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Warriors Orochi 3 - Xbox 360
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on March 30, 2012
I have to admit, I went out and bought this game the day it came out which is typically something I do not do with games being priced at $60 a pop. However, I am a huge fan of the Warriors Orochi (as well as Dynasty Warriors and Samurai Warriors too of course) series, so getting this game was a no-brainer to me.

The first level was pretty intense to me. You start out with 3 characters, which you can switch between anytime by pressing LT or RT, and are trying to kill a MASSIVE eight-headed dragon. That's right. In the past games you fought an enemy general as the main boss, in this game the main boss is a gargantuan dragon. During the first level, you'll be dodging the dragon's fireballs (so you constantly have to keep moving), trying to find ways to hurt it, and meeting an old enemy in the process. I don't want to spoil any of the story or the characters you start out with, so I'll leave it at that. After that you go to a town where you can buy weapons, go on the Xbox Live multiplayer, and talk with other soldiers. The town feeling was great since in past games this did not exist and did everything simply from a text-based menu.

If you've played the past Warriors Orochi games, the enemies are instantly recognizable. You have the typical weak snake fighters, medium snake generals, and huge snake brutes. You also find weapons as well as things to restore your health and musou on the battlefield. You are also able to call your horse by press the Back button. However, Koei has made combat even smoother and made musou attacks more intense in the process. I felt like a supreme warrior destroying hundreds of enemies and I love that type of button-masher game. I KO'd close to 2000 enemies without even trying on the first level. On the bad side, sometimes there would be so many enemies on screen that the game wouldn't even load them until I was right up on them.

One important thing to note is that the game has NO English voice acting. The game is completely voiced in Japanese with English subtitles. I personally found this more enjoyable but if this is something that annoys you, you might want to think twice since there's no way around it without muting your TV.

Overall, this is the supreme Warriors Orochi/Dynasty Warriors/Samurai Warriors game out at the moment. Koei did an excellent job with the combat, characters, and improving the general feel of the game. This game won't be for everyone but if you're a Warriors Orochi fan it's a must have.
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Some of you probably saw me on Xbox live. If I seemed "aloof" I offer my sincerest apologies but most of you know once I get a new Tecmo/Koei game I'm completely oblivious to reality! (Still, I'm friendly enough if you pm me. Don't worry, I don't bite off upper torsos!)

So Warriors of Orochi 3 is everything I hoped it would be. It's a historical and mythological based empowerment fantasy without all the nasty pillaging, raping, genocide, and torture nonsense that actually happened during "the olden days". Sure, you slay thousands of enemies but they don't leak vital fluids and most of them are snake demon-people, Boar headed ogres, and manically laughing cheesy super villains who are VERY loosely based upon non-fictional tyrannical jerk-bags!

There's definitely heartfelt sincerity and innate substance radiating from the newest "warriors" game to date. Whether it's the delight of a fully colored instruction manual or the fact there are 130 unlockable "dudes" and "babes", WO3 is a complete revival of old school gaming industry standards. (Aka you get your money's worth)

My first impressions of this game are overwhelmed enthusiasm. Should I talk about the totally sic multi headed hydra that's the main fixture of the first level? Should I reveal we can change past events so certain heroes and heroines can be unlocked via dramatic rescues in the knick-of-time? Should I go over the "bonds" relationship dynamic, the rpg leveling up mechanic, the weapon fusion system, or switching between 3 team-mates on the fly to string together intricate combos? There's so much here and what's even more remarkable is the story line isn't half bad!

Beyond that Warriors Of Orochi 3 is more of the same for the genre. You cut down thousands of enemy soldiers on foot. When that gets boring you whistle for your trusty horse and mount up! Amongst the chaos there are routine objectives such as taking over the bases of adversaries, escorting important people to safety, using a medieval tank to plow through blockades, coming to the aid of a struggling allied general, pulling a lever to flood an area, and taking advantage of a catapult to knock down large barred doors. None of this is avant garde yet it's still rewarding that some amount of "strategy" is necessary alongside the mindless hacking and slashing to attain victory.

Tecmo/Koei has once again taken advantage of my affections for ancient civilizations, swords & sorcery, mythical beasts, beautiful women, Kung Fu theatrics, and traditional warfare!

