Wall-Mounting The CL-100 I'd like to hang this unit on a wall rather than laying it flat. It looks do-able, but from what I've heard the display may be difficult to read due to it's fixed viewing angle. It seems like you'd have to mount it above eye level - has anyone tried this? Thanks.
asked by John K. on August 25, 2011
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I just found this question. Here's a section from my June 2012 review--the photos have been taken down, however.
'I also mounted this easily on the wall in our cabin. A couple of 1 1/2 inch shelf brackets, and a Velcro "belt", and it's done. (See my photo, above). The belt is just under 3/8 inch wide where it crosses the front of the radio. Position it just under the angled screen, so the controls are not impeded. There's no stress on the Velcro, since the radio's supported by the brackets. (I commandeered a garden hose Velcro tie, which was a perfect length, and tweaked it. That's my home brew solution to wall mounting.' I just screwed into the wall the ends of the Velcro at the level I wanted it to cross the front of the unit. It sits about 5 1-2 feet up from the floor, and there's no problem with viewing from somewhat above, nor from a lower viewpoint.
Good luck!
David S. answered on February 11, 2014
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