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on January 7, 2009
I have had this waffle maker for a little over a year so it is now out of warranty. It just stopped heating up last weekend. After some online research I found out what goes wrong. When I plug mine in the orange light turns on and you can hear the relay click but it does not get hot. If you are experiencing this problem and you are out of warranty please don't throw out your waffle maker. It can be fixed and the part is only $1.50. The part you need is a thermal fuse and it can be found under the round stainless cover of the lower griddle. It is a 250v 240 degree celsius thermal fuse. It is covered by a white silicon tube. Apparently this thermal fuse overheats and blows and power no longer gets to the burners. I have replaced the fuse and my waffle maker works again. This is a really great product but they either have the wrong size fuse in the unit or it was defective. Mine blew when I made a batch of waffles, turned off the unit and then turned it back on to make a second batch. It never heated back up. I kept my temperature control at 3.5. I hope this helps all you waffltiers out there. Also, the golden waffle mix is the best and you need to buy an isi brand whip cream dispenser. You add two pints of heavy whipping cream and three table spoons of powdered sugar and have the best whip cream for those tasty waffles. If you have questions leave me a comment and I will check back.
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Color: Silver|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
The Waring Pro Belgian Waffle Maker will look familiar to most people who have stayed at a hotel that offers a complimentary continental breakfast. The waffle maker is usually located next to the toaster, with cups of batter nearby. Those continental breakfasts are a huge reason why I now own this waffle maker: my husband fell in love with the idea of owning one ourselves. Note that this waffle maker is essentially the same as Waring Pro WMK300 Belgian Waffle Maker, Brushed Stainless. The only difference is a handle that folds down for easier storage -- and even that may have changed since I bought my first 300 model. Everything else is the same. Although the product description calls this "stainless steel," only the exterior of the waffle iron itself is stainless steel; the base is a gray plastic.

The operation is simple. Plug it in and wait for the iron to preheat. Brush or spray a little oil on the surface. Pour batter on the nonstick grid, close the top, rotate the handle, and wait for the machine to beep when the waffle is done. Rotate the iron back to the original position, lift the lid, and remove the waffle. The whole cooking process takes about five minutes. The only real trick to operating this waffle maker is finding a good recipe. I didn't bother trying Waring's selections and instead found my favorite recipe online.

If you use a cooking spray instead of brushing on oil, make sure that you use the kind for grilling and high heat cooking. The original Pam leaves a sticky residue since it is not meant for such temperatures. A good, flavorless oil works best.

The whole thing cleans up in minutes, if not seconds. The nonstick grids release the waffles so cleanly that I never have to clean it. Too much batter poured onto the surface might require some exterior clean-up, but the removable metal pan underneath the waffle iron can be easily hand-washed. A temperature control allows you to control the darkness/crispness of your waffles. The manufacturer suggests a setting of 4; I found that I had to set it to 5 before I got an adequately crisp result. (This may have to do with the recipe I use as well as my personal preference for a crisp exterior.)

For recipes, I suggest that cooks use those that require stiff egg white folded into the batter for the classic Belgian waffle. These recipes usually only take ten minutes or so to whip up, and are not as time-consuming as those that require yeast.

All in all, I like this waffle maker. Now, if only my husband would make waffles at home as he does in hotels, instead of waiting for me to do it.

-- Debbie Lee Wesselmann
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on December 23, 2008
Color: Silver|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
After I ordered this waffle maker, I went back and reviewed all the advice previous purchasers gave about it. I was shocked by all the disappointment people had with it, but it made me even more curious about what it would be like. I have to say that even after only one use, I completely disagree with the bad reviews this waffle maker had received!

I understand that it would be frustrating if it dies after only a few months or even a year. We all desire for small appliances to last a long time. And since I just received it this week, I cannot speak to how it will fare for me, BUT, it's performance and the pleasure of my family at breakfast this morning far outweighs my concerns about a short life span of this waffle maker.

