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VINE VOICEon June 19, 2007
This WrestleMania turned out to be the biggest event in the history of the company with it being completely centered around the fact that they return to Detroit 20 years after the historic WrestleMania 3...hense the nickname of "All Grown Up." Thoughout the night, you'll see WWE revisit & try to recreate classic moments from that event such as Aretha Franklin returning to WrestleMania to sing the National Anthem once again. And one thing to really check out was all the different & unique entrances.

"Money In The Bank" Ladder Match - Edge vs. Randy Orton vs. King Booker vs. Finlay vs. Matt Hardy vs. Jeff Hardy vs. CM Punk vs. Mr. Kennedy...Kennedy (sorry, I had to do that) - Damn, they knew how to kick this PPV off in style and this was the best Money In The Bank match to date. Not every participant was able to get a "highlight reel" spot but everyone held their own & was able make this the one of the best matches of the night. Some great moments to look out for where Edge's elimination from the match thanks to Jeff Hardy, Randy Orton recieving the Bookend off the ladder, and even Finlay's Hornswaggle getting in on some of the the return of the spinarooni!!!!

Kane vs. Great Khali - I guess the appeal here was two giants fighting each other but past that & WWE trying to recreate the "Hogan slamming Andre" moment, this was a poor match.

United States Champion Chris Benoit vs. MVP - This match got the least amount of hype than any other match on the the point where Benoit didn't even appear on the final edition of SmackDown before the PPV. We all know the quality Benoit can bring to a match but the shock was how much MVP was able to hold his own in the ring & display some technical wrestling of his own. This was the "sleeper" match of the night.

World Champion Batista vs. Undertaker - Taker's Undefeated Streak vs. Batista's Title and I'll be point blank honest, this was the match that should have ended the show. This was Batista's best showing since he returned from his injury as he stepped up his game & didn't show any lack of effort like most of his previous performances. This was a classic "big money" WrestleMania match & the match of the night for me as you saw the crowd off the chain thoughout the bout & even moments where it looked like Batista was going to end the streak & one spot to look out for would be Undertaker's big dive onto Batista. It's ironic that this was the 20 year anniversary of WrestleMania 3 but Undertaker walks out of his WM the same way he did 10 years a champion.

ECW Originals vs. New Breed: Rob Van Dam, Tommy Dreamer, Sandman, Sabu vs. Marcus Cor Von, Elijah Burke, Matt Striker, Kevin Thorn - This match was actually the biggest shock of the night because the ECW originals won which alot of people didn't expect. This match wasn't long enough for everyone to standout but it was good for what it was. If you happen to get the Blockbuster Video exclusive version of this DVD set, you'll see their Extreme Rules rematch. For those trivia fans, this was the WM debut for everyone in this match except RVD.

"Battle Of The Billionaries" Hair vs. Hair Match with special referee Stone Cold Steve Austin - Umaga w/Vince McMahon vs. Lashley w/Donald Trump - If you eliminate all the hype featuring McMahon/Trump...this was just an average match as Lashley & Umaga didn't really do anything here outside of their normal routine to the point where the match got dull at times & Shane McMahon's "Coast 2 Coast" was the most impressive move in the bout. The eventual ending happened with Umaga getting a stunner & spear before Mr. McMahon got a "Mr. Clean" haircut...and Donald Trump got a stunner.

Womens Champion Melina vs. Ashley - Instead of following the formula done at WM20 & 22 where the Playboy diva was put into a seperate attraction match, this was a repeat of WM21 where the girl gets a Womens title match only because she got naked in the magazine. Melina tried her best to carry Ashley but she just wasn't any good as the best move she did in the match was an elbow drop from the second rope. Looking at all the divas at ringside & the catfight afterwards couldn't have saved this match.

WWE Champion John Cena vs. Shawn Michaels - Cena's entrance for this WM heavily makes up for this "Chicago mobsters" entrance from last year...and for those who saw the PPV live, the streaker has been edited out of the DVD release. As I said earlier, this match should have switched places with the Taker/Batista match as it would have been an outstanding undercard match but it wasn't a match that was worthy of being the main event. HBK showed some good storytelling by working on Cena's leg thoughout the bout but unfortunally, Cena gave the performance that anti-Cena marks use when labeling him "superman" in that he no-sold his hurt leg at times & along with the piledriver on the steps he got earlier. This match was very much like his main event match with Triple H which means that it was a great match for what it was but it wasn't the quality that people would expect from a WrestleMania main event.

