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on February 10, 2014
Wasabi kit (US Version) VS: Smatree kit (biggest rival) kit & OEM Accessories
--> Battery Rated Capacity - Wasabi Batteries 1280mAh rated higher than 1200mAh rival brands & 1050mAh OEM
--> Battery Performance - Batteries SIGNIFICANTLY outperform OEM & rival brands in Rec time test (see below)
--> Battery Weight - Wasabi batteries weighted same as OEM 23g each, Rival brands 25g each
--> Battery Core - Li-Poly meets OEM specs and is better than rivals that use Li-Ion
--> AC Adaptor - Compact travel AC adaptor w/ fold up prongs smaller than rival & OEM offerings
--> AC Adaptor - Outputs 3.1A instead 2.1A of rival brand and 2.0A of OEM
--> AC Adaptor - No Bright LED unlike rival AC Adaptor (OEM has no LED)
--> DC Adaptor - 3.1A output matched rival and beats OEM (2.0A)
--> Build Quality - Wasabi matte finish and build quality on par with OEM and better than Smatree's mixture of matte and glossy
--> Battery Physical Size - Wasabi Batteries were a noticeably tighter fit in GoPro3 camera
--> AC Adaptor - THIS Wasabi kit only offer US plug (international version is now available), Rival brand offers US & EU Plug compatibility, OEM offers US,UK,EU,& AU
--> DC Adaptor - Wasabi unit is largest physical size unit compared to rival or OEM (smallest)

Most would agree mAh ratings from aftermarket batteries are rarely accurate. Even if rated lower, OEM batteries typically slightly outlast aftermarket products. Coming into the comparison test that is exactly what I expected to find. I was VERY pleasantly surprised to find the Wasabi 21% higher mAh rating over OEM to be fairly accurate. My recording time test yielded 25% longer record time over OEM and 35% longer than the rival Smatree batteries*. I also noticed the Wasabi batteries appeared to retain stored power longer than it's rival, but were comparable to the OEM battery. I believe the primary differences in battery performance between Smatree and Wasabi can be credited to Wasabi using a Lithium-Polymer core, exactly the same as the OEM. Smatree battery is the only one of the three that used a Li-Ion core. The only complaint was that the Wasabi battery had a very snug fit inside the camera. I am unable to test the long -term size variation in the product (since it's new) to see if the batteries will increase/decrease with use, but I expect it to be very minimal due to the use of a Li-Poly core.

Timed Battery Performance*:
OEM 1050mAh - 69:55
Smatree 1200mAh - 64:33
Wasabi 1280mAh - 87:26

*Recording time settings: GoPro3 w/ latest Firmware, Sandisk 32GB CL10, Video mode @ 1080/60fps, NO Wi-Fi, 2 Led flash, Indoors, avg room temp 65F; Batteries used: brand new Wasabi 1280mAh 4.7Wh Li-Poly, brand new Smatree 1200mAh 4.4Wh Li-Ion, 1 month old (charged twice) GoPro OEM 1050mAh 3.885Wh Li-Poly

The OEM and comparable Smatree kits include AC adaptors that feature international outlet support. Perhaps convenient, I don't see this as a huge advantage due to accessibility of USB ports globally. The inclusion of a DC port adds another in-car charging option internationally as well. The Smatree and OEM AC adaptors are physically 50%+ larger than the Wasabi's AC Adaptor that featured foldable prongs. More importantly the Wasabi features 3.1A total output and the other only offer 2.1A and 2.0A. The increased amperage output is a huge advantage in using the AC adaptor to charge large item (tablet) and 2 batteries at once. Something that might be an annoyance to some is that the Smatree AC adaptor feature a VERY light blue LED, while the Wasabi and OEM offerings do not. NOTE: Wasabi is now offering a Worldwide Kit with a AC charger similar to the Smatree kit but with 3.1A and more plug adaptors.

The DC adaptors offered by all 3 kits feature 2 ports and 2.0A (OEM) or 3.1A (Smatree/Wasabi). All disappointingly don't offer replaceable fuses. The Wasabi physical size is the largest of the three, but is only slightly larger. The Wasabi is the only one of the three to feature an LED. The Smatree charger was labeled with a part number YXT-SC029, but that only appears to reference its generic nature.

The Wasabi and Smatree have charging bases and USB cords that are nearly 100% identical, and worked similarly. GoPro's dual charger positions the batteries horizontal instead of vertical. All feature charging LEDS that change color to indicate charging or not charging.
GoPro still appears to be the leader in build quality, but the entire Wasabi kit still feels very much above average. The Wasabi DC charger might have been the largest but it's no-seam exterior construction seemed to be better design than the other 2.

