Customer Reviews: Wasabi Power Battery (2-Pack) and Charger for Canon LP-E6, LP-E6N and Canon EOS 5D Mark II, EOS 5D Mark III, EOS 5DS, EOS 5DS R, EOS 6D, EOS 7D, EOS 7D Mark II, EOS 60D, EOS 60Da, EOS 70D, XC10
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on June 30, 2011
The Wasabi LP-E6 form factor battery does indeed work equal if not better than the Canon OEM batteries. The battery info does show the charge left, as well as storing the recharge performance and shutter count information on each battery. I purchased two of these for my canon 7D grip and will give updates to this review after a few cycles with the Wasabi batteries. So far, the functionality and charge performance is, at the least, equal to the performance of the Canon OEM LP-E6. The five star is meant to indicate my happiness with saving roughly $30 over the Canon batteries.

** UPDATE: 3/15/2012 **

The Wasabi LP-E6 battery is still going strong after 10-15 charge cycles per battery. I stand by my original review.
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on May 1, 2013
I like these batteries. I bought six of them. The price, especially, was a relief when I incidentally had to purchase an overpriced, $90 Canon-branded battery from a local camera shop when I lost my one-and-only factory 60D battery on a paid shoot one day.

But they've gained a reputation amongst my crew. On a long shoot, we're always moving LP-E6 batteries on-and-off the chargers and distributing them to three different shooters. When I get "hit with a Wasabi" I sigh in a small amount of exasperation, because they're not as hardy or as accurate (at life prediction) as my pricier Canons. As such, we usually pre-charge a bunch of Wasabis and toss them in a Ziploc labeled 'charged' before a shoot, and let the Canon batteries, which hold up much better, do the rounds on the charger.

Why? Because the cycle time on these Wasabis isn't great, they don't last terribly long, and they don't give as much assurance of battery life when they are actually charged. STILL, they're cheap, they can be rotated on a bigger shoot, and they do the job.

I'm spoiled because I was forced to buy the Canon battery, and now have two that I can cycle back-and-forth on a day's shoot. For the rest of my crew, the Wasabis will do just fine.
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on November 5, 2012
This is such a great deal. I have had these batteries for almost 2 years and they have never given me any problems so I just got some more. They came charged between 60% and 80%, nice. They are rated at a higher mAH than the canon lp-e6 so they might last a little bit longer, I haven't done side by side testing. What I do notice is that these batteries function just like canon batteries. Some other non-OEM will not be this way, for example these Wasabi Power will give battery info in the camera and will charge on the canon charger. They are are reading full recharge performance in my camera's battery info after around 2 years of use.

The value is clear, for $32 you get prime shipping, 2 batteries 1 charger and 1 car cigarette lighter adapter for the charger and the foreign plug if you're going to Europe. a canon battery cost just about $58 here on amazon.

I advise doing what I did which was get two of these packages, which gives you 4 batteries and 2 car ready chargers for a few bucks more than one canon battery! I will probably buy more, you can never have too many batteries! It gives you peace of mind, especially shooting video to know that you are covered.

2 batteries in a battery grip on the Canon 7D gave me approx. 3.5hrs of continuous video recording at 1080p. so half that to get how much a single battery will approx. give you.

I have never had any problems but Wasabi Power says it will replace any non working batteries no charge within first 30 days and with only a shipping charge within the first 3 years.


- good quality
- inexpensive
- functionally identical to OEM Canon battery
- may have longer run time than Canon Battery
- 3 year warranty




This is the kind of modern product I really appreciate, essential for powering the camera, affordable and long lasting. The company says that their goal is for every customer to be 100% satisfied and I think that with this product that every customer will be.

It would be cool to see them make a multi battery charger, maybe a Quad?
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on March 12, 2013
So, at first, these batteries were great. At a fraction of the cost, they lasted longer than my OEM battery. After 5 months or so of use, they started not getting charged to 100% (according to the battery info menu in the camera). I was still able to get a good amount of use from each charge though so I didn't really pay it much notice. A few weeks after that, charging only got up to 73%-82%. Now, at 11 months, I am used to it only saying 73% after a charge. However, now when I use it, it goes from 73% to 40% normally, then suddenly drops to 0% or dead.

