dissapointing because the same 2 superstars can end up fighting at every ppv for months straight.
the game isn't anywhere near great and I'd suggest you rent it before buy it.

The Good things about Svr 2011
-Roster Update(tons of superstars)
-Create a storyline(lots of new animations including Undertaker one's)
thats really all there is

The Bad things about Svr 2011
-Same 5 songs play while ur at the main menu(cannot change either)
-Announcer's have no idea whats going on(always making mistakes)
-if theres 6 wrestlers in the ring the game slows down and half the front crowed is missing
-very hard to get a chairshot because they hardly connect
-No superstar threads still
-Storyline's arn't that great (compared to svr 2010)
-No online still (even tho the Ps2 can go online)
-No Challenge even on legend there not stronger they just reverse more and that dosn't feel realistic to me)
& much more..

the game isn't good if you want a good Svr game for ps2 stick with 2010 because that feels more real to me then 2011
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on November 22, 2014
SVR 2011 is a passable game for the series. It's too hard and long to unlock wrestlers and arenas. It would be nice to know what had to be to done to reach unlockable goals. Oh well, it's a decent time waster.
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