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on September 7, 2010
Season 2 finds the Warehouse 13 gang still bag and tagging artifacts with unusual powers. While I wasn't crazy about the first season, season 2 starts strong and gets more interesting and fun with every episode.
Season 2 starts with a strong plot line, lots of action, and quite a bit of comic relief. The main plot remains the same, ie the team trying to locate an artifact that is playing havoc with reality...or, well, killing people. In season 2 there are finally unifying story lines that connect the episodes, leaving us wanting to see the next piece of the puzzle. The writers have also done a brilliant job of developing the characters and making them feel like a really fun dysfunctional family.

While I have trouble seeing Agent Lattimer as a secrete service agent his character adds fun, silliness, and life to the show. I'm glad that they didn't pair agents Lattimer and Bering romantically. Their chemistry works as friends but would probably fizzle as a romance. It also gives the show more room to grow if they aren't romantically attached. The writers do a good job playing with subplots as the agents try to maintain romantic relationships outside of work. I especially like when Agent Lattimer was spending the day in bed with his new girlfriend and a crisis had him not only scurrying into work but locking her out of the room 1/2 dressed...did I mention their cover story is that they are IRS agents, what type of life or death crisis's can an IRS agent have.
The addition of Jamie Murray playing HG Wells has made the show much more interesting and fun. Her character softens the edges of Agent Bering; plus it's really fifty because we don't know if she is good, evil, or something in-between.
Many episodes are totally silly, like episode 2 where a regular person gets to become a comic book super hero. Then there are the semi silly episodes like 5 where Fargo, from Eureka, comes to do a computer update on the warehouse. There are even some serious episodes like episode 6 where you aren't sure who to trust.

The guest stars are always a treat like seeing It was great seeing Sean Maher and Jewel Staite from Firefly reunited in episode 2.
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on September 4, 2010
Ok first ever review I've done.. this show didn't do much for me at first but with every episode it has gotten better and better. I love the women in the show that's a plus for me because as a female myself I hate the over confident annoying look at me I'm perfect chika's on some shows. I hope to see more episodes come to Amazon since I do not have cable tv. Claudia is soo funny and cute making a perfect addition and I hope to see more of newly aquired agent Wells! There seems to be an endless stream of juicy stories that can be made out of so many seemingly plain items and the characters just keep getting richer and richer with each episode as their personalities come through. I certainly hope others give it a second look as I have.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon April 2, 2011
Season 2 of WAREHOUSE 13 has its good points... and its not so good points. By now our two U.S. Secret Service agents have gotten acclimated to the weirdness what this Warehouse brung, and our two appealing lead actors Eddie McClintock and Joanne Kelly keep on obligating me to tune in. My thought going into this season was that this show was still shy of a truly compelling story arc to really propel it over the top. However, the two-part finale to this Season 2 delivers big. I have friends who put down WAREHOUSE 13 because they think it's too addicted to the goofy and lighthearted structure, but it's just one more element that I like about the show. SANCTUARY, for example, is a bit too stuffy. Like my friends.

Remember last season when Myka Bering was introduced as this driven, tightly wound Secret Service operative? Maybe the biggest discrepancy - this season versus the last - is that Myka has loosened up so much that she's practically a clone of Pete in terms of kooky lightheartedness. Not that I'm complaining. I actually like this shift in character, and there are moments enough in which she reverts back to her intense persona. Conversely, carefree Pete Lattimer gets a crack at romantic stability (and, dammit, it's not with Myka).

WAREHOUSE 13's hook is irresistible for fans of sci-fi & fantasy, and it's a wide umbrella of a hook that lends potential for the plot to go pretty much anywhere. It's a neat mash-up of THE X-FILES and Indiana Jones, THE LOST ROOM mini-series and TNT's The Librarian movies, and someone somewhere even threw in a MOONLIGHTING reference. And for the seven people who aren't aware of the premise, it's like this: Two squabbling Secret Service agents save the President's life and are re-assigned to Warehouse 13, an off-the-grid storage facility somewhere in the remote wastelands of South Dakota. Warehouse 13 stores and safeguards supernatural (and often dangerous) artifacts procured by the U.S. government, now procured by these two agents, Myka and Pete.

Exit the villain of last season, James MacPherson, as he makes way for the enigmatic H.G. Wells, once a Warehouse agent gone rogue. Who, in a neat twist, turns out to be a woman (well played by Jaime Murray) and still tortured by the murder of her young daughter. The guessing game, for most of the season, centers around H.G.'s obscured agenda. Her recurring appearances lend welcome suspense to the episodes she's in; Murray adds a different energy to the cast dynamics. Pete initially seems smitten with her. Myka trusts her. Artie smells something rotten. So who's right? Season 2 further expands the show's mythology (I dig the Escher Vault!), but never more so than in the final story arc ("Buried" and "Reset") which introduces the long lost Warehouse 2, which had been buried for thousands of years in Egypt. This arc also hints at what possibly lies in store for the Warehouse's resident teen tech support Claudia Donovan. And, finally, we find out what's what with H.G. Wells. Oh, and we learn the nature of the world's first ever weapon of mass destruction.

