Customer Reviews: Walt Disney Treasures - Mickey Mouse in Living Color
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on December 25, 2001
First the good:
This is by far the best compilation of Mickey shorts available to the public to date. Disney produced 87 Mickey shorts in the 30's - by far the most prolific period of Mickey Mouse Cartoons (there were only 120 made from 1928 to 1953). 27 of these shorts are contained on this disc, which constitutes more than half of the color Mickeys made. He was already a sensation before he went to color; these shorts firmly established him as an American icon. To the animation fan, it can be argued that this disc contains some of the best cartoon "acting" of the golden age of animation. By no means should a serious fan avoid this disc.
The not so good:
These shorts have not been remastered. I'm not even sure they come from the best available print. Some of these shorts have looked better on the "Ink and Paint Club." The cartoons in this package contain flaws that some could consider unacceptable, or at least annoying - colors going out of register (albeit probably not noticeable to the casual viewer), a few sound problems (rare, but a bit annoying), dust and dirt. Watch the "Brave Little Tailor" in the scene where Mickey kills the seven flies. The amount of film debris present is alarming - it almost looks like it's snowing. Some have said that the recent remastering of Snow White has resulted in an ultra-clean presentation that takes away from the period animation. Well...this disc certainly doesn't present THAT dilemma. It's not unacceptable as the good far outweighs the bad. But I would have thought Disney to spend a bit more time on presenting the best possible versions of these pieces.
An absolute must for the animation collector. Concerning the comments about the mastering - it's highly unlikely that Disney will remaster these shorts in another package. Grab it while it's available as this is supposedly a limited release of 150,000 copies....
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VINE VOICEon October 21, 2002
Boy, is this the way to do a DVD of classic cartoons. Ever since I warmed up my DVD player for the first time I've been waiting for Disney, Warner Bros. and some of the other companies to release sets of their classic short cartoons -- there have been the odd collection here or there, but this Walt Disney Treasures Edition is really the way to do it!
To keep it brief, this is simply a collection of cartoons -- all of the Mickey Mouse color cartoons up until 1938, along with some nice behind-the-scenes stuff with Leonard Maltin and a rarely-seen short made for the 1939 World's Fair that seems like an ordinary enough Mickey and Minnie cartoon at first, but has a hysterical (from my perspective) twist at the end -- product placement is nothing new, folks.
While watching these cartoons something Maltin notes in one of his sequences becomes very obvious -- Mickey Mouse may be one of the most beloved characters on Earth, but in and of himself, he's not very funny. Oh he's cute, he's likeable, but he's not FUNNY. The animators knew this and started teaming him up with funnier characters -- Donald, Goofy and even Pluto -- and together made some wonderful cartoons. "Mickey's Trailer," included in this set, is still one of my favorite cartoons of all time.
I can't wait for the Mickey Mouse black-and-white set and the Goofy set scheduled to come out this Christmas -- and let's hope Disney does a Donald Duck collection soon. Word is that Warner Bros. is currently at work on DVDs of their Looney Tunes shorts (even better than the Disney shorts, in my opinion) -- take note, guys! This is the way to do your DVDs!
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on October 9, 2001
In a hasty response to the DVD market's longing for `uncut' versions of features, Disney has set to please. With the Gold Collection DVDs classics like Make Mine Music, Melody Time and others had scenes deleted or elements removed - such as the cigarette in the parrot's beak in The Three Amigos and Saludos Amigos.
The TREASURES COLLECTION provides pure unedited Disney folly - many of which served as experimental tests for the effects used in the following feature films they were to make. With releases like this there's hope that censored Disney material may make the shelves in the future.
In light of these movements, we all cross our fingers once more for the DVD release of `Song of the South'.
In summary, these DVDs are great for Disney collectors or those with an eye for animation history - but younger audiences may be disappointed by the lack-lustre compared with Disney's more recent Tarzan, Toy Story or even House of Mouse creations.
I personally cannot wait for December 4th!
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While not quite the jaw-dropping package that is "Walt Disney Treasures - Silly Symphonies," "Walt Disney Treasures - Mickey Mouse in Living Color" is an excellent package in it's own right. There is a good amount of cartoons, arranged chronologically. The focus is on Mickey Mouse, although his Goofy, Donald and Pluto are along for the ride in almost every cartoon. DVD is the ultimate presentation for anthologies, as you can click on the cartoon you want to watch without rewinding or fast-forwarding.
The visual quality of the cartoons is not pristine, but they are still better than anything I have seen before. A few of the releases are duplicated on other Disney DVDs. "Lonesome Ghosts" is on "The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad" and "The Band Concert" is on "Make Mine Music." However, the majority of the cartoons are exclusive to this DVD. There were a few that I had not seen before, and that was a real treat.