What's more of the same

1. As you complete missions you acquire "growth points". Though the team you play as levels up quickly on its' own, you can use accumulated experience to improve anyone on the roster you want to.

2. WO3 is still more or less the "king of fighters or "marvel vs. capcom" variant of the warriors franchise. Aka, you actually control 3 characters at once and you can switch them in and out to string together combos or unleash a "special fusion attack" where they all do a stunning area clearing technique simultaneously.

3. Unlike other warriors games, WO3 opts for less historical accuracy and more supernatural elements rooted in Asian folklore and mythology. Not to say "Dynasty Warriors and "Samurai Warriors" strive to be 100% accurate themselves but WO3 is twice as over the top as either franchise. (Which makes since on account it is both franchises combined)

4. Weapon fusion is still easy as pie. By smelting weapons of the same type down and putting them together you can add more attribute slots and beneficial traits to them.

5. There are side-mission requirements to do alongside the main objective but you're not forced to do them. It's mainly for if you desire extra growth points or more weapon drops.

6. Any mission can be played on any difficulty right off the bat. Aka, if you scoff how quickly you can decimate whole armies on "easy" or "normal" you can sate your inner masochist by trying the same skirmishes on hard or chaos. (Though I suggest buffing up your favorite characters before hand.)

7. There's a "free mode" if you want to go back and re-play certain maps without that annoying "plot-progression" present to interrupt your barbaric hoard slaying fun!

What has changed

1. Warriors of orochi 3 now has a base camp where you congregate before accepting missions. By throwing "tea parties" you can level up the bonds of your allies thus increasing the likelihood they will come in and help you during a battle. Aka, WO3 has borrowed a few of the better aspects of Dynasty Warriors 7.

2. The beautiful benign priestess Kaguya helps you travel through time. This is a very pivotal part of the plot. It's your goal to rescue allies before they die in the past so you can build up your chances of defeating Orochi (The Serpent King) in the present.

3. The stakes aren't high only for Japan and China anymore. A few European and other-worldly heroes are sucked into Orochi's vortex as well. Ever wanted to play as Joan De'arch, Achilles, Ryu Hayabusa, Ayane, and an assortment of other strangers in a strange land? Now you can! WO3 has the most robust and varied character roster in the series to date! It's pretty much Tecmo/Koei's "Super Smash Brothers" and what is there not to love about that?

4. It's no secret this series doesn't exactly sell akin to hot cakes here in the west. To make a North American/European release possible, Tecmo/Koei had to cut the cost of English voice acting. This means we have to do a lot of "reading". As much as that prospect may terrify or disgust certain gamers, I'm happy with it. In my youth most of my favorite games conveyed the story line and character relationships through scrolling text so it's no problem for me to deal with this slight hindrance today.

5.There is online co-op to compliment the local co-op but I haven't tried it quite yet.

6. Dream mode has been dropped and replaced by a musou battle-field edit mode where you can fool around with different scenarios by changing generals, troop types, enemy encounters, and conditions. However, you have to clock a lot of hours into the main campaign to unlock additional options for the edit mode. (Tigers and Lu Bu clones for the win! Trololololo!)

7. The graphics have been greatly improved. WO3 is on par with Dynasty Warriors 7 which is a major compliment.

8. There are fewer identical move sets. Aka, though two characters may have the same weapon type their "special techniques" and even a few of their basic attacks are usually vastly unique from each other.

9. The strength,technique,and speed designations for characters still exist but now there is a 4th designation called "wonder". It's my bet this is another "mystic class" that focuses on wider area effect magic spells.


1. Warriors Of Orochi has a long tradition of omitting officer profile information. It's strange how you can unlock movable 3D models, sound tracks, additional costumes, and wall-papers yet a basic character write up is as elusive as a fox in a hole! Sadly, WO3 is not the exception to this rule.

2. Characters seem "scaled down" a bit from Dynasty warriors 7. The stunning attention to detail is still present but the 3D models seem a tad "smaller" somehow.

3. Sometimes learning exactly where to be on a map at the right times boils down to trial and error. Aka, certain missions are very easy to fail on the first try.

