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5.0 out of 5 stars The List
Disc 1

WWE's Worst Nightmare

We Both Love Pain

Special Challenge Match
Mankind vs. Kane (with Paul Bearer)
Survivor Series November 9, 1997

Big Brother, Big Brother

Undertaker vs. Kane (with Paul Bearer)
WrestleMania XIV March 29, 1998

Hell, Fire & Brimstone

Inferno Match...
Published on September 12, 2008 by A. Pierre

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3.0 out of 5 stars OK for what it is.
The 3 discs contain Kane's best matches since the character of Kane was introduced around 1997 or so. The first thing I thought to myself was why doesn't the DVD start with the introduction of Kane for the first time at (whatever that PPV was) but that footage is included in the special features, so at least they did show how Kane came to be in the WWF/E.

Published on October 27, 2009 by Micheal Hunt

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27 of 29 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars The List, September 12, 2008
This review is from: WWE: The Twisted, Disturbed Life of Kane (DVD)
Disc 1

WWE's Worst Nightmare

We Both Love Pain

Special Challenge Match
Mankind vs. Kane (with Paul Bearer)
Survivor Series November 9, 1997

Big Brother, Big Brother

Undertaker vs. Kane (with Paul Bearer)
WrestleMania XIV March 29, 1998

Hell, Fire & Brimstone

Inferno Match
Undertaker vs. Kane (with Paul Bearer)
In Your House: Unforgiven April 26, 1998

The One Thing I Love More Than Fire

First Blood Match for the WWE Championship
Stone Cold Steve Austin vs. Kane (with Paul Bearer)
King of the Ring June 28, 1998

The End Always Justifies The Means

WWE Tag Team Championship Match
X-Pac / Kane vs. Jeff Jarrett / Owen Hart
RAW April 5, 1999

The Perfect Punishment

Steel Cage Match
Kane (with Tori) vs. X-Pac
Armageddon December 12, 1999

Nothing Can Save You

Last Man Standing Match
Chris Jericho vs. Kane
Armageddon December 10, 2000

Hot & Cold Relationship

Triple Threat Tag Team Championship Match
Edge / Christian vs. Undertaker / Kane vs. Dudley Boyz
No Way Out February 25, 2001

* The Undertaker's Secret
* Kane vs. Pete Rose

Disc 2

WWE's Worst Nightmare

I Like Weapons

WWE Intercontinental Championship Chain Match
Triple H vs. Kane
Judgment Day May 20, 2001

The Olympic Flame Burns Out

Kane vs. Kurt Angle
WrestleMania X8 March 17, 2002

What Torture Really Means

World Heavyweight Championship vs. Intercontinental Championship Match
Triple H vs. Kane
No Mercy October 20, 2002

Oil & Blood

Rob Van Dam / Kane vs. Chris Jericho / Christian
RAW January 6, 2003

My True Self

Steel Cage Match
Rob Van Dam vs. Kane
RAW September 8, 2003

Wrong Place, Wrong Time

Last Man Standing Match
Shane McMahon vs. Kane
Unforgiven September 21, 2003

Sending Him to Hell

Ambulance Match / The Final Encounter
Shane McMahon vs. Kane
Survivor Series November 16, 2003

My Appetite for Agony

"Til Death Do Us Part Match"
Matt Hardy vs. Kane
SummerSlam August 15, 2004

* Kane is Ready...Are You Ready?
Smackdown! March 28, 2002

* Chicks Dig the Mask
RAW September 30, 2002

* Kane is Quite Disturbed about the Current Situation
RAW December 26, 2002

* Jim Ross Interviews Kane
RAW July 14, 2003

Kane & Lita Get Married
RAW August 23, 2004

Disc 3

WWE's Worst Nightmare

Destroying a Sacred Icon

No Disqualification Match
Shawn Michaels vs. Kane
Unforgiven September 12, 2004

It Is My Fault

No Holds Barred Match
Kane vs. Gene Snitsky
RAW January 17, 2005

Pain and Torture

Steel Cage Match
Kane vs. Edge
RAW July 18, 2005

It's Never Over

Stretcher Match
Kane vs. Edge
RAW July 25, 2005

The Big Red Monster

Kane vs. Umaga
RAW September 18, 2006

Zest for Absolute Carnage

Undertaker / Kane vs. King Booker / Finlay
SmackDown! December 22, 2006

Childhood Dreams

Kane vs. King Booker
No Way Out February 18, 2007

Unadulterated Mayhem & Violence

First Ever Belfast Brawl
Kane vs. Finlay
SmackDown! September 14, 2007

I Will Never Forget

Champion vs. Champion
Kane vs. Undertaker
SmackDown! April 4, 2008


* 24-Man Battle Royal for ECW Championship Title Shot
WrestleMania XXIV March 30, 2008

