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5.0 out of 5 stars Five Stars
Fun DVD.
Published 15 days ago by Brandon J. O'Neill

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2.0 out of 5 stars Lazy and Disappointing
Picked up my copy of the Attitude Era early as my friend work at the video store, here's a summary of my thoughts, for the full review check out Tribalwrestling website.

The Attitude Era was great, but the DVD/Blu-Ray is average. My original rating was 3 star, but upon second viewing I decided that it did not justify that rating.

Updated Rating :...
Published 20 months ago by Robert

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46 of 53 people found the following review helpful
2.0 out of 5 stars Lazy and Disappointing, November 19, 2012
This review is from: WWE: The Attitude Era (DVD)
Picked up my copy of the Attitude Era early as my friend work at the video store, here's a summary of my thoughts, for the full review check out Tribalwrestling website.

The Attitude Era was great, but the DVD/Blu-Ray is average. My original rating was 3 star, but upon second viewing I decided that it did not justify that rating.

Updated Rating : I'll give it 2 stars because WWE pick poor matches and the boring documentary was too short at under an hour ( just 57 minutes to be exact). The documentary at only 1 hour, for one of the most dramatic era in history...very lazy and poor.

The irony is that the recent release WWE13 Video Game had better coverage of the best moments and matches during the Attitude Era, most of which are totally missing from the home video. (Rock vs Mankind I Quit Match, Undertaker vs Kane feud).

In the documentary, they often had comments about how the product was too edgy and not suited for children. It became annoying and felt like WWE was burying the Attitude Era to a certain extent. Maybe the WWE didn't want to put over how much better the product was, because it make their current product look inferior.

In fact there's not enough emphasis on how important the Attitude Era was to the company, saving the WWE from near bankcrupty in 1996 to become a public listed company in 1999. That's a pretty major transformation.

So what about the matches then? The WWE failed to deliver the goods here too, with a mediocre selection of matches that was not wrestling classic or memorable moments. (Jeff Jarrett vs Dlo Brown? Rock vs Val Venis? etc etc)

The classic matches that define the era that are missing (Triple H/Cactus Jack 2000, Undertaker/Mankind HIAC, Rock vs Austin). How could you have an Attitdue Era Video without Kane/Undertaker, Austin/Rock ?

"You people have been led to believe that mediocrity is excellence"-Y2J August 1999

A summary of the good, funny and bad.

The Good

- No blurring of the WWF Logo! It is a more enjoyable experience.

- It's still fun and better than what's on WWE nowadays. There are some good matches debuting on DVD (Owen Hart vs Ken Shamrock)

The Funny

- Y2J Debut Segment promo where he shoot on the WWF (in character) is virtually what is really happening with the current WWE Product.

The Bad

- As mentioned, the documentary is just an hour long. Very lazy considering the great documentaries on recent release (CM Punk, Rock vs Cena). The lack of effort is clear.

- The match selection, many tag team matches that are not even that memorable.

Matches with lower card wrestlers nobody cares about (example are crash holly has two single matches featured. Plus Oddities vs Headbangers. )

Matches where I was thinking "there's better matches involving these guys.". Example: Rock vs Val Venis, Stone Cold/Jim Ross vs HHH/Chyna were not the best showcase.

