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on July 19, 2006





1. The hardy Boyz vs. The hurrican and lance storm for the wcw tag team titles- This was a nice chocie as an opener. Both teams really put alot of effort in to this match. I would say that it was a nice fast paced hardy boyz trype of match and one that was given enough time to enjoy. WInners and stil wcw tag team champs the hardy boyz. Match Rating 7/10.

2. TEst vs. Kane- This was an okay match. I would sy that this was an aboveaverage big man match. I think that kane carried this match and i never thought test did much. Lots of near falls and lots of hard hitting action in this match. Big boot wins it for test. WInner Test MAtch Rating 7/10.

3. Torrie vs. Stacy in a lingera match- This was a horriable match. this was not a good wrestling match at all and the only two resons these women were brought in was because for looks. Saying htat i will rate this match in a half based on looks. WInenr torrie wilison. Match Rating 5/10.

4. Edge vs. Christian for the wwe itc title in a ladder match- This was tied for the match of the night. It mioght have been match of the night it was hard to decide. ANyway this was nice to see. They had had alot of ladder matches thsi year but this one took the cake. For one reason is because these two have been in so many ladder matches together they put on an awsome show with alot of high fling spots. WInner and new wwe itc champ edge. Match Rating 9/10.

5. The Dudley Boyz vs. The Big Show & Tajiri for the wwf tag team titles- This was an averag tag team match. I really could not get into this much as much as i should have. The reaosn being is that i think that the big show and tajiri did not mix well as a tag team. IT was okaty but not that good. Winners and still wwe tag team champs the dudley boyz. Match Rating 6/10.

6. Undertaker vs. Booker T- This was another up and down match. They had another one of these in 2004 at judgement dya and i wouldsay that this one was a little bit better. WHen u look at this match on paper it looks alot btter than it is. There styles mixed ok but i oculd not get into it as much as i wanted. WInner Undertaker. MAtch Rating 6.5/10.

7. The Rock vs. Chris Jericho for the wcw title- This was a god match. There series basically staeyd the same rating wise but i really liked this on.e One reason is ther match was set up beaytiful with a great storyline and great wrestling. Also lots of near falls int his match made this awsome. The othere great part about this match was we got to see them give y2J the respect he finally deserved. it was so nice for him to get a little bit of a push. Winner and new wcw champ Y2J. match Rating 8.5/10.

8. Steve Austin vs. Kurt Angle vs. Rob Van Dam for the wwe title in a triple threat match- This was another great match. They added rvd to the mix which was a great chocie. This match flowwed so good to the feud of austin and angle to the addittion of rvd it worked perfect. Great time gievn about 20 minutes. This was non stop action and even thought the no dq did not come into play that much it was still great and a nice ending invovling shane and vince. WInner and still wwe champ. Match Rating 9/10.