* ECW Championship Match
Kane vs. Chavo Guerrero
WrestleMania XXIV March 30, 2008
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5.0 out of 5 stars great, August 19, 2013
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
This review is from: WWE: The Twisted, Disturbed Life of Kane (DVD)
it worth having lots of great matches and unforgetable moments hope they make a volume 2 there are so much more they could have show but well worth getting
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5.0 out of 5 stars the big red machine., July 11, 2014
ROBERT A. CORA (canton, ohio usa) - See all my reviews
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
This review is from: WWE: The Twisted, Disturbed Life of Kane (DVD)
the wwf/e did a pretty job on doing kane. it is a great dvd for all wrestling fans. some of the matches are great some up in the air.
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4.0 out of 5 stars Good Matches, March 30, 2014
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
This review is from: WWE: The Twisted, Disturbed Life of Kane (DVD)
I would recommend this to any true wrestling fan. There was no bio about Kane, but the matches were good.
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3.0 out of 5 stars OK for what it is., October 27, 2009
This review is from: WWE: The Twisted, Disturbed Life of Kane (DVD)
The 3 discs contain Kane's best matches since the character of Kane was introduced around 1997 or so. The first thing I thought to myself was why doesn't the DVD start with the introduction of Kane for the first time at (whatever that PPV was) but that footage is included in the special features, so at least they did show how Kane came to be in the WWF/E.

I also wondered if they would even make mention to Glen Jacobs (Kane) career in wrestling before he became Kane. But those wondering, there is no mention what-so-ever of Isacc Yankem DDS or the fake Diesel. Tho, you would expect that. but the thing that I wonder most is why they have released this? Kane is still an active wrestler, and does not look like he will retire for a few more years to come. So you can give me the vote on a not helpful review, but I do wonder why it's being released now, and not after he is retired. Tho, they may just do a volume 2 later; or do another one later to make some more money out of it.

You can see in other reviews the matches that are on the DVD, so I wont bother to put them on here. Most matches are decent for Kanes style of wrestling. Everything seems to be there from the beginnings, to the weddings ect... it's just what I would have liked more of is the tag-team matches of the Brothers Of Destruction and an explanation to what the hell the Kane VS Kane bogus story line was supposed to be all about, but there is no mention of that at all.

If your a fan of Kane, it will be something you will enjoy, but for a mediocre fan, try renting it if your interested, it's not really a complete history of Kane, and may leave you a little disappointed in the end.
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4.0 out of 5 stars A Decade Plus Of The Big Red Machine, January 7, 2009
D.P. (California) - See all my reviews
This review is from: WWE: The Twisted, Disturbed Life of Kane (DVD)
NOTE: I updated this review in 2013

Well, this is one interesting set to say the least as Kane has been the most "unstable" wrestler probably in WWE history. I mean that he's had too many periods where his character was red hot & on fire (no pun intended), periods where he's just completely stale, and with some of the most horrible wrestlecrap storylines they've given Kane...there are times where your wondering why they just didn't put the character out of it's misery already. However, Kane has been able to withstand all of that & still be over after over 10 years now so a proper DVD on his career is justified (minus that quick one they did with 5 matches around 2 years ago) with Kane hosting the presentation himself.

vs. Mankind - Mankind was not only out for revenge for Kane attacking Dude Love weeks earlier but also for his former manager Paul Bearer easily dismissing him as "a pebble" as Kane came out to a red light over the arena which remained that way throughout the match. Kane was attacked on the floor but easily overpowered Mankind throwing him into the steps before just throwing the steps into Mankind's face as he was very dominate despite Mankind using whatever he could get his hands on such as the steps & a chair along with moves like the piledriver along with getting his hands on Paul Bearer as well however nothing could stop Kane here as he continued to punish Mankind putting him through the spanish table & slamming him off the top rope onto the floor on the outside. Mankind described exactly how this match would be in his pre-match interview as it was "Mankind against a brick wall" as he trying but Kane just kept dishing out the punishment & just beat Mankind into exhaustion in the end.
Survivor Series '97

vs. Undertaker - Before the match, Pete Rose came to the ring as the special guest ring announcer only for Pete to insult the crowd & Kane having a response (the first of many) to Pete's appearance. This was Undertaker's return since he was set on fire in case of the casket by Kane at the Royal Rumble months earlier with Taker going on the offense with strikes only for them to have no effect as Kane just kept beating on Taker who was covering up in the corner before Taker was able to maneuver himself onto Kane's shoulders attempting to punch him out from there. Paul Bearer got his shots in as Kane continued to dominate over Taker using the guardrail & steps in the process to the point where he had Taker beat only to pull him up to deliver more punishment including one moment where Taker was about to hit a over the top rope suicide dive onto Kane on the outside only for Kane to use his momentum against him putting Taker straight through the spanish table. It would eventually be revealed that Taker had a strategy against Kane the entire time that boxing fans would be familiar with which did eventually take it's effect but the damage Kane did during & after the match was perfectly stated by Jim Ross in that Taker "has never ever been physically dominated as he's been here."
WrestleMania XIV
[Tombstone: History Of The Undertaker]