As a big fan of the Attitude Era, I am underwhelmed by the content. Thus my updated rating is 2 stars out of 5. I do not think the product is value for money as it was sloppy. I will be selling my copy off on Ebay, not keeping this.
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2.0 out of 5 stars Disappointing story, November 22, 2012
dowwwe (Ontario, Canada) - See all my reviews
This review is from: WWE: The Attitude Era (DVD)
The story portion of the DVD could have been great. With the amount of footage WWE has, they could have easily put together a timeline from 1997-2001 of some of the bigger storylines, matches, and developments from the Attitude Era. Instead it seemed as if their goal was to cram every piece of 'edgy' material into an hour with current superstars commenting on it. Sure they briefly covered "This is your life" from RAW and the Taker/Mankind HIAC match, some of the defining moments of that era, but plenty of other DVDs have done so as well. It felt lazy and rushed, and I wouldn't recommend this DVD to anyone.
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4 of 5 people found the following review helpful
3.0 out of 5 stars WWE's Most Successful Time Period, December 3, 2012
D.P. (California) - See all my reviews
This review is from: WWE: The Attitude Era (DVD)
Money, worldwide appeal, positive media coverage, ect...regardless of how you measure success, this was the most successful "era" in the World Wrestling Federation/Entertainment history because of it's characters, storylines, and production caught up to the times where the world was having a taste of "Attitude." This is WWE's story of the company during what they called "The Attitude Era" of the late 90's to 2000 told by such talents as Mick Foley, Triple H, Pat Patterson, Jim Ross, Big Show, Mark Henry, Christian, Brian "Road Dogg" James, Rikishi, Stephanie McMahon, Ron "Faarooq" Simmons, Vince Russo, Steve Austin, John "Bradshaw" Layfield and archival commens from Eric Bischoff & Sean "Val Venis" Morley. The biggest bonus here though is that there's no censorship here being a TV-14 presentation just like how WWE was during that era so you saw the middle fingers, the foul language (except what was beeped during the original airing), the only major edits being due to expired music rights (like Undertaker's Limp Bizkit "Rollin'" theme), and no blurring of logos or censoring references to the name "WWF".

The documentary begins briefly talking about the heavy slump that WWE was in during the mid 90's before Mick Foley talks about how the change in philosophy started with more freedom amongst the talents characters along with Vince's public announcement about their change before going into the change of look for RAW such as how important the entrance music & TitanTron became. D-Genenation X was highlighted next as far as what their mentality was when it came to the antics they did with comments from others looking back now asking if they went too far with what they did followed by looking at the Austin/McMahon feud. The effect of long term storylines were discussed next as far as how it created character depth & allowed the fans to have an emotional investment before going into the innovations as well including some that didn't end up working out like the Brawl For All followed by how WWE was reaching a demographics amongst young adults & women. A big segment came next looking at some of the more edgy characters such as divas being more sexual, Godfather & his Ho Train, Val Venis' character, and Mark Henry's "Sexual Chocolate" character & talking about unexpected reactions he got as far as the "Sammy" incident before talking about the criticism they got in regards to their programming such as the Parents Television Council & how they had to tone down certain things due to outside factors such as sponsors. The expansion of WWE television such as Sunday Night Heat & SmackDown was views & into the idea of using more comedy in their programming with such examples like Mae Young, Big Show's impression, stinkface, and the 24/7 Hardcore Title rule was discussed before talking about more various characters from the area such as A.P.A., The Brood, Kurt Angle, and The Rock. The impact WWE was making in the media was another big chapter of this presentation when talking about the involvement of celebrities from sports & entertainment along with how the record setting ratings with the segments such as "This Is Your Life" before closing out the documentary looking at the end of the era & what changed after WWE bought WCW.

Matches Include:
Sable vs. Marc Mero - This was more of a segment than an actual match as Sable officially gave Marc Mero the boot on her way to becoming her own woman.
"RAW" May '98

Brawl for All Match: Bart Gunn vs. Steve Williams - As explained in the documentary, this wasn't an actual wrestling match more than a boxing/amateur wrestling-inspired shoot fight where the superstars wore boxing gloves & got points for things like takedowns & most punches landed in one round. This was the most famous match from this concept as it showed how dangerous it was to the talent with an injury occurring during the fight along with the crowds negative reaction to the contest.
"RAW" July '98

Tag Team Champions Undertaker & Stone Cold Steve Austin vs. Kane & Mankind vs. New Age Outlaws vs. The Rock & D'Lo Brown - This match showed the heavy amount of star power WWE had during this era as all of the current champions (WWE, I.C., Tag Team, European) where involved this one match as there was chaos before all the competitors came out & had multiple stories being told between not only the competition but also some of the partners who couldn't completely trust each other but overall was a big main event for that time with everyone getting their moment to shine at point.
"RAW" Aug '98