I was out shooting video on my 5D3 for a commercial and it died after 5 minutes. I had just charged all my batteries (these 2 wasabi ones and my OEM canon one) earlier that afternoon. I took maybe 15 stills with it, then we started using the camera for video recording. After 5 minutes, the camera just started shutting itself off. After a little troubleshooting, I noticed the dead battery light flashing. I didn't understand how that could be as this was a newly recharged battery. So, I pulled it out and used the Canon battery and it lasted perfectly fine for the next 3 hours. A few days later I recharged the wasabi battery and played around with it while sitting at my desk and was able to recreate the issue. I tried completely draining the battery as far as I can before recharging it several times. Hasn't improved. I think I'm giving up on these batteries.

Apparently they don't sell battery reconditioners for lp-e6 batteries so I can't try it on them to see if that would help.

It's too bad. These seemed like such wonderful batteries for the first 9 or so months. I have even recommended them to several people. Guess I have to bite my tongue now. I still don't believe in paying the insane prices for OEM batteries. For the amount of use I got out of it for the price I paid, it might be okay. But, I'll probably try a different brand next time first.

Update June 4, 2013
I started using the Wasabi charger to charge the Wasabi batteries exclusively and it seems to have helped a little. Both batteries are now back to working they way they did as I described above at the 11 month point. In comparison to the OEM battery, they now last 2/3rd's as long. Not so great considering my OEM is rated for 1800 mAh and these Wasabi ones are rated at 2600 mAh...

Something else to note, the wasabi batteries are specified as 7.2v, where as other batteries (ie STK) are 7.4v. So maybe as the battery is used and its voltage slowly drops, it goes below the minimum voltage threshold of the 5D3 even though there is still a good amount of power left sooner than the other batteries. *shrug* I did initially buy the Wasabi because it was 7.2v just like the Canon one though.

The most annoying thing about using these batteries in my 5D3 is the fact that once the battery charge indicator drops below 50%, the cameras FPS drops from 6 down to 3 or so. So every charge I get full performance from 73%-50%, then reduced performance from 49%-0%.
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on December 3, 2012
I've had some successful results with non OEM batteries in the past. Since lp-e6 format has been around for a long time I thought I'd give it a try. Just got the new 6D canon released. The battery is not recognized by the camera, BUT, it does work so I gave it at least the 2 stars. You just have to live with the empty battery meter. So it's not completely useless. I'll keep them as back up. Unfortunately, I have 4 of 'em. I'll try them in the battery grip pack, to see if that'll work.

EDIT #1 (2012DEC04). I actually got a call from one of the customer service rep within 24 hours of the post. They (WASABI) weren't aware of the compatibility problem with 6D due to being such new camera, i.e. battery hasn't been updated yet. According to the rep, they are aware of the problem and the compatible battery will be available in next 1-1.5 months. He offered to send a test battery to ensure compatibility with the new 6D when available. Now that's outstanding customer service (received a star bump today)! I will update once again when the new updated battery arrives and get to play with it. Possibly elevating more stars then. So for all you early adopters with a preordered 6D like myself, look to buy WASABI in Jan or Feb.

EDIT #2 (2012DEC17). The seller now updated the title to exclude 6D, so that should help. I've now been using these batteries daily 15 minutes to an hour or so exclusively on 6D for photos and videos. Again, everytime you put in these batteries the 6D asks if you want to continue with "irregular batteries". They seem to work fine but you don't know how much charge is left. So every 2-3 days I would replace the batteries and charge them. I have yet to run them dry to the point of shut off yet. So it's still useful.
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on August 30, 2012
Buying a spare (or replacement) battery that's not an "original" OEM battery can
be tricky. Some replacement batteries don't work. Others don't hold their charge, and still
others don't preserve all the functionality of a camera's LCD display (such as how
much charge is left, etc).

So a month ago as I was preparing to take a photo trip to the Florida Keys, I wasn't
exactly "excited" about the prospect of buying a non-factory battery (let alone "2"),
but... I needed them and wanted to keep cost down so, I did my homework and
ended up purchasing a couple of Wasabi LP-E6 batteries from "Blue Nook"
here on Amazon.

