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on December 18, 2013
I preordered this game through Amazon, which does not in fact give you a steam code, but a code to use through telltale's website. Nonetheless I was excited to play it as soon as it came out, so i downloaded it off the telltale website. The authentication as soon as you start the game requires you to make and sign in with a telltale account, but there have been HUGE server issues, which leaves me with no game to play for a second day now as the game can't connect to telltale's servers to authenticate a game i preordered. Support of the telltale forums has said to just be patient, but I find it unacceptable that people on Steam have already been playing since yesterday and pirated copies have already made their way around. I'll update when the issues are fixed but for now AVOID THIS VERSION
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VINE VOICEon December 19, 2013
Disclosure: Played as a PSN download

TellTale has done it again! The Walking Dead Season 2 is an extension of the awesome 5 part series that was Season 1 which was a story arc to the popular comic book series. This game is for and will AGIAN be loved by--and loved by is a guarantee, graphic novel readers--any true fan of Robert Kirkman's source material. Anyone looking to run and gun down zombies will not get that out of this game. You certainly don't have to have read the book or have seen the AMC TV show to enjoy this game; just be sure that you are planning to get into and be part of a story-rich experience..

You start the game pretty much where Season 1 left off, but this time you play as Clementine (the little girl that you took care of as Lee in Season 1). You don't have to have played Season 1 to enjoy and get into Season 2, but I would highly recommend it, 1) For perspective sake, and 2) Because your decision choices in Season 1 (and 400 Days) are carried over (optionally) into Season 2.

Right from the get-go Clem is thrown into a chaotic journey by herself to find other survivors. There are plenty of action sequences, but your time in this game (just like the first) is mostly spent literally being a part of the story making some tough (and some not so tough) decisions. It's the tough decisions that will affect how the rest of the game unfolds for you, and you'll have to live with the consequences of every option you choose.

The game does give you the option of "rewinding" back to a specific checkpoint, and you can go forward from there and choose a different option that overwrites your original decision if that's your style. But I don't do that. The game gives you three save slots, so I'd prefer a complete reply in a new save slot. I've already played through the first episode twice. I tried to make Clem call "the right move" when presented with choice; but there is a time limit when decision time comes, and sometimes you may regret a hasty decision. For example, in just Episode 1 you'll have to choose taking one route versus another, and by the end of the game and choosing both routes in two separate playthroughs I'm not sure that I made the "right" choice either way. The game certainly gets an A for replay value.

Just as in the graphic novel (and the TV show), the story is much less about zombies and more about what happens to society, its morals, laws and standards when government is lost and the planet becomes mostly uninhabitable. But this time you don't just watch it unfold on paper or on your TV screen; in this game you're part of the control your integrity, your morality and ultimately your destiny. And there's real, heartfelt emotion in The Walking Dead games combined with very believable scenarios. You will be emotionally affected by this game, and if you aren't, well then you've got ice in your veins just like some of the characters in this story.

The Walking Dead game is excellent...especially for just a point and click. It's as gritty and graphic as the comic book, and it's very story-rich. If you read the comic as I'll love it. The graphics are appropriately very comic-bookesque. I really do feel like I'm part of a different story arc in the freakin' book! The first episode only took about an hour an a half to get through which is relatively short compared to the individual episodes of Season 1 or the 400 Days arc. But the length of the episode is made up for by terrific storytelling and an emotionally memorable episode.

The Walking Dead game is a deep, personal and emotional adventure that will leave you looking for more.
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on March 5, 2014
This season started out awesome with episode one... There have been some great improvements to the user interface as a game product: the integrated mini-games and challenges and a deepening appreciation for the gutsy survivalist packed into our tiny heroine. It's only the wait between Episodes 1 and 2. It has literally been several weeks and there isn't even a peep of a press release, tweet or otherwise to hint when (IF?) the next installment for our game will hit their download servers. I worry that I'll lose the edge of enthusiasm as the plot from our current episode slips from my short term memories...
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on December 19, 2013
This game is downloaded via Telltale's DRM/ Website. As of right now it's not currently working. I would recommend anybody look else where until this is working. I had written a more detailed review but rejected it and won't post it. I feel morally obligated to let others know that (at this time) it is not a viable place to purchase the second season of the Walking dead telltale game. I will update this when Telltale gets their website working. For now consider holding off or looking elsewhere.

