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on July 8, 2004
"Warrior's Woman" is a steamy, sensual story with fun characters and an exotic locale - after all, it takes place on another planet. I have an English Literature degree and enjoy all genres, so I couldn't begin to describe how delighted I was with "Warrior's Woman," a cross between romance and science fiction. And what an amazing book it was! To cram 300+ pages into one sentence, it is the story of a gorgeous security guard who must flee her planet after a coup d'etat and ends up the "challenge loser" to a hunk of a "barbarian" warrior on an undiscovered planet. First and foremost, Tedra is an awesome heroine: spirited, witty, and extremely strong, independent, and lethal. She and Challen are hot together, and it is most fun to watch her frustration at Challen's unusual warrior culture and customs. Challen himself is a different kind of Lindsey hero: of course, he's a babe, but his speech patterns, supreme confidence, and complete focus on Tedra and Tedra alone (with no other plotlines to distract him) make him unique. I love their intimate moments - and there are MANY - and the humorous "interventions" by Tedra's AI computer, Martha, who is a charm. "Warrior's Woman" is one of Lindsey's most fascinating books, with great care and detail given to the futuristic setting and a simply enthralling story of two people from completely different worlds (literally) who fall madly in love.

FYI: "Warrior's Woman" is the first in a three-book series involving these characters and their children. Hands down, this book is absolutely the best of all three. The second, "Keeper of the Heart," is okay. The third, "Heart of a Warrior" is rather tepid.

***For those interested in other sci-fi romances, try "Lord of the Storm" and its sequel "The Skyprirate" by Justine Davis. Both are out of print, but worth reading. Also look for "Shielder" by Catherine Spangler, which is first in a series. Or "Knight of a Trillion Stars" by Dara Joy (also first in a trilogy).***
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on January 26, 2000
I have read all of Johanna Lindsey's books, as with all authors and types of books, there are good ones and bad ones. This one is my absolute all time favorite. I admit, I was skeptical about reading a "futuristic romance" but when I picked this one up I had already read every Lindsey book I could get my hands on. This was the best surprise yet! Tedra was so hysterically funny and naive, smart and caring. I loved her character. Challen was such a handsomely described character I wish he was real. Although it would be infuriating for a woman of today to kowtow to someone like him, it was definitely good for Tedra. And like other readers, I am looking for a sequel with their son. I hope Lindsey will be around a long, long, long time.
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on June 6, 2000
I love this book. From the moment I started it, to the moment I finished it, I was spellbound. I have rarely been drawn to characters such as these two.
Tedra De Arr and Challen Ly-San-Ter are two of the most memorable people you will ever meet. This is a great Science Fiction - Fantasy - Romantic novel.
This story takes place in the future of 2139 on the planet Kystran. Tedra De Arr, the lovely heroine, is a Sec 1, a law unto herself. She finds her planet being taken over by a barbaric culture of Sword Weilders. A lost race to the Kystrani. She must take action to save her planet before they all become slaves. So she steals a spacecraft and goes to explore the universe for help.
In comes the planet Sha-Ka'an, where she meets Challen, the drop dead gorgeous warrior, who will steal her heart and soul. He is the barbaric sort who must have his say and way no matter what the cost. I must confess, I love his attitude, it reminds me of my husband who is of the same thinking. But you get used to it!
Tedra, never having succumbed to any man before, is outraged. Yet deep down, her feminine side would not have it any other way.
I must say, that I applaud Ms. Lindsey in writing such a book that shows that there is nothing wrong with a woman if she respects and listens to her MAN. Just because a woman were to do that does not make her in any way inferior to him. Women must not always be the strongest and have the only word in order for them to be equal. We are equal no matter what. This book goes about this subject in a delightful way. I recommend it wholeheartedly.
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on November 6, 2000
The thing I like most about Johanna Lindsey's books is that it hooks you in right from the start and keeps you there. A regular hook, line, and sinker. This book is no exception. Lindsey give us what most romance authors rarely succeed in doing. A heroine that is able to defend and fight for herself while still maintaining the air of feminity.
Tedra De Arr, a fearless Sec 1 out in space trying to find help for her captive home planet, Krystan. Unfortunately good help is hard to find, especially if you're facing the barbaric Sha-Ka'ari. But then she stumbles onto a planet that has men as barbaric and handsome as the Sha-Ka'ari.
Challen Ly-San-Ter has no idea how to make of Tedra as she appears on his planet like magic. When their pride clashes and challenges are issued Tedra losses to the fight, therefore letting Challen to claim her for a month.
For one month they are together... oh the troubles and victories they both come upon. This book is a hilarious riot with the everloving Mock II computer Martha at Tedra side, and the barbaric Challen Ly-San-Ter. He must perform his duties, he must issue punishments, but he must also give into the love that he knows that he feels for his Chemar.
Even though this is a science fiction/fantasy/romance, it's worth every minute you take to read this. High Recommended.
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on November 2, 1998
Tedra and Challen are two of the best characters ever. They are witty and extremely funny. Tedra is the type of heroine that all authors should begin to model their heroines after after. She is strong, independant, and not afraid to challenge her man on things that she considers important. This was the first book that I read by Lindsey and to me it was the best. Since reading Warrior's Woman I have read every other Johanna Lindsey book. I enjoyed them all but for me Warrior's Woman was the best. I also enjoyed the sequel and I would love to see Lindsay continue writing stories about the Ly-san-ter family. Again I believe that this book is the best and it is priceless. I would recommend it to anyone as I matter of fact I already have. I've told my friends about this book and they read and also loved it.
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on September 23, 2002
This is really one of the worst books I have read written by Lindsey. It is silly. It's like a bad portrayal of a strong woman still being dominated by the big bad male. I have quit reading Lindsey's works. She used to be interesting. Then she got into too much abuse of women. Rapes, nasty men, etc. I can find something better to read.
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VINE VOICEon September 3, 2010
Tedra is a top level government security police person on the planet Kystran. People have sex sharing for pleasure not to procreate. The government creates humans by taking cells from the most desirable subjects, grows them in test tubes, and then raises the children in group centers and schools. There are no parents, families, etc. Machines create all food. There is a shortage of water, so people take solaray baths. Tedra has a computer named Martha. Martha can fly spaceships and transport people (Star Trek style). Martha wants what's best for Tedra, and they argue frequently. Tedra is a virgin. Martha wants to change that because she knows it would be good for Tedra.

