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A warlock and witch-hunter time travel from the 1600s to the 1990s, as the warlock searches for ultimate control of Satan's Bible and the destruction of all creation.

Julian Sands, Lori Singer
1 hour 43 minutes


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Genres Fantasy, Thriller, Action, Horror
Director Steve Miner
Starring Julian Sands, Lori Singer
Supporting actors Richard E. Grant, Mary Woronov, Kevin O'Brien, Richard Kuss, Allan Miller, Anna Levine, David Carpenter, Kay E. Kuter, Ian Abercrombie, Kenneth Danziger, Art Smith, Robert Breeze, Frank Renzulli, Brandon Call, Nancy Fox, Harry Johnson, Juli Burkhart, Rob Paulsen
Studio Lionsgate
MPAA rating R (Restricted)
Captions and subtitles English Details
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Customer Reviews

Very comical too, however many people hate the sequel, but I find that one just as good as this.
James Day
Very good clasic movie with a some what good case but a very solid storyline and excellent concept.
Kimberly Henry
This movie is definitely on the top ten list for cult horror movies and one the best witch movies.
Philip Jones

Most Helpful Customer Reviews

31 of 33 people found the following review helpful By Amazon Customer on February 8, 2004
Format: DVD
First, this is a really fun movie. It's not too horribly gross, (except maybe for the scene with the tongue), and it's not very creepy, or too scary, It's also not at all a comedy, though it is a bit tongue-in-cheek (in more ways than one). It's just, well... Fun!
If you've ever read any books about witchcraft, or seen old woodcuts of people's visions of witchcraft during the 16th century, you'll recognize the themes and images in this film. You'll get the witch hunter holding onto the flying warlock with a rope, nails being driven into footprints, the whole bit... And you really should look up the traditional main ingredient of the infamous flying ointment before watching.
This film works from the premise that everything in the old witchcraft books is literally true, and it plays out in a very entertaining, visually distinctive way. It was well-researched enough to really make the premise work, without being so slavish as to detract from the plot. The warlock is every bit as evil as the old books would have it, and is most definitely in league with The Devil Himself.
And I've got to say it: Julian Sands is just plain COOL.
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11 of 13 people found the following review helpful By That Review Guy on February 18, 2007
Format: DVD
when you have Ricahrd E. Grant as the Good Guy Hunting Julian Sands (as of course the Warlock) to which he plays the part as if it was Made For Him. I am Not Kidding i believed he belonged in all of the warlock movies but sadly someone in casting always has a "better idea" NOT! anyway this flic is about grant as the hunter after the warlock for a multitude of reasons including the loss of his sweet marion. well the hunter (grant) meets a modern day gal (think 80"s skate chick) and wham perfect mix for horror comedy and even some really interesting special effects such as the 3 parts of the Grand Grimoire that all Warlocks Covet for it is the book that can render the weilder almost unkillable and able to undo creation itself! so watch this (lil slow in the early parts- Not the beginning) action packed thriller and enjoy it like you would have in the times when you believed in magic and go for another magical ride mainly for adults. no nudity thankfully little gore and quite a bit of "evil" in the movie. id rate it tv- 13 by todays standings. its ok to say satan in church but not movies? cmon n lighten up hehe.
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12 of 15 people found the following review helpful By A Customer on February 10, 2001
Format: VHS Tape
Julian Sands plays an evil warlock, who has been supernaturally flung into the future from his home in Boston of 1691. His "future" is modern Los Angeles, about the year 1987. He is searching, with demonic guidance, for the Grand Grimoire, an unholy old book that he hopes will help him attain the Satanic power necessary to destroy the world. In Los Angeles, out of pure random malice, he puts a rapid-aging hex on Lori Singer, who plays the carefree, twenty year old Kassandra. This hex causes her to age twenty years a day, and provides personal motivation for her to find and stop Sands... Richard E. Grant plays the godly witch-hunter, Redfern, who is sworn to stop Sands, and has followed him to modern times. Grant and Singer team up, and must track Sands all the way back across the country, from L.A. to Boston.
For all I know, Julian Sands could be a warm, humane kindergarten teacher or faith healer in the real world, but in this movie he just exudes evil. In a lot of movies, the bad guy, while clearly being BAD, at least has a certain personal style that makes him fun to watch. Think of Jack Nicholson in "The Shining," or the way audiences cheer for Freddy Krueger. In this movie, the warlock is never exactly "fun" to watch, he's just pure, sick evil. Perhaps this reflects a decision on the part of the director, writer, or maybe Sands himself, for some artistic reason. It does have the effect of intensifying the viewers' sympathy for Singer and Grant. It also, I suspect, makes a viewer actually understand how real people thought about witches, and feared them, hundreds of years ago... All you can think is "this sicko must be stopped."
That said, this is an interesting, well-shot film, with a lot of cool old settings.
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3 of 3 people found the following review helpful By Omnes on December 21, 2010
Format: DVD
In the seventeenth century, a warlock (Julian Sands) escapes from its prison tower and time-travels up to 1988 as he tries to find the pieces of a lost Bible that would enable him to find the name of God and uncreate the world. Unfortunately for him, the witchhunter Redferne (Richard E. Grant), who captured him and time-traveled on that time period, and a woman called Kassandra (Lori Singer), whom the warlock put an aging curse on her, are on his trail and will do everything to stop him.

Now the movie is far from being perfect for there are some one-liners that more or less worked, and some plotholes like how the witchhunter Redferne, when asking the help of a mormon priest, knows anything about mormons when they are not from his time period, but from the 19th century. Not only that, although some special effects were well done, I still felt that some shots were bad and created some illogical situations, like in the cemetary when the warlock casts fireballs in Redferne's mouth for when it happened, I really wondered as to how Redferne could be able to spit them out of his mouth and still be alive for if some wizard tried that trick on me, I know that I would be "dead", which is why it is so weird to see Redferne still alive and his mouth still intact.
Come to think of it, and of plotholes, I still wonder how Redferne manages to time-travel back to his time period at the end of the story when there is no warlock around him that can do so.

Nevertheless, I think Warlock is a fun movie to watch during the evening or if you want to take a good look at to how they did visual effects before computers became as evolved as they are today and started to over-kill some movies.
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