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on June 23, 2011
FEAR3 is a fun FPS game. The game settings, play and graphics are all solid and of good quality, but i find some repetition and same ol' same ol' found in almost all FPS's of today. I can discuss these parts here:


Install was smooth. This game registers with STEAM and only thing to note here is for some reason the game defaulted my resolution to 1600x900..not sure why since i'm on a 1600x1050 screen. Also, when entering cd key, the insert has 15 characters but steam prompt for cd key showed boxes for 20 characters? I just hit and enter and it authenticated, leaving the rest of the keys empty.

Game settings:

The game uses the usual WSAD, but adds some additional features of ducking into cover by pressing Q. While in cover, you have options to press W to peek above cover and fire, A or D to peek around to the left or right and fire, and spacebar will slide you to another cover area. Nifty, but kind of kludgy because you sometimes feel like you're stuck, but its because you're in cover..

Gamp play:

FPS at its heart, the game has been run of the mill, open doors, enter room, shoot everything, get to other side of room. The AI is ok, they're dumb and smart, where they are constantly outflanking you and forever shooting their guns (what they have unlimited ammo?). They will shoot at you no matter what is between you and them, so you get some dumb instances of AI standing behind partial walls just firing away.

You only get 2 weapon slots. I've only ran across SMG, Shotgun, Sniper and a Rocket Launcher. Maybe there's more, but haven't gotten there. Ammo is somewhat of an issue, always running out, and trying to snipe is not too viable option, since it only hold 10 bullets total, you'll use it and toss it. You do get knife/melee bound to the center mouse, but I've been shooting everyone.

You also have bullet time, or by hitting CTRL, you can slow the game down and shoot super accurately. You only have like a 15 second timer and it does help in really big rooms.

The game saves for you and marks checkpoints. I find the checkpoints a bit too far apart, when you get in to some big firefights, killing like 20+ guys, you die and have to re-do those same rooms gets annoying. Of course, the AI has unlimited ammo and grenades, so you're constantly being pushed out of cover, and you only have 2 grenades.

Also, the game tracks your time and gives you a target time to try and complete the level, I guess for more achievements?

The game also uses a level up/achievment system. You get points for picking up ammo, sitting in cover or shooting guys. These points level you up and give you more abilities. I just picked up slide-kick and I can use bullet time longer and have more health. You also get points via psychic links on dead bodies that only gives you points for the achievement system. I also picked up a really ugly Alama doll.


I haven't done co-op and I haven't been able to get online. You can play as your character or as Fettel and you're brothers. He's also creepy internal voice in the single player telling you what to do. Last check, no servers were available. Multiplay does use a lobby and you can set game settings from there.


Overall, this is a fun FPS, if you like FPS, get it. This game takes a lot of the same elements from other FPS and rolls them in to one well polished game. The level design is good, but you can get disoriented and the graphics are very good regarding shootable environment and explosion/bullet holes. There's a lot of attention to detail and there's A LOT of scripted action/motion that can interrupt game play. If you're jaded, bored or tired of FPS, then you might want to wait a bit. The story is somewhat forgettable, but you wake up in a prison and shoot your way out. Alma's pregnant and you're working with your brother Fetel, who actually saves you at certain parts of the game (why would he save me, didnt I spend the last game tracking him down and trying to kill him?). I got to a poor neighborhood level where there's a mech fight (use rocket launchers and hide like a baby!) and end boss shooting lighting. You know, I think FEAR3's issue is whether its a horror game or straight scifi/military shooter. The horror part has not been as scary and the overly synthesized violin/cello music and bumpy scrape noises really do nothing to build tension. The game is smooth, and a well refined FPS, but doesn't offer any ground breaking technology to go coo coo for, is that what you want to play? This FPS has taken bits and pieces from other franchises (the poor neighborhood feels just like the favelas of CoD) and the achievement system to 'level up' is a really feeble attempt to get you to play the same game content longer. I'm really tired of games doing this, it really has detracted from the true competitive nature of gaming. Anyhow, that's a bigger subject, if you got an itchy trigger finger and you're in lull betwee, CoD, Left4Dead2, or Battlefield2:BC, this is doable..for now, sure...
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on June 23, 2011
Let's get this out of the way right off the bat: FEAR is one of my favorite games of all time. It's insanely fun and fast-paced shooting, it's marvelous AI, it's extremely impressive graphics and combat effects (many of which are still unrivaled) and it being one of the last true PC singleplayer shooters all put it on a pedestal in my mind. If you disagree with that we are coming into this review from different directions, yet I still think you should listen to what I am going to say. Why? Because FEAR 3 is absolutely NOTHING like FEAR, yet I still love it.