Personally, I enjoy the Leonard Maltin introductions. He has a honest enthusiasm for these cartoons that I think is suiting to the material. Like any fan, he is happy to see these old favorites in a nice presentation. Also, not being a Disney scholar, I learned quite a few things from his introductions that I didn't know.
While Mickey Mouse's color cartoons are fun, Walt himself admits that they had run out of ideas for the mouse by the time color hit. Donald and Goofy do all of the fun stuff. Like many people, I hope that Disney continues with this DVD series, and that "Donald Duck in Living Color" and "Goofy in Living Color" are soon to follow. I would also love to see "Mickey Mouse in Black and White" to appreciate the mouse at the height of his creativity.
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on July 13, 2004
Walt Disney Treasures Review 2 of 11.
This review tells you where to find all the EASTER EGGS! (hidden DVD features)
Finally released on home video in their original glory is Mickey Mouse in Living Color, with the complete cartoons from 1935-1938. They are uncut, which mean yes, they are finally politcally incorect. (HOORAY!!!) Well, the set is, like the rest, in a limited numbered tin, with a postcard size lithograph of the movie poster for The Band Concert, and a program booklet, which lists the cartoons, features, and a letter from the host, Leonard Maltin.
Both disc share the same intro. On disc one we have every starring cartoon for 1935 and 1938.
The Band Concert: Mickey Leads and outdoor band in a rousing rendition of William Tells Overture with Donald leading them astray with his fludte playing of Turkey in the Straw.
Mickey's Garden: Mickey and pluto protect their vegetable garden from bugs.
UNCENSORED: Bugs get drunk from Mickey's insecticide.
On Ice: On a frozen lake, Minnie looks on a Mickey Outskates Brian Boitano, along with antic of Donald, Goofy, and Pluto.
UNCENSORED: Goofy uses chewing tobacco to catch the fish.
Pluto's Judgement Day: After Mickey chastises Pluto for chasing cats, the dog has a nightmare in a feline hell on trial for his crimes.
UNCENSORED: Cats in black face sing of Pluto's misdeeds.
Mickey's Fire Brigade: Mickey Donald and Goofy try to rescue Clarabel Cow from her her burning house.
Thru the Mirror: After falling asleep, Mickey dreams of actually going thru the mirror.
Mickey's Circus: Mickey and Donald are the main events of this circus for orphans
UNCENSORED: Donald Brandishes a rifle against his out-of-control seal act.
Mickey's Elephant: Mickey receives as a gift Bobo the Elephant, a playmate for Pluto, but turns out to be a disaster.
Mickey's Grand Opera: Mickey is the orchestra leader in an opera starring Clara Cluck and Donald Duck.
Mickey's Polo Team: Mickey's team of cartoon characters play polo against a team of famous Hollywood actors.
Alpine Climbers: Mickey Donald and Goofy get into trouble when they try their hand at mountain climbing.
UNCENSORED: Pluto gets drunk with a Saint Bernard.
Moving Day: Mickey and Donald enlist Goofy's aid when they are evicted from their hose by Sheriff Pete.
UNCENSORED: Pete lights a match for his cigar off of Donald's beak. Then deposits the spent match into Donald's beak.
Mickey's Rival: Miceky's romantic picnic is intterupted by Mortimer Mouse, resembling Walt.
Orphan's Picnic: Mickey and Donald take a group of orphans out for a picnic.
Bonuses on disc 1:
Pencil Tests: In 1935, there is a pencil test set. There is an intro by leonard, then you can play pencil tests for On Ice, Mickey's Fire Brigade, and Pluto's Judgement Day. You can use the angle button to toggle between pencil and finished color.
EASTER EGG! On Mickey's head on the main menu, Walt talks about the history of Mickey.
Parade of Award Nominees: A cartoon made for the 1932, academy awards featuring the stars nominated. It was Mickey's first appearance in full color.
Then we have disc 2. Here are more cartoons from 1937 and 1938, complete and uncensored.
Hawaiian Holiday: The fab five are all together on the beaches of Hawaii
Moose Hunters: Donald and Goofy try to lure a moose by dressing up as a female of the species.
The Worm Turns: Mickey shows heretofore unseen mad scientist tenedencies when he concots a potion that turns the meek against their opressors.
UNCENSORED: Dogcatcher Pete threaten's to blow Pluto's head off with a shotgun.
Magician Mickey: Mickey has to deal with a heckling Donald During his Magic Act.
UNCENSORED: Donald pulls a pistol on Mickey and stagehand Goofy.
Mickey's Amateurs: Mickey hosts and amateur contest featuring the whole gang.
UNCENSORED: Donald Pulls a Machine Gun on the audience.
Clock Cleaners: Mickey, Donald and Goofy have the perilous job of cleaning a giant, big ben typebe clock.
Lonesome Ghosts: Mickey, Donald and Goofy as... GHOSTBUSTERS!
Mickey's Parrot: Mickey and Pluto mistake a parrot for an escaped convict hiding in their house
UNCENSORED: Mickey's Got a Gun
Boat Builders: Mickey and Donald and Goofy put together a do-it-yourself boat kit.
The Whalers: Mickey, Donald, and Goofy set out on the open sea to harpoon a whale
UNCENSORED: Did I mention they are out to harpoon a whale?
Mickey's Trailer: Mickey, Donald, and Goofy travel the coutnryside withe their gadget filled trailer.
Brave Little Tailor: Mickey stars in a fairy tale as the title character and sets out to kill a giant.
UNCENSORED: The giant rolls and smokes a hay cig.
EASTER EGG! On the main menu, go to Mickey's Head to see a cartoon made for the 1939 New York World's Fair for Nabisco called Mickey's Surprise Party.