MY VERDICT: The impressive Wasabi batteries and quality AC & DC adaptor makes this kit a MUST buy for any GoPro user working with a budget and needing longer battery performance. At the time of this review the Wasabi kit was slightly (+-5%) more expensive than the Smatree kit, but even at a 50-60% price premium the Wasabi kit is well worth the cost over their rival. I'd much rather have longer recording times per battery than more batteries with shorter recording time.
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UPDATE: 5/13/2014 - The replacement base has been performing well during the limited times I've used it over the winter months.

UPDATE: 2/20/2014 - The small charger base has become problematic for me and will not reliably charge my batteries. It seems to be defective. I've already notified the company and they are sending me a replacement. That's some good responsive customer service so I will leave my rating as it is for now pending the results of how well the replacement works. I'll post a follow-up once I've had time to evaluate the replacement charger base.

Wasabi Power provides an unbeatable value with this 2 battery, dual charger kit for GoPro. The batteries have 1280mAh capacity. The Hero3+ Black already has improved battery life but with these batteries, that is increased even further. I get 10-15 minutes more recording time compared to the GoPro 1180mAh battery.

You also get an AC charger with folding plug (100-240V, 50/60Hz) and a car charger.

The AC charger has 2 USB outputs...2.1A output and 1A output. Both can be used at the same time. The only negative about the AC charger is that there is no LED indicator to show you if power is reaching the charger or not.

The car charger also has a 2.1A and 1A output and there is an LED indicator to show you that power is getting to the charger.

A 36" USB to Mini USB cable is provided.

Batteries fit into the charging base and hold AHDBT-201, AHDBT-301, AHDBT-302, AHBBP-301, ACARC-001, AWALC-001. I have on one or two occasions not had a battery charge because I did not ensure that the battery was nested on the charger base perfectly. You do need to make sure you insert the battery so it is snug and making contact with the pins in the base. It's not totally foolproof and for that I must deduct a little bit from my rating.

This is just a great value... you'd be nuts to pay the exorbitant price for a GoPro battery when you can get the Wasabi that offers higher capacity, longer recording time and come with car and home chargers. No brainer.

I was provided a sample for review.
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on February 25, 2014
As we all know, battery life is the limitation to GoPros. You can buy the largest memory card, capable of 4+ hrs of recorded video but your battery will die long before you run out of room. Therefore it's critical to have more batteries for your GoPro on hand.

When I bought my GoPro 3+ Black Edition, I quickly discovered this. That's when my search for additional batteries started. The OEM GoPro batteries are about $20-35 dollars each, and as I wanted to have enough for about 4-5 hours, I'd need at least 2 more batteries in addition to the one that came with it. So I was looking to spend about $40-70 for batteries alone.

Wasabi, at least on paper, showed similar technical characteristics as the original OEM GoPro battery, but for almost half the price, you also get a dual charger and a car charger. The added convenience of being able to charge 2 batteries at the same time is critical!! I decided to give them a try.

Having some spare time and armed with curiosity, I decided to test the performance of the Wasabi battery pack against GoPro's OEM battery under exact same conditions. This is no laboratory test, but real world test armed with the following "instruments:"

iPhone 5 - used as a timer
GoPro 3+ Black Edition
Original OEM Battery (1)
Wasabi Battery (2)
Wasabi Dual Charger
Delkin Devices DESDM1032GBQ microSDHC Pro Card (Class 10, 32GB)

I discharged all batteries by simply turning on the GoPro and letting it run until the batteries were drained. Then, charged all 3 batteries with the Wasabi charger. Then, one by one put the batteries into the GoPro, pressed record and simultaneously started the timer on my iPhone. Results were the exact same: 1 hr 50 mins running time on each battery. Fit and finish were identical as well, so besides what's written on the side of the battery, everything is identical.

I couldn't be happier, and would definitely recommend this battery pack! You get the same performance as OEM for a lot less price and the dual charger!
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on May 7, 2014
I was excited for this product as it seemed to be a great value however the charger arrived with a rattling sound and doesn't charge continually. With any small movement it sparks and gets very hot. Very disappointed In the quality of this wasabi product.

Edit - After posting of my bad charger the seller contacted me and sent me a replacement unit. I must say I am very impressed with the customer service and I am happy to say the new unit works as expected.
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on January 18, 2015
This charger stated smoking in my hotel room! It got so hot the USB cable,charger, and one battery deformed. My official gopro battery was in the other port and luckily it was not hot or damaged. Lipo batteries are dangerous and these batteries scare me now.
review image review image review image review image
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on October 4, 2014
I bought this at the same time I bought my new Hero 3+, having never had a GoPro before. This charging set is pretty good; batteries seems to work as well as the one that comes with GoPro and having these extra batteries is handy.

