Customer Reviews: NBA Street Series - Dunks!
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on March 1, 2004
You would think the NBA cared a little more what the fans want. The majority of the dunks on here are just average joe doing average jams. I swear, I see better highlights on Sportscenter every morning. Now don't get me wrong, there are some posterizing slams on here. Tracy McGrady off the backboard to himself, a couple of Shaq powerslams, and every Vince Carter hightlight are worth watching. But as someone else pointed out, there is not a single Kobe dunk in this program, and they didn't show Vince Carter jumping over the 7 footer in the olympics (though I guess they don't own the rights to that, but I ain't lettin' it slide because they showed olympic highlights on Michael Jordan videos). Now the sad truth about this dvd is that much of it is straight off an old NBA video called SuperSlams 2. They didn't bother to change the commentary or music or anything, and it lost much of its previous quality in the transfer. Notice how clear and bright the colors are when the host and newer clips are shown, then see how dull the audio and video become when they show segments from Superslams 2. And that video wasn't of shabby quality before. Man, these guys are lazy. I can see some old man sitting in a room figuring out ways to put enough stuff on here to get this assignment done. Hey, let somone who has a passion for the game edit these programs. And quit being so image-conscious that you have to leave one of your trademark players out. And since you are bothering to factory-press a dvd and package it and put it on the shelf, at least make something we can watch more than one time from start to finish. To all the NBA fans out there, if you are going to buy a dvd, NBA Now! is better than this.
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on February 29, 2004
After dealing with so-so streetb*** dvd's, the National Basketb*** Association has released a collection of DVD highlights ranging from Geoge Mikan to Lebron James!
-Some of the players are listed as followed: Amare Stodamire, Vince, T-MAC, KG, Shaq*, Yao, Kevin Johnson, Iverson, Marbury, SPUD WEBB!, Dr. J, Dominque, Jordan, Jason Richardson, Shawn Kemp, Baron Davis, Desmond Mason, Ray ***en, J.O'neal, Finley, Corey Magette, Darius Miles, Ricky Davis, Clyde Drexler, Connie Hawkins, Darrel Dawkins, and many others.
-As many of you have noticed Kobe Bryant (one of the best dunkers of our time) and many other great dunkers were not mentioned on the list. Some, because the names are not exactly recogizable but many GREAT dunkers were left out. Now, to be fair one can't expect every great dunk or player to be on an 84 min. dvd. Hence the label VOL. 1.
-Another complaint with the dvd is that there are just too many plain dunks. They (among others) dragged on single player segments with dunks that would not even warrant ESPN's highlights. Oh, and between every chapter there is a retard giving us nerve racking introductions. The last complaint I have is that the only enjoyable Special Feature is the 1985 dunk competion featuring: Jordan, Dr. J, Dominique, Larry Nance, Clyde Drexler, & several others. The rest where highly disappointing.
-Nevertheless, this dvd was a solid purchase that I would recommend to every NBA fan. Just don't expect it to have every great dunk you have seen. Hopefully VOL. 2 won't be a let down. To end on a positive note, this is presently the best bastketb*** DVD on the market. The NBA has also released another series titled "Ankle Breakers."
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on October 27, 2004
Kobe Bryant was one of last years best dunkers, but not even one trace of him! They had Corey Maggette, but no Kobe?

I seriously don't understand that, and back then, he wasn't charged for assault.

Most footage is good, but with bad camera angles.

The host DJ Clue is poor, his way of talking makes him seem like he doesn't know much about basketball.

You should buy Ankle-Breakers, there is tons of dunking footage along with crossovers and swift moves.

This is like the incomplete version of the NBA series.

The NBA Ankle Breakers has something like this whole set with Stephon Marbury.

This is a bad version for twenty dollars.

When I bought this, I hoped for dunks that would have me out of my seat.

These dunks shown are bad, not even exciting!

I just sat there waiting to jump in excitement, I almost had to act it out.

Save you money, and if you want real dunks, buy NBA: The Foundation All-Star 2004
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on February 24, 2004
First, let me say that this is a great dunk DVD. This DVD includes most of the great dunks from the likes of Julius Erving, Dominique Wilkins, Michael Jordan, all the way to Shaquille O'Neal and Vince Carter, as well as a few Lebron James thrown in there just for good measure.
Being a big fan of VC, I was incredibly surprised to see that this DVD included almost all of Carter's best highlights, including his baseline double-clutch dunk against the Pacers, his alley-oop windmill against the Sixers, the one-handed jam over Tim Duncan, and both his 360 windmill and his between the legs jam from the 2000 NBA All-Star Dunk contest. Too bad, it didn't include his buzzer-beating dunk against the Rockets, and most importantly, the DVD failed to include his most spectacluar dunk, heard all-around the world - the facial he gave a 7'2 center named Frederic Weis in the Olympic games. I can understand the exclusion of this highlight, since it happened in the Olympic games and probably not NBA copyrighted, yet I don't understand why they include player's post Olympics game comments. Hmmm...? Nonetheless, VC fans will still rejoice over this DVD.