Mickey Mouse in Living Color Featurette: Leonard Maltin returns for a brief recap of Walt's career, including clip from some black and white shorts.
Gallery: A gallery showcasing pencil art, promotional arwork, posters, and production photos.
That is the second disc of the second set of Wave 1. Continue on to see Davy Crockett.
See you there!
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on January 7, 2002
These are some of the greatest cartoons ever. I particularly love the 1935 ones, they have the best action. THe band concert is amazing. THe bit when the tornado lifts the band up-awesome. MIckey's garden is trippy, there's a great sequence when the garden grows like a jungle. This is 30 years before haight ashbury! THen mickey's fire brigade, which is chock full of action. The cartoon starts brilliantly with the intro title burning up! On ice is another gem, still funny today. Great music as well. THe attention to detail in these cartoons is scary. THe amount of work that went into each one, the artistic creative juices and the sweat and toil. A different era. THe quality of disney shorts went down after they began making features and also the strike of 1941 , when walt disney didn't supervise everything as much as he used to. So these cartoons are from the golden age and are 'treasures'. There are some real gems in the 1936 list. Mickey's polo team is great action, with the marx bros and charlie chaplin and laurel and hardy. THru the mirror is particularly fine, almost perfection. Some great stretch animation of mickey . Moving day has donald duck filled up with gas (propane maybe) and he is propelled around the house. THen pete lights up his cigar and bang. Mickey's rival has some great action too. 1937 - clock cleaners and lonesome ghosts shine, especially clock cleaners with the goofy skyscaper routine. Incidentally, there is a part in this cartoon when donald originally says to the spring, 'says who'.... Now they have him say something completely unintelligible. A minor quibble.
1938 has brave little tailor and a rare minnie mouse appearance. The whalers has a funny bit when goofy throws cold water onto a flaccid cannon and it hardens up. They left that bit in.
Overall, it's a great set. Buy.
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The Walt Disney Treasures collection of "Mickey Mouse in Living Color" offers up 26 (uncensored) cartoons shorts released between 1935 and 1938 starting with the classic "The Band Concert." This means that the worst thing you can say about this collection is that it starts with the best cartoon of the bunch. But then, just to provide a sense of symmetry, the second best offering is the equally classic "Brave Little Tailor," which is the last cartoon on the collection. Then it is just a question of determining (after careful study, of course), which of these other cartoons are your personal favorites: my choices are "Mickey's Fire Brigade" and "Mickey's Polo Team" (any cartoon that brings Charlie Chaplin and Harpo Marx together is going to meet with my high approval).
Of course there are also lots of bonus features in this two-disc collection, such as an Oscar promo "Parade of Award Nominees," pencil tests of Mickey and friends (along with initial audio tracks), and a gallery of original concept art and theater posters. There are also the traditional interview featurette with the animators and vintage television clips of Walt Disney discussing Mickey. All together there is 3 hours and 37 minutes worth of Disney fun. The most fun is watching the innovation of the Disney studio in these early days of animation. You might notice a lot of animation loops and you might be thrown by how odd the original version of Donald Duck looks (he looks "normal" by the end of these cartoons), but you will also seem some creative sequences (including some that will remind you of Salvador Dali's artwork).
"Mickey Mouse in Living Color" is a step below "Silly Symphonies," which remain the apex of the Disney cartoon shorts, but I still have a fondness for these early works and a decided preference for them over the more modern cartoons. The other entries in the original Walt Disney Treasures series offer up the complete Davy Crockett television series and the special historical broadcast of "Disneyland U.S.A." Since then there have been additional sets with, naturally, "Mickey Mouse in Black and White" along with "The Complete Goofy." As we have come to expect with the Disney features from "Snow White and the Seven Dwarves" to "Beauty and the Beast," Disney DVDs evince the same high standards we associate with the Walt Disney legacy.
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on March 13, 2005
A beautifull and charming collection. I do have a suggestion. These shorts were all meant to be viewed individually. I think watching them all in one sitting will loose their impact. One can only watch Donald Duck falls on his head so much in one sitting. I play a short each time before I watch another DVD movie, just like the shorts were viewed in theaters. I found that I enjoyed them a lot more that way. Just a suggestion.
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on April 15, 2011
The name Mickey Mouse is synonymous with anyone who's a fan of Disney; he is, after all, the character that put Walt Disney on the top of the animation world and stay there for a long time even after Mickey's role began to diminish. This collection is nearly flawless; the only complaint that I personally have is that they just had to edit the sound on part of one cartoon so it wouldn't sound as though an expletive was being dropped.