Now there are three different versions of this DVD (why? I don't know!). One version is just the event itself (which is the one that I saw) while the other is loaded with other extras such as highlights from the WM press conference, the preshow lumberjack match with Ric Flair & Carlito vs. Gregory Helms & Chavo Guerrero, and the Hall Of Fame ceremony honoring Mr. Perfect, Jim Ross, Jerry Lawler, Dusty Rhodes, Mr. Fuji, Wild Samoans, Nick Bockwinkle, and The Original Sheik. The third version is the Blockbuster exclusive that includes bonus extras such as the contract signing for the Battle Of The Billionaries match along with the Extreme Rules match between the ECW originals vs. New Breed from ECW on Sci-Fi.

Overall, this was an good WrestleMania as the only matches that were poor were the Womens match along with the Kane/Khali match. However I would recommend the Ultimate Edition along with the Hall Of Fame to get the most bang for your buck...unless you can get your hands on the Blockbuster version. I recommend but try to get the most bang for your buck & get one of the other two versions instead of just the event only edition.
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on October 13, 2012
I'll always enjoy Wrestlemania because this is the event where moments become legendary and dream matches happen. 2007 was my final year in high school and this was a great Wrestlemania to see. It may be a bit smaller than the Manias before this one, but I still think the card was fine.

Money In The Bank Ladder Match - Edge vs. Randy Orton vs. King Booker vs. Finlay vs. Matt Hardy vs. Jeff Hardy vs. CM Punk vs. Mr. Kennedy- First let me say, why was Edge & Randy Orton in this match? Don't get me wrong, I love both wrestlers but I wished they had a one on one match on this PPV instead. Anyway, if you've seen the last MITB matches; then you know what to expect with this match. It was a great opener to start the show. Everyone put on a fine performance. The main highlight is when Jeff Hardy dives on Edge on ladder outside the ring, which results in breaking the ladder (and Edge for that matter) in half. The winner comes as a complete shock to me.

Kane vs. Great Khali- Apart from Kane's tribute to Hulk Hogan slamming Andre The Giant 20 years ago, this match was really bad. Khali looks like a tree getting torn down everytime he wrestles. Kane deserves better!

United States Champion Chris Benoit vs. MVP- This was Benoit's final Wrestlemania before his tragic event. I must say, this was an entertaining match. Any of Benoit's matches were fantasic to just great and this was no different. MVP showed some skills here too. It's not the best match of the night, but don't skip either.

World Heavyweight Champion Batista vs. Undertaker- This was Taker's first title shot at Mania since 1997. Like everyone says, I think this should have been the main event. I mean Taker won the Royal Rumble and this two men have never fought against each other before. So why wasn't it? Anyway, I gonna say that this was my favorite match of the night!! It was so unpredictible and fast paced. There were many great moments like Taker diving over the top rope to Batista slamming Taker into the tables. The crowd was really into it as well. This was the match I wanted to see the most and it suprassed my expectations!

ECW Originals: Rob Van Dam, Tommy Dreamer, Sandman, Sabu vs. New Breed: Marcus Cor Von, Elijah Burke, Matt Striker, Kevin Thorn- This was a match I really didn't care much for. It was entertaining, but I didn't care at all for ECW. This match though was great to show off some new talent like The New Breed. But overall, it's a forgetable match. RVD should have been in MITB!

Battle Of The Billionaries" Hair vs. Hair Match - IC Champ Umaga w/Vince McMahon vs. ECW Champ Bobby Lashley w/Donald Trump with special referee Stone Cold Steve Austin- This was the most hyped up match of the event. Honestly, this match was nothing speical. Austin didn't really add to the match and it was a predictible fight. This could have been an typical match on RAW. The aftermath it funny though with Vinny Mac getting his head shaved bald and Trump getting stunned my Stone Cold (which looks really bad). Not a great match, but not as bad as everyone makes it out to be.

Womens Champion Melina vs. Ashley- Oh god, what is up with WWE placing really bad Diva matches before the main event? They did this the year before as well. As for the match, just skip because it's like every other Diva match.

WWE Champion John Cena vs. Shawn Michaels- I will admit, this was a better match than I expected; but it still was a pretty predicible match. Still, this was the 2nd best match of the night next to WHC title match eariler. Micheals is always great in any match he's in and Cena CAN put on a good show (sorry Cena haters). Both men put on a good show. Watch for Cena getting piledriven onto the steel steps. It's a no brainer to realize Cena was gonna win because Micheals had no interest in winning another title. Still, I enjoyed this match and Cena's car enterance. But I still think Taker & Batista's match would have been a better closer for the event.

