Customer Reviews: World of WarCraft Dungeon Companion, Volume 2 (Official Strategy Guides (Bradygames))
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on September 18, 2007
I just recieved this today. When I bought this I was not sure if it was a totally new guide, or a continuation of the other one. Well, it is a continuation of the first guide if anyone is wondering.

It contains: Hellfire Ramparts, Blood Furnace, The Shattered Halls, The Slave Pens, the Underbog, The Steamvault, Manatombs, Auchenal Crypts, Sethekk Halls, Shadow Labyrinth, Escape from Durnholde Keep, The Dark Portal, The Mechanar, The Botanica, and The Arcatraz.

It also contains: Gruul's Lair, Magtheridon's Lair, Serpentshrine Cavern, The Eye, Battle of Mount Hyjal, Black Temple, and Level 60 Naxxramas.

Plus, it contains, Karazhan, and Doom Lord Kazakk, and Doomwalker.

In addition, it has the usual armory, and dungeon basics.

Anyway, hope that helps for anybody unsure of what this guide contains. :)
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on September 18, 2007
Now, if you're frugal, you will always go to Bosskillers or atleast WoWWiki for boss info. Heck, I have dual monitors and I do it all the time. But I picked this up on a lark and was pleasantly surprised. I took it through Gruul's and Magtheridon's tonight and the recommendations were very insightful.

Highly recommended. And quite cheap right now at $16.50
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VINE VOICEon December 4, 2007
For those of you who bought World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade Official Strategy Guide (World of Warcraft) and were subsequently disappointed, let me say that this guide is MUCH more better, much more inclusive. Every 5 man instance, the only 10 man at the time (Karazhan), and all 25 mans, including Black Temple, are discussed here, as well as the big raid bosses. I was initially concerned due to this title being delayed, but am now happy, since they took the time to incorporate Black Temple.
Each instance includes boss info, loot info (although loot info can change), as well as useful strategies. The included dungeon maps is also very useful for those who don't have mods for dungeon mapping.
The only instance currently not included is of course Zul'Aman, since that only came out in November 2007, after publication of this guide. But, if you're ready for Zul'Aman, you can always get up-to-date info from various websites.
For completeness, they included a good guide for Naxxramas, but unfortunately, hardly anyone visits that zone anymore, so it's almost a wasted effort. Can't blame Bradygames for trying, though!

Definitely recommended if you're new to Burning Crusade, since this expansion is all about the instances!
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on November 10, 2007
A seemingly good idea in concept, an unbelievably bad idea in reality.
These guides suffer from a few issues, that ultimately make them a bad purchase.

(1.) Obviously a printed guide for an online game, won't be up-to-date, but these guides are hopelessly out of date. This fact alone makes these guides a complete and total waste of money. If you really want a guide, buy the .PDF version from Brady's website or ask Amazon to carry the .PDF version. The .PDF version is updated periodically throughout the year. (This specific guide was the first appearance of Naxxramas in the Dungeon Guide, almost a year later - really, really late and very untimely.)

(2.) Due to the nature of all the games being released at any given time, there are lots of guides to write. Understandably they must be pressed for time. But these guides seem to have be so rushed that there are typos, incorrect information and missing information. Mistakes like these can make the guide unusable at times.

(3.) Any guide will likely be used by newer players. They will need to find information quickly and easily. Whoever setup these guides doe not understand information design or the essential needs of a new player. Even if you skip reason 1 and 2, when you actually use the guide, you will likely be frustrated many times.

For they quickest way to find WoW info and answer your questions bookmark, and

Save your money for other fun stuff, like WoW 60 Day Game Cards which amazon usually offers for a good price.
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on November 11, 2008
It's good. Highly glossed pages. Lots of info in it but.. it wasnt exactly what I was looking for. I wanted a layout of the dungeons in more detail.. all secrets exposed. I just found an overview here and not the strategy edge I was seeking.
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on May 4, 2008
This work is an improvement over the first volume that covered the instances for the original game. The layout and text are more user-friendly (and easier on the eyes) plus it lays out the instances in the order in which you are likely to encounter them, as in from lowest-level to highest. The strategy tips for (most) of the encounters are also highly helpful.

What prevents this book from being a top-rated work are the same problems found in the first one. For one, with Blizzard constantly updating content, not all the material in the book is current, such as adding or subtracting encounters in instances or lowering how difficult a particular encounter is. In addition, not all the instance write-ups really give detailed advice on how to defeat it or offer alternatives to what is given; the section on Dark Portal: Black Morass readily springs to mind. Finally, the book suffers from the same lackidaisical proofreading as the first one, with numerous typographical and spelling errors that simply should not be in a published work.

Overall, this book is an excellent reference for those who want to advance and succeed in the game as quickly as possible. Just remember to use other online references to supplement it for game updates and other perspectives on how to run the instances, or you may be in for a few nasty surprises.
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on December 28, 2012
This book is out of print so it is very hard to get a decent copy any longer. This book was in pristine condition. It was purchased as a Christmas gift and met all expectations of the recipient. During the holiday break it is going to get a lot of use to do some Warcraft dungeon crawling. A good gift for those Warcraft fans.
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on December 9, 2007
I really like this series of books, they are well written and do a good job of explaining what is going to happen inside the instances (dungeons). They give little hints here and there that are a great help. On dungeons that require you stand in a certain spot they tell you where and give pictures. The loot tables are great help if you are looking for certain items. Good book and a great read. I always have it when I run through dungeons. Downside is as Warcraft is updated the book will not have current info and loot tables, so web sites will have the most current info but the boss battles still remain the same.
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on September 15, 2008
Our guild was preparing to start raids in Kara and we needed information on how to fight the bosses. None of us had ever been in there, except maybe to replace someone for a boss fight. This guide has helped our group get a complete clear. When someone suggests doing something else other than the guide it seems to fail most of the time. The successes we have had were when we followed the advice in the guide. This is a great guide for all of the instances with burning crusade including the heroic dungeons. A HUGE Help! I highly recommend.
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on January 20, 2008
The WoW Dungeon Companion, vol 2 book is a great book to assist the average to new gamer in the different advanced dungeons of the Outlands. This book along with the vol 1 is a great collection of the instances you can run with groups. It is very helpful in understanding the different characters you will go up against in battle and overall must kill to get the loot they will drop. Plus it gives you great insight on the dungeons itself, how to position the group and where to go if you need a guide due to going in the wrong direction. The book also gives you the different types of loot certain bosses carry and that you can possibly receive if you defeat them. I would highly recommend this books to all along with the other book available on for the World Of Warcraft.
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