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on July 13, 2013
With the switch to proprietary batteries, and the ever increasing needs for power, spare batteries are a mandatory accessory for a new camera. As I tend to place a heavy demand on my camera when shooting on location, my ideal needs are one battery in the camera, one in my pocket and one on the charger. As I am also using a battery grip, that translates out to a minimum of an extra 3 batteries.

The kit is in the middle of the price range approximately $12 / battery. Individual batteries have been as low as $7.20 to as high as $19.95, with the Pentax original at $59.95 (and out of stock/backorder (10 days) as of this posting 7/13/2013. However the kit includes an additional battery charger, always a welcome addition when purchasing "generic" or third party batteries.

*** Edited 9/2015***
And the award for the first D-LI90 battery to flame out goes to: (in an upset) Wasabi Power. I must admit I was surprised as I would have expected one of the other generics to go first. In fairness, the battery did see heavy use, and lasted almost 2 years under demanding conditions. Time to see if that 3-year manufacturer warranty is worth the paper it was printed on.

Follow-up 9/2015
With very prompt attention from Wasabi Power, my camera's two new replacements are on their way. Just had to cover the small charge for shipping (but easily less that cost of replacement batteries (and any shipping). So camera will be back at full power and ready to go, Pleasure dealing with a company that supports its products,

***** end of editing ****

In comparison to the OEM, the battery specs are nearly identical. The OEM from Pentax is manufactured for Pentax/Ricoh Imaging Company LTD (China manufacturing) 7.2 v (voltage) 1860 mAh (milliampere-hour) 14Wh (watt-hour). The replacement batteries are listed as Premium Cells from Japan manufactured and sold as Wasabi Power (China manufacturing) 7.2v (voltage) 2300 mAh (milliampere-hour) 16.6Wh (watt-hour).

The OEM battery charger shows Pentax (manufactured for the Hoya Corporation - the prior owner of the Pentax brand name before its sale to Ricoh. The date stamp on mine shows it was made during the transition period - 08/2012 ) Model D-BC90 (China manufacturing) input 100 ~ 240 v 50-60 Hz, output 8.4v 400mAh. The Pentax charger utilizes a long plug in cord, and shows a red completed charging indicator (led) and utilizes a 3 prong connection (positive/negative/ground) for making contact with the battery. Instructions are contained in a separate manual with cautions in Japanese (?) or Chinese printed on the back with an odd stray French (Fabrique en Chine - translation Made in China) phrase on it.

In comparison the Wasabi Power charger (China manufacturing) input 100 ~ 240 v 50-60 Hz, output 8.4 v 500mAh. The Wasabi charger has a built in swing out plug with a solid "click" in place when turning, shows red (charging) / green (charged) indicator lights (led), and utilizes a 2 prong connection (positive/negative) for making contact with the battery. As a bonus it has charging instructions printed in English on the back of the unit and ships with additional car adaptor and European plug in adaptors.

Based on the data, the Wasabi Power replacement battery is nearly identical to the OEM. It should offer no compatibility issues, while providing for longer usage. The battery charger is compatible with OEM batteries, and other D-LI90 batteries from other manufacturers. It appears to charge them in a nearly identical time, based on battery usage and starting from a "non-charged" state.

Thus far my camera (Pentax K5 - II) has not noticed any difference between the OEM and the Wasabi Power battery. Nor have I seen any apparent differences in performance or duration by either the battery or the charger. By the same token as of this posting, I've not yet been able to work either battery to "depletion" while using the camera. I may update this review after getting an opportunity to do that in near future, if I notice any significant departures from the OEM battery.

On the other hand, the Wasabi Power charger offers a far greater convenience in use and while traveling. It is one less cord I need to travel with, takes up a smaller space in my camera bag, easily plugs into any standard US/Canada power outlet, and works well with the Pentax and other Power2000 / Photo Xit batteries. In contrast, while the Pentax equipment will charge the generic batteries, the Pentax charger does not seem to "grip" them as well. I has had the generic battery pop out of the charger if jostled while the Pentax OEM is locked in to the point of needing a slight effort to remove. The Pentax charger is also larger and wider than the Wasabi Power charger, requiring a flat surface as opposed to connecting to a wall outlet.

If you have money to burn and time on your hands, go with the OEM from Pentax.

If you want an exact "generic" match to the OEM for at an price point and the convenience of an extra charger, the Wasabi kit is an ideal choice.