I've got several favorite episodes. "Mild Mannered" - introducing the mysterious vigilante Iron Shadow and featuring Jack Kirby's belt as the artifact - not only is WAREHOUSE 13's nod to the superhero genre but it also features a FIREFLY mini-reunion with guest-stars Sean Maher and Jewel Staite. And I love that Pete is such a comic book geek. "13.1" is the crossover with EUREKA. It has Douglas Fargo visiting Warehouse 13 to upgrade its computer system, but since this is Fargo, the fit promptly hits the shan. Now "Around the Bend," if it only had the guts to follow thru, would have been a hellacious episode rife with grave ramifications. However, the plot's resolution opts to go the Newhart route, and that's disappointing. "Merge with Caution" is the fun Myka/Pete body-swapping episode, and I don't have to say anything more than that, right? "Where and When" is a marvelous time travel story that catapults the agents to 1961 to solve a murder case. It also reintroduces a former Warehouse operative (from Season 1's "Burnout"). And, of course, the terrific two-part finale "Buried" and "Reset" (loved the bits about Daedalus's wings and "Jerusalem Jones"). Season 2 actually closes with "Secret Santa," the tepid holiday episode in which they really went overboard with the frivolous "artifact." Not that this episode is in this Season 2 collection.

Still have some reservations: Once in a while the show does suffer from feeble execution, but that probably has more to do with the weaker scripts. And while I've been pimping the premise, the downside to showcasing these supernatural artifacts is that there's a tendency to use them as the deus ex machina that resolves the plot. There's a danger of going to that well too often. Saul Rubinek, by virtue of being Saul Rubinek, is not easy to like, and I'm rendered indifferent whenever his character Artie is featured. For those who do like Artie, more is learned about his shady past in the episode "Vendetta." However, I do like his scenes with Claudia Donovan, giving us a stage for the bitter curmudgeon and the sassy teenager who looks up to him. For me, though, it's all about Myka and Pete and that bantery thing they got going. Oh, and I likes the Farnsworth and the Tesla gun, too... these devices just smack of steampunk.

WAREHOUSE 13 - SEASON TWO contains 12 episodes on 3 discs. Bonus stuff goes like this:

