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on January 31, 2014
When you read the 1-star reviews it's obviously user error in most cases - or people who just aren't familiar with the awkward getting-used-to-it phase of a first time tablet user. Yes, a tablet feels awkward at first, you have to learn to get the feel for it. But it doesn't take more than a few days. Then you'll never go back to a clunky old mouse.

To answer some of the specifics people have complained about:

1. It didn't ship with the extra nibs they promised me!
• Yes it did. They are in a little hidden compartment on the back of the tablet.

2. It has a rough, gritty surface texture!
• Have you ever used a slick tablet? Your hand sticks to it. The rough texture not only adds a wonderfully realistic friction to the feel of your pen (like drawing paper), but it prevents your greasy, nasty damp hand from sticking to the tablet.

3. It feels light and cheap and the pen is too skinny!
• It feels NICE and light to me. Like a carbon fiber bike, stiff, light and tight. The pen is on the skinny side, but I don't mind. Feels like a real pen to me. Not clunky. But if you like clunky, you can always get a pack of those foamy pencil grips, cut out a slot for the button (or don't use the buttons at all, like me) and you'll be so stoked.

4. The driver didn't work and there are no drivers available anywhere on planet earth!!
• Well you're right about that crappy driver CD that shipped with the tablet. It failed for me too. But you CAN get the drivers for this from the Wacom website. A quick download and it was up and running in a few minutes. It is admittedly hard to find the drivers with Wacom's poor site navigation. However it's easy to find if you google "wacom drivers" in which case it is the top hit: [...]
5. OMG! There's no eraser!
• I've been using Wacom tablets for 12+ years - as a professional graphic designer and illustrator, 40+ hours a week. Shoot, that's about 25,000 hours! Anyway, I've never once had the slightest want or urge to use the dumb eraser they put on the back of the pen. If you're a savvy user of your favorite graphics software, you are already switching among MANY tools with your "other" hand via keyboard shortcuts. If you can't add "E" for eraser to your repertoire, that's on you. I'm personally glad there's one less useless feature on this pen. Now it can be even lighter! BWAHAHAHAHAHA!

Happy "Mousing"
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on December 17, 2013
I bought this tablet strictly as a mouse replacement and this review is about my experience trying to find relief for my RSI.

As a Mechanical Engineer I spend 6-8 hours a day in front of a computer, mostly using 3D CAD programs such as Solidworks and Pro E. These programs are VERY mouse heavy and require precise movements. I had always used a traditional mouse (because I didn't know anything else existed) with no issues until one day I noticed some pain in my right forearm. Thinking I was just tense that day, I powered through. The pain came back the next day even worse. I dealt with that for about a week, hoping it would go away or I could find a way to hold my mouse that would minimize the strain on my arm. I even tried mousing with my left hand for a week and the pain turned up there too! I turned to the internet for a solution and after a couple Google searches all roads seemed to point me towards a vertical mouse (Evoluent has some great SEO). Not wanting to drop too much money, I settled on the Lugulake vertical mouse for $11. For a single day I thought I had solved the problem because the pain was less intense in my forearm than it had previously been, but within a week the pain had moved from my forearm to my hand due to the new clamping force necessary to click the mouse and the new muscles that were now in a constant tense state. I knew this product would not work for me so I turned to the internet again and this time wound up at the trackball. I purchased the Kensington K72337US trackball and again I thought my problem had been solved. But after a week, the pain in my forearm returned with a vengeance due to all the finger movements necessary to operate a trackball. I began to panic. I make my livelihood off my ability to manipulate a cursor on a screen and thus far ALL my attempts at doing this seemingly simple task without pain in my arm had failed. After several more hours of research I was led to the pen tablet which is where my quest for painless computing has ended.

I purchased this tablet after reading good reviews and after a week of using this device nearly all my pain is gone (can you hear the hallelujah chorus?). My hand feels much more relaxed holding the pen than a mouse.
My biggest worry about switching to a pen tablet was a loss of productivity, but after a few days of getting used to using the tablet I believe I'm even FASTER with the tablet than I am with a traditional mouse (even with Solidworks). This is due to the fact that every point on the tablet is mapped to an exact location on the computer screen so with some practice you can move around the screen with much less hand movement than with a traditional mouse.
This tablet is extremely well made and it has far exceeded my expectations. Coming from a non-Adobe / Photoshop user I can easily say that this works well simply as a mouse replacement. In fact had pen tablet technology been around when Xerox first invented the mouse, perhaps we'd all be using these.