Overall, I really enjoyed this Wrestlmaina despite it having smaller card than the previous Manias before. I was glad to have watched this was gonna to be the last Wrestlemania I'd see as a high schooler. The next manias I'd see as the next phase of my life would begin- Collage! My personal favorite match of the night was Taker vs. Batista and it was the one everyone was talking about the next day at school. It also began a great year long feud between the two. Don't pass this Mania up, it's great!
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on November 11, 2009
Im back with a wrestlemania 23 review. so thanks for reading and please comment.

Money in the bank ladder match-edge vs. jeff hardy vs. randy orton vs. booker t vs. cm punk vs. mr.kennedy vs matt hardy vs. finlay
This match is 19 min. of awesome. This was very fast paced through the whole match and is very enjoyable and has some Joey Styles Oh My God moments. This match is Highflying, exciting, and freckin brutal. I wasn't happy that mr.kennedy won because he was still a rising star here. Awesome moments when edge went through the ladder, punk getting rkoed off the ladder, booker t pulling out a mini ladder, and edge having a spear fest. A lot of moments that stole the show. But the stupidest thing is that Jeff Hardy wasted a perfect time to become the number 1 contender to the wwe or world title.
match rating:8/10

Kane vs. The great khali
This was the stupidest match on the card. this match shouldn't have even been at wrestlemania, this wouldn't even be a main event match on smackdown. This match was lame and slow paced. Not a good match to watch and should have been the opener.
match rating:1/10

United states championship-chris benoit(C) vs. MVP
This match was okay. There is a lot of technical wrestling in this match by benoit. Suplexes, submissions, and some dirty work by mvp. I honestly think their match at backlash and judgment day is better and more physical. Another average match on the card with benoit pulling off the win to retain.
match rating:6/10

World Heavyweight championship-Batista(C) vs. Undertaker
This match is great. Way better than the mitb match. To me, this and the wwe title match is the matches of the night. To me, this match was definatly worth getting match of the year for 07. Great match with some great mania' moments like batista power slamming taker through the anounce table, the dive over the top rope, the batista bomb, and the winning tombstone. stupid that this wasn't the main event because taker' won the rumble, but this match stole the show.
match rating:10/10

ECW originals(tommy dreamer, rvd, sandman, sabu) vs. new breed(Marcus Cor Von, Elijah Burke, Matt Striker, Kevin Thorn)
This match was also okay. But had some extreme moments with sabu and rvd. The originals pulled off almost a big win. Also, ECW originals earning a spot for ecw in the wwe. This match isn't as good as their extreme rules match on ecw.
match rating:7/10

Battle of the billionares(hair vs hair match)-Umaga vs. bobby lashely(special guest ref. stone cold steve austin)
This a good match here. Impressive action between two big guys like bobby lashely and umaga. Funny moment when mr.mcmahon got attacked by trump. Great moments when shane did a coast to coast, a stunner and spear on umaga, mr.mcmahon getting a michael jordon shave, and trump getting stunned. This match was what headlined wrestlemania, but was mostly hype. These two had a good rivalry going and had a solid match with some brawling from trump and mcmahon. Funny moment at the end when stone cold stunned trump.
Match rating:7.5/10

womens championship-Melina vs. Ashley
This match didn't deserve to be the match before the main event. This match, like all the other diva matches, stunk to.
Match rating:2/10

WWE championship-John Cena(C) vs. Shawn Michaels
Great match here. Also, standing ovations for both men. HBK had the biggest pop, but cena had the best entrance crashing a brand new mustang through the mania' glass. This was a regular, yet extreme match. Extreme moments with a moonsault on the announce table and a piledriver on the steps. a coward moment when michaels slaped cena at the begining. But cena pulling off another impressive win over HBK with the stf. This match is really fast paced and is great, but didn't deserve to be mania's main event.
match rating:9/10

Overall, a great event here. This is my second favorite wrestlemania 20 years after wm 3 in detroit. This dvd is mostly worth getting for the money in the bank, world title, and wwe title matches.
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on April 13, 2007
Money In The Bank Ladder Match