Edit: Well since the DRM hasn't been working Amazon made an one-time exception and rescinded their no refund policy on this item, considering the circumstances. I have decided that I will purchase this game after all of the season is released and the game is fixed. I'm disappointed in Telltale (With their DRM for PC) dropped the ball on this one. Many other options are available, such as Xbox, PS3, Steam, etc. Thank goodness for Amazon realizing that Telltale was at fault here and refunding my purchase of a game that couldn't be played.
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on December 17, 2013
I played through all of season 1 of The Walking Dead along with the 400 days DLC. It was one of the most satisfying and tear jerking games I have ever played. I don't think I can even call it a game, its more of an interactive, choose your own adventure type story. Anyway I have played through the first episode of season 2 and it definitely satisfied my thirst for more Walking Dead. I will say the first episode is a bit short (around 2 hours long) but I expected that. Without giving too much away, episode 1 is the table setter for what is sure to be an emotional season 2. Episode 1 is just as, if not, darker than any episodes of the series. Clementine, this season's protagonist, is put in some of the most disturbing and gut wrenching situations in her test of survival the series has ever seen. If you have not played season 1 I STRONGLY RECOMMEND playing through the first season as Telltale has promised that our decisions from that season will carry over into this one. Don't go in expecting to be knocked off your feet in "All That Remains", but don't discount the rest of the season if episode 1 isn't to your liking. I'll update my review as I play through the rest of the episodes.
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on November 3, 2014
This review will contain no spoilers, so read without fear.

Bottom line up front: this isn't a bad game, but it completely fails to live up to the expectations raised by the truly outstanding first season.

Game play: Like the first Walking Dead game, this is more of an interactive story than a game that will challenge the player in any way. Season 2 picks up not long after the point where the first game ended, with the player in the role of Clementine, the little girl who was rescued in Season 1. The "combat" scenes are easy to survive and serve only to advance the plot; instead the focus is on interactions between the characters. The player must decide how (or if) to respond in a limited amount of time (sometimes more, sometimes less).

Like the first game, the player's choices will have some peripheral affects on how the story progresses, but the main plot arc cannot be altered. You may keep a given character alive for more or less time, but if they're fated to die, they will die no matter what choices you make. That having been said, it is interesting to go back and try out the different options to see how the story differs if you do this or don't do that. Only at the end of the final episode of the game do you get to make decisions that decide who (if anyone) will live and who will die, but since the main story arc is set in stone, we know that whatever choice we make will become moot when Season 3 comes along.

Plot (don't worry, still no spoilers): The plot seems fairly linear and predictable, lacking the unforeseen twists and turns from the first season. It's not a bad story, but it was a let down after Season 1. Other than that, my biggest criticism regarding the plot has to do with the "400 Days" filler that was supposed to act as a bridge between Season 1 and Season 2. I had expected each of the characters from 400 Days to play a significant role in Season 2, but that's not the case: one character plays a significant supporting role, one plays a (very) minor supporting role, and all the others get 10-second cameo appearances (unless they didn't opt to go join the group at the end of 400 Days, in which case they won't be in this game at all). That's it. Another huge let down. In fact, while the game says that your decisions in Season 1 and 400 Days affect your starting point in Season 2, I wasn't able to detect any difference, even when I began from two different saves where I'd made opposite decisions.

Play time: Maybe it's just me, but Season 2 seems to play through much faster than Season 1. Each episode takes about 2 hours or so to play through, which is significantly less than what I remember from Season 1. That may reflect less content, it may reflect the fact that there are fewer puzzles to figure out (not that Season 1 had that many, but the few it did have slowed things down a bit), or it may just reflect the fact that I was already familiar with the game interface and how things worked. But no matter how you cut it, I played through Season 2 in about half the time my first play-through of Season 1 took.
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on February 12, 2014
I hate to spoil the story, especially if you've yet to play Season UNO. However, I will say that you do play as Clementine, (obviously/Season 1) & she's grown up a bit...

EPISODE 1: So far, so good :) If you've been following the story & getting into it, then there's no reason to stop now. The story picks up awhile after the events of Season 1 & eventually goes even further on down the road. That's pretty much when Clementine's somewhat lonesome adventure begins. The journey thus far is an interesting, yet painful one & poor Clementine just can't catch a break it seems. Bless her little heart though, she just keeps on going & at this point, can take better care of herself than Carl can on the show! *5 out of 5*

EPISODE 2: FINALLY got around to playing it & i'm starting to notice more & more similarities to the show, (haven't read the comic books). Without revealing major spoilers, in this episode, we meet the new baddie, you become more accepted amongst the group, we see a death & familiar face or two & there's a change in scenery/environment.
There was alot to this episode. It felt quite lengthy, although it could be I was just prolonging the story due to the choices I was making, which i'm pretty sure I made some pretty bad ones! I tend to forget or not pay attention to certain details or characters & it really screws me over sometimes, so...
Overall, *5 out of 5* A much more open & revealing episode. It seems like everyone's looking to you for help or to keep quite & although it's annoying, the new cast is alright by me :)

