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on July 17, 2012
To start off I am not the sort of person that gets real serious about playing board games and the way they are played. As long as it is fun then I am happy. Secondly I have only seen the first four or five episodes of the Walking Dead and read none of the graphic novels. That being said I was somewhat hesitant playing this the first time with my group because of the miserable time we had playing the other Walking Dead game and the fact I knew so little about the show. Shortly after starting I began to realize this is a very casual game and no knowledge of the books or TV series is necessary. My second observation and perhaps the biggest was just how random the game was. There was very little strategy with the majority of the game being left up to fate. Mainly which character you draw and what events you draw. The main and side characters are definitely not created equal. Some have very big advantages over others. Both the character imbalance and the dependence on luck can be eliminated some through either omission of some rules and creation of "house" rules but I'll leave that up to the forums to discuss and the individual to determine. The last thing I noticed was the game does play very quickly and a player in the lead can easily be eliminated from the game by making the wrong move or drawing the wrong card. The five of us played through three or four times and on average the games lasted about two hours with our longest taking around two and a half.

In summation this game will more likely be enjoyed by the more casual gamer than the more "hardcore" or serious gamer but should not be overlooked.
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on January 25, 2013
Play this all the time with guys from the local game shop.
Definitely suggest only playing with 4 players and allowing only a new character card being used to come back into the game within the first 5 turns or so. Let the first person have a choice and the second person out in that time gets stuck with the last.
This allows for more competitiveness as too many people makes it feel more like luck, pulling your attention in
too many directions as you're often able to work towards a goal that stops someone else from winning their third location (ie. not letting them have the most resources/followers/wounds/etc).

You can draft the main characters one way and then draft the single followers the other, but there are way too many followers to go through and choosing your follower to stop someone else from creating a combo is often a greater disadvantage to you than it is to the other player.

Drawing completely random main characters keeps it balanced in the sense that everyone has to be mindful of the limitations of the character they get. The only choice being for the first person out in the first 5 turns helps balance out the handicap of being 5 turns behind. The 5 turn limit is there to make taking a new character a way to counter a simple bad luck streak early in the game (losing your only follower in one encounter and then having to beat a number of zombies you have no chance of beating for instance).

Once you bring your resources up a bit and/or gain a second follower... there really is no reason your character should die with careful management.

The other TWD game is very different, but also very enjoyable. Much easier to learn and faster paced, but with the same careful choices, resource management, and survival mentality thrown in.
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on January 5, 2013
This is a fun game to play with a group of people. From my experience, 4 people is the perfect amount. Any more than that and madness and confusion ensues because it takes a century to get to your turn and people start talking and not paying attention because they are bored from all the waiting.

The game plays out like a zombie apocalypse would. Sometimes you are dealt a really terrible pairing of main character/ follower and then you have to kill 7 zombies and you are dead by your first turn. Other times you may accumulate and awesome team of followers and scout the world and slay all the zombies. It involves dice and cards, so it really is a game of chance. The only educational aspect of this game is to teach you that life is not fair and if you don't surround yourself by useful people with gun skills, you are surely a goner at the end of the world.

The game itself is sturdy and all the pieces are of good quality. There is one problem with the bases of the starting characters though. My friend also has this game and the bases to the characters that you move around the board slowly all fell off and became impossible to reattach without glue. My pieces are starting to do the same. Dale was the first to lose his legs (fitting I suppose, if you are a fan of the comics). ;)

The sheer volume of pieces involved in this game is kind of a hassle for cleanup purposes. There are markers for damage, supplies, characters, and zombies. Then there are encounter cards, starting character cards, follower cards, and location cards. The are no sorting devices included with this game so we have amassed a lot of Ziploc baggies and rubber bands for organization.