Mr. Kennedy vs. Matt Hardy vs. Jeff Hardy vs. Edge vs. Randy Orton vs. King Booker vs. Finlay vs. CM Punk

This match was very exciting and fun to watch. Alot of great spots. The best of them all was when Jeff Hardy did a leg drop off the top of a ladder onto Edge who was on another ladder on the outside. Jeff broke the ladder in half with his leap. Jeff said he was going to steal the show at Wrestlemania again, and he did it. There were plenty of other spots like an RKO to CM Punk from the top of a ladder among many others. Hornswoggle even makes an apperance but gets beat up by Kennedy who the goes on to win after hitting Punk with a ladder. Overall a very good match

Winner: Mr. Kennedy

19 Min.


Kane vs. The Great Khali

I'm a big fan of big man vs. big man, but this didn't live up to my expectations. They should of added a stipulation like Last Man Standing or something. Kane's hook comes into play and he low blows Khali with it. Kane also slams Khali. That was the highlight of the match. Khali wins after a double handed chokeslam.

Winner: The Great Khali

5 Min.


MVP vs. Chris Benoit (US Title)

MVP used a red white and blue atire signifying that he was the next US champ, and early in the match he wrestled like it too. He countered almost all of Benoit's submissions. He was beating Benoit at his own game. Benoit changed the momentum when he hit the triple Germans on MVP. Then he went up top for a diving headbutt and got the 1-2-3.

Winner: Chris Benoit (Still US Champ)

9 Min.


Batista vs. The Undertaker (World Heavyweight Title)

First off I don't know why they would put this match 4th when it should have been the main event. But anyways this was a phenominal match. Non stop action from beginning to end. Batista dominated early on but Undertaker changed that with a flying chlothsline. He then hit his signature leg drop off the appron sending thc=e champ to the floor. They stayed on the outside untill Batista slammed Undertaker through the announce table. When they got back in the ring Batista was back in control untill Undertaker hit the last ride. But Batista kicked out. Undertaker then hit the chokeslam and Batista still kicked out. Then after Batista recovered he hit the Batista Bomb. But Undertaker kicked out. Batista then tried to steal The Undertakers tombstone but failed. Undertaker hit the tombstone and won the title. If only it was given more time it would have been one of the greatest matches in Wrestlemania history.

Winner : The Undertaker (New World Champ) (15-0!)

16 Min.


PS Undertaker also did a suicide dive over the top rope like he did last year against Mark Henry.

ECW Originals (Rob Van Dam, Sabu, The Sandman, Tommy Dreamer) vs. The New Breed (Elijah Burke, Marcus Cor Von, Kevin Thorn, Matt Striker)

This was okay. Why it wasn't extreme rules is beyond me, but it was allright. The beginning was slow with freequent tags from The New Breed as they isolated Tommy Dreamer. Later it picked up with more high flying action from Sabu and RVD. RVD pinned Striker after a 5 Star Frog Spash. The extreme rules match from the ECW show would have been a better fit for Wrestlemania, but this was okay.

Winners: ECW Originals

6 Min.


Battle Of The Billionaires

Bobby Lashley (Donald Trump) vs. Umaga (Mr. McMahon)

Special Guest Ref. Stone Cold

For me this ranks higher on the entertainment scale than on the wrestling scale. Back and forth until Stone Cold gets involved phisicly with Umaga. Umaga got sick of it and hit the Samoan Spike on Austin. Shane McMahon then came in and hit Coast To Coast on Lashley. Then he got out his ref. shirt and started to count out Lasley. But Stone Cold pulled him out and rammed him into the steel steps. Trump then runs around the ring and chlotheslines Vince. Umaga goes for the spike again but Austin has other ideas. He ducks and stuns Umaga. Then Lashley spears him to win the match. Mr. McMahon tried to get away and keep his hair, but Lashley went up the ramp and brought him back to the ring. McMahon was stunned by Stone Cold. Then Lashley and Trump shaved his head bald. Then Stone Cold delivered a stunner to Donald Trump.

Winner: Bobby Lashley (Donald Trump)

14 Min.


Lumberjill Match for the Women's Title Ashley vs. Melina

Women's matches suck. Why do they give this stupid match a stipulation and not one for Kane/Khali or for the 8-Man Tag. I think the entrances are longer than the match itself. There were no good moves. Infact nothing about this is good. The only good women's match I've ever seen was Trish Status vs. Mickie James at last year's Wrestlemania. But this one was a dud. SKIP IT!