Inferno Match vs. Undertaker - For those who've never seen this type of match (currently, there have only been 4 of these types of matches), the ringside is surrounded by fire with the only way to win being to set your opponent on fire. With the fire being around the ring & occasionally shooting up as high as the top rope, both men were very limited in what they were able to do during the match but still dished out physical punishment towards each other from trading strikes & chokeslams & even a double big boot at one time along while also taking big risk near the fire like Taker's "old school" & a top rope superplex. Kane was able to be tossed over the flames to the outside before meeting up with someone who also wanted his revenge on Kane followed by Taker himself flying over the flames to not only meet Kane on the outside but also finally get his hands on Paul Bearer. This match was a first of it's kind & knowing the limitations surrounding the match which they were able to surpass, this still stands the test of time to this day.
Unforgiven '98
[Tombstone: History Of The Undertaker; Kane: Journey To Hell; Armageddon '06]

First Blood Match vs. WWE Champion Steve Austin - The stipulations to this match were made very clear that the match wouldn't end on a scrape or minor blood flow (like a nose bleed) but had to be a heavy amount of blood for the match to be stopped along with Kane's added clause that he would set himself on fire if he didn't win the championship. Both men started brawling both in & out of the ring when the Hell In A Cell (used earlier in the night in the Taker/Mankind match) started to lower almost crushing on Austin's neck as they continued to brawl with the Cell being raised again with Kane trapped in the doorway. They continued to brawl to the stage area & back at ringside as Austin kept targeting Kane's face using the steps, the announce table & the objects on it, and his punches but Kane's mask kept protecting him while he used his power to keep gaining an advantage over Austin before the Cell came back down & others who had their history with Austin & Kane made their presence felt as well. Normally I don't like "First Blood" matches as they always stop the match after every hard hit to check for blood which kills any momentum the match can have but they didn't do that here as they just let them fight until we saw someone bleeding which made a good encounter.
King Of The Ring 98
[Legacy Of Stone Cold Steve Austin]

w/X-Pac vs. WWE Tag Team Champions Jeff Jarrett & Kane - This match went around 5 minutes & just showcased how good and underrated Owen & Jeff were as a tag team since they singled out Pac working him over with quick tags & double teaming as Kane didn't get involved until the last minute.
"RAW" Apr. 99

Steel Cage Match vs. X-Pac - X-Pac had turned his back on Kane to rejoin D-Generation X while also kept harassing his girlfriend leading to this match as Pac was able to lock Kane inside the cage & continued to stalk Tori at ringside before Kane made his way out the cage to attack Pac using the steps while Pac tried to retaliate using the ringbell before both men eventually made it back into the cage. Kane was dominate using his power & strikes while Pac used various kicks & his speed with both men being sent into the cage various times throughout the match before fellow DX members got involved using the cage & handcuffs while with using a chair various times to gain the advantage but it was Pac going one step too far with Tori that had Kane came back by using the cage door & a flying clothesline that you have to see to believe. This was a different spin on the "David vs. Goliath" formula for this match with X-Pac being the smaller man but also using whatever tactics he could use taking advantage of the no rules nature of a steel cage match while Kane was the one who came off looking for revenge & against the odds.
Armageddon '99

Last Man Standing Match vs. Chris Jericho - This started over coffee but after the constant attacks by Kane, Jericho himself started to be more aggressive taking the fights to Kane resulting in this match as they met each other in the isleway fighting backstage right away using whatever was around from an anvil case to a shovel before making their way to ringside with the ringpost & steps used as a weapon as Kane as dominate beating on Jericho's back with holds like a powerslam on the floor & bearhug into the post before Jericho refused to stay down & kept begging for more which Kane delivered with a powerful chokeslam & chairshot to the back. Jericho resorted to tactics like using the chair himself including a lionsault onto the chair on top of Kane & taking the fight to the stage area with a faceplant through a table & literally "breaking the walls down" onto Kane. This was a physically aggressive match.
Armageddon '00

Tables Match w/Undertaker vs. Tag Team Champions Dudley Boyz vs. Edge & Christian - Edge & Christian were cornered on the the ramp by both teams but were able to somehow get out of the way making the Dudleys & Brothers Of Destruction go at it with Devon getting tossed off the ramp in the process as Brothers were so dominate with moves like double powerslams & top rope clotheslines that it caused the other two teams to work together to get offense on them such as chairshots while also blocking the other teams attempt to win the match including one moment where Edge went for a spear through a table but the table didn't give. This was overall a dominate performance by the Brothers Of Destruction with the only thing getting in their way was another team who they had their issues getting involved in the match.
No way Out '01

Chain Match vs. Intercontinental Champion Triple H - Kane was coming into this match with a bad arm wrapped up due to the beatings by Triple H & Steve Austin over the past few months with Triple H focusing on that right away using any weapon possible to beat on it including the ringpost, ringside steps, steel chair, and the chain itself to attach it to that arm & kept yanking on it. Kane was able to use Triple H's tactics against him using the chain to jerk Triple H's head against both a chair & the ringpost causing him to be busted open before targeting the cut using the steps, wrapping the chain around his face, and a hangman's choke over the top rope as the fight continued around ringside with Triple H pulling Kane in the barricade various times before Kane responded slamming Triple H off the top of the barricade to the match & delivered a chain wrapped punch to the area that only Stephanie McMahon would know if there was swelling & bruising. This match was exactly what you expected as both men used the chain to not only gain leverage over the other but also as a weapon various times along with taking advantage of the "no rules" stipulation using whatever what was around them to beat on the other.
Judgment Day '01

vs. Kurt Angle - Kane was coming into the match with "head trauma" from previous attacks by Angle causing Kurt to target that area right away using a ringbell before the match while continuing to bounce his head off the mat with german suplexes, kicks to the head & various clotheslines by Angle including one off the top rope. Kane kept attempting to build momentum using his power moves like a sidewalk slam, powerslam & chokeslam while going aerial himself with a top rope clothesline before Angle resorted on pulling on the mask to regain the advantage with his own AngleSlam & anklelock while also catching Kane on the top rope with his running superplex. This was an average match between the two but told a good story of Angle focusing on Kane's head.
WrestleMania X8