EPISODE 3: Took me long enough, but i’m finally back in the game & I restarted the season, (had to) but i’m glad I did as I made better choices this time around. So on to Ep.3, without spoiling too much, you & your new group has been captured by the bad guy & you’re transported to his, “evil lair” where you’re treated like ****! The place is supposed to be a sanctuary, but it feels more like a prison & you need to find a way to escape, which means you’ll be doing alot of sneaking around & you guessed it, most of the work lol. I really liked this episode & the new characters. They kind of grew on me fast, (good & bad). The episode lasted a good while & only left me wanting more. It was definitely a good time, (not for the cast though). I give this episode a 5 out of 5 :)

EPISODE 4: Here we are, almost at an end & speaking of the end, the ending of Ep.4 is a real cliffhanger! Of course i’m not going to say what happens, but in a nutshell, you’ll be making some questionable decisions throughout this episode. The group’s seeming to fall apart, at eachothers throats, (two in particular) & at this point, I just want to quit playing nice & tell the two to **** off, but I want the best ending possible, so i’ve just been keeping my mouth shut, (when it allows me to of course). It’s just best to stay out of it sometimes, especially in this game lol. Overall, I can’t say a whole lot about this episode without spoiling it, but I myself, am really into the story & have been since it all started. All I can say is, if you've made it this far into the series, why stop now & if you've yet to play it, definitely check it out! It’s a good episode, good story, good times & I can’t wait to see what happens in the finale! *5 out of 5*

EPISODE 5: Okay, so if i'm not mistaken, you can get 3 different endings depending on your choices. Although I cannot reveal my choice, i'd say I went down the right path & possibly the path that they'll use for season 3 if they decide to go with one ending. This was a very hectic episode & at times, it just had me hurrying up & choosing something because they were making me nervous & once again, I don't know if I was making the right/best choices, but I settled with 'em this time. Overall, i'm glad I went back & finally finished this though. It was something I put off for along time & now that i've finished, i'm all caught up & ready for Season 3, (though no rush). Personally, I liked the season finale. It was a mix of emotions & the ending I got was alright by me. Clem is one of the most likable/bad*ss female characters i've ever played as & i'd love to see more of her story. I don't think they've ever had a character transition from a child to an adult throughout the zombie apocalypse, so I think it'd be cool to see that. All I can say, is that I think Lee would be proud of her :) ...& that this was a pretty good season/episode lol. *5 out of 5*

~END~ ...for now ;)
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on August 3, 2014
The story of The Walking Dead continues right after Season 1. In the first season, we met a man named, Lee Everett. After being convicted of murder and freed by the apocalypse, Lee sought redemption by undertaking the role of protecting a little girl named, Clementine. Who he finds alone and promises to take to her parents. Through their journey, players were able to teach her about surviving and maintaining some humanity in a zombie apocalypse.

Now onto Season 2, Clementine is 11 years old and is our main character. The story's motive is still to survive and find a safe place. Once again, gameplay is based on choosing dialog options and making 5 main choices each episode, Choices still test your morality to the extreme. And as an added immersive touch for keen players, symbolical foreshadowings can be seen in the environment(e.g. crows flying away, pieces on a game board).

The Walking Dead game series is something special in the world of video games. They may be the best point-and-click adventure games ever made.

I highly recommend Season 2 if you've played and enjoyed Season 1. Or are new to these games.
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on January 12, 2015
Alright, so, I played the first game on the ps3, and I ended up bawling my eyes out.

This is no different. I am currently on a raft in my own home, stranded in a sea of my own tears.

Why would you do this.

But it's seriously a very, very good game, well-written, amazing twists and turns, moral confusion, tears, a new cast of radical characters (and a surprise visit from an old friend!), and then a heart-wrenching end. Of course, you follow our darling Clementine from the previous game--long after Lee is gone. You start out with Christa and Omid--but tragedy strikes soon. Choose wisely. There are songs accompany the credits, mainly by Devics, Anadel, and then Janel Drewis--all of them amazing choices, and very gorgeous songs. This game is worth it.
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on August 30, 2014
Disclosure Played on Steam.

Not as good as season one. Season starts extremely slow not much action in first two episodes. You play as Clem this time (not sure if that's a spoiler or not) and game loses the sense of connection to characters. You spend the whole game trying to keep the group together (if that's how you play it).

Beat it one way and youtube'd the other outcomes.

My advice buy on sale no more than $10.
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