It makes amazing !!! waffles. My mom always gave me the advice that before you start trying your own recipes, use the ones that come with the machine. So, I started out with the overnight waffle recipe from the manual. I made it last night and then added the eggs, vanilla, and baking soda this morning per the recipe. I followed the directions (which were wonderfully detailed) and made a batch of delicious waffles. I started with the setting on #4 as the manual recommended and actually preferred them a little darker (in between the 4 and 5). My husband was blown away by how light and airy the waffles were. We (my husband, mother, and I) all agreed that we have never had a lighter, airier waffle!

So, I am truly excited about this waffle maker. There are a few other reasons (besides the waffles themselves) why I love this waffle maker. #1: There is an audible beep when it is ready to be used and it beeps when the waffle is done. This is great for a mom like me (of 3 little ones) who is always on the go and not always within eyeshot of the waffle maker.
#2: There is an on/off switch. Every other waffle maker I've ever seen only turns on and off with the plug in of the cord.
#3: The cord neatly wraps around the inside of the bottom.
#4: The measuring cup is the perfect guide of how much to put in for each waffle.
#5: The nonstick grid works great. I sprayed it each time with cooking spray (and the directions note not to spray it until it is heated and ready for use). I used regular cooking spray from BJ's. I didn't need to pay for the expensive high heat spray and it still worked great. I noticed another reviewer preferred that and I'm sure it works great, but if you don't have it, your regular spray will work fine.
#6: The removable tray that goes under the waffle maker makes clean up a snap!

I did carefully read and follow the directions which made it easy to use. Use the enclosed measuring cup (which is packed in the carboard around the waffle maker), pour in the batter, and then turn 180 degrees, and cook. At first, my batter oozed out along the edge. The main reason for that is that our kitchen is a tiny bit slanted. But, I think all houses are like that. So, make sure you pick the counter in your kitchen that is most level.

As for the cost versus the life of this appliance, I have one thought to share--For my family, it would cost $45 for us to go out to breakfast and have Belgian waffles in a restaurant. After only 2 breakfasts, this waffle maker will have paid for itself!

Happy Waffling!
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on November 26, 2010
We liked the waffles the Waring WMK300A "Pro" waffle maker baked, but the appliance itself turned out to be a piece of junk. It is NOT made of stainless steel, only some parts are covered with a thin layer of metal. Most parts are cheap plastic, including all the screw joints. Our waffle maker worked OK for about a year, we used in once a week. First the column that holds the pan got wobbly, then all of a sudden the entire structure fell apart. The rotating pan simply collapsed onto the base. That's when we saw that the metal screws were going into plastic tubes that were MELTED and no longer could hold them. We also saw the exposed wires - not sure if the sheathing was not there to begin with, or just melted away. Anyway, the waffle maker was useless and unsalvageable a this point, and promptly out of warranty.

Since we liked the type of waffles this thing made, we started looking for another similar appliance. On Waring's website we found the real professional version, sold as part of their "Commercial" line. So, here is the trick: "Pro" does not mean professional, it is more like "Pro-bably works for a few months".

If you like the features of this waffle maker, but want a product that actually lasts, buy the Waring WW150 Commercial waffle maker. It is more expensive, but it is the real thing. Made of die-cast metal, no plastic in any of the mechanics, we love it, works great. It makes waffles slightly faster than the cheap-o version, too.

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on December 18, 2008
This waffle iron works great 5 or 6 times, then it shorts out and quits heating. This is a major flaw in the design. I can safely say that because the same thing happened to me not once, but twice! This is the first appliance I have ever owned that I've needed to use the manufactuer's warranty. I'm now on my 3rd waffle iron in a year, and unfortunately, will no longer be able to get a new waffle iron under warranty. When this one quits heating, I will definitely buy a different waffle maker. You should too!

