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on February 23, 2000
After suffering a major heart attack I eventually managed to start walking again and then set a target to jog. This was disappointing until I discovered Casey Myers. This was a whole new ball game as it proved you could exercise at a greater beneficial rate than running with less damage to knees and with far less strain. I have now told many people of the benefits as it is a "fitness Bible" to our family. If you want to be fit and healthy or just look after yourself you must read this book.
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on October 10, 1998
Two months ago, I started walking an hour each day. I was starting to experience some discomfort, but didn't want to give up. In layman's terms, Mr. Casey explained what was I was doing wrong & how to correct it. I've lost 15 pounds so far, feel great & plan on walking the rest of my life!
I've tried running, jogging, stair-stepping, stationary bicycles, and aerobic dancing (both high- & low-impact). Chapter 7 compares walking to all the other popular forms of exercise. The comparisons are based on medical research & common sense. If you are short on time, read this chapter. I bet you find time to read the rest of the book AFTER you read this one chapter.
Mr. Casey has regular walking clinics through the Cooper Wellness Program & is the walking consultant for NaturalSport walking shoes.
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on September 8, 2001
For anyone who is interested in pursuing a walking program to lose weight and get back in good cardiovascular condition this would be a good place to start. I do not share the author's view that aerobic/fitness walking is the complete exercise and the only exercise a person needs; it is my own opinion that complete fitness should have a balance of cardiovascular exercise, some strength/muscle resistance training, and flexibility. I would argue the panaerobic/heavyhands walking program advocated by Dr. Leonard Schwartz might be the best of all of the above, but for those who are starting out from a very sedentary lifestyle combined with being overweight, the regimen advocated by Casey Meyers could arguably be a better way to go, at least in the short and medium term. I wholeheartedly agree with the author that walking at a high level is as good or better than running at speeds above 5mph and is an excellent cross training exercise for almost any athlete, with less stress on the body and risk of injuries. He also I think rightly points out that people are living a more sedentary life style in recent years which has contributed to an increase in heart problems and a reduction in life expectancy; these health risks can be safely, conveniently and economically addressed by instituting a moderate walking regimen. The recommendations on intensity and duration, to prevent or minimize risk of injury, are very sensible. He is also right in noting that regular brisk walking reduces stress, increases energy, improves appearance, raises metabolism, burns calories, and makes you feel better. I would add (in case he didn't) that it aids digestion. I walk 45 to 60 minutes almost every morning and still feel good at the end of the day.
My other concern is that the author tends to drone a bit on this subject; while I admire his enthusiasm for the subject, the book is a bit wearing to read. This book could have been at least 25 pages shorter and every bit as informative.
This book is recommended, especially for newcomers.
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on September 19, 2009
I agree with the other reviews that fault the author's effort to portray running as an inherently injurious and inappropriate form of exercise.

However, far more egregious is the author's misunderstanding of the bio-mechanics of walking (and running). The reader could do serious damage to himself or herself if the book's description of walking is closely followed.

The author describes the act of walking as one in which the lower leg is extended in front of the body and the weight of the body comes down on the heel. The illustrations and photos in the book show walkers landing on their heels. Unfortunately, this is known as over-striding and results in a braking effect as well as injury to the shins and knees. The proper form is to land mid-foot and roll onto the balls of your feet. This is accomplished by tilting the pelvis forward slightly, taking shorter strides, pushing off your trailing foot when it is behind the body, and landing on the forward foot when it is just about underneath your center of gravity so that when the full weight of your body is on the foot, it is directly underneath you. Try running a few steps landing on your heels. Then try it landing mid-foot. The difference is obvious.

To be fair, the author's (mis)understanding of walking and running was once very common. The book's original publication more than 15 years ago suggests that other information in it may also be seriously outdated.

Oddly and sadly, the author acknowledges that he has had BOTH KNEES replaced. It is almost perverse that the book is based on an understanding of how to walk that can result in severe injury to the knees and that the author has himself been a victim of his own misunderstanding.

As an exercise enthusiast, I am happy to hear that readers have found this book inspirational. However, given its flaws, the publisher should decline to re-print it any further. There are many other excellent exercise books that don't contain such a fundamental flaw.
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on May 31, 1999
A compellation of personal stories that some times seems to be in infomercial for the shoe com-pany he worked for, it never the less contains the clearest explanation of how to walk fast that I have seen. It spends too much time promoting the benefits of walking and otherwise preaching to the choir, but also contains everything you need to know about walking, from stretching to exercises to bio-mechanics to common mistakes. On this topic there are newer books and shorter books, but not better books.
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on June 9, 2006
I read this book two years ago and was so excited I started walking with gusto there and then. Don't think you can't injure yourself by walking because you can and quite badly too. I completely overdid it for my fitness level and injured my achilles tendon and the tendons that run along the botton of the heel. I wish I had taken Meyers advice then and saved myself alot of time and pain. I am now back walking and starting from the beginning taking the advice from the book. The point about reaching frequency and duration goals before intensity goals is a very important one. This book is brilliant with lots of advice on how to start and how to progress. I have read alot of walking books but none are as thorough and good as this one. It might be quite old now but I wouldn't be without it. My only advice is don't get over enthusiastic by his zeal and work within your fitness. Push a little but not too hard.
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on May 20, 2003
I am overweight and started walking three weeks ago. This is the first book i've read on walking and it is simply the best i could imagine. Fact filled, concerned with my health and how to go about doing it right.
Every question so far that has popped into my mind has been answered in an order that made sense: motivation, build up slowly so as not to injure myself, how to do it, why to do it this way, etc.. How to make changes that will be lifelong and natural to adopt and sustain. With the facts and theory to make the process clear and convincing.
I will continue to read in the field but i know everything else will be compared to this book, either favorable or not. So i am glad i started here and hope to reread it in a few months to see what i have learned by doing and what i need to relearn from him to exercise walk better.
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on July 20, 2010
As a 67-year-old woman who had never done any cardio work in my life, I became interested in walking when I signed up to walk a half-marathon. I had about six months to train for it, so I decided to invest in a book so that I would know the proper gait and pace. I wanted to make sure I didn't hurt myself preparing for the half-marathon. In my research, I came upon this book and read the reviews. I bought the book and devoured it. It is very informative and inspiring. As I write this review, I am three months into my six month preparation and have taken brisk walking truly to heart. The most amazing thing to me is that since I started brisk walking, using the techniques and approaches that Casey Meyers recommends, I have stopped having headaches. For over two years I have suffered with a nagging headache and have undergone all the high-tech testing to try to diagnose the problem, to no avail. I can't say for sure that the brisk walking was what cured my headaches, and I'm not a physician, but I cannot pin it on anything else. If that weren't enough, I've also shed pounds, gone down a size in clothing, and I feel fantastic. This is a great book if you want to know how to correctly use the simple act of walking to improve your life.
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on October 14, 1998
After beginning to walk to lose weight at age 30, and trying out some local race walking, I found this book and learned how form matters, plus much information I've found from my nursing education is correct and solid. I placed second and third 4 times in two years in racewalking, and got down to a lean 17% body fat, and toned up all over. Walking is the number one sport!
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on May 12, 2007
I was a runner, but began researching walking, because of injuries. I found "Walking: A Complete Guide to the Complete Exercise", just what I needed right down to where to buy my walking shoes!!

The illustrations are excellent and the concepts are easy to follow. If you want to improve your walking experience or want to begin a walking program, this is the book for you!
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