Winner: Melina (Still Women's Champ)

3 Min.


John Cena vs. Shawn Michaels (WWE Title)

This match had a much slower pace than th other world title match. HBK took the early advantage as he was out wrestling Cena. A few minutes into the match HBK hit a moonsault on the announce table. Later in the match HBK got busted open when he hit his head on the ring post. He then unintentionally super kicked the ref. HBK then took advantage as he pile drove Cena on the steel steps. Another ref came down and Cena kicked out of Sweet Chin Music. Michaels also kicked out of the FU. But Michaels couldn't escape the STFU. He had no choice but to tap. Cena retains. A marithon of a match ends with the wrong man winning!

Winner: John Cena (Still WWE Champ)

28 Min.


Overall this is a great PPV for both world title matches, the battle of the billionaires and the ladder match. Highly recommended.
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on May 19, 2008
wrestlemania 23 was a good wrestlemania however it only had one match stole the show.

match 1. 8 man money in the bank match
this was the best money in the bank match yet. alot of sick moves and alot of blood. jeff hardy creates another wrestlemania moment and cm punk shows that he can wrestle with the stars of the wwe. this match had alot of comedy in it as well for example the kennedy hornswoggle incident. the ending did not dissapoint either and overall it was a good match. 4/5

match 2. great kahli vs kane
this was a horrible filler and a huge waste of time. The crowd was booing this match from the begining. 1/5

match 3. us title chris benoit(c) vs MVP
wow this match was alot better than expected. benoit(rip) is a lights out wrestler and mvp holds his own in this match. very good technical battle with both men getting their moves in. the match was a little slow and longer than it had to be. the ending was good though. 3/5

match title match batista(c) vs undertaker
why the hell was this not the main event. This match was awesome. These two are two great wrestlers and deserve the main event. the match was the best singles match I may have ever seen. Taker brings out the best in batista and lets not forget taker not bad himself. the match never slowed down and these two did stuff that big men never do. the arena stood still when batista hit the batista bomb and exploded when taker kicked out. the ending was fantastic and help make this match, match of the year. 5/5

match 5. ecw originals vs the new breed
boring filler. I thought that this match was gonna be alot more hardcore than it was. the match was also very predictable.2/5

match 6. battle of the billionares hair vs hair match bobby lashley vs umaga. special referee stone cold austin
this match lived up to the hype. bobby lashley was in top form and so was umaga. the funny thing was the crowd cheered more when austin came in then when anyone else came in that night. the match was a little slow but the ending was terrific. the donald taking out mcmahon was also funny. the after math which including the shaving of the head was funny. overall this was a good match. 3.5/5

match 7. womens title melina(c) vs ashley
horrible match.skip it.0/5

match 8. main event wwe title cena(c) vs shawn michaels
It was pretty funny seeing the crowd boo cena as he walked in however lets talk about the match. The match was really slow and didn't start to pick up till about 20 minutes in. the last 10 minutes make the match. thier must've been 10 straight reverses and alot of kickouts. the people were on their feet when john had shawn in the stfu and they were screaming. the ending really hurt the match because the wrong man won.3.5/5

wrestlemania had one match I could watch over and over again and a few matches that did not deserve to be here all in all good wrestlemania.
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on March 29, 2007
I love the WWF/WWE. I love watching Wrestlemanias. But this year seem so dull there is not much build up to it. Well the 2 Championship that are scheduled was so random. Why put HBK against John Cena? He's done since Wrestlemania 20. Seems like he has no more chance of getting the title. But on the other hand I hated Cena. Cause seems like he's hogging the spotlight and dont wanna gve up the title. And he's having the title for a while. I gotta put my money on HBK this time. Even I dont like him also hes gonna get that title back on his waist one more time. He hasnt held the title since 2002. But I still think he should not be in the main event of this year.

On the other side, Batista vs Undertaker is gonna be the most I'm looking foward to see this sunday. It looks like history is repeating itself. Like Wrestlemania 13 with Taker's match with Psycho Sid. Slow. But I still enjoy reliving the moment seeing Taker holding the champion for only the second time of his career back then. been screwed so many times in the WWE past and present and now the time comes, he'll forsure guarantee that The Undertaker will be World Champion at Wrestlmania 23.