Lions Den Match: Ken Shamrock vs. Owen Hart - This was another unique concept done during this time to capitalize on the growing popularity of MMA/UFC style of fighting along with the reputation both Ken Shamrock & Dan Severn brought to WWE as this match didn't even take place in the arena (Madison Square Garden) but The Theater next door inside of a octagon cage. Dan Severn was in Owen's corner for this match as they fought a heavily submission based style while also resorting to tactics & moves to choke out or knockout their opponent such as using Owen's t-shirt for a choke, both thrown into the cage & the steel support beams holding it together & slammed onto the mat that had no give. I can only recall two of these types of matches happening (the other one was the next year at SummerSlam with Shamrock vs. Steve Blackman) but it was a unique concept for it's time.
SummerSlam '98

WWF Championship Match: The Rock vs. Mankind - The finals of the "Deadly Game" tournament was best described by Jim Ross during the match when saying "The Rock turned it up!" because this was one of the times you saw The Rock get real aggressive in the ring against Mankind along with taking it outside the ring including various moments such as both men using chairs including Rock repeating slamming the chair onto the steel steps which were on top of Mankind & fighting on the announce tables. In the end, Vince McMahon gets his "Corporate Champion" using a finish that was complete "deja vu" before someone else McMahon screwed earlier in the night also makes his presence known.
Survivor Series '98
[The Rock: The Most Electrifying Man In Sports Entertainment]

Mankind & Stone Cold Steve Austin vs. Undertaker & The Rock - This was more of a preview for the two main events at the upcoming "Rock Bottom" PPV as it was mostly a fight in the ring while brawling on the outside also happened from the ramp to ringside & in the crowd but the last image you saw definitely left a lasting impression in terms of the evolution of Undertaker's character during this time.
"RAW" Dec '98

WWE Champion Undertaker vs. Steve Austin - A forgotten match between these two that FINALLY has made it's way to a DVD set as this was the rematch from the "Over The Edge" PPV 2 months earlier with the stipulation that if any members of the Corporate Ministry got involved in this match that Taker would forfeit the title to Austin while this was be Austin's last guaranteed shot at the championship. Both men went back & forth early with Paul Bearer getting his shots in at ringside as Taker focused on Austin's head with strikes & moves like the reverse chinlock while also using things like the steel steps at ringside causing Austin to fight from behind. This wasn't as much as a classic as their more famous matches like the "Highway To Hell" or "End Of An Era" encounters but it was definitely a forgotten match in their series for not only the finish but the bloody aftermath as well.
"RAW" June '99

European & Intercontinental Champion D'Lo Brown vs. Jeff Jarrett - With D'Lo being the first man to hold both championships (Sorry Kurt Angle) by defeating Jarrett weeks earlier, this was their rematch with both titles on the line. Before the match, Jarrett had his problem with Debra's "puppies" as he had been having for weeks causing her to end up in D'Lo's corner as both men went on to have a competitive match with some big moves like Jarrett working over D'Lo's arm with a top rope DDT arm breaker while Brown recovered with his own standing sitout powerbomb. This match wasn't anything special or relevant in the history of the "Attitude Era" but was a good opening contest & showcase of the lower card during this period.
SummerSlam '99

Buried Alive Match: Tag Team Champion The Rock & Mankind vs. Undertaker & Big Show - Another lost & forgotten match FINALLY making it's way to DVD as this was the first (and to date, only) tag team version of this match. This was a non-stop brawl between the teams happened throughout the match everywhere from the ring to the grave, ringside, and backstage with everyone using whatever they could get their hands on such as shovels & chairs before other parties got involved who had one issue or another with the participants here including one person making his return afterwords to get revenge. This wasn't the heavy quality we would get from the other Buried Alive matches but still a good match that was highlighted by Big Show tossing Mankind off the ramp & bouncing into the grave.
"SmackDown" Sept '99

Steve Austin & Jim Ross vs. Triple H & Chyna - Don't let the title fool you as this was more of a segment leading into the "No Holds Barred" match between Austin & Triple as they were brawling non-stop all around the arena while Chyna was just beating the hell out of J.R. before another guy she had her recent problems with decided to take care of the dirty laundry. Not much of a match but a fun brawl.
"RAW" Oct '99

