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on October 28, 2012
I absolutely LOVED this book! When I saw it was coming out I screamed!! Yellowfang is my favorite cat from the Warriors series (besides Firestar) and to hear her story was the best. I devoured this book within a week. There were moments in the book where I was almost brought to tears or came close to trowing my kindle across the room in anger (dang Brokenster >:/ ) All in all this book was an AMAZING read, I'd give it more than 5 stars if I could!
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on July 8, 2012
We know of Yellowfang's life in ThunderClan, but what of her life in ShadowClan? We know she broke the medicine code by taking Raggedstar as a mate, and she gave birth to Brokenkit. Brokenkit was nursed by another ShadowClan queen called Lizardstripe, and the clan was told the real mother of Brokenkit wished to have her identity kept secret. After Brokenkit's birth, Raggedstar ignored Yellowfang. Many cats assumed that Raggedstar's deputy was the mother, for she was always a bit secretive. Raggedstar was oblivious to Brokentail's ambition and violent ways, and soon he was Shadowclan deputy. Brokentail killed his own father to become leader of ShadowClan. Brokenstar was killed by his own mother by being fed deathberries while being held prisoner in ThunderClan camp. He was the leader of the dark forest, until Yellowfang killed him for the last time. But what about Yellowfang's life as a kit, and an apprentice? Here is where we will find out.
May StarClan light your path!
Deputy of IceClan
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on November 7, 2012
This book is for anyone and everyone who ever wonders if Shadowclan does anything but fight.

I admire Yellowkit's sprit and determination to become a warrior. Her story is not a happy one. First her mother's mother dies, than the cat she loves casts her out when she becomes a medicine cat after she becomes a warrior. She gives away her kit, and leaves Shadowclan because her mother thinks Yellowfang killed her kits. Although there is a lot of drama, this is a great book, and I waited so long for it. A must read for all warriors' fans. I can't wait for the new series.

Spottedstream Riverclan
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on November 12, 2012
Fans of the Warriors series will instantly recognise the name Yellowfang, the (in)famous medicine cat of ThunderClan and ShadowClan. But what fans don't know is the complete story of Yellowfang's past, starting with her as a kit. In Yellowfang's Secret, we witness Yellowkit yearning to become a fearless warrior--and when she receives her warrior name, Yellowfang, she's dismayed to discover that her true destiny lies as a medicine cat. And there is also a terrible secret she must keep, one associated with an ominous prophecy, one that could destroy them all.

There were many elements present in Yellowfang's Secret also present in the main Warriors series that made them both so enjoyable. For example, there's always an underlying tone of conflict between loyalty to oneself and loyalty to the Clan in Yellowfang's Secret, which creates some dramatic tension. And there's also the uniqueness of getting to see the inner workings of another Clan besides ThunderClan--especially so since most of ShadowClan has been (pardon the pun) shadowed in mystery. Not to mention that we all know that Yellowfang is a medicine cat, and we get to view the world from the viewpoint of a medicine cat much less than from a warrior's point. There are also your traditional battles, Gatherings, and lots of things that make the Warriors series so beloved to its fans.

However, there were also two main issues that prevented me from fully enjoying the book. First of all, the characterisation. Yellowfang as seen in the first Warriors arc is a slightly grumpy, slightly disheveled, and very sarcastic cat. Here in this book, though, she feels very tame and obedient. This would be fine if it were just at the beginning of the book, but even at the end, when the storyline segues into Into the Wild, Yellowfang is not the Yellowfang we know for the most part. And secondly, the book was too long! The obvious drawback of writing a prequel is that your fans know what's going to happen overall, so in a prequel, it's going to be the little details that matter. But Yellowfang's Secret seems so overloaded with details, it drags the book down. In my opinion, there is way too much time spent on Yellowfang as a kit. I get that this is supposed to be a Super Edition, and Super Editions are supposed to be 500+ pages, but I think this would have been better just at the standard 300 pages or so.

Overall, Yellowfang's Secret is a book that provides valuable insight for Warriors fans. The fourth and final arc of Warriors ended in April, and that makes this book even more special, especially for Yellowfang fans. I wouldn't say it's a must-buy like some of the other Super Editions (Bluestar's Prophecy anyone?), but for die-hard fans, it is certainly a must-read.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon February 11, 2013
Yellowfang's Secret is right up there with Bluestar's Prophecy in terms of how well-written it is and how much information it adds to the Warriors saga. Those who have read the books know what an integral character Yellowfang is long after the events described in this book, and Yellowfang's Secret explains so much about her and how she got to be the cat Warriors fans know and mostly love.

First, this is a fine place to begin reading Warriors books. You will love it if you've already read everything there is to read. It will deepen your understanding of many characters and many events. But you do not have to have read any of those books to understand and enjoy this one.

Second, this is a really well-written book. The prose is crisp and remarkably light on cliché. There are a couple of timeline errors and perhaps some instances when I expected one of Yellowfang's secrets to be mentioned and it wasn't. There also seemed to be a couple of recycled plot points, but the character study of Yellowfang more than makes up for any minor quibbles I had.