Bad guy Crad hires mercenaries from the planet Sha-Ka'ar who help him take over the government. These mercenaries are 7 feet tall and carry swords and shields which are impenetrable by Kystran's modern weapons. The former Kystran ruler is kept in prison. One of the payments to the Sha-Ka'ari warriors is Kystran women being sent to the Sha-Ka'an planet as slaves. Tedra was away during the military takeover. Her friend Rourk helps her get away from Kystran using a trading ship. Tedra's computer Martha is onboard and flies the ship for Tedra. Martha locates the planet Sha-Ka'an which has barbarian style warriors similar to the Sha-Ka'ar. Tedra transports down to the planet and meets Challen. She challenges him to a fight, Tedra loses, and as a result she must be his slave for a month, fulfilling his every wish. She learns that women have no rights and cannot walk around unescorted by a male. All women must be either under the protection of a male or married/mated to him.

Although she is his sex slave for a month, he is good to her. She is so in lust with him, she can't resist him and is willing to live caveman style to be with him. His punishments for her were a little odd, sexually arousing her but not letting her finish. It was written twenty years ago and reflects romance writing of that time. There were no sexual words. Instead, phrases like he entered her were used.

My mind went on a tangent at one part of the book - to the point that I had to reread several pages. Challen took a drug which affected his judgment. As a result he caused Tedra to suffer a punishment much longer than she should have. The next day when Challen regained his senses, he felt regret and guilt. He asked the computer Martha for advice. Martha said to let Tedra rant, rave, and hit him to get rid of her anger - without Challen stopping the assault. Martha said if Tedra did this, it was a good sign that Tedra still cared for Challen and needed time to forgive him. If Tedra was silent, showing "no anger" and "wanting his blood," that meant she no longer cared for him, there was no hope for the relationship, and he should return her to the ship. This portion of the story had me thinking about abusive spouses and the question of "if or when to forgive." I think women should not forgive men who repeatedly abuse them and ask for forgiveness the next day. Those women should leave the abusive relationship. My first reaction was for Tedra to leave Challen, but I had to remind myself that this was the first time Challen abused her, he was under the influence of a drug, he was truly sorry, and it probably would not happen again. In that case, it was ok to forgive, but I had to think about it for a while to accept it. In addition, the idea of women having no rights and forced to obey men, added to my discomfort. I'm confused. I've read a number of books with the subjects of abuse or women as slaves which did not bother me the way this book did. I don't know why. I still liked the story but only after the forced adjusting of my mental attitude.

I love the cover picture guy drawn by the artist Elaine Duillo. She also drew the same guy for the cover of Gentle Rogue by the same author. I don't think a guy like this has ever existed, although, there is a slight resemblance to Fabio. I bought both books in their original hardback editions just for the pictures. Please note the picture you see may be different from mine. Amazon and Goodreads may be linking this review to other editions of the book. The picture I see is a shirtless guy with long blond hair and a sword, standing on the right side of the cover. The girl is wearing a light pink fabric dress (of sorts) and has long wavy black hair.