Godfather & D'Lo Brown vs. Too Cool - This was another case of it being more of a segment than a match as both teams where more concentrated on just having fun to the point where they decided to party before a happy couple shows up with an announcement that stopped the party dead in it's tracks.
"SmackDown" Jan '00

WWE Hardcore Champion Crash Holly vs. Hardcore Holly - The only purpose of this was to showcase the chaos that occurred with the Hardcore championship during this time with the 24/7 rule as "Elroy Jetson" had everyone coming after him yet somehow able to keep escaping earning his nickname "Houdini Of Hardcore."
"RAW" Mar '00
[WWF Hardcore]

European Champion Chris Jericho vs. Eddie Guerrero - This happened the night after WrestleMania as Eddie Guerrero was chasing after Chyna for weeks who also just happened to be Chris Jericho's associate as well. The match itself wasn't on the level of their past WCW & future WWE matches but still very competitive for what it was with both men going past paced & hitting some moves with heavy impact but this was all about the beginning of the "Latino Heat" character Eddie would have throughout his WWE career as far as his entertainment value from the pre-match promo & post match antics while also constantly making references towards "mamacita" Chyna.
"RAW" Apr '00
[Viva La Raza: The Legacy Of Eddie Guerrero]

Steel Cage Match: Intercontinental Champion Val Venis vs. Rikishi - Their feud got so intense over the past month along with Rikishi having his problems with Tazz constantly attacking him from behind for weeks that it got settled her in the steel cage as this type of match really brought out more a more aggressive side of Val Venis has he used the cage to his advantage while also coming up with an effective counter to the stinkface followed by a clothesline that turned the big man inside out. Both men took some hard hits such as falling off the top rope & being crotched on the ropes while Val ended up bleeding above his eye & Trish Stratus slamming the door in Rikishi's face before Trish ended up taking a "whippin'" of her own. This was a good back & forth match overall but memorable overall for what happened when Rikishi when he made his way to the top of the cage.
Fully Loaded '00

T.L.C. Match: Tag Team Championship Edge & Christian vs. Hardy Boyz vs. Dudley Boyz - T.L.C. Match: WWE Tag Team Champions Edge & Christian vs. Dudley Boyz vs. Hardy Boyz - This was the first ever T.L.C. match which is the same concept as a ladder match except tables & chairs were also legal & encouraged to be used as well while it should also be noted that this was a homecoming for the Hardy's with them being from North Carolina. You had various crazy moments with all three weapons being legal such as Edge legsweeping both Devon & Matt off ladder, Bubba powerbombing Christian off a ladder, Edge pushing Jeff off a ladder that caused another ladder to catapult into Matt's face, Christian getting a 3D through a table, Edge hitting everyone in sight with a chair, Christian launched into Edge who was sandwiched in between a ladder, Jeff's swanton bomb off a ladder through tables, Bubba going off a ladder in the ring through stacked tables on the outside, Lita getting involved & paying for it, Matt falling backwards off a ladder out of the ring through tables, and Devon & Jeff hanging from the tag titles. This was a "car crash" that took your breathe away.
SummerSlam '00
[The Ladder Match; Hardy Boys: Leap Of Faith; Allied Powers: Wrestling's Greatest Tag Teams]

WWE Champion Kurt Angle vs. Steve Austin vs. The Rock vs. Undertaker vs. Triple H vs. Rikishi - This was the first (and to date, only) time that we had a multiple men competing in a cell match with Kurt Angle making himself the odd man out by attacking everyone at some point in the week leading up to this match. This match was exactly what you expected with all of these men here in that it was absolutely all over the place with all four of these men but things got even crazier with Mr. McMahon (who didn't want this match to happen) coming to ringside with a truck attempting to take down the cell piece by piece but only got as far as ripping the door off the cell. Other various highlights & moments happened throughout the match like Triple H's head bring grinded across the all four sides of the cell causing him to bleed, everyone escaping the cell & brawling all over the set with Triple H having "the boom" dropped on him & catapulted onto a car while Austin went headfirst through the a window, Taker & Angle brawling at ringside with the ringbell hammer being used, and fighting on top of the cell with someone getting a stunner while someone else took the fall off the cage, and action in the ring that really picked up when Rock & Austin locked eyes in the ring. This can be perfectly summed up with Lawler's comment at the end, "Look at all this carnage!"
As a side note, Undertaker's theme music has been changed due no longer owning the rights to the song "Rollin'."
Armageddon '00
[Hell In A Cell]