Intercontinental Championship/Unification Match vs. World Champion Triple H - A few side notes here in that this match was to merge the Intercontinental Championship with the World Championship (leaving only one singles title on RAW in the process) with Triple H also exposing Kane's past relationship with a woman named Katie Vick which to be honest can be described in the phrase, "the less you know about it, the better" to the point where WWE has removed a majority of the original commentary in reference to Katie Vick out of this match. Kane beat down Triple H & was dominate from the start to the point when he quickly bounced back whenever Triple H attempted to get offense in but Triple H was able work over Kane's neck with various neckbreakers along with hanging him on the bottom rope & applying a sleeper hold as Both men traded momentum with Kane resorting to power moves while Triple H relied on dirty tactics such as interference from using weapons & Flair at ringside to which an ally of Kane had a response to. The storyline coming into this match really overshadowed the importance of the title unification while the match itself wasn't the best quality encounter they had with the constant interference of Flair being absolute overkill to the point where the crowd showed that they just didn't care about the match anymore.

w/Rob Van Dam vs. Chris Jericho & Christian - Randy Orton & Shawn Michaels were the managers for each of the teams with each guy getting in on the action at one point but overall was a nice tag match that saw RVD take some hard bumps such as a somersault plancha over the top rope, being shoved off the top rope onto the steel ramp, and his five star frog splash so impactful that he flipped himself inside out.
"RAW" Jan. '03

Steel Cage Match vs. Rob Van Dam - This was shortly after Kane lost his masked & turned against his tag partner resulting in this match where RVD kept attempting a "hit & move" offense with quick strikes but Kane caught him & darted him right into the cage along with being bounced off & grinded against the cage multiple times causing RVD to bleed above the eye as Kane continued to punish RVD with powerful offense from a powerslam to the big boot. RVD was able to catch a break trapping Kane between the ropes & cage with offense like a running crossbody onto Kane into the cage, a top rope sidekick & rolling thunder but Kane was able to catch RVD again & threw RVD with such force that he went through the cage followed by more punishment to the head & an impactful chokeslam that almost send RVD straight to hell. This match reflected how Kane was during the period where he lost his mask where he reverted back to the vicious dangerous monster he once was years earlier with him taking advantage of the steel cage surroundings to punish RVD even more.
"RAW" Sept. '03

Last Man Standing Match vs. Shane McMahon - Shane was out for revenge for Kane giving a tombstone piledriver to his mom on the stage weeks earlier to the point where Shane attacked Kane from behind during his entrance with multiple chairshots to the head & legs before sending Kane into the steps but Kane responded by shoving Shane so hard that he fell into the crowd & caught him coming off the barricade with a powerslam as he dominated Shane using the steps & knocking out the referee in the process. Shane kept coming at Kane using the steps in the ring as both men then started brawling down the isleway with Shane being thrown into the stage multiple times before Kane tried to crush the spanish announce table on top of him with Shane coming back "lowering the boom" on table & even attempting to sacrifice himself to make sure Kane stood down. This was a physical match with Kane still being an unstoppable monster while Shane just wouldn't give up & brought the fight.
Unforgiven '03
[Kane: Journey To Hell]

Ambulance Match vs. Shane McMahon - This was another first of it's kind match in WWE history (although done twice in WCW) where the only way to win this match is to put your opponent in the back of the ambulance & close the door. Shane came at Kane with aggression with a crossbody that sent both men over the top rope followed by targeting Kane's head with whatever he could get his hands on from a chair to monitor before dropping his elbow top rope onto Kane on the announce table before the fight went backstage where Shane continued to use weapons such as kendo stick & even went as far as to trying to back over him with a car. Kane rebounded bouncing Shane off the ambulance so hard that his head cracked the windshield but Shane continued to fight targeting Kane's head using more weapons like the ambulance itself & a "coast to coast" off the top of the ambulance into a trash can however Kane couldn't stay down using the ambulance itself as a weapon. This was very much like their previous match where it was very physical however the did more here in terms of taking the match outside of the ring area & using more weapons such as the ambulance itself.
Survivor Series '03

vs. Matt Hardy - This match revolved around another one of those storylines in Kane's career that you wish you could forget about where Kane made a deal with Lita that he'll stop attacking Matt Hardy if Lita had sex with him which lead to Lita becoming pregnant with Kane's child resulting in this "Till Death Do Us Part" match where Lita would marry the winner. Matt tried to hit & move and go for fast covers before Kane caught him with strikes & a drilling clothesline but Matt kept coming with high risk offense like a over the top crossbody & Twist Of Fate on the floor while Kane was able to take advantage of the one high risk opportunity Matt had. The reality of the situation was that Matt Hardy came into the match injured so it was kept short & served it's purpose.
SummerSlam '04
[Kane: Journey To Hell]