- cast & crew audio commentary on 3 episodes ("Time Will Tell," "Merge with Caution," & "Reset")
- Deleted Scenes from 10 episodes (basically, only "Beyond Our Control" and "Buried" don't have deleted scenes)
- gag reel (00:03:15 minutes long)
- "A Thrilleromedy - the cast and crew discuss the evolution of the show and expand on the relationships of the characters" (00:07:33 minutes)
- "A Stitch in Time - Get to know the team's unexpected new nemesis, the time-traveling H.G. Wells" - although one wishes there'd been an interview with Jaime Murray (00:03:19)
- a photo gallery
- 5 Video Blogs (totaling 00:19:34 minutes): "What's New for Season 2"; "WAREHOUSE 13 Origins"; "Pete & Myka"; "The Supernatural"; and "Artifacts"
- "Designing the Warehouse - Discover the inspirations behind the design of the Warehouse and the artifacts it contains" (00:06:30)
- the EUREKA crossover episode "Crossing Over"
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After an uneven but promising freshman season, I had high expectations for WAREHOUSE 13's sophomore outing. One improvement is a better integration of the Claudia character into the series, and the nice relationship formed with irascible Artie. Focusing more on the character's personal dramas wasn't especially significant, and many of the episodes were almost like parodies of the series itself. The "crossover" with fellow SyFy series EUREKA was merely a ratings ploy and acted as a romantic tryst for Claudia and EUREKA's resident nerd.
The artifacts this season: underwear (?!) that transform a normal guy into a dangerous super-hero; a device that makes TV characters come to life; an artifact that ages supermodels into elderly hags; a deadly energy drink that's killing wrestlers; HG Wells time machine; a former warehouse in Egypt; and a deadly trident in the uber-villain's clutches. The cast tries gamely but are sometimes hampered by the oiverly contrived subplots. Saul Rubinek and Allison Scagliotti play off each other well; Jaime Murray (once DEXTER's foe) has a nice accent but making her HG Wells isn't totally plausible; Paula Garces as Pete's love interest bombs; CCH Pounder is like a live cartoon character in a monotonous role; Genelle Williams as Lila is basically superfluous. That leaves Eddie McCormack and Joanne Kelly as Pete and Myka who banter playfully and rescue each other from various artifacts. I got tired of this after the first couple of episodes and found them harder and harder to believe.
Yes, this is fantasy and the premise of some of the artifacts intriguing. But the FX are fairly pedestrian and the erratic pacing made me feel uninvolved.
Will Myka return for Season 3? By now, Season 3 has started, but I'll just wait for next year's DVD which I hope will be better.
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on June 29, 2011
I just got my copy of the WH13-S2 and was suprised to see that they did not include the holiday episode on the set. Instead they have a bonus episode of Eureka when Claudia did her crossover episode. I would have much rather received the holiday episode of WH13 and I don't even celebrate christmas! I hate Eureka on the Syfy network but WH13 has been a rare gem! Season 2 did not disappoint!Great Sci-Fi, great comedy, great chemistry between characters!
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on September 26, 2010
Ok I may be missing something, but I wish I could write a review on the whole season, and not just one episode. Anyways this review is over THE WHOLE SEASON! I love love LOVED Warehouse 13 season 2! When I watched the first season I was like, its kind of cheesy, but its funny so I'll watch it and hope it gets better. And then straight off the bat this season was SO good! The plots are great and it is so funny. I'm actually really sad that there are so few episodes. I hope it gets renewed soon!!
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on August 8, 2015
I have watched most of this season and the later seasons previously, many times.Seeing the season in sequence gives me the shows that I missed out on when they were shown on tv in a mixed up order.Also, of the ones I have preciously seen, some elements were edited out possibly due to "time constraints".
So, the best reason to have watched this season in order is to have the later references made clearer. The characters are eminently watchable in multiple watches of episodes I know. It also gives me some understanding of the significant background development of the later seasons. Season two is definitely a treat to re-watch. The characters have a lot of depth, and the detail in each episode adds up to a show of high quality.The connections between each character and indeed characters, makes the show a great watch with the detail in season one and this season, season two.Like other shows with this level of quality, the story detail makes use of the traits in each character. I still like HG a lot, since she is such a detailed and complex character, as is the mysterious Mrs Frederic .None of the main characters lack depth, and so the complexity of each character is given the same degree of exposition as the episode story and the overall story.Good to see some excellent cameos that get repeated in later seasons in some cases.You could have a whole book on the development of the characters, so thats part of the reason I have enjoyed going back to re-watch these seasons.Very well paced with an eye for detail that makes re-viewing a lot of fun to try and spot what you missed ( or what was edited out).The well cast characters bring much to their respective characters, and the FX in each show adds to the very good performances.The mythology and mystique is brilliantly performed, and it all comes out in such an involving fashion.
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on September 14, 2013
Like all SF, Warehouse 13 requires some active suspension of disbelief in order to appreciate it. If you insist on nitpicking, then obviously you're not going to enjoy it -- but if you can suspend your disbelief, then you may find it to be a fairly entertaining show.

However, be aware that Season 2 requires a bit *more* of an effort to swallow than Season 1 did. While some of the stories are noticeably sillier, the main reason it's harder to swallow is the addition of the "H.G. Wells" character. The notion that the historical H.G. Wells was "really" a woman -- Helena -- who allowed her brother to take the credit for Wells' writing...? I'm sorry, but that's just asinine. And the suggestion that she had to do this because Society allegedly refused to accept a woman as a writer is laughably stupid. It's not merely an annoying and pointless rewrite of History, but also patently false. Women may not have been entirely "liberated" yet, but there were already *many* female writers in that time period, and there would have been no reason at all for a female H.G. Wells to hide her identity and pretend to be a man just to get printed. So listening to the "Helena Wells" character prattle about the non-existent discrimination she faced is a real eye roller.

It's also, unfortunately, symptomatic of a general lowering of the quality of the writing. Where Season 1 was fairly imaginative and fun, Season 2 is mostly just More Of The Same -- with the annoying "Helena Wells" character thrown into the mix, for whatever absurd reason the producers thought she was necessary. (Perhaps because she's pretty?)

Mind you, the show is still worth watching, particularly if you like the characters of Pete and Myka. But if you're like me, you'll soon find yourself getting a bit restless, and wishing that they'd use Claudia and Leena more often -- and that they'd either *gag* the annoying "Helena Wells" character, or just get rid of her entirely.
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on July 16, 2011
Warehouse 13 still struggles with the two main characters. Myka seems to have had what little personality she had replaced by part of Pete's, which we really didn't need.

Pete's girlfriend - none of that relationship seems plausible - the start, middle or the end.

However, Claudia's importance becoming clear is a good point for the show.

H.G. Wells is a strong character to add - though I wish we had gotten more of her.

Two Firefly guest stars!

Still, the fate of McPherson felt like the writers changed their mind inbetween seasons of what to do with him. Just felt like the big bad got tossed aside for the new one.

A better season than the first. Grab when on sale.
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on May 15, 2015
My god I am in love with Joanne Kelly. Yeah she looks awkward half the time but when she dolls up oh yeah. The story can be corny but its pretty entertaining and its just good fun as well. I am half way through season two and I like it a lot. Its original as well.
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