Updated August 2012: In their defense, the 3rd replacement waffle iron is still working 3.5 years later and I haven't had to replace it. Perhaps the fatal flaw has been fixed???
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on January 16, 2009
I'm very happy I chose this model. It's sturdy, easy and fun to use. We made 2 baches of waffles, and all of them came out absolutely perfect ( exept first waffle)!! Kids loved those big, brown waffles. I have no expirience in waffle backing, but I did it from the first try ! No spils if you pour the right amount of batter ( I used the included cup measure ). Don't forget to spray some oil after you preheat the iron.
For the waffle mix I set 4 minutes, for the recepie 5.5 minutes. Easy to clean with wet paper towel. Those reminder beeps are so great, I can do something alse while its baking.
Me and my family are very pleased with this product !

updating june 7 . We still love our waffle maker. Works fine, waffles came out nice and crispy. Its a real treat for kids, guests and my husband :)
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on January 1, 2009
After a couple of years of light use the plastic hinge got brittle from heat and broke. If the hinge was as heavy duty as the rest of the unit, this wouldn't have happened.
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on February 14, 2014
The “wonderful” engineers of Waring have indeed designed a “professional waffle maker”, just as the writing on the front of their device boasts. Of course I’m assuming here that the profession those gents are practicing is sabotage.

After staying up late to make a test batch of chocolate waffles (the ingredient proportions of which I wanted to perfect to make quality waffles for my wonderful girlfriend on Valentine’s Day), I finally went to bed, completely satisfied with the performance of what should be a rather simple piece of electronics. Four hours later, I woke up, and took the ticking time bomb of failure i.e., “Warring Pro PROFESSIONAL Waffle Maker” to my lady’s place to cook some delicious chocolate waffles.

Apparently, in that four hour time window during which I dreamt of my valentine’s cute waffle-stuffed cheeks, the slow-acting “**** YOUR SPECIAL DAY” fuse carefully hidden away by the soulless gremlins at Waring completed its malicious objective. When I plugged the infernal (perhaps poor word choice) device into four different outlets at her place, the “power on” light was the only thing that was still functioning. It was almost as if the chief engineer wanted to flip me a LED bird to add insult to injury. Here’s why I think the folks at Waring are horrible maniacal scheming villains instead of incompetent cretins:

1. I opened up the device and saw no damage to any of the wiring or insulation (I was careful in transporting what apparently
was already a dead kitchen appliance)
2. Her breakers weren’t tripped/fuses weren’t blown/the socket was definitely providing power
3. Other large power draw appliances have used in the first socket I tried and have worked flawlessly
4. The device has not seen that much use, and was working perfectly LITERALLY 4 HOURS EARLIER after which it was turned
off and carefully stored

So whatever those dastardly saboteurs at Waring did…*slow clap*

I guess I would highly recommend this product to anyone who wants to be failed epically at the most inopportune time. If you enjoy the combination of surprises that are truly impossible to anticipate along with a potent blend of disappointment and rage, this product is perfect for you!

As this device’s main function seems to have become permanently unavailable, I’m going to start testing to see how it performs in other areas, such as resistance to damage from impact at its terminal velocity. I’ll try to let you know how amazingly overdesigned the engineers of Waring have made their product.
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on December 25, 2009
My wife loves the flip over waffle makers so I bought this one for her for Christmas. What it hit it made this Christmas morning as we followed the instructions and pre-heated the unit and I brushed on some vegetable oil on the surfaces as instructed. She had the batter mixed by then and used the little batter measuring cup supplied and we had in just a couple of min's some really nice brown crusted waffles. The timer beeps to let you know when the waffle is cooked and the waffle maker wiped clean no problems at all. The wife loved it.

The waffle maker is sized just right and the pockets in the waffles are deep.
The timer worked great with the beeps that tell you when it's ready are wonderful.
We set the timer on #4 which the book recommended and they cooked perfect.
It's easy to clean and the measuring cup that came with it is thick plastic , not a thin fragile cup easily broken.
The wife loves it.
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on December 14, 2008
We used our waffle maker exactly 4 times. On the 5th time it simply didn't heat up. The base got hot but not the irons. Unfortunately we didn't register the product and lost the necessary paperwork. For being so pricey this product should have lasted years not 1 month!

After reading more about this waffle maker it appears there are other design flaws. Such as the irons will eventually break away from the base. This particular item I speak of was used once a week for only 3 years.

I would not suggest this product to anyone.
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