Story length: 282 pages. Swearing language: mild. Sexual language: none. Number of sex scenes: 6. Total number of sex scene pages: 11. Setting: 2139 AC (After Colonization) on the planets Kystran and Sh-Ka'an. Copyright: 1990. Genre: science fiction romance.

For a list of my reviews of other Johanna Lindsey books, see my 5 star review of "Gentle Rogue" posted 6/14/08.
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on March 6, 2006
I have read several of Johanna Lindsey's Regency Romances and was surprised to find a book from her in the fantasy/science fiction section of the library so decided to give it a go.

The story started describing Tedra, the heroine, in her rented apartment, and from the first page we are well aware she's in a different world - a world of technology, labour-saving devices and computers on a planet with no natural vegetation and where people aren't "born", they are created via IVF and incubated through artificial wombs. Tedra is a Sec 1 which is a member of the security forces and she's proud of her skills.

When the government is taken over by a man working in concert with a warrior tribe of people from another planet, Tedra realises she has to leave and escape as Sec 1 women are being enslaved by the warriors and carried off to their planet. Although when she meets one of these people she actually finds him rather attractive, she manages to disable him and escape with her computer, Martha, and a robot, Corth.

Much is made of the fact Tedra hasn't been "breached", i.e. is a virgin, and she legally has to give up her virgin status by her 25th birthday (in just a year's time). She has nothing against it, is just waiting for the right man - who hasn't yet shown up.

Tedra travels a long way and eventually Martha decides they have found a good planet for her to start her experience as a trader of goods. Tedra is transported (in a rather Star-Trek manner) to the planet surface and immediately runs into Challen, a very tall warrior who she finds instantly appealing. The rest of the story is about their culture clashes and his apparent refusal to believe that she is actually from another planet. They have multiple clashes of wills with Challen thinking she should submit to his authority and Tedra being reluctant to do so. Their relationship appears to be cemented through sex and eventually he and some of his warriors help her wage war against the coup leader on her planet so that it is all fixed again. She returns to Challen's planet to live there as his wife.

It's a nicely-written story with amusing dialogue, a light touch and a lot of fun. Nothing too taxing for the brain but an enjoyable way to while away an afternoon.
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on March 6, 2003
I will start by saying that I am so glad that I checked this book out from the library instead of actually wasting my money on this really bad book. Warriors Woman is a romance set in the future and I thought that this would be an interesting idea; well I was wrong. The main problem I had with the novel was Tedra De Arr's willingness no matter what the reason to become Challens sex slave. Here is a woman who is an amazing fighter and pretty smart too. So when her planet is taken over by huge male warriors she escapes to find help. She lands on Challens planet and after seeing Challen is over come by lust. She needs his help so the best thing she can think of is to challendge him to combat. She loses and has to become his slave. So after knowing this man for a few hours she has sex with him. Challen and all the men on his planet use sex to control thier women. If they step out of line the men arouse them and then just walk away leaving them "sceaming" with frustration. Okay hmmm... well maybe that works on the women of his planet but why should it work on Tedra?? I just could not buy into the fact that Tedra could be so easily conrolled by sex. She was not a native to his planet and had never been tempted to have sex before. So we are suspose to believe that Challen is so good in bed that Tedra is willing to give up her pride just to have sex with this man? Challen was true cave man in every sense of the word. All the men were and why Tedra fell in love with him I will never know. Everytime they were together it was the same old same old. Challen telling her what to do and Tedra acting like she didn't want to do whatever it was and then sex. They never really talked about anything. Another big problem besides to poor plot was that Challene was a poorly written charcter. He had no personality and was very boring.
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on October 19, 2001
This book has everything, it is just a magnificent read. It is funny, the plot is gripping, the characters are magnetic, and the love scenes are memorable. It is the first in a triology that includes Keeper of the Heart and Heart of a Warrior. In the last book of the series, Heart of a Warrior, Ms. Lindsey explains all the customs, culture and circumstances of the planet that the reader must ferret out in this and the second book. Therefore, I would suggest reading the third book first, as it would not harm any of the storylines to read this group out of order. It would also make reading all the books more enjoyable. Of the three books, this is the most enjoyable and has the most action. It is amazing that Ms. Lindsey has this incredible talent to write for so many different time periods and cultures in her books. This is an extraordianry achievement, based as it must be, on imagination, unless she was secreted by Martha in Tedra's spaceship!
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