No Disqualification Match vs. Shawn Michaels - Shawn was given the opportunity for revenge against Kane, thanks to Lita, for putting him out of action for months which Shawn started out in control with Kane being able to catch him with power moves in the corner only for Shawn to keep coming causing Kane to sacrifice his pregnant wife in order to target Shawn's throat using uppercuts & twisting head vice while also punishing him with anything around him like the spanish table & barricade. They traded momentum finding different ways to counter each others signature moves while Shawn was bleeding around his eye with factors like a chair & Lita herself playing a big role here. This was what you expected from this match but a little known fact is that it had it's long term effect on Shawn as this is the match that started the effects that gave him his "lazy eye" that we've seen to this day.
Unforgiven '04
[Kane: Journey To Hell]

No Holds Barred Match vs. Gene Snitsky - Before he shaved his eyebrows & died his teeth gold & had a foot fetish, Snitsky was the man who had the catchphrase "It Wasn't My Fault" based on the fact that he was the cause of not only Lita losing her child but taking Kane out of action for months. Both men started brawling on the floor using the ring post & ring bell before making their way into the ring using objects like a weight belt & chair as they made their way to the stage where you saw just how much they hated each other to the point where one sacrificed himself to take out the other. Snitsky was one of those men who was pushed too hard too fast based off his size alone as this match was kept short with the stipulation allowing them to do more in the match to make it better & kept short.
"RAW" Jan. '05

Steel Cage Match vs. Edge - Edge stole Kane's wife Lita away from him setting up their feud & match here but we get a treat before hand where you see where the "real life" situation that this storyline was based on came from. Edge kept trying to escape at the start of the match only for Kane to keep pulling him down but Edge was able to gain control using the cage to his advantage such as spearing & doing a crossbody on Kane against it while also ramming his head making him bleed. Kane came back with power moves like a powerbomb out of the corner while also using the cage himself including a big boot against the cage with such impact that the cage bent as both men hit their big moves against each such as the spear & chokeslam as the match literally came down to both men fighting at the top. This was a good match that saw both men use the cage as a weapon various times while also being aggressive from start to finish.
"RAW" July '05

Stretcher Match vs. Edge - Kane started this off right away attacking Edge from behind & brawled around ringside with Edge being bounced off the barricade & steel steps before retaliating with a DDT on the steps & hitting Kane in the face with them. More weapons were brought into play such as a kendo stick which Edge hit Kane over the head with along with a steel chair which Kane returned the favor with a chairshot followed by a chokeslam off the apron onto the stretcher causing Lita to not only get physically involved but also use the "Money In The Bank" briefcase. This was another aggressive physical match between the two with the ending & aftermath summarizing the phrase, "he may have won the battle but I won the war."
"RAW" July '05

vs. Umaga - "A Battle Of Two Monsters" was what the commentators coined this match up that started off out of control from the start as the referee got knocked out in the opening minute followed by Umaga giving a chairshot to Kane only for him to receive chairshots in return with Armando Estrada getting chased to the back where the brawl continued. This was more of a segment than a match itself but did it's job in establishing both men as unstoppable monsters.
"RAW" Sept. '05

w/Undertaker vs. King Booker & Finlay - The Brothers Of Destruction were dominate early on using various power moves & strikes along while intimidating the referee resulting in Booker & Finlay getting very limited offense to which had little or no effect at all. Booker & Finlay were able to finally gain momentum due to mistiming of Undertaker & used the strategy of "divide & conquer" working over one member on the inside while keeping the other on the outside using whatever they could from a chair to the shillelagh. This was overall a fun TV match.
"SmackDown" Dec. '06

vs. King Booker - Kane was looking for revenge for Booker's attack during the Royal Rumble match & was dominate early on with his strikes & power moves like the sidewalk slam & clothesline over the top rope while Booker's offense was having no effect causing him to resort to using the steps on the outside along with various offense like a flying forearm & dropkicks including one that caught Kane in mid-air. Both men continued to trade momentum with Kane continuing to use his power like a clothesline that turned Booker inside out while Booker even tried to use Sharmell at ringside for a distraction resulting in a solid match overall.
No Way Out '07