Well that raps up another. I would give no mercy 2001 a grade of 58/80 which is a 72% which means this is an awsome ppv. I would very much recomend this to anyone and get it right away. If u can tell me if my review was helpful or not i would appreicate that. Thanks for your time.
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on May 11, 2002
The WWF left No Mercy....for weak matches! This PPV was my favorite of 2001 and maybe ever, this PPV had no weak matches they were either great or good man from the theme music to the stage to the pyro and finally the matches this was WWF at its best from top to bottm lets get the ball rollin' and review the matches....
1) WCW Tag Team Titles The Hardyz w/Lita(c) vs Lance Storm w/Ivory & Hurricane w/Mighty Molly 9/10- This was a great way to kick off No Mercy, so many double team moves and great action theres no slowing down or any slow spots this match had a steady pace all the way through and just kicked ***!
2)Kane vs Test 8.5/10- This match exceeded what expectations I had for it, Kane and Test pur on a very well fought match Kane has got "hops" but dang that dude can jump and dropkick someone nicely, this match was just great the ref was stupid (Nick Patrick) but the cool spots made up for it.....
3) 1st Ever Lingerie Match Stacy Keibler vs Torrie Wilson 10/10- This was one of those matches where it doesn't matter about the wrestling this was flat out awsome reminds me why I was called a perv in Junior High, the only bad was that stupid ref with a woody but hek I would've had one to, great match Stacy and Torrie are both FINE! Nice final pin, grab that ***!!
4) WWF InterContinental Title Ladder Match Edge vs Christian(c) 10/10- This was by far the best singles ladder match ever invented so many different usages of the normal household tool, the ladder.....and something that no other ladder match really had and thats a totally reeking of awsomeness finish! Great match brothers set a new bar in bro vs bro matches alot better than Hardy vs Hardy at Vengeance!!!
5)WWF Tag Tean titles Dudley Boyz(c) vs Big Show & Tajiri 8/10- This match was the second tag match of the night the first was a hard one to follow up too, but this match was also good, lots of spots and cool moves Rhyno was in there for no reason but to knock out Show which was pointless because Big Show looked like he got slapped in the stomach more than a "GORE" match was good with a nice ending.....
6) Undertaker vs Booker T 9/10-This match was a good wrestling match some nice moves by both men but could've had more, but still all in all good match with a predictable ending not very original but the match was still a good one!
7) WCW Title The Rock(c) vs Chris Jericho 10/10-This was the show stealer, the best damn WCW title match ever! People who said Rock cannot wrestler and either can Jericho were way off this showed the great chemistry The Rock and Jericho had with no boring moments this was great from top to bottom arguably Rock and Jericho's best match of their careers atleast one fo them, Jericho takes a sick Rockbottom through a table as Jericho reverses the People's Elbow with the Walls! This match just leaves you wanting more, the ending is great and Rock and Jericho put on a CLASSIC!
WWF Title Triple Threat No DQ match Stone Cold Steve Austin(c) vs Rob Van dam(HC Champ) vs Kurt Angle 9.5/10- This match had awsome spots and it really was a great main event, all of the men gave it all they had but I wanted RVD or Angle to win, unlike other triple threats this one was great and deserved to have RVD in it as he showcased what he had, just flat out great.....
Even though this DVD had no booklet or extras the event made up for it and it was great, I have to admit the cover is stupid but who cares, awsome PPV best quality matches of 2001 and just flat out a showcase of the legends to come!
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on April 17, 2005
No Mercy 2001 had so many great matches that it wasn't easy to give this less than 5 stars. The main event was worth the price of this alone. But the card was solid enough to push this to a five star rating.

WCW Tag Team Championship Match

The Hardy Boyz [Champions] vs. Lance Storm and The Hurricane:

This was a high flying, fast paced match. Both teams were accompanied by ladies as the Hardy Boyz had Lita and Lance Storm and The Hurricane had Molly Holly and Ivory. The Hardy Boyz win after Jeff uses the Swanton Bomb. 8/10

Kane vs. Test:

This was a big man match, as both men used giant kicks to the face all throughout the match. Test tries to use a chair but Kane kicked it right in his face. The WCW ref distracts Kane long enough for Test to get the win. 7/10 [After the match the ref gets his a** handed to him by Kane]

First Ever Lingere Match

Torrie Wilson vs. Stacy Keibler:

This was for the male viewers, and being one myself i didn't complain. I will say that the wrestling was absolutely horrid though. 3/10 [Just for the outfits]

Intercontinental Championship

Ladder Match

Christian [Champion] vs. Edge:

This ladder match still stands as one of the best one on one ladder matches to this day. Too many spots to name, but one painful one was when Edge jumped off a ladder on top of Christian who was on a ladder. Numerous chair shots by both men but Edge wins after giving the Con-Chair-To to Christian. 10/10

WWF Tag Team Championship Match

Dudley Boyz [Champions] vs. Big Show and Tajiri

The Dudley Boyz main target during this match was Tajiri as Big Show kicked their a**es everytime he was tagged in. Tajiri accidently hit the ref with the green mist. Then Rhyno comes down and gores Big Show. The Dudley Boyz win after giving Tajiri the 3D. 8/10 Good match

Undertaker vs. Booker T:

Not much to say, its just like their match at Judgment Day 2004 but the excitment from the crowd was much better. Back and forth action and the Undertaker wins with the Last Ride Powerbomb. 7/10, [okay match, just a card filler my opinion.]

WCW World Heavyweight Championship Match

The Rock [Champion] vs. Chris Jericho:

This was the best of the three times these two have gone one on one with each other. Jericho gets Rock Bottomed through a table during the match, then Stephanie comes down and gets Rock Bottomed as well. Jericho wins thanks to a steel chair. 9/10 excitment all the way through.