(Blu-Ray) Ken Shamrock vs. Triple H vs. Owen Hart - This was known as a "King Of Kings" match as all three men here were previous King Of The Ring winners but this also had a bigger issue as Owen had his issues with Triple H for months while also put out Shamrock with injury weeks earlier when he joined The Nation causing Shamrock to start the match early jumping Owen from behind. The action here was truly "every man for himself" as everyone was fighting each other with no alliances leading to some moments like a triple sleeper before it was broken up into a double jawbreaker, Shamrock's ankle being targeted by both men, and the involvement of DX & The Nation factions. This was an action packed match.
"RAW" June '98

(Blu-Ray) Oddities vs. Headbangers - This was short & nothing special past showing the crossover appeal of WWF at this time as the Insane Clown Posse performed the Oddities' theme song.
"RAW" Sept '98

(Blu-Ray) No Disqualification Match: The Rock vs. Val Venis - This issue came about with Val Venis "wearing" Mankind's sock puppet gift to The Rock in "Mr. Rocko" & we got a special pre-match classic moment between Rock & Mankind. Both men took advantage of the No DQ rule as they were fighting ringside to the stage & the front row while also being very entertaining with the "guest commentary" from both men during the match as well as an introduction to "Mr. Tableo" in what overall was a back & forth match.
"SmackDown" Oct '99

(Blu-Ray) Elimination Match: Steve Austin, The Rock, Kane, Shane McMahon vs. D-Generation X - This was one of those matches that look star-studded on paper but wasn't the high quality match that you would expect but still overall a fun match to watch that told various stories & built towards the matches headed into the Survivor Series that year such as the interaction between Kane & X-Pac, HHH & Austin & Rock & Vince McMahon, and the story of one team fighting from behind against the odds.
"SmackDown" Nov '99

(Blu-Ray) Hardcore Champion Crash Holly vs. Al Snow - This was the typical hardcore match that occurred during this time as it was mostly brawling with a heavy amount of weapons either being pulled from under the ring or grabbed around ringside such as trash cans, a popcorn tray, broom, chair, and a bowling ball that led to a "strike with nothing to spare" but was overall about the other major element involving this title during this time which was taking advantage of the 24/7 rule.
"SmackDown" June '00

(Blu-Ray) Hardy Boyz & Lita vs. Perry Saturn, Eddie Guerrero, Dean Malenko - Matt Hardy said it himself in interviews that the Hardy Boyz & Lita were the innovators of the intergender mixed tag team match which was obvious here as Lita wasn't out of place during this match with her high flying & lucha libre influenced offense but the story here was that during this time that Dean Malenko had a heavy obsession over Lita to the point where he got into a shoving match with one partner when he shoved her down & showed concern after the match because she was hit with a high impact move.
"SmackDown" Nov '00

(Blu-Ray) Chris Jericho & The Dudley Boyz vs. Kurt Angle, Edge, Christian - This happened during a Christmas episode of RAW with Kurt Angle having his brother & cousins at ringside as this was a fun non-stop match overall with someone unexpected going through the table.
"RAW" Dec '00

DVD extras include Jim Ross interviewing Goldust & Marlena after she was with Brian Pillman for 30 days, Steve Austin throwing the Intercontinental Championship off a bridge, Val Venis' "Soldier Of Love" with an appearance from porn star Jenna Jameson, Mankind being presented with the Hardcore Championship, Jim Ross' interview with Triple H that became the birth of "The Game", A.P.A. & New Age Outlaws visit The Friendly Tap, Mae Young spends an evening with the A.P.A., Kurt Angle & Edge & Christian as a jug band, Triple H trains Trish Stratus, Edge's birthday celebration with Kurt Angle & Christian & Stephanie McMahon & Triple H, The Rock's promo on his Hell In A Cell opponents, highlight video of GTV, Mike Tyson joins DX, Triple H's new beginning for DX featuring the return of X-Pac, DX's parody of The Nation, Austin gives The Corporation of a beer bath, Y2J's debut, Big Boss Man's sympathy card for Big Show's late father, and the wedding of Stephanie McMahon & Test. Blu-Ray extras include Mark Henry finding the truth about Chyna's friend "Sammy" plus the unholy union of Stephanie McMahon & Undertaker. Best Buy exclusives include a GTV segment with Al Snow & Head, Mae Young giving birth, Lita vs. Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley, and Dudley Boyz vs. Hardy Boyz.