Belfast Brawl vs. Finlay - For those who've never seen a "Belfast Brawl", it's just fancy wording for a hardcore match with Finlay attacking Kane from behind with the shillelagh to start things off with both men brawled on the floor & in the ring sending each other in the steps & barricade & ringpost & exposed turnbuckle at various points in the match. Finlay targeted different parts of Kane's body with executing stiff strikes & using weapons such as a chair & the shillelagh while Kane kept relying on his power moves while also using whatever was around him including the shillelagh & announce table in what ended up being a good match.
"SmackDown!" Sept. '07

vs. Undertaker - While Undertaker & Kane have had numerous battles in the past, this one probably had the more unique setup in that Undertaker won the World Championship earlier in the week at WrestleMania from Edge while Kane won the ECW Championship as well from Chavo Guerrero resulting in Vickie Guerrero setting up this match with Edge, Chavo, and the other members of "La Familia" at ringside. This started off at a slow pace with constant stalemates between both men as they were evenly matches before they finally started trading big punches against each other before again having another set of stalemates with both men going for a chokeslam & big boot. The match itself wasn't anything special but it was all about what happened when "La Familia" decided to get involved resulting in the Brothers Of Destruction uniting together.
"SmackDown" Apr. '08

(Bonus) Battle Royal - The was the traditional WrestleMania pre-show battle royal with the special added twist that the winner would receive a ECW Championship match later in the night. This was your typical battle royal that but had some entertaining moments like Mark Henry showcasing his power, Great Khali's elimination, Jamie Noble's creative way of getting back in the ring without his feet touching the floor, and when it got down to the final three but in the end this was just a setup for...
WrestleMania XXIV Pre-Show

(Bonus) vs. ECW Champion Chavo Guerrero - ...this match later on. Unfortunately, I blinked during this match & missed the whole thing. Just kidding but seriously, Chavo's entrance was longer than the match as Kane chokeslammed his way to the first World/Brand Championship in almost 10 years & setting a new WrestleMania record.
WrestleMania XXIV

Other DVD extras include the promos & video highlights leading up to Kane's debut, a recap of Kane's WrestleMania feud against Pete Rose, 3 sets of Kane backstage interviews featuring cameos from The Rock & Hollywood Hogan & Terri Runnels & Hurricane Helms & Rob Van Dam, the one on one interview with Kane & Jim Ross after Kane unmasked, and the wedding with Lita that saw Trish Status wearing a "Maid Of Honor" outfit that would make any man rethink saying the words "I do" to the bride. There are also 5 hidden DVD extras including Kane saying "Suck It" for the first time, Chris Jericho & Kane backstage at the coffee table, Kane catches up with Shane McMahon, Kane's awkward reunion with Lita at the 15 year RAW anniversary show, and Kane's own version of a special Christmas greeting.

Now as I said earlier, Kane's career has really had more than it's shares of ups & downs in terms of either storylines or in-ring performances so you can't expect everything he's done to get covered in this as there are certain periods of his career (like most of 2000) that are better left in the past. Now taking that into effect, this DVD does have some faults as some of the match selections could have been replaced with better & more rare matches that would have still gotten the same point across while some of the more random matches could have been replaced with some better quality matches like his Inferno Match against M.V.P. that have yet to make it onto a non-PPV DVD set. Now some people will complain about a non-documentary format but when you really think about it, this format is better as this is about the fictional character Kane...not Glen Jacobs so any mentioning of his past as a fake Diesel & Issac Yankem wouldn't fit here along with the fact that they've changed Kane's story about his past so many times for various storylines (Paul Bearer sheltering Kane as a kid to him to him having mental problems from his burns to having a girlfriend named Katie Vick killed in a drunk driving accident to the whole story behind that "fake" Kane in '06) along with trying to tell the story behind some of these feuds...really, a documentary just wouldn't work here. In the end, this DVD set is overall above average quality that anyone who's a Kane fan or been watching WWE as long as he's been around would enjoy overall so it's something I would recommend.
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4.0 out of 5 stars Good, but not great DVD for Kane fans., December 11, 2008
This review is from: WWE: The Twisted, Disturbed Life of Kane (DVD)
Apparently I'm not alone in my feelings for this set.

This review contains one spoiler, but since it from a match that happened many years ago, I'm not sure if that's relevant. I figured I had better mention it, anyway.

I, myself am a huge Kane fan and this is a good, but not great Kane DVD set. It's more of a match retrospective than a career retrospective. And some of the matches chosen are odd choices. Overall, the production is great, and other than one match where the sound is messed up (it probably was during the television broadcast, as well) it's tops all around as far as quality.

As far as match choices, I know that wins and losses aren't really a big deal in Kane's career, but some matches that they went with were just weird choices. A lot of losses on this set. An example: They wanted a match from when he teamed with Undertaker (when Taker was doing the biker thing, which I kind of liked, admittedly) and they picked the tables match with them against Edge & Christian and The Dudleys... a match that Kane and Taker lost and honestly didn't fare that well in (and were out of character, staying out of the match for several minutes due to chair shots, something that neither Kane nor Taker usually had much trouble with, so that the other teams would wrestle a while). Why wouldn't they show one of the numerous matches that they won and actually put the team over, since they're supposed to be so "dominant?" Odd. Even the tag match between Kane and Taker against HHH and Steve Austin would have been a better choice than my example. At least that match had some good psychology (Kane being injured and isolated from his partner). They still lost, if I remember correctly, but at least it was a better match. I don't mind a good tables match, or ladder match or whatever, but this one wasn't even that good, IMO.

There were several other choices like this as well, where there was a much better match that could have been chosen over what they went with.