This collection includes 26 of the 29 Mickey Mouse cartoons released between 1935 and 1938; the only three that are missing are in black and white and can be found on those collections. The positives are that all these cartoons are enjoyable shorts, and each one unique; the only other thing that could possibly be considered bad is the fact that in spite of being labeled as "Mickey Mouse cartoons," a majority of them show how Donald, Goofy and Pluto rose to cartoon stardom as the spotlight on Mickey faded slowly but surely.

Only three cartoons on this collection ("Thru The Mirror," "Mickey's Rival" and "Brave Little Tailor") do not feature any of those three characters for support; in fact, their design fits right in with some of Mickey's earliest cartoons, but with much improved animation and art. These three are perhaps the best examples on this collection of what color did for animation and how it helped usher in the golden era, especially when compared with the relatively crude art and animation of cartoons from just a few short years before.

On the other hand, the rest of these cartoons not only gave Mickey some chance to shine, but also helped develop Pluto, Donald and Goofy from simple comic relief into full-fledged characters. For the most part, Mickey played the supporting role in these cartoons while the biggest action was given to the others. Donald would become the most popular, as a majority of these cartoons give him a large share of the spotlight. His comical stupidity, short temper, and overall charm are what helps him steal the show in "The Band Concert," "Mickey's Circus," "Mickey's Grand Opera," "Mickey's Polo Team," "Alpine Climbers" and "Orphan's Picnic." While it is unfortunate that these draw the focus away from Mickey, to see his character develop into the icon it became is truly a delight. His overall rudeness made for a highly unsympathetic character, which is what made him so great to have around in these cartoons.