This is a great social game...assuming your friends watch The Walking Dead, read the comics, or are zombie nerds in general. It is fun if you know the characters. We make lots of jokes and root for certain character to succeed or fail their encounters. Overall, a great deal of fun to be had.
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on October 21, 2013
I read the other reviews and they were right. The set up on this game takes forever. Having to flip all the zombie tokens upside down when there are over 200 of them is a real hastle. This game is very unforgiving. Team up!! Don't be a lone wolf. When the board starts to fill up with trails and trails of zombies chances for survival drop dramatically. Try and wrap the game up quickly or you face a ever surmounting horde.
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on June 3, 2015
Fun, kinda vague on some things, worth it. Manufacturer cheaped out on the packaging though. The box isn't deep enough for all the items, so lid is ajar. No tray was included for items. Had to use plastic ziplock bags to keep items safe.
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on October 9, 2011
I am a zombie genre fan, preferring the shambling zombies of Romero, and the Walking Dead AMC series. Recently I've been spending a great deal of time, almost nightly, playing board games, as I've become almost entirely home bound due to an illness. When I saw this game, I was sold in seconds. I didn't bother reading up on it, I was sold by concept, and the over all quality that has been given to the Walking Dead series of products. I purchased this the day of release, so reviews were not available. It was a risk, and, to sum it up, a failed risk. I do not recommend this game, and I'll attempt to give a few key points on what they did well, and how they failed.

The art work is fantastic! I liked the quality of pieces as well.
Setup was moderate - I'm used to German style games, such as Agricola and Dominion, so this wasn't too much to ask. The worst part was having to turn over 70 small round zombie pieces so that the number side, that which should randomly dictate how many zombies are in a group, was down. This felt familiar, so I pushed on.
The basic concept is to attempt to find three locations of refuge about the board. During which you pick up fellow survivors to assist, adding some abilities and dice for your rolls. Your rolls require you to take special dice with faces representing "actions", "zombie kills", or a wild symbol, which fills in for one of the two based on the need of the roll. There is also a special cheat dice you can use based on your groups abilities, or use of ammo resource. Conceptually, sounds great. You wonder around the hexagonal map in search of either one of the three resources: ammo, gas, and good, or locations to call home (three for a game victory, if you meet their challenges), you leave a wake of zombie tokens on each hex-space. More on that later. Once you make it to a resource square (usually in one or two turns, no problem there), you draw an event card/challenge card. These cards are my first major problem in the game. To succeed the challenges on them (and gain either a reward or punishment) you have various tasks or requirements to meet. These are SO random, imbalanced, and mostly not fun, that here alone the game looses most of it's promise! Some require you to role your compliment of dice. There are four dice, more on that later. These dice are the accumulation of your main survivor's dice set, and those that your group members add. So, for example, your main character might say "three blue dice" and a team member "add one red and one blue". So you have five dice of various color (and ability). These are used to meet physical challenges, and to kill zombies. Other challenges include having a number of resources, giving a number of resources to other players, sacrificing your resources to punish other players, or many other various requirements and tasks.

The problem is that these tasks vary in reward and punishment extremely. Some, "here is a gas", another "here are three gas". Some "challenges" are as simple as "ask if another player wants to give up two of something, if so, you loose one, else, you get one". This makes very little sense! "Sure, I'd like to loose two of something so you loose just one". Win or loose at the challenge, you get the resources you are challenging for. Locations use the same challenges, which make little sense, "give a player ten gas tanks" and you get a victor. You will find your resources and status in the game fluctuating more than Mario Party.

Sometimes you have to kill one or two zombies, other times eight or nine. Sometimes you have to ask someone to say "I will help you", other times you have they are asked to give up resources to punish you (though they are actually punished more). It's so incredibly unbalanced.

Dice. This is a key point to the game, and a MAJOR busted element. The game has four kinds of dice, each with a different color and set of symbols: red, blue, green, and a special black dice. The first three have a varying set of symbols representing action, action x 2, kill zombie, kill zombie x 2, and wild. The fourth, black dice is used as a sort of cheat, or helper dice, it has zombie kill times 1, 2, and 3 on three of the sides, and blam! times 1, 2, or 3 on the other three sides. Most of the time you spend ammo to roll this, helping in killing zombies your former set doesn't take care of. Each main character has some bonus they give, such as being able to move a little further in a turn (normally three squares), yes all of them have three variations on the red, blue and green dice. A huge balancing issue is that the blue dice is way more powerful than the other two. This was considerably noticeable as the person whose character had three blue dice always always won more challenges, had more resources, and so forth. The blue dice is the only dice with one blank side (ignoring the black dice), the others have two blanks. The blue is also the only dice with a wild symbol that meets action or zombie kill.