This gets 4 stars instead of 5 because of a few little things.

1. The USB cable that comes with it can ONLY be used for charging, not for data transfer. If you're like me and think all USB cables are the same, you'll find that if you try to use this cable to transfer from your GoPro to computer, your computer won't recognize the device. That's because this cable is missing the middle two pins which are used for data. It only has the outer two pins which are used for charging. A little cheap, IMO.

2. A few times the light went from red to green pretty quickly. I found that I needed to jiggle the battery just a little to have the light go back to red. In other words, if the battery isn't making contact properly, the light will be green instead of the light being off. So green either means that it's fully charged or that it isn't making contact quite right.

3. It doesn't come with any instructions. On both the wall charger and car charger, one port is marked "1.0A (NA)" and the other is marked "2.1A (A)". I had no idea what the difference is and had to research it. The answer from an asked question on this product and also from a GoPro forum:

"You should to use the 2.1A slot if you want the fastest charging times. The battery charging base can send 0.8A per battery slot at a time. If you plug it into the 1A USB charging slot, then you can't send more than 0.5A of current to each battery at once. Using the 2.1A slot allows you to send the maximum 1.6A of current (the battery charger will only draw what it needs ... the 2.1A rating on that charging slot is the maximum it CAN put out, not what it HAS to put out).

If you wanted to charge an iPad at the same time (which requires more than 1A of current), then you would need to plug the iPad into the 2.1A slot and just settle for longer charge times on your GoPro batteries while connected to the 1A slot. "

"You should use the 2.1Amp outlet to charge two batteries in the dual block,and it looks like you could plug a GoPro into the 1Amp outlet to charge at the same time.
If you only have one battery that needs charging the 2.1Amp outlet might charge it a little faster.There is circuitry in the batteries that only allows so much power in and I don't think one battery would draw all of 2.1Amps on it's own.

The car charger will keep a HERO 3/3+ recording for a long time with the 2.1Amp outlet.The HERO 3 needs about 1.3 amps or so to have enough power to record continuously for long periods and the 1Amp side won't keep up.
The 1Amp side will be fine for charging when not recording though.You could charge other things with it like battery bac-pacs or ipods and such."

Would be nice if it had instructions for what these two different ports mean so I didn't have to track down the answer.
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on January 16, 2015
The product I received was not the same as the one shown in the picture during my purchase. The charging unit is different but battery is of same size and specs. Overall the battery is good. I just don't know which one is newer.. the one shown in the picture or the one that I received.
review image
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on September 24, 2015
I just checked the price of the GoPro brand dual battery charger and is $24. Just for the charger. Whaaattt? Definitely go the Wasabi Power way. For this price, you get a dual battery charger AND extra two batteries. That's a great deal.

I'm usually the one who buy GoPro branded accessories because I'm paranoid, but I took a chance on this & I'm glad I did!

The batteries:

For me, they for sure gave me extra usage time, roughly 45 minutes more. I know that isn't a lot, but I wasn't expecting an extra hour from these. You can only do so much with its size. I've had no issues with the batteries puffing up (like some have mentioned). I always take the batteries out of my camera when I'm not using it. It's just a habit. And it's a good one to have so your batteries don't get drained overtime. So, do so to prevent any random issues.

The dual charger:

The main reason I bought this package was for the dual charger. I hated having to wait on my GoPro to charge one battery so I can use the other battery. So, I wanted to get one of these and it works fantastically. It charges the batteries pretty quickly, even when I'm using both ports. I can get a full charge on GoPro and Wasabi batteries within 1 hour - 1.5 hours. I got the charger that is front and back. Not the side-by-side. If you have a Wasabi External Battery Pac for your GoPro, be sure to get the front and back charger as well. That way, you can actually charge the pac. When you're charging a battery, the light on the corner will turn red. Green when it's finished.

The only issue I have is that is feels a bit cheap due to lack of weight. But it works great, so no complaints.
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on November 15, 2014
Battery life isn't as good as GoPro's battery. They lose so much cells way to fast. I think the most I ever got out of these battery was an hour usage. For the price its okay but if it wasn't this cheap it would have been a one star for sure. And the car charger is useless. it doesn't get enough charge for a car ride.
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on October 23, 2015
Really wanted another battery for the GoPro since they only get about 2 hours per battery. These worked ok at first but slowly lasted much less than the original GoPro battery. Used it the other day, lasted no more than 15 minutes, then removed the battery, it was hot. Walked away and came back later to charge it found this
review image
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