Goofy also appears in "The Band Concert," "Mickey's Grand Opera" and "Mickey's Polo Team," albeit with far less of a role than that of Donald. But his clumsy nature and instantly recognizable laugh back up Donald in "On Ice," "Mickey's Fire Brigade," "Moving Day," "Hawaiian Holiday," "Moose Hunters," "Magician Mickey," "Mickey's Amateurs," "Clock Cleaners," "Lonesome Ghosts," "Boat Builders," "Mickey's Trailer," and "The Whalers." This combination of Mickey, Donald, and Goofy would come to be known simply as "The Gang," and these are among my personal favorite cartoons of all time; however, it is hard to simply call them Mickey Cartoons. The best example of this would be "The Whalers," which ultimately comes off to me as a Donald and Goofy cartoon with stock footage of Mickey. The fact that these two also seemed to have the inability to catch a break even if equipped with a net also helped make these cartoons great. It was eventually obvious to moviegoers that they would screw up anything they tried to do completely, but these cartoons consistently found new ways for them to do it.

Pluto gets a chance to develop his own character in "Mickey's Garden," "Pluto's Judgment Day," "Mickey's Elephant," "The Worm Turns" and "Mickey's Parrot," and goes from simply being "Mickey's Pal, Pluto" to a character all his own; an assertive, yet foolish and rather cowardly dog who always manages to get himself into simple predicaments. He also had good comic support in "On Ice," "Mickey's Grand Opera," "Alpine Climbers" and "Hawaiian Holiday." For the first few years he was around, Pluto played second fiddle to Mickey. But much like Donald, he developed a real personality through these shorts, and that adds to the enjoyment of them. Seeing Pluto realize the error of his ways for harassing innocent cats, freeze his tail solid while trying to ice skate, go tit-for-tat with a chattery parrot, or get drunk with a Saint Bernard in the mountain (as examples) is quite amusing.

What is notable also is the fact that Minnie does not have much of a role in these shorts, as so many ideas had already been used up with her in the black and white era. She has a major role in "Mickey's Rival," but just as Mickey's roles in "On Ice" and "Hawaiian Holiday" are limited, so are her own. And she only has brief appearances in "Brave Little Tailor" and "Boat Builders."

Cartoons that particularly stand out:
"The Band Concert" - Perhaps one of the greatest disaster movies ever made.
"Mickey's Garden" - Who knows, maybe this one influenced the hallucination fad of the hippie era.
"Pluto's Judgment Day" - One of Disney's downright darkest cartoons.
"Mickey's Fire Brigade" - The second cartoon to use "The Gang," and they do EVERYTHING imaginable with the fire.
"Thru The Mirror" - The last cartoon in which nobody supported him except the background, and one of the absolute finest.
"Mickey's Circus" - Perhaps the birth of what I refer to as "The Donald Moments."
"Mickey's Grand Opera" - Great satire on how you can't understand what they're saying half the time in opera.
"Mickey's Polo Team" - Hollywood caricatures abound for one of the wackiest cartoons on this collection, in spite of next to no role for Mickey.
"Alpine Climbers" - Drunken Pluto. Enough said.
"Moving Day" - Goofy and the piano, Donald and the plunger... enough said.
"Mickey's Rival" - Much like "Thru The Mirror," it could go into the black and white era but looks and sounds leaps and bounds ahead of that stuff.
"Moose Hunters" - The best screwup that "the gang" ever perform.
"The Worm Turns" - Mickey in the lab... an unusual twist on things. Who knows, maybe the inventors of steroids watched this for inspiration.
"Magician Mickey" - Personal favorite in the collection. Mickey and Goofy only get one line apiece, but it's all that they need!
"Mickey's Amateurs" - This time, Donald and Goofy ultimately screw themselves up as individuals, for a nice twist.
"Clock Cleaners" - In spite of this being the one that edits the sound, this is perhaps the best example of Donald and Goofy's stupidity.
"Lonesome Ghosts - The one time "The Gang" manages to win. And in rather unusual fashion.
"Mickey's Parrot" - A walking, talking roast chicken barking like a dog... enough said.
"Boat Builders" - Another classic gang fail.
"Brave Little Tailor" - The final classic Mickey-Minnie love story.