4. Characters are limited to only one weapon type. If you were smitten by DW7's "weapon switch system" its' omission in WO3 may add a sour after-taste to your otherwise deliciously sweet return to feudal fantasy land.

Ending verdict

If you been dead set on hating this franchise from the very beginning I'm not going to be able to change your mind. Still, you should know WO3 got a high mark even with IGN and we all know how much IGN has ragged on and slandered every warriors game before now. Another words, if you get only one warriors game EVER for your collection this is the one you should consider.

Frankly, I cannot argue with the bargain I'm getting here. 130 playable characters?! An epic story they can span +50 hours?! A relationship simulator built into my strategic hacking & slashing?! Nods to my favorite Japanese and Chinese legends?! Allowing me to finally be Achilles, Joan, Ayane, and Ryu in a musou game?! Stop reading my mind Tecmo/Koei! Better yet, just take my money!

If you're not a diehard fan "+C"

A C+ means though this game is not rooted in your favorite genre it's still bursting with quality content and is an excellent buy. While you will not count WO3 amongst the "perfect jewels" in your game collection it'll serve its' purpose as an awesome "party game" when friends are over. It's also a great stress reliever on account it's easy to jump right into without a lengthy tutorial. Whenever you're hankering for an old school beat em up WO3 will be there to sate your hunger! (And you don't even have to feed quarters into the coin slots!)

If you are a diehard fan "+A"

For those of us into Asian influenced fantasy epics, J-rpgs, anime, manga, old martial arts flicks, beat em ups, and the warriors games in general WO3 is a must buy. Say what you will about Tecmo/Koei but you cannot accuse them of neglecting their fan base. With each Warriors game they up the ante considerably and make improvements across the board. I remember how impressed I was with Dynasty Warriors 7 and thought it couldn't be surpassed but by golly, WO3 proved me wrong!
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on April 25, 2012
Whenever a Dynasty Warriors/Samurai Warriors/Whatever Warriors game comes out there's always its contingent of detractors. And by contingent, I don't mean to imply a small number, as most of the free world does not take this series of games seriously. However, those who enjoy them know that while some criticism is valid, it is certainly overblown.

Warriors Orochi 3 is not a game changer and if you don't have any interest in the Warriors franchises you won't find a lot to like here. But for those fans who spend hours with the various entries in the series, or if you're looking for a fun 3D hack 'n' slash/beat 'em up title, Warriors Orochi 3 is a fantastic game to start.

The general gameplay outline for this game is the same as any other entry in the franchise, but it has a few key refinements. The character models used in this game look beautiful and are borrowed from the most recent games, Samurai Warriors 3: Xtreme Legends and Dynasty Warriors 7: Xtreme Legends. There are also a vast number of unlockable costumes from previous games that one can use. All cut characters that didn't make it into SW3 or DW7 are all back in full force making this an insanely robust roster. Also, WO3 includes guest characters such as Ayane from Dead or Alive or Ryu Hayabusa from Ninja Gaiden.

Warriors Orochi 3 borrows the "main camp" format first used in Dynasty Warriors: Strikeforce, and it resembles that template a great deal. From the "main camp" hub players are able to have banquets to increase the character's relationships, purchase new weapons, or embark on a mission. Another fantastic step forward for the series is the ability for, when playing couch co-op, each player to choose individual teams rather than both having to use the same team.

One of the greatest triumphs of this game is that it has a cohesive story. It centers on a select few characters, so your favorites may not get any screen time, but the game is much the better for the adjusted focus on a single narrative. Every character gets some brief exposition in the form of the sidequests and conversations in camp.

Warriors Orochi 3 also features a very comprehensive stage creation mode where one can turn any mission into their own scenario. There's a lot to adjust and get into to motivate players to investigate that mode, however, the online functionality seems to have some issues. I've never been able to download other players scenarios as advertised.

The online co-op also has some issues. After a single mission with your online partner, you are booted back to the "main camp," which is an anachronistic approach to online in a world of lobbies.