If you just want compatible "generic" D-LI90 batteries, or would prefer other kit combinations, you can find them at lower price points per battery. HOWEVER, do be alert for potential differences in battery voltage. While the difference between 7.2 v and 7.4 v "should be" within camera tolerances (a quick review of the K5 - II manual did not indicate any specific warnings on battery voltage), it may make a differences over time and batteries not recharging to full capacity if used in a different chargers.
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on November 7, 2013
I've been using these batteries for my Pentax K-5 for 1 yr and 4 months. The batteries were good on the first year, but after that, it started to fail, it doesn't hold a charge that long anymore and it depletes very fast after a full charge. I noticed this problem when I was shooting long exposures (actually, the shutter speed wasn't that slow, it was only 5 secs.)and my camera hangs up every time I do it using these batteries. I also have the original Pentax D-LI90 batt. (which was included when I bought the K-5), and I must say that nothing beats the original, it still performs very well and still holds a charge after using it for more than a year. You get what you pay for. Cheap means poor quality and performance.
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on May 13, 2011
The Wasabi power supply does a great job charging both the original battery that came with my Pentax k-5 and the Wasabi batteries that were included with the charger in this package. I took the Wasabi battery on a photo shoot for prom pictures and the battery out lasted my sd card. Blue Nook, the Amazon partner I bought the charger and batteries from, is top notch and has excellent customer service. I would recommend both Wasabi and Blue Nook to anyone.
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on June 17, 2013
The best thing about the Wasabi charger kit is the charger has the prongs for the wall outlet directly on the charger itself, which fold out when needed. The stock Pentax charger had a big long cord which made packing it into a slim case impossible. Excellent product, quality build, very happy with the purchase.
I bought this pack before a road trip through the southwest. Between these two batteries, and the stock k-5 battery I only had to charge twice during the trip (filled two 32gb cards with photos and spent about 30 minutes reviewing photos each night). The batteries easily last as long as the original battery if not longer.
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on June 30, 2013
I bought these after reading some good reviews regarding Wasabi camera batteries, and they are very good for the most part. In fact they are the best non-OEM camera batteries I've ever purchased. I can shoot all day on a full charge if I am just taking photos, so it's great for that. However, when I get into heavy battery usage, they drain very quickly. This happens when I'm taking videos (which I've been doing often), or using liveview for photos (which I don't do often). Then, these Wasabi batteries drain much more quickly - after about 7-10 minutes of video, a fully charged Wasabi becomes fully drained while the Pentax batteries can record video for at least twice as long. So I will highly recommend these for taking photos - but don't plan on long battery life if you are going to take videos, or use live-view.
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on January 18, 2013
Save your money and your time. This may look like a good deal with two batteries and a charger, but it's cheap stuff.

First order arrived and everything looked good as one battery charged and worked fine in my Pentax K-5. After using it for a few days, it was still reading fully charged in the camera so I thought "great." However, next time I used he camera I got a low battery warning. So, I went to charge the second battery only to find that the charger light was green indicating that it was fully charged. When I placed it in the camera, however, it wouldn't even turn on. The battery also wouldn't charge in my original Pentax charger that came with the camera, at which point I figured out that I had been sent a bad battery. Sent it back and got a refund (Amazon customer service is very good).

Next, I decided to order again figuring I had just been unlucky the first time. Well, this time the charger stopped working after having charged only one of the batteries! No amount of cleaning the terminals helped, and the batteries charged fine in the original Lentax charger. So, I sent it back, and again Amazon customer service was great. However, I will not be gambling with any more Wasabi products. I've ordered the OEM Pentax battery because I don't want to use cheap, faulty batteries with an expensive camera.
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on May 21, 2013
The batteries and charger both have a good fit and finish to them and seem to be a great value for the price. The fact the charger plugs into the wall directly and doesn't require me to carry a 110v cord with me in my bag is great (the prongs fold away so they don't damage anything or be damaged them selves) and the addition of the car charger is huge for me. I have used the batteries and they seem to hold up very well (mid hundreds of pics on a charge including lots of time for me working through menus learning the new camera). Very pleased with this purchase and the service on the delivery.
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on April 12, 2012
After the first charge the Wasabi lasted for 25 pictures and upon recharging it lasted for 95 pictures. In other words, this item is so much cheaper than Pentax brand because it delivers so much less.

I do not recommend this battery others.

addendum Aug 2013. Since I had the batteries I used them and found that with use (repeated rechargings) the longevity of the batteries increased. So now, not only can I recommend the batteries, I've bought some for another brand of camera.
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on October 11, 2014
I bought this so I would have extra batteries and I liked the design of the charger better than the one that comes from Pentax. I have had this now for over a year and can say that the charger is great - works perfectly with the original Pentax battery and does a better job of letting you know when the battery is fully charged. Very compact and easy to pack - highly recommended.

Then there are the batteries. Technically, they fit and they have more amperage than the standard Pentax battery, but I only use them in an emergency. First, they do not last long at all - about 1/3rd the time of the Pentax version. Second, they fail abruptly, even though the camera shows a full charge. Third, when they fail, they cause very odd behavior. For example, snapping a picture and the shutter suddenly freezes open, even if you shut down the power, and you have to remove the battery in order for the camera to shut off and the camera to reset. Repeatedly. You think your camera software is going nuts, but put in the Pentax battery and everything works perfectly. And it happens every time I have had to use these in an emergency. Also, while the Pentax battery will hold a charge almost indefinitely just sitting in my camera bag, I have found that you cannot keep these in storage for any length of time. They lose charge just sitting less than a month.

Other reviewers have had positive things to say, but my experience is that you buy this for the charger, which is great. The batteries? Maybe keep them for a rare emergency back-up, but don't plan on making them your daily battery.
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2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
on August 30, 2013
The product is well built and he battery as good as the OEM. Hand a problem gettting it shipped to Namibia, but Blue Nook had excellent service and delivered it to an American address.
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