About the black dice... Suppose, which happened quite often, especially earlier on in the game, or for the poor soul who got "Otis" in their party (he adds the black dice to every role). The black dice guarantees kills, either adding one to three zombie kills, or one to three "attract" kills. Attract kills require you to place zombie tokens around the persons current board place, which can be (in a hex-grid) up to six places, and they can stack. This results in mountains of zombies all over the board, which give no benefit for being destroyed, so they are most often avoided. The pieces were often bumped into with fingers, thus moved around by accident - more frustrating than anything.

The rules leave several major holes, and feel incomplete. More time will likely produce a fan supplied FAQ or best practice rule set, though, these can't fix the inherent flaws of design.

So this has become a bit of a long review - I've tried to write it several times, but I didn't want it to get even this long. I don't want to sound like I'm coming down on the concept, or some sort of niche element that bugged me, but since this game is the only board game I've bought that ended up in the closet, and will never be touched again, I wanted to caution others. The game feels like a more complicated and tedious version of Flux.

I hope this review helps anyone make an appropriate choice.
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on April 25, 2013
We love this game! I bought it and had it shipped to my brother's house for christmas. We played the game several times. The first time, we were actually playing it wrong. Once we played a few more times, and understood the rules better, we had so much fun. You can play it and play it and not get bored.
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on January 3, 2013
I love this game! I bought it for my husband, but we're both huge fans of the comic book (and now TV show). I got this one specifically because it's based on the comic book characters, as opposed to the other version based on the TV characters. This is a challenging game! It may seem involved at first (lots of pieces), but it's not hard to pick up and is really fun to play for a zombie aficionado.
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on March 8, 2014
The best thing about this game is the artwork, but if you're looking at this, chances are you're a fan of the graphic novels anyway. So you're set. You can avoid buying this. To put it simply: this game is broken.

Completely unbalanced, confusing rules, and encounter cards that make no sense whatsoever. They're also not much fun at all. You might have to kill seven zombies right off the bat without the dice to defeat them or you might ask another player if they want to lose a resource. Why would they want to lose a resource? So you get a resource. What's the point? Why am I doing this? Other cards ask you to make secret deals with other players. Are we supposed to get up and leave the room and whisper to each other? Why?

It's not uncommon to know, within fifteen or twenty minutes of gameplay, that you are going to lose. Not only are you going to lose, but there is literally nothing worthwhile you can do. This is due to the broken location system. Some locations are ridiculously easy. Some border on the impossible. If you managed to get lucky enough to find yourself in a position to actually scout three locations, you're having a reasonably good time. If you're not, well then you get to sit there for forty-five minutes to an hour wandering around the board doing nothing at all.

This is a sign of a poorly designed game. It isn't necessary to win, but it is necessary to at least be able to have fun while you're losing. You will not have fun losing this game. The dice system is broken as well. Why am I even trying to roll hats anyway? When you combine a broken dice system with a broken deck system the result is a complete mess. A completely random, totally pointless mess.

We managed to make it borderline playable by allowing players to start with two followers instead of one. But it doesn't make the game fun, it just makes it playable. It's still broken.

Don't be lured in by that pretty box. It's a lie. If you're interested in a zombie themed table top game there are so many more worthwhile ones to purchase on Amazon. This is not one of them. I implore you not to buy this obvious license cash in because that's all it is. Not only is it an obvious license cash in, but whoever designed this had no idea what they were doing or else they did know what they were doing and just didn't care.
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on January 1, 2012
This game is great. Yes, it's complicated, but that leaves room to try different strategies. The board is an aerial view of a landscape with a hex grid laid over it, like a war game. You can take 10 moves and run around in a circle, or ten in a straight line to get to a different area of the board. If you want to try running through Atlanta to grab supplies, go ahead. If you want to stay out of there and avoid the danger, fine. You can put together a win either way.

If you're a Monopoly-type board gamer, you might not appreciate the complexity. If you're an Avalon Hill war gamer, it's a piece of cake. My 17yo daughter and I are moving so fast we're playing two or three games in an hour. That's fun. A three game tourney in about 60 minutes.

The box, board, and pieces are heavy, substantial cardboard, not flimsy Parker Brothers cardboard. The only thing I'd do to improve them is provide plastic bases for the main characters. Don't worry about the Zombie tokens having numbers on one side. Put them all into a bag like Scrabble pieces, and draw them out randomly. You can feel which side has the number on it.

From what I've seen and read, this game is much better than the TV version.
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