The Battle of the Billionaires is the stupidiest thing ever. Putting Bobby Lashley and Umaga in the match. You got Orton, Edge, Benoit, Booker T, Kennedy, Big Show and other talents that are way much better than these 2 and some of these superstars I mentioned were in the Money In The Bank Ladder Match. And Stone Cold as the referee is the only good thing of this match. Cause I know for sure he'll stunner all the 4 men in this match like he did to Goldberg and Lesnar 3 years ago. He's in the wrong position.

I'm also gonna review the ECW match between The Originals and The New Breed. It reminds me of back then in WCW where the have the New Blood against the Original WCWs Hogan, DDP, Nash, Goldberg, Sid, Sting, Flair, and Luger. I dont know why r how they got out of business. I missed the WCW. Why cant bring WCW back but the ECW? I really regreted from watching the WWF/WWE back then and not focusing watching the WCW. Hope McMahon and Bischoff bring it back. But I gotta pick the Originals. Even though I also dont like ECW. I looks boring but I kinda like RVD. Hes the only in my mind the most talent of all in this match. And they gonna win.

The Money In The Bank Ladder should be a 9 man interpromotional. Cause you have 4 Smackdown superstar, 3 Raw superstars, and only 1 ECW superstar in this match. They should put 3 for each brand. It would seem much better. You got all the great talents: Edge, Randy Orton, Mr. Kennedy, King Booker The Hardyz, CM Punk, and Finlay dont even deserves to be in the match and he's participated in this ladder for the second time. By the way, theres alot of talent of my favorites. Like all of them exept for Finlay and CM Punk. I dont know why everybody likes this man, but to all of his fans. Not to be mean, he's a nobody in my book. but I gotta say he deserves to be where he's at now with all the great talents. Well, my pick for this match is either Orton or Kennedy. I believe these 2 will be the future of the WWE. I expect this match to be better than the previous 2 cause you got The Hardyz and Edge who were great performers. Been in Ladder matches and in Wrestlemania 16 and 17. And were good at it.
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on March 30, 2007
1.World Heavyweight Championship Undertaker (face) vs Batista (heel)

Winner :The Undertaker ( 15-0), then at WM 24 Batista (face) will face Undertaker (heel) where the match would end to a no-contest and The Undertaker R.I.P in the ring and never appear in the ring again.

2. WWE Championship John Cena (face) vs HBK (face)

Winner : John Cena ( Shawn Michaels will taking time off to heal his knee surgery.
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on August 15, 2011
20 years ago Wrestlemania invaded the city of Detroit, headlined by Andre The Giant vs. Hulk Hogan and now 20 years later in the same city we have Wrestlemania 23.

Disc 1

-Aretha Franklin sings "America The Beautiful", a good rendition to say the least.

-Money In The Bank Ladder Match, Jeff Hardy vs. Finlay vs. Mr. Kennedy vs. Matt Hardy vs. King Booker vs. Randy Orton vs. CM Punk vs. Edge: This was the usual spot fest though Finlay hit a nice splash from the top rope onto the outside. Matt and Jeff do team up despite this being every man for themselves, but they do take it to each other at the top of a ladder. Jeff hits a huge splash off of a ladder onto the outside slamming Edge through another ladder. Orton hits a massive RKO off the ladder on Punk then Booker hits a Book End on Orton soon after. Hornswoggle makes an appearance but gets knocked off the ladder by Kennedy and shortly after Kennedy hits Punk with a ladder and climbs up to get the briefcase, Kennedy wins. 8/10.

-The Great Khali vs. Kane: The bookers for this show must've said, that first match was great, but we need to slow things down a lot and so comes this match. Its the usual big man vs. big man match, but its not very good, not that Kane didn't try but Khali is so immobile he makes it so hard for anyone to have a good match with him. Kane does take Khali off his feet at one point and even executes an impressive slam on the 420lb monster after giving him a low blow thanks to a chain and hook. Khali hits his chokeslam and covers Kane with one foot to win. 4/10. Afterwards Khali chokes Kane out with the chain.

-Funny thing backstage with Cryme Time trying to cheer up Eugene bringing in Extreme Expose. Mae Young and Moolah make an appearance along with numerous stars from the past, like Slick, Dusty Rhodes, Sgt. Slaughter, I.R.S., Ricky Steamboat, Jimmy Hart and of course Ron Simmons ending it as only he can.

