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on October 13, 2011
I purchased this for a Panasonic G3, but it will work with any micro-four thirds camera. It's certainly the cheapest lens you can buy (there's no glass, of course).

The wide angle is interesting, and this pinhole lens has shown me that a great photo can be a blurry low resolution mess. Not everything has to be sharp. It does a noble job of making a fancy digital camera feel very, very analogue and simple. I salute those who do film pinholes, because this sort of thing benefits hugely from getting the instant feedback of playback on a LCD.

It's not for everyone, but if you're into photography, and like to experiment, it's great. The case also fits a rear lens cap, so it's compact and allows me to put the pinWide on and still protect whatever lens I take off. Also very fun during daylight as you can do long exposures without a ND filter. There's no focusing, but there's definitely an art to pressing your camera against various surfaces to get the long exposures needed (usually ~1 second) to get a shot with this pinhole.
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You can get software "pinhole" effects with the Olympus micro 4/3rds cameras, but you can't get the super depth of field and soft focus except with a real pinhole lens. And while thirty-eight bucks may sound like a lot for a piece of plastic and a piece of metal with a hole in it, this is actually a very carefully engineered design. I've made a lot of pinhole adapters for different cameras using a piece of micro-drilled stainless steel and a body cap, and while that works, this lens has has a few features you won't find in a homemade pinhole adapter. The actual pinhole is set not in a flat mount, but in a shallow cone that places the pinhole closer to the plane of the sensor. That accomplishes a couple of things. It shortens the effective focal length, which increases vignetting and provides a wider angle view. That emphasizes the pinhole effect. In addition, the conical shape (and the matte black coating) reduce internal reflections, increasing contrast and color saturation.

This may be a simple device, but it's well made, and a bargain for the photographer looking for more creative possibilities for his or her M3/4 camera.
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on May 3, 2012
I love my PEN EP2, I shoot with it all the time and I have 4 prime lenses worth about $2,000. Since I got my pinwide I have probably taken about 1/3 of my exposures with it. I love it. Artefacts, vignetting, infinite depth of field. Its a really fun 'lens' and well worth the tiny price.
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on June 29, 2013
For a product that makes such a big deal about its precision etching and high-end polycarbonate, this thing just isn't very well made. The body of the cap has heavy streaking and a coarse finish, evident of poor injection molding process. Bits of plastic flake off during attachment and removal, landing on the sensor and necessitating removal (I blew them off with a bulb blower). The pinhole itself isn't even center within the cap - I was hoping this wouldn't matter, but as a result, my shots come out shifted over and dark on one side. I cannot recommend this, not at least until the manufacturer can provide assurance of better quality control.
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on May 3, 2013
This is a great wide angle pinhole "lens" for mft cameras. Do some research on pinhole photography before you buy. This model is very wide angle, which has pros and cons. For close-ups you need to get really close, but since the device has infinite depth-of-field you can shoot with the subject almost touching the camera if you want. Most flash attachments won't have enough power to be useful, unless they are very close to the subject, and set on full power. A slave flash can be a useful addition to put more light on the subject. These are surprisingly cheap. Otherwise try shooting outside with a tripod.
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on August 23, 2011
It's solidly made and seems nice for the price but be aware that the way that light hits the sensor may cause a yellow spot in lighter images on some micro four thirds cameras. Photos taken with my gf-1 have the spots seen here [...]. They are working on software to work with certain image editing programs to eliminate the problem. I still like my photos but it's obvious in some of the brighter ones.
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on June 12, 2014
I bought this for fun, but doesn't shoot well at all. Even with a tripod and bright light, my GF3 does badly. An E-PM1 fares slightly better. Do NOT like using the tin for clean keeping, wish mfr had made a custom cap (since normal caps don't fit the rear of this "lens". Got a lot of dust in camera since use. Glad I did not pay full price.
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on January 16, 2013
Pros: Real pinhole lens for Micro 4/3, easy to gauge exposure times, Fun!, inexpensive,
Cons: None. (OK, I can nitpick and say there is no glass in front of the pinhole. So I'd be cautious in high humidity or dusty conditions. But I would really be nitpicking there. The truth is, I love this lens.)

Bottom Line: For $30-40 buy it. You won't be disappointed. This lens is very well made and a whole lot of fun. Being a pinhole lens, It does have a high F ratio (around F100!) So it's an outdoor/long exposure lens for sure.It's also around 11mm focal length which gives it a wide angle. For the price, it's a welcome addition to any photographers' kit, and is just too much fun to pass up!
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on June 19, 2013
I had a Lensbaby pinhole but sold it when I changed cameras (the old micro four thirds Lensbaby will NOT fit on an OM-D). I sold the pinhole adapter with it and shouldn't have. I thought the Pinwide would be a suitable replacement but for whatever reason the images are just not there. Not to mention the color banding so many users report. If you process to B&W I suppose it doesn't matter. It is in my bag but I very rarely use it...
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on September 1, 2013
This is simply another way of taking photos.
I grew up with film cameras, this reminds me of some of the stuff we would shoot using 4X5 film.
A tripod or mono pod is typically required to eliminate camera shake, as the exposures are usually at least one second.
It isn't something that I will use all of the time, but given the right setting, it will add another style to my photos.
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