Just odd choices in some cases...

I'm happy to see one of the WWF/WWE's best workers finally get a long-overdue retrospective DVD, but I can't help but think that they could have done better. There are a lot of good matches on here, but a lot of asking the question "why did they put this match on here? Why not this one???"

If you're a Kane fan, you'll love it (and I do), but it's not perfect.

While I still await a true career retrospective DVD, with behind-the-scenes footage and commentary from his peers, this is a great way to feed that hunger while I wait.

I still recommend it for Kane fans, as it's got some great moments and matches, but prepare to be puzzled if you're at all familiar with Kane's history in the ring.
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3.0 out of 5 stars WWE goes kayfabe for Kane, December 11, 2008
This review is from: WWE: The Twisted, Disturbed Life of Kane (DVD)
When I first heard about this release my immediate thought was, "A 3-dsic set for Kane, really? Do we really need 3-discs worth of mid-card matches?". Then I thought, why not a 3-disc set on the Big Show instead? Big Show's feud with Hogan in WCW, his WCW title win against Ric Flair, his WWF wars with Steve Austin, the Rock, Mankind, Undertaker and Triple H, his surprisingly good run as ECW champion; doesn't he warrant a 3-disc set more than Kane? Then, I read the match listings and remembered how good Kane was and can still be today.

Kane seems to be one of those wrestlers that fans take for granted. Maybe it's because he's rarely headlined a PPV or tv show (only his WWF title victory at King of the Ring and a handful of Raw main events come to mind) and has been pretty much a mid-card act since the debut of his character, or the fact that he's never been allowed to dominate like fellow dark side gimmick performer the Undertaker. What ever the case, casual fans just don't hold Kane in the same regard as Shawn Michaels, John Cena, Triple H or Undertaker. So why a 3-disc set? Because the ten plus year career of the Kane character, performed by Glenn Jacobs, is rock solid in both match quality and opponents. When you look at the match listing included here, it's a whose who of WWE, and many of these matches are in the 3 to 4 star range, not bad for a character that when he debuted I thought would fade away after his first match with Undertaker.

This set is surprisingly good, but before I talk up the good, I want to address the bad. First, WWE has packaged this set in the money saving paper-thin eco friendly packaging that is guaranteed to scratch the DVDs when repeatedly removed from their slipcase paper slot holders. This is an inconvenience more than anything else, because I simply bought some paper CD-R sleeves and placed them inside those and slipped them into the package. Since people stopped supporting the music industry and no longer buy CDs, I'm guessing most people 35 and younger have plenty of these sleeves lying around, so this shouldn't be an issue. Second, instead of doing a documentary WWE decided to go kayfabe for this one. In other words, Kane introduces each match in character and talks about the angles and storylines as if they were real. This is a let down, because I would love to hear Glenn discuss his career the way Mick Foley did on his DVD set, but I also understand why WWE did it. A gimmick character like Kane begs for his DVD to be done this way, but still it's a little bit of a let down. Now for the good...

This set contains some rare matches. I had forgot about the Survivor Series match where Kane took on Mankind and they wrestled under Kane's red lights for the entire match. The Last Man Standing match against Chris Jericho from Armageddon 2000 is a forgotten gem of a match. The best matches from Kane's feud with Triple H are here as are Kane's feud with RVD. There are also some great tv matches here: Kane vs. Edge in both a steel cage match and a stretcher match from Raw, Kane vs. Finlay Belfast Brawl from Smackdown and Kane vs. Undertaker (champion vs. champion) from Smackdown.
Plus, and this is a small thing, but I really love the way they introduce each match using a fire effect to burn and reveal the upcoming match, really cool.

Overall this is a buy, but the packaging, lack of a documentary and just a few dud matches keep this one from getting more than 3 stars, but with these flaws it's still worth a purchase for wrestling fans; sorry, WWE fans.
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3.0 out of 5 stars It's Missing Some Very Awesome Matches...., April 23, 2012
This review is from: WWE: The Twisted, Disturbed Life of Kane (DVD)
I first started watching WWE in summer of 2003. At that time, I was very stressed out and in high school and I needed something to relieve me of my everyday frustrations, so I turned to wrestling and I watched Monday Night RAW for the first time on June 23, 2003....the night that Kane unmasked and went psycho! It was at that moment that I had found my favorite wrestler, Kane. And ever since I loved his matches & feuds, especially the fued with Shane McMahon, plus I loved how he would come to the ring in chains & shackles w/ a black rag on his head while surrounded by cops. However that didnt last long. But anyways, long story short, Kane is by far my favorite wrestler and I discovered this at a Wal-Mart, and yes I got it for a cheap price, but I didnt care, I just had to have it.

Now overall this is a good DVD for any Kane fan, however there are some matches/segments that I personally believe should have been on this DVD, and these happen to be some pretty good matches, some of the best I've ever seen involving the Big Red Machine, so here are those matches/segments which should have been in this DVD:

#1:Kane vs. Goldberg vs. Triple H
Triple Threat Match for World Title
Armageddon 2003

This was one of the best triple threat matches I ever saw, and the best part is Kane practically dominates most of the match, taking turns on Goldberg, then Triple H. And towards the end, Triple H was getting his rear end handed to him by Kane. Kane may have lost this match thanks to Batista, but he was very dominant. In fact, I personally believe Kane should've won this match just simply cause he could inflict more damage on Goldberg than Triple H ever did, on his own at least. Plus he had just destroyed Shane McMahon at the last Pay-Per-View and buried Undertaker also on the same night. It would've been a perfect time to put the belt on Kane.