-United States Championship Match, Chris Benoit (Champion) vs. MVP: Now this was a good back and forth contest, as MVP held his own in his first Wrestlemania against the veteran Chris Benoit. MVP was able to counter a lot of Benoit's offense including locking on his own type of submissions. MVP is also able to stay a step ahead of Benoit for a good portion of the match. Its probably one of the best technical wrestling matches at a Wrestlemania in quite some time. Benoit ends up hitting the diving headbutt and makes the cover to retain his title. 8/10. Side Note: Sort of eerie looking back now, hearing how the annoucers talked up Benoit and how the crowd cheered for him especially with what would happen just 3 months later.

-Hall of fame highlights are shown of the inductees then they are brought out to the live audience. The list includes Jerry "The King" Lawler, Jim Ross, Mr. Fuji, The Wild Samoans, Nick Bockwinkel, Mr. Perfect (accepted by his family), The Original Sheik (accepted by his wife) and Dusty Rhodes.

-World Heavyweight Championship Match: Batista (Champion) vs. The Undertaker: Wow how this wasn't higher on the PPV card I'll never know, they worked so well together countering each others moves on several occasions. These two delivered big time in a match where the animal gave it his all to end the streak but in the end Taker hits the Tombstone to become the World Champion. There aren't enough words to describe this match, watch it an enjoy. 10/10.

-Eight Man Tag Team Match, The Sandman, Tommy Dreamer, RVD and Sabu vs. Elijah Burke, Matt Striker, Marcus Cor Von & Kevin Thorn: Its the ECW Originals vs The New Breed and its not a bad match but it should've been a hardcore rules match as putting guys like Sabu & The Sandman in a regular match makes their flaws more obvious. Each guy gets a chance to get his spots in and for a time the New Breed dominates. RVD ends up hitting the frog splash on Striker and pins him and the Originals win the match. 6/10.

-Battle of the Billionaires, Hair vs. Hair Match, Umaga (Representing Vince McMahon) vs. Bobby Lashley (Representing Donald Trump) w/Special Referee Stone Cold Steve Austin: Quite a bit of build-up to this one and its fairly pedestrian for being this high up on the card. Both Lashley and Umaga are a lot alike style wise so you get a lot of power moves and also the expected involvement of Vince's son Shane, even attempting the Coast to Coast on Lashley and hitting it. Austin of course gets involved stunning a couple of people including Umaga and Lashley hits the spear to pin Umaga. 6/10. The aftermath of Vince getting his head shaved his quite funny to say the least. Also nice to see Trump get stunned.

-Lumberjill Match for the WWE Women's Championship, Ashley vs. Melina (Champion): Its the usual divas match where its used to cool down the audience from the previous match and its really not that good. Not that both didn't try but Ashley never had any business in the ring. The Lumberjills do play a part in the match throwing the women back in when they are outside the ring. Melina ends up reversing a rollup to pin Ashley and retain her title. 4/10. There's the expected mini-brawl with all the women which gets a bigger reaction than the match itself.

Disc 2

-WWE Championship Match, John Cena (Champion) vs. Shawn Michaels: Probably Cena's best wrestling match at a Wrestlemania, Michaels makes him look great and also it was nice to see Shawn be the main event again and he did steal the show. Plenty of good counter wrestling, the expected high spots from Michaels and of course Cena's usual offense. Cena does end up locking on the STFU and after battling to get out of it Michaels finally taps out. Great main event, 10/10.


-Commercials that hype the main matches

-All Grown Up Vignettes with the Superstars.

-Highlights of the Wrestlemania 23 Press Conference

-Stone Cold Steve Austin Announce As The Special Guest Referee: Very good segment from Raw that had the crowd chanting for Austin before he even came out.

-No Way Out Rematch, Raw 3/26/07: John Cena & Shawn Michaels vs. The Undertaker & Batista: A good tag team match with both the Wrestlemania main event players teaming up. God way to build up on the final Raw before Wrestlemania. interview: Maria interviews CM Punk before Wrestlemania 23

Disc 3

The Entire Hall of Fame Ceremony: The best speeches are by Jim Ross, Curt Henning (done by his family, very emotional) and Dusty Rhodes.

Other inductees include: Nick Bockwinkel, Mr. Fuji, The Wild Samoans, The Original Sheik and Jerry "The King" Lawler.

