Customer Reviews: World of Warcraft Cataclysm Signature Series Guide (Bradygames Signature Guides)
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on December 5, 2010
Pros: The pictures are pretty! Great book if you are indeed new to the game. Got it cheaper here then what the suggested price.

Cons: For players that have played and raided this book is a HUGE let down. The spell rotations they give you in many of the classes to help you solo will easily get you killed and leave you frustrated. The book goes into every zone with a high level of detail and the wording that was fed to them from Blizzard. The down side to this is it reads as a ad to get people to start playing WoW and not so much to help them keep playing WoW. I purchased this book so I could have an idea of what to expect out of the first few dungeons so that I could get ready for the 7th without any problems. The section for Dungeons and raids just told you that there were indeed dungeons and raids new to Cataclysm but absolutely no details of what to expect. The book has a few spaces where the information it gives is not accurate (This is not Bradygames fault as Blizzard made the changes recently after the printing process began.)

I will not ever buy another game guide again. Huge let down!
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on December 4, 2010
Lets be honest. this guide is made for "new players" there is a "new players section" but it seems the ENTIRE guide was made for new players

it has VERY little information on the new zones and new quests and new gear for level 80+ 85....

for those of you who are level 80+ getting the expansion DO NOT BUY THIS BOOK! unless you just want everything Wow....for me it was kind of worth it.. as chances are im going to use more of the wikis and websites and addon guides rather then getting this guide

sadly a lot of people will be getting this not knowing that there is pretty much ZERO infomation for level 80+ players

oh well. i guess its a nice basic guide...

and not back for just 17 bucks but....not the best in the world. your better off with wiki sites and in game ui addon quest tracker guides ....
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on December 8, 2010
This book is really intended for newbies or returning wow peeps, but that being said, I found some info on classes I haven't played that seems to be pretty good. It also gives tips on the stats you should beef up for different specs of the classes too.

There's also a small section that breaks up the continents into level brackets, which is very helpful to me since I don't have to alt-tab a bunch because I can't remember if I was high enough to start in a certain zone or not.

For the proper rotations though, you're better to google them since there were so many changes in the recent patches before Cataclysm's release. Also, there are add-ons you can download that can help out a lot too.

I do feel jipped about the dungeon section. I was expecting at least a general walkthough on the new instances & raids, but all it gives out is a list.

So, if you're new to the game or don't have a lot of knowledge about the different classes, get this book. This is coming from a person that only has one protection/retribution pally that was max level before Cataclysm & a crap load of lowbie alts.
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on January 4, 2011
It's true that there isn't much in the book for 80's,but the ton of info for newer players makes up for it.
We were all noobs at one point,and I think this book would be pretty helpful for people getting their feet wet with Wow.
I like the look of these guides,and that's one reason I got it.
My advice regarding this book is simple:
If you like collecting everything WoW,then this guide is for you.
If you are brand-new to the game,this is for you.
If you are a seasoned player,with multiple 80's,then this isn't what you need.However,there are many new facets that came when Cata was released,and I am finding the info quite helpful/interesting.I started two baby Worgen toons,and one baby Goblin toon.I found the info in the guide helped me with certain decisions.
If you are a seasoned player with several lower-level toons,this guide will help you learn about the new skills/races that Cata brought to the game.
If you like looking at nice artwork,then this is for you.
I'm glad I got it even though there are a gazillion web sites that can help you in your pursuit of Deathwing.But holding the book in my hand "feels" much more substantial.
And please remember,those of you who have pooh-poohed this guide as unnecessary,it is helpful no matter what level you are.Since Cata was released,I see quite a few questions from newer players in trade chat.If they had this book,it might help them not ask a lot of questions and get shot down by seasoned players,a lot of whom were apparently born playing the game and they know everything.Baloney.It is nice to have a preview of certain raids and dungeon runs.
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on December 21, 2010
When reading the guide it points out clearly what its goals are. If you were standing in a store you would know this before buying but when purchasing online this aspect is reasonably overlooked.

The amount of information for new players excels and borders on overwhelming. Every race and class is gone over thoroughly. The level 1-5 quests have quite a bit of detail listed (too much IMO). The interface and basic system for playing is gone over in detail as well.

The guide is also great as a review for returning players. Folks who chew through content for a few months after an expansion only to return when the next expansion comes out; you will find this to be a quick way to catch up on things without spending hours sifting through websites.