So why did I only give it 2 stars? Well, 2 things:
First - Where is Kobe Bryant!? No highlight of Kobe was ever shown. He was only mentioned once throughout the entire show when Carter spun around baseline for a 360 dunk in the All-Star game. That was it. They highlighted a lot of boring Michael Cooper dunks though. Kobe Bryant, just last season alone, have 3 of the biggest NBA dunks in the game:
1. The 52 point Dunk over Yao Ming.
2. The Madison Square Garden "Did you see that? What a play!" baseline rim-rocker.
3. The Horry full-court pass, behind the back switch to a 360 Dunk against the Nuggets. The play that won the "NBA 2003 Play of the Year" and was also nominated for "Sports Play of the Year" at the 2003 ESPY awards.
This DVD is supposed to highlight the best dunks of the NBA, yet they couldn't even include the "NBA 2003 Dunk of the Year!" The obvious reason the NBA did this was because of KOBE's pending legal problmes. I guess the NBA just wanted to take the safe road. But this is supposed to be the NBA's Best Dunks! I understand if they wanna opt out someone like a Darvin Ham or a Doug Christie, but not a Big Name Superstar like a Kobe Bryant. It's just like putting out a "Greatest Entertainers" DVD and putting in Elvis Presley, the Beatles, and Madonna, yet opting to exclude Michael Jackson since he too has some legal problems! I'm hoping that when the whole KOBE issue clears up, that they'll include his highlights on Volume 2.
Second - During segments when they were highlighting dunks of the 60's, 70's and 80's, most of the material they used were recycled materials from the 1998 NBA's 50 Greatest Players TV Special (to only mention one). In other words, they actually took bits and pieces of that 1998 show, plus some others, and just filled in the holes... about 10 minutes of it. On a side note, I also noticed that they edited, copy and pasted, a lot of plays. Usually they will show a great dunk and then switch to some the crowd reactions. There was one highlight of a 1996 Shaquille O'Neal alley-oop dunk where they edited-in crowd reaction from a 1997 Kobe Bryant dunk against Ben Wallace during a preseason game in Vegas. Nothing big, just thought it was funny that this DVD did not include any Kobe Bryant play, but used crowd reaction clips they got from his highlights.
Overall, this is a good dunking DVD that couldv'e easily been been better. I had a lot more thrills watching Michael Jordan's Ultimate 23 DVD special. This DVD just didn't have the BESTS of the BEST, just MOST of the BEST. Where is Isiah Rider's East Bay Funk Dunk (the first between the legs dunk)? Where was Shaq's 1994 dunk in which he broke the backboard? Was up with that!? I can only hope they're saving those up for Volume 2.
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on February 22, 2004
This might well be the best DVD released by NBA entertainment. This video proves that the NBA has the best talent in basketball and undoubtedly much better and entertaining than streetball. Only complaint was there's no Kobe Bryant on this disc. Can't wait for volume 2!
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on February 21, 2004
I purchased because I knew Vince Carter would be on the DVD. I was surprised at the special features like the 1985 Dunk contests with Jordan an Nique. There are many fantastic dunks from today's players and past players. This is a great purchase for any basketball fan.
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on April 28, 2010
this dvd is awsome i dont see how theres low reviews, me and m dad watch this great dvd and enjoy it to the fullest. there was no kobe in this one but it was still a great dvd. the dunks wur amazing. vince carter amare etc.. had excellent dunks
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on February 26, 2004
This is a great dvd, though there wasnt enough shaq dunks it was really good. You will love it if oyu can get past DJ CLue, that guy sucks the bag. Just the way he talked annoyed me greatly. but the DVD was awesome. a must have...
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on December 31, 2012
The quality was great for the price. It met my expectations. And it shipped very quickly. I bought this item as a Christmas present for my brother. He loved it.
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on July 26, 2011
Since I only paid a single dollar for it, I can say it was well worth it, but anything over maybe 5 bucks it wouldn't be worth the time...
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