WWF World Heavyweight Championship

No Disqualification

Stone Cold Steve Austin [Champion] vs. Kurt Angle and RVD:

Three unique stlyes met in a triple threat match for Austins championship. The action was fast paced and all three men broke up three counts at various times. Not much weapons were used but Angle did backdrop Austin on an announce table but the table didn't break.

Mr. McMahon came to the ring and used a chair on Austin. Shane McMahon made his presence known and attacked Vince. Austin wins after giving the stunner to Rob Van Dam. 10/10 [Greatest main event in the history of No Mercy.]

No Mercy 2001 was one of the best ppvs that year had near its end. To think that now we have to deal with guys like Heidenreich and stupid car crashes. [Just watch No Mercy 2004 to see what I mean]
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on July 1, 2005
1-WCW Tag Team Championships

The Hardy Boyz (Champions) vs Lance Storm and The Hurricane

This was a solid opener with some cool double team moves by both teams. Hardyz win with Swanton Bomb


2-Kane vs Test

Excellent Match! These two put on a great match with some huge moves by both men. Test wins with the big boot. After the match Kane gets pissed off and gives Nick Patrick two chokeslams and a powerbomb.


3-1st Ever Lingerie Match

Torrie Wilson vs Stacy Kiebler

This was crap in terms of wrestling, but Awesome in terms of looks. I didn't care bout the wrestling, I watched it for the lingerie. Man these two are hot. Torrie wins.


4-WWF Intercontinental Championship Ladder Match

Christian (Champion) vs Edge

This has got to be the best Ladder Match EVER!!! I loved it. There are two many sick bumbs to discribe. Edge wins it with the 1-Man Conchairto on top of the ladder.

Best Match of the night!


5-WWF Tag Team Championships

The Dudley Boyz (Champions) vs The Big Show and Tijiri

This match wasn't good, but it wasn't pathetic. It could have been better though. The Dudleyz win.


6-Undertaker vs Booker T

This Match was boring, but you should still watch it. Undertaker wins with the Last Ride out the corner.


7-WCW Championship

The Rock (Champion) vs Chris Jericho

Finaly.....Jericho wins the big one!

This match was Awesome. One of the best title matches I've seen. The moves, the attitude, was all in this match. Jericho gets Rock Bottomed through the announce Table. Jericho wins thanks to a steel chair.


8-WWF Championship No DQ.

Stone Cold Steve Austin (Champion) vs Kurt Angle vs RVD

No-one actually used the No DQ rule, except for vince, but this match was Awesome anyway. They all did their signature moves, they all took some cool bumps and Vince kicks Shane's Ass.

Austin wins with a Sick Stunner to RVD.