Maybe I went a bit crazy on the highlights... but what can I say, these are all such great cartoons! And even if the other 7 were not listed as highlights, they are fine cartoons as well... if you can shell out the extra bucks, buy this for sure! I can't recommend it enough.
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on September 15, 2005
The Disney treasures collection is the best and cheapest way of getting the entire series to their golden age shorts.
I must warn you not to buy any of these mini DVDS if you are someone who would love the full collection being the mini DVDS are just repeats or shorts due on future Disney treasures.

As you know Black and white cartoons are only normally seen these days on a fan basis or history basis which is why the general audience since the 1960's have not seen many old and original Mickey mouse cartoons because the Studio wants the general audience to see coloured cartoons only these days, plus black and white do not suit the general audience anymore.

Mickey Mouse Was created in 1928 and was Walt Disney's very first cartoon as well as the first cartoon with sound in it, at first they just starred Mickey, Mini, Pete and others, but did not feature our familiar Disney characters till the early 1930's including Donald, Pluto and Goofy. 75 black and white cartoons were made from 1928-35, Mickey Mouse's cartoons turned fully into color in 1934/35 and still stared his new friends who were seen is his last few black and white cartoons including Donald, Pluto and Goofy. They were still all just Mickey Mouse cartoons but all of them except 3 starred at least one out of Donald, Pluto & Goofy. By 1936 14 colored cartoons had been made of Mickey Mouse and his friends. In 1937 In the late 1930's Walt Disney for the very first time created a cartoon classified as one of Mickey's friends(DONALD DUCK) Then in 1938 they started doing spin off classifications called DONALD AND GOOFY, then in 1940 they done PLUTO'S very first own short. In these cartoons not classified as Mickey Mouse, they did not star Mickey Mouse when all of Mickey's cartoons starred them which was because in the late 30's the audience was complaining about Mickey's mean character not going with his nice friendly personality which is why from 1937-53 Walt Disney realised he was limited on stories to suit Mickey's character and that he better make Mickey's popular friends turn into cartoon superstars who were bigger stars than Mickey physically all along as you are about to read as well as the fact that they starred in all of Mickey's own cartoons when did not star in there's who also had an enormous lot more cartoons made alone per character than Mickey did at all. Mickey was and still is today in the present just what made Disney start and become what it turned out to be and is used today as we speak like it always has been since the 1940's like an advertisement for WALT DISNEY, but Mickey is not a cartoon star like all think he is.

Only 14 colored cartoons classified as Mickey Mouse had been made upto 1936. They only made 28 new cartoons classified as Mickey Mouse from 1937-53 when his last original short was made, which makes 42 colored shorts in total which all starred atleast one of his friends out of Donald, Pluto and Goofy except for 3 of his own shorts out of all 42 that just Starred him and Minnie. Donald starred in 130 Shorts of his own from 1937-67, Goofy starred in 48 cartoons of his own from 1939-67, Pluto starred in 48 shorts of his own from 1940-51 which makes 226 colored shorts not classified as Mickey Mouse which he only appeared in ten of, other than that he appeared in 2 special Shorts and one WAR commercial which also starred his friends and makes 55 colored shorts in total starring Mickey Mouse. Meaning 39 out of Mickey's own 42 colored shorts star Donald, Pluto or Goofy which is why I would rather call these DVDS Mickey, Donald, Pluto, Goofy and Friends. Being Mickey is not the star. Then you see there is 226 cartoons of the stars seen in Mickey's cartoons which do not star Mickey meaning Mickey's cartoons were like an origin to the real stars who starred in 226 shorts of their own which did not star Mickey.

after the last short in 1967, they did not produce anything till 1981 because TV was taking over and the theatre customers was reducing in cartoons due To Hanna Barbera and lots of other TV cartoons that were making cartoons popular as TV Series, Studios like Disney and Warner were not willing to create TV Cartoons till the late 1980's early 90's when Animated TV as well as taken over Theatrical cartoons had become a massive popular thing to the whole world. In 1981 they Did a Special called Mickey's Christmas Carol which again starred all his friends plus friends of Donald's that were introduced in Donald cartoon shorts. Then next in 1987 a Goofy Special was made called Sport Goofy in Soccermania that did not star Mickey. Then in 1987 A TV Series of Donald's Uncle and Nephews was made. Chip-N-Dale who were introduced in Donald Cartoons had A TV Series done in 1988. Goofy had a TV Series of his own Done in 1992. Donald had a TV Series of his own done in 1996. a Few Specials of Mickey were made from 1990-97 but all stared his friends when his friend's specials and TV Series did not star him. The finally in 1998 they started a new TV Series called Mickey Mouse works which was show with scenes that made Mickey and all his friends the presenters of lots of brand new shorts which again in Mickey's cartoons they starred his friends when Donald, Pluto and Goofy's new shorts did not star Mickey. It is all because Mickey is not an easy character to write stories in cartoons up for with good humour and adventure, which is why he never starred in all his friends cartoons as well as when getting a show that did star him it featured all his friends being Mickey is nothing when it gets to screen entertainment other than a way of advertising Walt Disney productions and cartoons like a cartoon advertising Toys.