FEAR 3's singleplayer campaign puts you in the shoes of Pointman from the original game, tasked with finding Alma and stopping her pregnancy that we learned about in FEAR 2. The story is rather bland and typical, but FEAR was never about a strong story really. It was more about strong moments, interactive scares and revelations that happened dynamically as you played the game. FEAR 3 is not as good at this, a clear example of how the change in developer (from Monolith to Day 1 Studios) has effected the game. Atmosphere has changed as well, and maybe for the better depending on your priorities. While FEAR and for the most part FEAR 2 were about dark and moody environments FEAR 3 has a little of that but mostly takes place in brightly lit outside environments with a standard military shooter feel. There is a South American village during the day, a suburb at dusk, a sunny daytime city level (the longest in the game) and more like this. Only a creepy department store level and some parts at the end really felt like traditional FEAR environments to me.

FEAR's main focus is on gameplay though, and the changes keep on coming. FEAR 3 feels much more like a standard military shooter when you play as Pointman. They have added a cover system that actually works really well and reminds me of Medal of Honor Airborne of all games. You remain in first-person when in cover, it basically just adds a traditional lean functionality when you are near a wall. It works well. Everything is more flat and enemies are slower than in FEAR, a sign of console development. It's alright though, it's different from FEAR but still fun. The weapons still pack a punch and slo-mo is still a blast to mess with.

Thing is, FEAR 3 is not just about this traditional Pointman experience. FEAR 3 is a co-op game as well. One thing I want to really praise with FEAR 3 before I get further into multiplayer is that singleplayer still feels like a real singleplayer game. Unlike Borderlands or Resident Evil 5 or whatever other co-op focused game you can think if, FEAR 3 does not feel like an offline bot match when playing solo. The character player two uses in co-op, Paxton Fettel from the original game, is not even there in person when playing solo, he just speaks to you using telepathy and exists as a ghost outside the game world. It works very well. You know what also works well? Paxton Fettel as a gameplay character.

Playing as Fettel is an entirely different game almost. Fettel can levitate enemies, buff Pointman, possess enemies and shoot energy. The entire FEAR 3 shooter experience changes from well-executed yet standard military fare to a unique shooter experience not seen anywhere else. You will posses bodies and run around like crazy causing chaos, then return to ghost form and take cover. You will levitate enemies and shoot them with energy blasts, giving you a more wild gameplay feel than the reserved and often in cover Pointman. In short it changes the game up considerably and almost makes FEAR 3 two games in one. The best part is: if you're not into online co-op like me you can still play as Fettel in any level you complete as Pointman. This basically doubles the 6 or so hour campaign and adds a ton of replay value. There are several multiplayer modes as well if you're into that, many of them focusing on co-op. Typical hoarde modes, a mode where you have to run from never-ending walls of death and others. There is a lot of value here for single and multiplayer gamers, it's not just a fire and forget 6 hours.

The PC port is... typical, I guess. Textures and effects look about normal for an Xbox 360 game and though the game can look quite good at high resolutions with AA and AF applied it doesn't really stand out from the crowd. Annoyingly it does not have a toggle for motion blur, which is an effect I hate, but hopefully they patch that in like Monolith patched a grain toggle into FEAR 2. Standard controls and mouse precision are here without any issues. The game actually detected my 5-button mouse by default, which is nice. DRM is Steamworks, which is arguably a good thing because of all the co-op stuff you can do (though it should have the option for an offline singleplayer-only install).

All in all FEAR 3 is a lot different from FEAR and FEAR 2, but how much this is a bad thing depends on your perspective. It has good environments and fun yet typical combat, but then it twists everything up with a really crazy second character who's fun to play and a co-op mode that doubles or even triples the gameplay. If, like me, you are mostly an offline gamer you will still get a solid modern shooter campaign and then a crazy fun and unique second-go. If you're going to play this online you get tons of co-op fun an solid online modes. It's a surprise hit if you ask me, and at the very least much more interesting than FEAR 2, which was basically just FEAR again only not as good. You might be surprised by this one.
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on June 21, 2011
One thing is for certain about the F.E.A.R. franchise, you never know what's coming next. Whether or not you loved or loathed F.E.A.R. 2 it is almost impossible to say that the next is just like the last, and F.E.A.R. 3 is no exception. Many were thinking that this would be a dud due to lack of press and hype usually given to sequels these days, but this is certainly not the case.

As much as many of us wanted this to be the same as Fear 1 it most certainly is not, and why should it be? We were already given Fear 1 if that's what you want then go play it! Instead we are treated to more of a true sequel to the first and all the scary, creepy, bloody fun that we expected from Fear 2 but didn't quite receive.

The first F.E.A.R. game pushed the limits of PC gaming hardware at the time and found a way to scare itself into our blackened, desensitized little hearts. Fear 3, while not the most cutting edge graphic wise is sure to make you jump back a few times with plenty of (WTF!) moments. F.E.A.R. was one of the few games that were able to grab my attention in first few minutes; this is how I normally know when a game is great or just passable. I download F.E.A.R. 3 from Steam right at Midnight; the game took only 30 minutes to download on a 30 mbps connection pulling 3.1 Mbps. I decided to give it a quick run through before I went to bed at about 12:35 and ended up turning it off at about 7:00 AM

In the single player campaign you start as Point Man the (first games protagonist), you and your brother Paxton Fattel (the original antagonist) are sitting in a holding cell inside an asylum overseen by Armacham. You spend the first level breaking out of the asylum fighting through hordes of solders and Break your way into the underground sewers. The game doesn't start to flex its fright muscles until you get into the third level in which you find yourself back in your original surroundings running through the WalMart from hell.