Overall the documentary only lasted around an hour & was just an overview of this entire time period without going into many specifics of things but the story behind different parts of this era has already been told on so many different DVD sets that I didn't mind it here as they did talk about other things & gave the spotlight to other talents that hasn't been covered in any other DVD sets. I have mixed feelings about the bonus material as it didn't just focus on JUST the main event talents that are remembered during this time (Rock, Austin, DX, HHH) but all levels of talent including the opening & mid-card superstars as well as featuring more rare matches from "RAW" & "SmackDown" instead of using the same matches from this era we've seen released so many times before but there are still some lost gems from this period that haven't made it to DVD yet that were better quality than some of the matches they put here. In the end, I can't change the DVD set so I have to just take it as it is & I was able to enjoy it overall so I would recommend this for those who liked the "Attitude Era" as a whole but if you only liked it for certain talents or other specific things (Austin, Rock, the Monday Night War, various moments from RAW & SmackDown) then I would recommend looking for those DVD sets before this one.
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5.0 out of 5 stars Five Stars, July 7, 2014
Brandon J. O'Neill (Council Bluffs, Iowa United States) - See all my reviews
This review is from: WWE: The Attitude Era (DVD)
Fun DVD.
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4.0 out of 5 stars This dvd can go both ways for me i enjoyed watching it but more matches that were actually good, July 7, 2014
This review is from: WWE: The Attitude Era (DVD)
This dvd can go both ways for me i enjoyed watching it but more matches that were actually good. The Val Venis and Rikishi match in my opinion didnt belong in the dvd. I fell they should've had one more hardcore match on the dvd. At the time the hardcore championship was what kept people at the edge of their seat. The best match in my opinion is the TLC match at summerslam 2000 with the Hardy Boyz vs The Dudley Boyz vs Edge and Christian. Overall this dvd is really good has a couple of good matches and a very good documentary.
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5.0 out of 5 stars the best ever, May 21, 2014
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
This review is from: WWE: The Attitude Era (DVD)
I love my DVD I am a big fan of WWE I am going to have to get more it the best ever I will be getting a lot more
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3.0 out of 5 stars Documentary should have been longer!, May 3, 2014
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
This review is from: WWE: The Attitude Era (DVD)
It would have been way better if the documentary was longer it was only an hour the rest is extra things to watch but their pretty cool too.
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2.0 out of 5 stars Poor documentary, decent extras, February 22, 2014
This review is from: WWE: The Attitude Era (DVD)
The main feature of this DVD set, the documentary, was highly disappointing. It's hardly even an hour long and hardly adds any insight that we don't already know. There is so much material from that era that I guess it's unfortunate to see WWE attempt to cram it all into such a short documentary. After watching the doc, you'll feel like you wasted your time, unless you weren't around for the attitude era, in which case you might learn a little bit.

But for long-time fans looking to relive some of the classic moments from that era, you're better off skipping the documentary and just watching through the bonus features. A lot of interesting moments and matches fill up the 2nd and 3rd discs, and attitude era fans could surely enjoy watching through a lot of that.
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5.0 out of 5 stars Five Stars, January 22, 2014
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This review is from: WWE: The Attitude Era (DVD)
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4.0 out of 5 stars ruthless aggression time, December 5, 2013
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
This review is from: WWE: The Attitude Era (DVD)
Fun look back at my favorite WWE era. Only wish a better selection of matches (or more). Perhaps a volume 2 soon? This was when the goody goody face went by the way side. In fact, Kurt Angle's persona was a parody of faces of old. Nice Sgt. Pepper parody on the cover.
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