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on February 6, 2014
It's just so disappointing seeing a movie with such potential crash and burn. Making the dinosaurs talk was a very unfortunate, last minute, post-production decision that ruined the movie. As you may have noticed there was no talking in the first teaser trailer. So here's what went wrong:
--The dialog was full of nonstop dopey `humor' and poop jokes to the point where you can't even enjoy the film. I found myself being lost in the amazing FX for a brief moment... before being slapped in the face with a stupid wise-crack or poop joke. URG! Some have argued that: "Well it's supposed to be fun for kids!" NO. NO. A THOUSAND TIMES NO. The dialog is extremely patronizing to child audience's intelligence. They do not need to be spoon fed nonstop silly humor to be entertained.
--The talking NEVER STOPS. Like I said, the talking was added later in post -production and OOOooooh does it show. It doesn't match up with the film and all and feels very forced (like someone reading quickly from a script while the movie is playing in front of them). Even dark and serious moments in the film are ruined by goofy jokes. If you MUST see it... bring noise canceling headphones so you can just enjoy the visuals.
--Only the 4 main characters spoke... which was just awkward... why are the rest silent? Once again making the talking feel like it doesn't belong.
--The film pauses every time a new dinosaur appears for a child to tell you it's name and its eating habits. This `feature' really interrupts the movie and you don't learn anything (any dinosaur loving kid would already know the information given).


The visuals are great, but that doesn't save it. I'm saying this as a lifelong hardcore dinosaur fan and paleontologist...
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on March 24, 2014
What the heck were they thinking when they made this trash? You guys took an amazing opportunity to make an amazing movie and RUINED it with terrible, juvenile dialogue. So on that front you deserve an award, for worst dinosaur movie ever created. Congratulations on that, I guess.
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on February 18, 2014
***“Cretaceous Cut” – exclusive to the 3D Blu-ray this special, dialogue-free version of the film takes viewers deep into the Cretaceous period to experience what it was really like. ***

I look forward to seeing the "original" vision for this movie.
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on March 16, 2014
Terrible! Horrible! Despicable!
Not even my children ages 2,5,9 sat through this debacle!
It was a waste of hard earned money.
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on January 10, 2014
We follow the story of Patchi, the pachyrhinosaurus, as he grows up to lead his herd.

What we have here is an anti-Pixar film. Whereas that company produces film that can delight both parent and child in equal measure, this is a film that the young and old can revile together. It’s actually kind of awe-inspiring how so many intelligent people can combine their efforts and end up with such a black hole of stupidity. The original BBC TV production was a fascinating documentary series that I enjoyed as much as my young son. The film is a prime example of losing faith in the source material and changing it into something we have seen before in fear that the audience is too simple-minded to appreciate on the big screen what they have already demonstrated their love for on the small screen. This means adding juvenile dialogue, including the poop and puke jokes that are requisite for any modern family film. The result is absolute garbage. I’m not swayed by the impressive effects. These days, everything including my cousin’s wedding films, has great CGI. When my six-year-old son, who loved Turbo and adores Ultraman, says your film is “stupid,” you know you have utterly failed.
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on April 7, 2014
First off, I'm not reviewing the theatrical version as it is a insult to the original series, and I'm sure others have already seen it and agreed that it was a travesty, so in this review, I will refer to it as the Travesty Cut.

The Cretaceous Cut however is pretty darn good, as there is no Dialogue whatsoever, and you are allowed to watch the animals without any annoying voices,(There are still pop songs in film, but I personally like them), the animation in the film is just superb, and the dinosaurs are some of the best I've seen in any movie, and there a lot more enjoyable in the cretaceous cut. The one dinosaur I like the best is Alex the Alexornis. He is beautifully rendered and has a vivid color scheme plus(IMO) his actions and sounds make him kind of cute, that isn't to say the other dinosaurs are inferior, I just found him to be the best.

The Cretaceous cut is not Flawless. Some things that were apart of the original film just don't go well with this cut. When the Villain(a Gorgosaurus is first introduced it cuts into a sequence were In the original travesty cut, Alex explains about how Gorgosaurus was a mean predator while making fun of the size of its arms. in the Cretaceous cut, its still there, only there's no one doing the explaining. Another moment that makes this film flawed is a scene were the Main characters fall into a river, and then it rewinds. I know why they did that in the original travesty cut, but here, it just gives a hiccup to the whole experience. I wished they removed that and the Gorgosaurus scene to make this perfect, then again they probably didn't give a **** because they thought stupid things like that
Would make money in the Travesty Cut.

Now for everyone's information, the Blu-ray disk in this edition Does play on regular Blu-ray players, and no you don't need a 3D tv to see it properly. I highly recommend you all buy this Edition Just for the cretaceous cut, Even if you don't have a Blu-ray player, I still think you should buy it for in case you will ever obtain one, the cretaceous cut is worth the price
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on April 19, 2014
A very disappointing movie night, we were very disappointed about this movie. Not what we expected and I regretted purchasing this movie. I should have rented it first...
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on April 10, 2014
The Blu-Ray/DVD release was supposed to have a dialogue free version. Neither disk has that version. I skipped buying this in a store because it didn't advertise the Cretaceous Cut. Another reviewer said this had it. It doesn't. Now I'm stuck with these disks (because the lack of a dialogue free version isn't technically a defect). Nobody wants to hear humanized dinosaurs. Did they not get that from "Walking..." fans who refused to see this in the theaters?
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on March 25, 2014
The Deluxe Edition is definitely the best version to get if you don't want to listen to the horrible character dialogue. The Cretaceous Edition (which is a special feature only available on the Deluxe Edition of the movie) is basically the movie with no character dialogue. It is still in HD, however it is not in 3D (which worked fine for me since I prefer watching blu-rays in 2D). It improves the movie greatly and is worth the extra money--in my opinion. The movie was quite easy to follow without the character dialogue. The character dialogue was intended to make the movie appeal to children. I haven't watched the standard version of the movie yet. The character dialogue seems like a last minute gimmick added for its run in theaters.

As for the movie itself, the visuals are very impressive and the audio is very clear. You can actually see the pebbled texture of the dinosaurs skin very clearly. Some of the more pop-sounding songs (there are only short excerpts of 2 or 3) seem a little out of place on the Cretaceous Edition, but they don't last long and I didn't mind them that much. On the whole, the soundtrack is very good.

Oddly enough, the 3D HD, 2D HD, and Cretaceous Edition are all on one Blu-ray disc. This means there are actually 3 different versions of the movie on one disc. The Blu-ray releases of this movie involved a similar gimmick to the Blu-ray releases of The Wolverine. In the case of The Wolverine, the extended 2D version was only available with the 3D release of the movie. I don't like this practice and hope it doesn't become common with Blu-ray releases, but in this case I'm glad I paid the extra four bucks.
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on March 15, 2014
I was really excited for this movie, because it looked really realistic and amazing. But the talking is completely ridiculous! The bird narrator is constantly talking, and the only dinosaurs that can talk are apparently the main dinosaur, his crush, and his brother. Basically, I could have done without any of the talking.
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