As with all Warriors books, this one is deceptively simple. It completely works on a straightforward anthropomorphic fantasy level. However, there are many deeper elements at play in this book, some of which you might want to discuss with your child. As always, religion plays a huge role, and the cats' beliefs may not gibe with yours. The book also subtly poses the question whether the cats' beliefs are in line with the facts.

Yet another issue is raised by the application of the Warrior Code to the facts presented in the book and whether it is the violation of the Code or adherence to the Code that causes the various outcomes. This makes for an excellent opportunity to talk to your kids about laws, justice, fairness, right, and wrong and how those concepts work together.

And, there are definite undertones hinting at questions about sexism and biology. Considering that three of the Super Editions (Warriors Super Edition: Bluestar's Prophecy,Warriors Super Edition: SkyClan's Destiny, and this book) make significant plot points around the interplay of female cats' duties and their desires with regard to mates and kits, I'm thinking that this is intentional.

I highly recommend this book for fourth graders on up. The lexile measure is 760L, but it is 501 pages, so it may seem a little daunting for a kid who is just starting to enjoy chapter books. It's a particularly good choice for kids who like the Brian Jacques Redwall books and the Kathryn Lasky series.
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on January 15, 2016
Wow. This book was outstanding. I loved how Yellowfang had her "secret senses", which like Goosefeather didn't know if it where quite curse or blessing. She had this power, of sensing other cats pain, even before she knew it! Like, when Nutkit had a bellyache from eating crowfood, and Yellowkits belly somehow mysteriously hurt simultaneously. Hmm, odd? Maybe Yellowfang was lying after all.............nope! And when she realized her powers, she knew that is what caused her simultaneous bellyache with Nutkit. You just had to believe her innocence of her not lying. I also liked her roll of medicine cat, despite she wanted to be a warrior. Her love with Raggedpelt was cool, though it got bring after a while. Yet still, it is always nice to know Jayfeather, Dovewing, and Lionblaze where not the only cats to have special powers used to help their clans. We have Goosefeather and Yellowfang. The only complaint I have was despite the books length, it could have showed more about Yellowfangs time with Thunderclan, and learn to become accepted. But, overall this book was very good, read it, recommend it, and it is worth the money
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on November 24, 2015
I've always been a fan of Yellowfang. I'm glad Erin Hunter wrote this back story about her. I've always wondered what was going on with Shadow Clan and the reason Yellowfang was banished. Brokenstar was truly an evil cat. This story is great and I would recommended that you read it after The Prophecy Begins series. It will make more sense if you do. Happy reading!
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on April 30, 2015
I will post various versions of the same review for the series because they stand accurate for everyone of these books! My daughter loves these books. She has always been a very good reader, but the Warriors series has her as a great reader right now. She loves these books. She has read 14 of them I think in less than a year and she is nine years old. They are very motivating for her!
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on September 26, 2013
I am a great fan of the warriors series and I think yellowfangs secret is the best one so far. It's full of suspense and adventures I can't take my eyes off the screen!!!!!!! Yellowfang is one of my favorite characters. She is tough and strong but she always had a soft side. This book have me a more clear and in depth look one yellowfangs point of view and personality in the other books she was featured in before she died. If you are a warriors fan I highly suggest you read this book. It is also a good book for people who are new to the series because it takes place the same time as bluestars prophecy. Off to read the next one!!!!
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on June 7, 2015
This book was excellent and I enjoyed reading it. The story of Yellowfang's life is very interesting because she is a mysterious character with much history. I recommend this book to any Warriors fan who has already read the original warriors series. Brokenstar is excellently portrayed, because even though we know he is terrible, this is where we see his full colors.

There were, however, some flaws in this book. When Yellowfang takes Brokenkit to the nursery to give him to Lizardstripe, Raggedpelt is referred to as "Raggedstar" even though he is still deputy. It almost seems like they copied and pasted the scene out of one of the special edition story books. Stonetooth gives Brokenstar a life and is then reported to have died AFTER the ceremony in the next chapter. The book also passed over long periods of time, which is fine, except for the fact that new warriors and kits appear without parents or connections of any kind. Nightpaw and Clawpaw randomly appear (and we still have no idea who their parents are, though known parents seems to be very important to ShadowClan) and we have no parentage throught this book for Ashheart, Newtspeck, and Frogtail. I don't mind skipping over non-eventful parts of their lives, but perhaps recap what happened durring that time. "So and so gave birth to...". Hollyflower's mate is never mentioned nor is Fernpaw's mentor. Frogpaw is missing a mentor in the allegiances.

These are the reasons that this book receives a 4/5 as opposed to a 5/5. They are not detrimental flaws, but are unfortunate, especially name mistakes and forgetting a mentor in the allegiances. Proof-reading?

Enjoy this book, because it really is a great story.
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