For being the 20 year return to Detroit, there were a couple of duds but the main event and even the U.S. title matches were well worth watching.
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on March 28, 2011
Wrestlemania 23:

1. Jeff Hardy vs Edge vs Mr Kennedy vs Matt Hardy vs Randy Orton vs Cm Punk vs Finlay vs King Booker Money In The Bank Ladder Match: This is the perfect way to kick of wrestlemania, 2nd best money in the bank match with some breathtaking spots including, jeff putting edge through a ladder, and orton hits an RKO off the top of a ladder, such a good match, even hornswoggle got involved and got his butt kicked from kennedy, so glad with the outcome, great match ****1/4

2. Great Khali vs Kane: This was not good at all, but I wasnt expecting much, very slow, dragged on, I just hated it, ending was fine and this was nothing more than a filler *

3. Chris Benoit(c)vs MVP U.S title: I didnt enjoy this match than everyone else, I like both wrestlers but the pace was slow and it seemed to drag on, this was benoits last match at wrestlemania and it definatley wasnt his best **1/2

4. Batista(c)vs The Undertaker WH Title, Streak vs Title: I thought that this match was great, a lot of good power moves, good table spot, and at the end it was very fast paced with some good counters, in the middle of the match taker does his signiture leap of faith onto batista, overall a great championship match, but this shouldnt of been the 4th match ****

5. ECW Originals vs New Breed: I thought that this was a pretty good match, better than I expected it to be, dreamer hits a sick DDT onto striker and sabu almost botches a dive out of the ring, overall this could of been worse, the ending was pretty good **3/4

6. Bobby Lashley vs Umaga Spec Ref= Steve Austin, If Lashley loses then Donald Truump has to have his head shaved, If Umaga loses then Vince Mcmahon has to have his head shaved: This is a good match, some good storyline telling, like it when shane mcmahon hit the coast to coast on lashley, the match moved along smoothly, great ending with austin getting involved, and the aftermath was even better ***1/4

7. John Cena(c)vs Shawn Michaels WWE Title: This was one of the best main events of all time, an amazing match in every way, some great counters, theres a sick spot in the middle where cena gets piledrivered onto steel steps, match went on for 28 minutes so it was given a great amount of time, it was just such a fun match to watch and you didnt know who was going to win, personally I think the wrong man won but that doesnt hurt the match one bit ****1/2

Match of the Night: Cena vs Michaels
Worst Match of Night: Khali vs Kane
Moment of Night: SPOILER= Mcmahon gets a haircut!

Overall PPV: 8.25/10

This has a must see match, a fun opener and a great world title match, I reccomend this dvd!
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on December 20, 2010
One of the BEST spectacles in sports entertainment...

Jeff Hardy Vs. Matt Hardy Vs. King Booker Vs. Finlay Vs. C.M. Punk Vs. Mr. Kennedy Vs. Randy Orton Vs. Edge (Money In The Bank Ladder Match) - Well I will start by saying that this one of the best Money in the Bank matches ever! Outstanding performance by every superstar(yes even Finlay) Mr.Kennedy wins although he had never won a title... 10/10

Kane Vs. The Great Khali- This match had potential if Khali wasn't so HUGE! Kane was doing his part just fine. Although Khali needed to step up his game for his first-ever Mania. It just got a little sloppy. Khali sadly wins weakly as well. 6.5/10

Chris Benoit Vs. MVP (WWE U.S. Title Match) - Sadly we know about this infamous tragedy now. I would just like to say that both men had the spotlight here and were great superstars despite their past. Otherwise good match. 8.5/10

The Undertaker Vs. Batista (World Heavyweight Championship) - Well we all now that this match was absolutely incredible! They put on one hell of a match! I just loved the entire rivalry and neither man dropped the ball at this show. TAKER WINS! 15-0 9.5/10

ECW Originals Vs. The New Breed - Not too much to say about this one guys, just the return of the DISGUSTING NEW ECW.(Meaning I enjoyed the old ecw much more.) Originals win 7/10

"Battle Of The Billionaires" Hair vs. Hair Match with special referee Stone Cold Steve Austin - Very funny well played by all participants. I loved the outcome as well should all of us... 9/10

Womens Champion Melina vs. Ashley - I guess it was good... I mean come on now can't we give the divas some decent matches by now? 7/10

WWE Champion John Cena vs. Shawn Michaels - Now this is what I am talking about! These two are 2 of my Favorites in and out of the ring. Shawn can really put on a show and we all can agree with that. Cena also shows the true heart of what a champion should be...Overall outstanding efforts and they both deserve the best in the future! 10/10

All in all, this event is great and should be even better in your collection...Let me know how i did and enjoy this one.
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