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on October 23, 2001
Great PPV. Here are the matches in order according to stars.
1.WCW Tag Team Championship: Hurricane and Lance Storm V.S Hardy Boyz(c) ***1/2- Great starter
2.Test V.S Kane ***1/2- a lot more than I expected
3. First-Ever Lingerie Match: Stacy V.S Torrie ****1/2- I loved this match like any other man out there- the only reason I didn't give it 5 stars is because it's no Andre V.S Hogan
4. Ladder Match for the I.C Championship: Edge V.S Christian(c) ****- brother V.S brother was great- some great high spots and the one man conchairto on the top of the ladder was great
5. WWF Tag Team Championship: Big Show and Tajiri V.S The Dudley Boyz(c) ***- the only thing that made this great ws Tajiri, Big Show, and Rhyno's gore- dudley's performance was a bore
6. Taker V.S Booker T ****- Great match which ended the same as the one at W17- Booker T should have won
7.WCW Championship: Chris Jericho V.S The Rock(c) *****- show stealer- great performance and the Rock finally lost a match to a worthy apponent
8. Triple threat for the WWF Championship: RVD V.S Kurt Angle V.S Stone Cold(c) ****1/2- great match with plenty of high spots but not as entertaining as the Rock/Jericho
No Mercy was all and all a great PPV. I recommend buying when it comes out.
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on January 16, 2013
I used to have many WWF Home Video tapes from the late 90s , but have had most stolen or thrown away by parents over time. Remaining only in my collection of VHS was WWF St. Valentines Day Massacre In Your House 99 and WWF Fully Loaded IN Your House 98. The ppv No Mercy took place during my first year of college so i didnt have much time to watch WWF then. So for me this was perfect because I knew all the wreslters as it took place at the end of the WCW vs WWF angle that would wrap soon at Survivor Series the next month. (Yes, the bring Flair back the night AFTER survivor Series, after WCW has lost? whatever ...doesn't make sense) but anyway the show No Mercy was grand. The main events are top notch As the Triple Threat Austin WCW RVD ECW and Kurt Angle WWF are in a triple threat match for the WWF Championship! An exciting match helped by a hot St. Louis crowd. Also The WCW Championship is on the line in another stellar match between Chris Jerico and Rocky "The Rock" Maivia!
Only bad thing the tape was in EP mode, so it had low quality picture and sound. Its too bad as the SP WWF tapes that they used for most PPVS (Fully Loaded 98), Judgment Day In your House, Rock Bottom, and so on were in SP. The only ones I remember being in EP were WrestleMania XV and WrestleMania XIV. Maybe they are longer and decided that was easier and cheaper to do it that way. Really hurt the sound, and they were putting entrances in Stereo, remember at Breadown In Your House 98 with Shamrock theme, and Rocks nation theme being channel so nicely that at the time it was a wow!
Undertaker also takes on Booker T.
The WWF Tag Titles are in a match as the Dudley Boys Buh Buh Ray Dudley and D-von Dudley take on the Big Show Paul Wight and Tajiri.
There is a long boring ladder match, thats the worst match on here between Edge and his brother Christian Cage. It s too bad as it was for the Intercontental Title, could have been a classic, instead this match has been buried its so bad,,
Torrie Wilson and Stacy wrestled in thier underwear.
kane battled Test, and The WCW tag team Titles were on the line as Hurricane Helms and Lance Storm teamed up against the WCW Tag Team Champs (who are in the WWF) The Hardy Boyz Matt and Jeff.