Mickey Mouse only starred in 55 colored shorts
Below is a complete list of all his appearances. it comes in 4 columns: first the episode number, then the date, then the official classification of the series it comes under, then the title.

Any classified as Pluto/Donald/War are seen on these Treasures: Donald Duck/Pluto/On The Front Lines.

1 1935 MICKEY MOUSE Band Concert
2 1935 MICKEY MOUSE Mickey's Garden
3 1935 MICKEY MOUSE Mickey's Fire Brigade
4 1935 MICKEY MOUSE Pluto's Judgement Day
5 1935 MICKEY MOUSE On Ice
6 1936 MICKEY MOUSE Mickey's Polo Team
7 1936 MICKEY MOUSE Orphans' Picnic
8 1936 MICKEY MOUSE Mickey's Grand Opera
9 1936 MICKEY MOUSE Thru The Mirror
10 1936 MICKEY MOUSE Mickey's Rival
11 1936 MICKEY MOUSE Moving Day
12 1936 MICKEY MOUSE Alpine Climbers
13 1936 MICKEY MOUSE Mickey's Circus
14 1936 MICKEY MOUSE Mickey's Elephant
15 1937 MICKEY MOUSE Worm Turns
16 1937 MICKEY MOUSE Magician Mickey
17 1937 MICKEY MOUSE Moose Hunters
18 1937 MICKEY MOUSE Mickey's Amateurs
19 1937 MICKEY MOUSE Hawaiian Holiday
20 1937 MICKEY MOUSE Clock Cleaners
21 1937 MICKEY MOUSE Lonesome Ghosts
22 1938 MICKEY MOUSE Boat Builders
23 1938 MICKEY MOUSE Mickey's Trailer
24 1938 MICKEY MOUSE Brave Little Tailor
25 1938 MICKEY MOUSE Mickey's Parrot
26 1938 MICKEY MOUSE Whalers
27 1939 MICKEY MOUSE Pointer
28 1939 MICKEY MOUSE Society Dog Show
29 1939 SPECIAL The Standard Parade
30 1939 SPECIAL Mickey's Surprise Party
31 1940 PLUTO Pluto's Dream House
32 1940 MICKEY MOUSE Mr. Mouse Takes A Trip
33 1940 MICKEY MOUSE Tugboat Mickey
34 1941 MICKEY MOUSE Little Whirlwind
35 1941 MICKEY MOUSE Nifty Nineties
36 1941 MICKEY MOUSE Orphan's Benefit
37 1941 PLUTO Gentleman's Gentleman, A
38 1941 PLUTO Canine Caddy
39 1941 PLUTO Lend A Paw
40 1942 MICKEY MOUSE Mickey's Birthday Party
41 1942 MICKEY MOUSE Symphony Hour
42 1942 WAR All Together
43 1943 PLUTO Pluto and the Armadillo
44 1946 PLUTO Squatter's Rights
45 1947 MICKEY MOUSE Mickey's Delayed Date
46 1948 MICKEY MOUSE Mickey Down Under
47 1948 MICKEY MOUSE Mickey And The Seal
48 1948 PLUTO Pluto's Purchase
49 1949 PLUTO Pueblo Pluto
50 1950 DONALD DUCK Crazy Over Daisy
51 1951 PLUTO Plutopia
52 1951 MICKEY MOUSE R'coon Dawg
53 1952 MICKEY MOUSE Pluto's Party
54 1952 MICKEY MOUSE Pluto's Christmas Tree
55 1953 MICKEY MOUSE Simple Things
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