Day 1 Studios went out of their way to deliver some of the best scenery I have ever seen in a shooter. The environments are gritty, dingy, and downright disturbing with plenty of blood smeared walls, naked corpses bound to the ceiling, psychotic episodes, bodies dangled on meat hooks and rooms that change right before your eyes. Alma is still in the game but not to the magnitude that of F.E.A.R. 1. Without giving any spoilers there is another entity stalking you this time around that makes even Alma shudder.

My only serious complaint is the enemy AI that, at times seem downright stupid, spitting out the same line of dialog over and over but they will hunt you down and you will find yourself backed into a corner quite often. Overall this is an excellent addition to the franchise that is already impressing fans and critics alike this is not F.E.A.R. 1 or F.E.A.R. 2 this is F.E.A.R. 3 and it has done a great job of standing apart from the rest.
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on August 8, 2011
This game has some stunning graphics if you have the card to see them. Linear game, pretty predictable. You HAVE to use Steam, which I abhor, but what else can you do? To me that is invasive and unnecessary but this has been hashed over a hundred times and the makers of the game don't really care about the buyer! You would think they would. Anyway, my last time at Fear, they have beaten the subject to death and I need to move on.
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on July 8, 2011
...I'm not sure what I keep expecting from these things. It is, well, a First Person Shooter game... and it is what it is. I do enjoy popping in for a session, popping some gun play, getting killed a few times, progressing a little farther, and popping back out about the time it starts to get boring. Standard review includes: installed smoothly, Steam works just fine (no long 'update' before I could play); controls on PC work well, runs smooth on 3 year old quad-core/8 gigs dram/ATI/etc. Graphics very reasonable... effects reasonable... as I said: "fun". The usual: carry two weapons limit/soldiers/zombies/(suppressing a yawn again). Sometimes set on medium difficulty it can get 'difficult'... which is ok. So, why am I not 'excited'? Well... to be honest, I keep expecting more than just the same. Crysis 2 left me with similar sentiments... where is the creative compulsion? The 'unexpected'? The 'Wow!' factor? As in previous game reviews, I'll have to refer to the first Far Cry, the HalfLife series, even (for crying out loud!) NOLF(2) as still being my favorite FPS games of all time... even after all this time. I'm not a co-op or online gaming fan, so I can't comment on that aspect. Bottom line: I'm glad to have it (since there are no other FPS currently worth obtaining out there... yet?) and am enjoying it. It's fun. (Yawn) Maybe I'm just getting too old.
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on September 14, 2011
I had high hopes for this game after having played the first two, but I came away rather disappointed. I honestly don't know what was improved during all those delays. Maybe I've played too many shooters and am just too used to the types of weapons and the kind of game play. Plus, it just wasn't that scary, and there wasn't much interaction with Alma except for a couple visions. It's not like the game didn't look or sound good, but they all do nowadays.
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on May 25, 2015
So we hope you like walls, chest high walls, we also heard that you like hiding behind them so we built this entire game around it...

This game follows on spectacularly from the first and second games providing a massive downturn in quality and enjoy-ability.

I was very excited to play this game as I enjoyed the first and second instalments of it immensely, however the linearity, appalling crouching and hiding system combined with colossal swarms of boring enemies turned me off within the first 10 min and I was seriously unable to play further.

Many months later I came back this game hoping that I was somehow mistaken on my first play of it and that I had missed the joy that was to be had from it. Unfortunately that was not the case and the game continued to disappoint me, and has therefore remained unplayed on my shelf.
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on January 25, 2016
I remember Fear 1, never played Fear 2 and Fear 3 seems bent on a dark theme of a dead brother haunting and controlling his alive brother. I won't spoil the ending, but it was not very intense. I just felt very let down at the end, and it seemed like it should not have been at the end already.
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on May 9, 2015
I love this game. It played extremely well on windows 8.1, but I had some problems with the controller I bought. You need an X-Box controller for this game. I found the key bindings ok, although the "G" key for the grenades was a little hard to manage, and changing it was too much trouble. It is still hard to reach the grenade button even after changing it, but I don't think there's an acceptable alternative. I played the game to the end 3 times LOL, so it's obvious how much I like it.
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on November 19, 2012
I always respected and enjoyed the Fear games. They had the right amount of suspense, surprises, scares, and good shooting. This version lacks most of those elements especially the scary parts I expect from this series. This is really just a plain "run-n-gun" with just a few SiFi parts. I was really disappointed. I'm glad I waited until the price went down.
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