The few detractions one can make from this game do almost nothing to compromise the game's quality. Warriors Orochi 3 is the definitive "Warriors" title and it upgrades the formula in many respects, making it a fresh feeling title despite the gameplay's well-worn nature. Those who know what they are getting into should definitely pick this game up.
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on April 12, 2012
First, stop reading if you don't like Dynasty Warriors 1-7 or any of its' offshoots. This is not an original experience. It is exactly what you think it is but with a few nuances thrown in like the first level when you avoid a fire ball spewing dragon. But this is a bit of window dressing because you will soon find yourself in the same modes battling a huge army, gradually unlocking the impressive 100 plus generals from Chinese and Japanese history and lore. As you unlock them in Story Mode you can then open them up in other Musou modes... Sound familiar?? It is.
But if you were to buy one of these games as a staple I would suggest that this is the one. It has a good feel to it and doesn't lock up too bad with 100s of enemies clustering around you. Although it's clear that it's pushing it's bounderies as you sometimes find enemies appearing immediately around you as the action grows and the game pushes to fit all the action in. I liked the varied characters and it was a good enough grind to get to each new stage and each new character unlock... (sometimes up to 5 characters unlocked after a level). You can build them individually or as a group by spreading out distribution points (which are a bonus to the grinding experience you get).
As mentioned before the game is entirely voiced in Japanese/Chinese. But this actually worked for me because the translations can be laughable and horribly out of place when you are getting your swerve on taking out pocket after pocket of troops. A fun game but not a fresh idea. I think the top line price is a bit off as it is nothing different for me but with the sheer number of options and characters it won't leave you second guessing as long as you know what you are getting into and like that game type.

In short, It's not genre busting or original though it does attempt a few moderate improvements over the last one. It is a larger game than the previous and is a good co op experience if you and a friend want to have some mindless fun. It does achieve the fun it sets out for and you can't hate the game for being more of what it is. If you like level grinding for new weapons and characters this is a good place to get your Musou on.
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on February 17, 2015
Let's start off by saying I'm a long time Dynasty Warriors fan. If mindless hacking and slashing isn't for you then you might as well just skip over this and (I think) almost everything Koei has made. If you don't mind it (or dare I say like it) then this is the game for you! The reason I got this game was actually because I had never played Samurai Warriors (a second series in the 'Warriors' franchise) and I wanted to see what characters they had and their personalities. Now, this game is mainly grinding. If you played DWO then it's quite similar to that. You have to grind to get higher level weapons and characters so you can beat the next stage. Usually (I haven't gotten all the way through the game yet) when you beat a stage (in Story Mode if you beat it in Free Mode it doesn't count) you'll automatically unlock characters and as you progress you'll get more and higher level weapons and etc. All in all if you're a DW fan I'd definitely recommend it. It's actually got me interested in SW as well.
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on March 16, 2015
I knew what I was getting when I bought it. It is Dynasty Warriors with a ridiculous number of characters and some new and odd ones and even some cameos. Played a Dynasty Warriors before? Then you know what this is. Hack and slash by the thousands, train heroes and run across large, almost flat expanses to beat up a whole bunch of people. This is personally my favorite iteration of Dynasty Warriors as each character feels just unique enough to not be clones (even if it causes them to feel a bit useless or weak) and there are little side things to work for to keep you spamming that Square button/X button.

The story isn't that strong but who plays it for that? Build your own little town while building relationships with other characters and bring down Orochi with friendship! and lots of Musous.
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on March 29, 2012
In short: It is better than WO2 but lacking some features such as dream stages.
One big complaint I have towards not only this game but recent KOEI warrior games in general is that sometimes there are too many enemies on the screen at the same time, which is bearable in single player but pain-in-the-a$$ in co-op mode with officers phasing in and out all the time.
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on May 5, 2014
Works good I had played the game for about 5 hours when I first got it no problems at all
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on April 23, 2014
I really enjoyed this one in particular, though I do miss the tactics part of the Empires series. The ability to switch between the incredibly vast amount of characters is interesting.
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on March 25, 2014
With 120+ characters as well as video game and historic legends such as Ryu Hyabusa, Achilles, and Joan of Arc the game doesn't get boring. The storyline is simple but cool. There is a level up system that is pretty sweet, and there's a co-op mode where you can play with ppl local or online. There's no dub so everyone speaks japanese but there are subtitles so you always know what they are saying. If you like fighting games like tekken, soul calibur, street fighter, you'll probably like this game a lot.
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