For level 80+ folks who have been playing continually up to this expansion there is not a lot of information in the guide for you. It talks about the new races and level layout of the land. The new zones have a very basic overview but the guide only gives you enough for a taste; it is not a walk-through-crutch. Out of nearly 500 pages; maybe 10% will help the average level 80+ player. Unless that level 80+ person has been doing nothing but nonstop raiding and missed all the other content the game has to offer, they will find more worth in the guide.
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on January 11, 2011
This is one of 4 strat guides published by BradyGames this company has a reputation for being very thurogh in the creation of there guides and this one is NO exception to that. Cataclysm is the most recent of the Wow Expansions to come out. This Guide is the biggest of all 4 Strategy Guides this company has put out for World of Warcraft Games so far. It has lots of maps and tons of stats. You would expect this guide to be second in size only to the original World of Warcraft guide however it is apsolutely hands down the biggest in size and has the most stats and pictures and maps, This guide also details the Worgen and the Goblin the newest Races to the game in very nice detail with history and lore and a walk through of the beginning areas for all area's this is by far the most mature looking and feeling of the guides they have put out with extensive attention to detail in all parts of the guide hands down this is my favorite of the 4 guides as this has been the most intensive of the guides in how much it can help players. This guide also has the Details about Archeology the newest Profession.

Here is what the index looks like:
Picking the right realm
Making your first character
taking your first steps
The user interface
controlling your character
Communicating with other players
Interacting with other characters
Other ways to Improver your Character
Gaining Levels
Talent Tree
Traveling and Transportation
Banks and Auction houses
Customizing the game interface
just for fun
online resources

Races of the Alliance
Night elf

Races of the Horde
Blood elf

Character Class introduction
Upgrading to Cataclysm
world dungeons
Geographic Upheaval
Changes to your character
changest to Currency
changest to Proffessions
Interface changes
New Reputations
Maps of Azeroth:
Eastern Kingdoms
The Regions of Kalimdor
The regions of the Maelstrom
Character Classes:
Death Knight
PVP Combat:
battle Grounds
Battle ground Maps
Bestiary Acheivments
That is a Breif run down of the Index and what it will contain for you. I didn't list the individual maps or the individual proffessions but other than that it is all there word for word. As you can tell if you have any of the other guides by BradyGames you will see the vast difference in the size and ammount of stuff covered in this guide vs. the older guides. Amazingly the original World of Warcraft guide was $24.99 usd and Cataclysm's Guide is the exact same price. The cost has never gone up. How nice is that. This is Definately the Guide to have if you can only get your hands on a single guide.
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on January 13, 2011
I am glad that I was able to read through this in a bookstore before purchasing it. I recently got Cataclysm after having stopped playing WoW for about 5-6 months, and everything was different, especially the major changes with the talent trees and class abilities. All of the other guides, from the first one to Burning Crusade to WotLK have explanations of the talent trees for each of the classes, and because for Cataclysm Blizzard completely changed the talent trees and ways that talents work for all of the classes drastically I want to know why and how I need to reallocate my talent points for my lvl 80 main which I cannot find a straight answer about from Blizzard anywhere online (they refer you to 3rd party websites; what the heck is that? Blizzard can't even explain what they've changed in their own game anymore?), and so I was hoping beyond hope that the guide for the game would at least have this information in it; no. Nowhere is there an explanation of the talent trees or builds in the guide in detail at all, nor are the actual talent trees shown anywhere.

I spent an hour in the store looking through it and I am extremely disappointed in this book and in Blizzard for not giving support to players of the game who came back for their new expansion and are not given any advice or explanation for the most important aspects of playing the game.

Pass on this book unless you don't care about knowing anything worthwhile about the game; everything in it is available online for free on any of the 3rd party websites that Blizzard refers you to whenever you want any useful information, and those websites have better info than what is in the book.
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on September 17, 2011
I had browsed through some of the other reviews stating that if you were a seasoned player, this guide would be of no value. Well, I am new to Wow, and find this guide a gold-mine! With such a deep, complex environment, this guide is a must to get started and for reference until proficiency is learned!
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on July 27, 2011
For someone completely new to WoW, and someone relatively new to MMO's this guide is perfect. I knew very little about the factions, races, skills etc... This guide provides sufficient enough info to get you started for the first few weeks of playing. It helps you understand the importance of your initial character creation and how a few important decisions will affect the rest of your experience. For anyone serious about starting off with a character you truly want, I would spend a few hours looking through this guide.

In addition to in depth analysis on each race, the guide lists which mounts each race can use, the entire skill tree, which weapons/armor each can use, and where in the world map you should expect to start.

Also, there is a limited map of every place in the game that also explains which faction, if any, controls the area.

All in all, this is NOT for someone that is already even moderately familiar with the game. This really is just a super detailed instruction manual. There is nothing wrong with this. For people completely new to the game, it's pretty easy to find yourself a bit overwhelmed.

Even if you have already started playing a character without reading this guide, its still helpful to know what you can expect, and to get to know some of the other races you may be fighting alongside or against.
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on December 8, 2010
This book is good if you have never played World of Warcraft and want a picture filled simple overview of the game. If you have level 80 characters and want to know where the new dungeons are located, where should you spend talent points, what are the quest lines for the new zones, what are the strategies for the new boss fights, and so on then this book is a big fat waste of money.

My advice to both new and old player alike, don't buy this book.
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