#2: Kane vs. Big Show
Backlash 2006

I was quite surprised that they did not include the "May 19th", oh crap I said it, lol!, anyway, the May 19th story on this dvd. Kane himself said it was the day that Undertaker burned the funeral home and killed his parents and burned Kane's face. Plus it was cool how he was always being haunted by the date during matches, which ended in him turning on Big Show, his tag team partner and led to this match. Not one of Kane's best battles, but it's the story that made it interesting.

#3: Kane vs. Batista
Armageddon 2002

This is one of those very good, fast paced matches between too big heavyweights. Kane was always seen as the monster of RAW and then Batista comes along and you've got a clash of the titans. Unfortunately, Kane lost this one, but it's still a very good match, especially since this was when Batista was fresh and new, so any Batista fan would also love this match.

#4: Kane/RVD vs. Road Warriors
RAW 2003

Can't remember the exact date on this one, but it was after Kane & Rob Van Dam won the tag team belts. Now how often is it that you see the Legion of Doom, arguably the greatest tag team ever, just randomly show up and challenge the reigning tag team champions? Well thats exactly what happens here, and its definitely worth being put on the DVD.

#5: RAW TLC Match 2002
Tag Team Titles
Kane vs. Jeff Hardy/RVD vs. Chris Jericho/Christian vs. Dudley Boyz

Do I really need to explain why this one needs to be on the DVD? All Im gonna say is that Kane wins, and he won it on his own w/ no partner.

#6: Kane/Hulk Hogan/The Rock vs. nWo (Scott Hall/Kevin Nash/X-Pac)
RAW 2002
It's the only time u ever see Hulk Hogan and Kane involved in the same match, too bad they were on the same team. Sadly there may never be a match between Kane and Hogan, but it is cool to see them w/ The Rock as a tag team.

#7: Kane vs. Chris Benoit
World Title Match
Badd Blood 2004

This match was very intense. You had Benoit, one of the most rugged and tough champions going up against Kane, who according to the story behind the match, rarely taps-out. In fact, I can remember watching segments before this match of Kane escaping Benoit's Crippler Crossface submission move. Benoit fails to make Kane tap, but he does manage to BARELY roll him up for the pin. Still, the fact that Benoit couldn't get Kane to tap out or even get him in the Crossface is something to take note of. HOWEVER, I can understand why this one wasn't put in due to the Benoit tragedy, as WWE removed everything w/ the Benoit name from their organization once it occured. RIP Benoit & family.

#8: Kane vs Undertaker
Wrestlemania XX

The build-up to this match was epic and plus its a much better match up than the match up they had on SmackDown in 2008, which is on the DVD.

#9: Royal Rumble 2001

Kane makes 11 eliminations in this Royal Rumble match. Need I say more?

#10: Kane, Mark Henry, Great Khali, Big Daddy V
ECW Monster Mash Battle Royal

A battle of the superheavyweights. Sure it may be a slow paced match up, but its always fun to see the biggest wrestlers in the ring all go at it at once. However, Big Daddy V aka Viscera/Mabel is, well, he's not wearing a shirt.

Now those were the matches, here are some segments which could've been put on the DVD:

-Kane & Undertaker displaying both of their powers on RAW before Wrestlemania 14

-Kane announcing that if he did not beat Steve Austin, that he would set himself on fire (I think this is when Kane spoke for the first time using that device)

-Steve Austin trying to motivate Kane into being a monster again

-Kane chokeslamming Eric Bischoff off the RAW stage

-Kane electrocuting Shane McMahon in the area which hurts most

-Kane & Shane McMahon having dinner before their Survivor Series match ( Kane makes a great dinner guest in this segment. lol!)

-Kane's funeral for Undertaker after burying him alive @ Survivor Series

-Triple H telling the Katy Vick story on RAW

-The segment before Wrestlemania XX where there is a coffin in the ring and Kane tries to show he's not intimidated

-Kane stalks Great Khali with one of those hooks he used in See No Evil

-Kane tells Matt Hardy that he is the father of Lita's child right as Matt Hardy proposes to her

Now I know thats quite a bit, but as a big Kane fan, they really should've put these matches and segments in the DVD. But as with basically every WWE DVD, there are gonna be some matches or segments that anyone will say should have been added. Oh Well. Still a good DVD nonetheless.
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4.0 out of 5 stars Packaging of DVD, December 8, 2008
John Lindsey (Moore, Oklahoma) - See all my reviews
This review is from: WWE: The Twisted, Disturbed Life of Kane (DVD)
I got the Kane DVD today and I was very disappointed with the packaging because they put it in sleeves instead of hubs! I hope they don't start doing this, I just have to be more careful with it.
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