As it turn's out ... I was in for a pleasant surprise!

I shot over 12,000 images on my multi-week trip, using both the Wasabi LP-E6
batteries and the original (new) battery that came with my Canon 60d. After
multiple charge and recharge cycles, bottom line: I couldn't tell the difference!

The Wasabi's performed identically to the OEM Canon battery, with full
functionality and seemed to hold their charge just as well as my original!

What's more, Blue Nook shipped fast and even followed up with me on
my purchase to make sure I was happy! Nice.

If you're considering buying a replacement battery, I think (like me) you'll
be very glad you found these!
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on March 8, 2011
At first I was a little skeptical about purchasing this battery since there was a not so good review on it, but decided to take the chance since a majority of users claim for it to be worth the money. I use this battery with my Canon 60D and was able to put it to the test at a friends wedding. I was surprised to find that I was able to get 1500+ shots out of it! The pictures were shot primarily using the view finder with AF on and minimal use of the flash. I was even able to squeeze in a few short video clips and numerous reviews of the pics that were taken. By the end of the day, I still had a bar or two of battery life remaining. I did not even have to use the oem battery that came with the camera as a back up.

If you're looking for a great deal, I would highly recommend this battery.

My review is based on approx. a month of usage.


Update: 07/19/2012

After a year plus a few months, this batter still holds a charge. When compared to Canon's battery, it definitely has lost it ability to hold a good charge. I'm only able to get +-500 shots out of it now. With Canon's battery, I'm still able to get over 1000 shots. So for the price, I think it's still a good buy.
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on September 5, 2013
Using a recently calibrated iCharger 206B, I ran a few discharge tests on both of the Wasabi LP-E6 batteries I received. Testing with a 500mA drain from a 8.4V full charge to a depleted 6.0V, the batteries only gave me 1300mAh and 1409mAh. This is half of the claimed capacity. The claimed capacity numbers are being increased by Wasabi to "compete" with other brands that also do not meet their stated capacities.

Using the included battery charger, the batteries get slightly overcharged at 8.44V. 4.22V per cell is a bit higher than the 4.20V they should stop at, but it shouldn't be enough to cause major cell damage.

- The original Canon LP-E6 battery is rated at 1800mAh and sells for MSRP. Running with a 500mA drain, my 2-year old Canon battery provided 2095mAh.
- The Wasabi LP-E6 battery is sold as 2600mAh, but it tests between 1300-1400mAh. This battery sells for 1/4 the price of the Canon.

For the price, the battery works, but you will be swapping batteries almost twice as often. I cannot provide 5 stars because the battery capacity is falsely advertised like many today. I cannot provide 4 stars because the battery does not come close to the Canon battery, which was released with the technology available 5 years ago.

These batteries do not come close to matching the Canon in capacity, but they are 1/4 the price. I will not comment on expected cell degredation since it has not been tested, but other reviewers have covered my thoughts well enough.

I am moving on with the search for an aftermarket LP-E6 battery that offers similar capacity to the genuine Canon product.

*This review has been updated to better reflect my view on the VALUE of these batteries, rather than focusing on the marketing tactics of false capacity numbers*
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on December 22, 2012
The Wasabi Power battery for Canon LP-E6 may not be compatible with the new 6D camera.
My new 6D camera responds with:
"Communication with LP-E6 battery is irregular. Continue to use this battery?"
(See posted image)

Clearly the Wasabi LP-E6 is not advertised as compatible with the 6D, so I'm left with determining where the flaw lies: Is it my expectation the Wasabi LP-E6 will operate all LP-E6 devices correctly? Or is it simply that the battery itself is flawed? I will update this post if I'm able to determine the answer.
In the meantime, I cannot endorse this product for use with the Canon 6D.
review image
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on February 11, 2011
Battery was to compliment the existing 7D battery. Seems to work equally well, showing # pictures taken with battery in menu of camera. Differences between the 7D and Wasabi Battery LP-E6: Wasabi seems to hold a charge near as well as the 7D. If there is a difference, I haven't noticed it yet, and for the price difference, it is irrelevant for that minor difference if it exists. Charge times seem to be about the same. Both have also been charged and left standing with little use for near a month each and both showed no signs of losing charge over that time.
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