WWF and WCW title matches are tops.
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on June 4, 2004
No Mercy 2001 was one of the best PPV's of the year. Here is the review of this great event.
Hardy Boyz v.s Lance Storm and the Hurricane (WCW tag team titles) 9/10
There is no better way to start a PPV then this. This was a great match with some really cool moves. Lita, Ivory and Mighty Molly get involved too. Hardy's win.
Test v.s Kane
Another really good match. These 2 give it there all for 10 minutes straight. Kane kicks out of everything until Test gets a huge big boot for the win. The after-match is really cool because Nick Patrick gets the hell beaten out of him. I totally loved this match.
Torrie Wilson v.s Stacy Keibler (first ever lingerie match)
The wrestling may not have been any Benoit/Angle match, but god dam those chicks are fine!
Edge v.s Christian (ladder match for the intercontinental title)
An amazing ladder match that goes for nearly 25 minutes. Both men take some of the biggest bumps of all time, especially Christian. Edge wins a classic ladder match and the title.
(Side note: Christian is the next Shawn Michaels, not Jeff Hardy or Y2J; the peep daddy is the next HBK!)
The Dudley Boyz v.s Big Show and Tajiri (WWF tag team titles)
This was a really good match. Even though it was probably was the worst match on the card, it was still good! Rhyno Gores Big show and the Dudleys win.
The Undertaker v.s Booker T
This could have been better. It was still good, but a no d-q stipulation would have worked better. Some good moves though and Undertaker wins with a last ride.
The Rock v.s Chris Jericho (WCW title)
This was one of the best matches of the year! Y2J finally wins the big one. The Rock puts Jericho over in an amazing match. Stephanie McMahon comes down and gets a rock bottom. Great match by 2 great athletes.
Stone Cold v.s Kurt Angle v.s Rob Van Dam (WWF title)
A great and worthy main event between 3 wrestlers with very different styles. RVD was in his first main event match and did really well. Kurt Angle was just Kurt Angle and he did an amazing moonsalt in this match. Austin wins after interference from Shane and Vince. Fantastic main event.
So all in all No mercy 2001 was a great event. Out of 80 it gets 70.5. Buy this DVD or video now!
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on August 15, 2002
No Mercy 2001 was built around the WWE/Alliance feud, which was host to a decent storyline featuring Stone Cold and Kurt Angle feuding over the WWE Championship, with newcomer Rob Van Dam thrown into the mix to create an exciting triple threat main event at the PPV. There was also a traditional face vs. face feud involving The Rock and Chris Jericho, which leads to another big match with the now defunct WCW strap on the line. There is lots more, including the conclusion of the sibling feud between Edge and Christian in a ever popular ladder match, along with The Undertaker and Kane looking for retrobution against Test and Booker T in singles competition. Many titles are up for grabs on this event, which is stacked with eight quality matches. I will review each match and give it a rating out of five stars (*****):
WCW Tag Team Championship - The Hardy Boyz (with Lita) vs. Lance Storm (with Ivory) and the Hurricane (with Mighty Molly): This is a good opening match, lots of near falls and excitement towards the end, with everyone including the ladies getting involved. ***1/4
Test vs. Kane: Pretty slow match, with a lot of brawling and power moves. The pace picks up a bit near the end, where both men try hard to quicken the pace, but this bout is mediocre at its best. *1/2
Lingerie Match - Torrie Wilson vs. Stacy Keibler: A surprisingly decent outing, with both ladies looking great in their outfits. Some okay wrestling is also attempted, and this will please all male viewers. ***
Intercontinental Championship Ladder Match - Edge vs. Christian: Wicked ladder match between the brothes will with all the stops being pulled out. High risk spots and good grappling result in an awesome battle. ****1/2
WWE Tag Team Championship - Tajiri and The Big Show vs. The Dudley Boyz: Another good example of tag team wrestling with some awesome sequences building up to an exciting climax. ***
Undertaker vs. Booker T: Another slow paced match up, but some decent submission wrestling is thrown in along with some close near falls and a great ending. **3/4
WCW Championship - The Rock vs. Chris Jericho: AWESOME battle with loads of gripping action and thrilling sequences. Match of the night by a wide margin. ****3/4
WWE Championship Triple Threat Match: Rob Van Dam vs. Kurt Angle vs. Stone Cold: Another great bout to top off a spectacular event with loads of high spots from Rob Van Dam and great brawling from Angle and Austin. ****1/2
This is worth the money alone just for the last two matches, both which were brilliant. With other acceptable wrestling this is definately a four star event. It would of acheived five if it were not for the second and sixth matches, both of which had little heat and very slow brawling. Definately worth renting or even buying just for some of the action. Terrific event overall.
Final Rating - **** (Four Stars)
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on July 29, 2003
WWF No Mercy 2001
October 21 2001
Saint Louis,Missouri
WCW Tag Team Titles
1.The Hardy Boyz vs Lance Storm & The Hurricane
2.Kane vs Test
Lingerie Match
3.Stacey Keibler vs Torri Wilson
WWF Tag Team Titles
4.Dudley Boyz vs Tajiri & Bigshow
WWF Intercontinetal Title Ladder match
5.Christain vs Edge
6.Undertaker vs Booker T
WCW Title
7.The Rock vs Chris Jericho
WWF Title
8.Stone Cold Steve Austin vs Kurt Angle vs Rob Van Dam
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on March 17, 2016
The APA (Faarooq and Bradshaw) (WWF) vs. Chris Kanyon and Hugh Morrus (WCW) 2/5

WCW Cruiserweight Championship:
Billy Kidman (c) (WCW) vs. Scotty 2 Hotty (WWF)

WCW Tag Team Championship:
The Hardy Boyz (Matt Hardy and Jeff Hardy) (c) (with Lita) (WWF) vs. Lance Storm and The Hurricane (with Mighty Molly and Ivory) (WCW) 3/5

Test (WCW) vs.Kane (WWF) 3/5

Lingerie match:
Torrie Wilson (WWF) vs. Stacy Keibler (WCW) 2/5

Ladder match for the WWF Intercontinental Championship:
Edge (WWF) vs. Christian (c) (WCW) 5/5

WWF Tag Team Championship:
The Dudley Boyz (Bubba Ray Dudley and D-Von Dudley) (c) (ECW) vs. Big Show and Tajiri (WWF) 3/5

The Undertaker (WWF) vs. Booker T (WCW) 3/5

WCW Championship:
Chris Jericho (WWF) vs. The Rock (c) (WWF) 4/5

Triple threat match for the WWF Championship:
Stone Cold Steve Austin (c) (WCW) vs. Kurt Angle (WWF) vs. WWF Hardcore Champion Rob Van Dam (ECW) 4/5
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