NOTE: If you're buying this as a mouse replacement there are a few things you should know before you buy.
1. Pen tablets work much differently than traditional mice. With a mouse, you move the cursor and it stays put until the mouse is moved again. With a pen tablet, the cursor is moved by HOVERING the pen over the tablet and where you touch the tablet is where you CLICK. This really concerned me when I first started using it because I was nervous it would cause my forearm to tense up to make fine movements. This was not the case, however, and believe me you want it like this. If you moved the mouse by contacting the surface you would have to make significantly more movements to move the cursor across the screen, thus increasing the toll on your hand and arm. The way this tablet is designed, once you "learn" your screen you are much faster and more efficient moving the cursor but it will take some patience to get used to.

2. The buttons on the tablet and stylet can be programmed to any key or mouse click you want. This, in addition to a key remapping software can make you much more productive.

3. In retrospect it probably would have been worth the extra money to get the Wacom Pen & Touch tablet just in case I ever wanted to use the touch feature. But with how well like the pen mode I don't think I'll switch.

BOTTOM LINE: I'm so thankful for Wacom and this product because it has saved my career. If you're experiencing any pain from a mouse (or simply want to join the 21st century), learn from my experience and get this as soon as you can. You'll be extremely glad you did.

*************Update: 4/23/2014***************

Shortly after posting this review I exchanged my pen tablet for a Pen & Touch tablet despite what I said earlier. The combination of pen and touch is amazing. The touch feature is accurate enough to use as a mouse replacement alone and I find myself using the best of both worlds with this device. I use the pen when I have any heavy mousing to do, but if I am just typing a report I can use the touch feature to mouse where I want to be without having to pick up the pen. The two finger scrolling with the touch feature is also really easy to use.

After using the tablet for 4 solid months I still love it. The wrist / forearm pain I was feeling is still gone, though some slight soreness happens if I use the device for 8 hours straight (as can be expected with any repetitive activity).

All in all this is a great device that works extremely well as a mouse replacement.

**********Update 1/20/2015*********************
I have been using this product as a mouse replacement for over a year now and I can say that I am pain free. If you are on the fence about getting one you should definitely pull the trigger. Your health is worth so much more than any product. I don't think I would be able to continue working as a Mechanical Engineer were it not for this product. I will say that now that my pain is gone I occasionally use a traditional mouse for some specific work with Pro E, but 90% of my work is done with my pen tablet. And when I do use a mouse I limit myself to using it for 30 minute stretches.

If you're struggling with RSI you know how scary that issue can be. This product, along with improved posture (which is key for RSI) has helped me gain my back my confidence that I can be an engineer for years to come. If anything changes with my satisfaction with this product I will be sure to post another update. There were some questions as to which specific model I purchased and I bought the Small Pen & Touch model.
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on October 4, 2013
I received my Intuos tablet a few days ago. I've gotten about 12 hours of use out of it so far...and so far it performs wonderfully! I do digital photo production and retouching for a living and Wacom has made a world of difference in my work.

Before I purchased this model I had been using an older Intuos 3. The older model does seems to be a little more solidly built. And the surface of the older model was a little more "glossy" than this one. But it took all of 10 minutes to get used to the new textured surface of this tablet. (The texture is pretty similar to the texture of the casing on my MacBook Pro) Yes, this new tablet is more lightweight, but that's not really a bad thing in my book. This tablet also functions as a track pad, which is awesome! I can use the pen to retouch photos, then just turn my wrist and it's my mouse!

All in all I'm in love with my new purchase. I highly recommend you get one. It performs just as well as my older (and much more expensive) model, plus it has more features AND a bigger writing surface. If you're a photographer looking to touch up your photos, this one is a no brainer!
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Let me start this off by mentioning a few things I immediately disliked.

1. As many others have described, the USB cable is far too short to be of any use and the housing for the micro-USB socket is seated deeply into the device, which makes it exceedingly difficult to use any other micro-USB cable to connect the device to a computer. It's relatively clear that this is supposed to be a selling point for the "optional" wireless module which Wacom REALLY expects you to buy, but I suppose that's marketing.

2. The textured surface makes it difficult to draw very thin lines accurately, much like the grain of paper (after which, I presume, the tablet surface is modeled). Furthermore, I hear a LOT about people's nibs being worn down by friction, so I purchased a plastic coverlet for the surface, which has worked marvelously. I've used it for about 3 hours now and painting on the plastic feels much better.

3. Some of the parts seem to be made as a joke; for instance, the "pen holder" attached to the top of the tablet. It's more of a loose flap of fabric. I would greatly prefer a standalone pen stand.

4. The drivers crash on occasion, but I have since discovered that they can be restarted through Services.

All of that being said, the tablet is essentially perfect for creating digital art. It is marketed as a device for "unprofessional" work, but it easily has the functionality to create extremely high-quality pieces of art. As an artist who works with almost exclusively digital media, I can say without any sort of prevarication that this is probably the most useful tablet I have purchased as yet. The construction of the device's components is solid, the pen movements and pressure sensitivity are instantaneous (as far as human senses can discern), the pen buttons have a very satisfying click (right-clicking in the art program I use is critical to color picking), the express keys can be programmed to do nearly anything (and I mean anything), the touch functionality works well (and has many interchangeable features, i.e. pointer acceleration, double-tap speed, etc.), there are no lag-induced interruptions to workflow, and the size of the surface is just large enough to be useful without forcing you to sweep your arm across the desk to draw a line.

On a final note: in my opinion, doubling the pressure sensitivity with some of the higher-end Wacom tablets means almost nothing in terms of precision, mostly because the human hand can't be that precise to begin with. 1024 levels should be sufficient for any type of general art project. (I can attest to this after having owned a 2048-level tablet; the difference is noticeable to an extent, but not even close to critical.)

IN summation, if you are a digital artist (established or aspiring), a hobbyist, a photo retouching specialist, or even just somebody who is vaguely interested in either art or computing, you should definitely own one of these.
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on February 9, 2014
I read tons of reviews of this product before I purchased.. I do have to say, I am very happy that I didn't "listen" to the more negative reviews. This is my reasoning. I previously had the Wacom Bamboo Splash tablet and absolutely loved it.. But, my daughter wanted one, so I decided to upgrade and let her have mine.. With that said.. The response of the touch tablet is amazing.. And I had no problems getting used to using it. I did notice that in using PS that I didn't have the more sensitive response as with the bamboo.. But that was simply fixed in going to your settings and changing the options of how hard you need to press your pen to get a reaction.. I think that if some of the ones who complained about the nibs needing to be replace too quickly would check this and change it, would find that that it keeps you from having to change them and will solve that problem!!
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on November 3, 2014
No matter WHAT I do the lines are always shaky. Not slightly, enough to throw off the whole drawing. I tried reinstalling drivers and restarting. Nothing. So I decided, ok must be a bad one. Lets get a replacement. NOPE! Still doesn't work. I've used a wacom before with no problems, and my lines are smooth on that one. It isn't my hand shaking, its the tablet itself. I loved this tablet except for the shaky lines and wish there was some way to fix it. I'll be refunding the replacement as well and saving my money for something else.
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on January 2, 2014
It works fine. It is very simple to use.
It doesn't include an eraser!
I tried it with GIMP and works just fine. The setting of the pressure curve is a little tricky but it is not a problem of the product but something that depends on the program you are using and how hard you draw.
I would recomend this product.'
Update: it does include the 3 replacement nibs. They are on the back of the tablet (they come with the back compartment lid). I just included 2 images:
review image review image
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on September 22, 2013
Great little tablet, for a great price. My husband and I were quite impressed. We both work in computer design fields and are familiar with tablets. I just needed something small to use at home and this little tablet fit the bill. Nice and lightweight, has a pen holder and comes with 3 extra nibs.

Drivers were simple to install. Just popped in the CD and it walked me right through the process and I was using the tablet within a couple minutes.

What I didn't expect at first when I unpacked the tablet was the texture of the writing surface. It feels rather coarse. I wasn't sure I was going to like it but once I started drawing on it it has a very papery feel, like a good quality drawing paper with some tooth to it. I actually found I like it, the slight resistance it gives your pen while you are drawing feels... right, for lack of a better term.

I took off a half star because it didn't have an eraser, I wasn't sure if it would or not when I bought it, and knew I wasn't going to actually NEED the eraser for my uses so I'm not concerned. It's honestly easier to it a hotkey in photoshop to switch the pen nib to work as an eraser than it is to flip over the pen anyway.
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on December 12, 2014
I use this tablet in conjunction with One Note for taking notes--and staying organized-- at college for my science classes (which require a fair amount of drawing). It works beautifully and I am overall very impressed with the quality of this little tablet.
I don't use it for graphic design/ computer based art but I imagine it would work just fine - the precision you can get with this thing is great.
Would definitely recommend.
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26 of 27 people found the following review helpful
I love these new Intuos I use it for work! I don't do much illustrations though, more or less just use it as a mouse. The new material is great -- as to what it feels like -- it's kind of in between the "scratchy" aluminum body on a MacBook Pro and the glassy feel of its trackpad. So smoother than the MacBook Pro's body, but from frictions compared to the trackpad.

The multi-touch works considerably well -- I'd say if your MacBook Pro trackpad is 100, this one is about 80 and where most PC trackpads I've used are like 50-70 range. Only down side is I often switch between pen and touch input to scroll (with the pen still in my hand), but if your pen tip is somehow tilted too close to the tablet then the multitouch doesn't seem to detect since it detected the pen tip "hovering" first.

Over all, aside from the split color scheme/material like recent iPhones, and the fact that wireless function is additional purchase, I loved this product! Kind of wish the pen wouldn't have a split color scheme / material as well....but you can't have everything I guess : p
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