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Size: 2 Batteries + Charger|Change
Price:$26.99+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime
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on April 1, 2011
I got this kit because I lost the charger that came with my camera. The original Sony charger is $60, so I figured I was ahead with just the charger here. I've had it now for about a month or so. Here's my review. The charger is good. It's a charger so it's main job is just to get the juice back in the battery. It does that just like it's supposed to. Takes about the same as the original. It does have the option to use a car charger to charge it which is nice.

The build quality is a bit on the cheap side. It's not the nice flexible plastics that you general see from OEMs, but it's not so cheap that I worry about it breaking. Overall, it's good for the price.

The batteries however, that's a different story. Not that I'm complaining much, but they are not quite as good as you think they will be. The claim to be 1300mAh batteries. The original battery that comes with my SLT-a33 is a 1050 mAh battery rated for about 390 shots. I've had decent luck with it and could easily see 400 shots or more. So you might expect that these batteries are going to last longer. You'd be wrong. The difference is that the Sony battery holds the charge when you are not using it. So you can take 20 shots. Wait a day and it's still the way you left it. These don't work that way. They drain at a pretty constant rate in the camera or out. So I charged them up to 100%. Then set them aside for a couple days and came back to completely dead batteries. As I'm using them, I can actually see the charge draining. I figure I can get about 150-200 shots per battery if they are both fully charged when I start. But keep in mind, with only one charger you can only charge one battery to 100%. the other will start dying as soon as you take it off the charger. All in all, I figure I have about 800 shots on 3 batteries if I start with full batteries. If I wait a few days between charges, I have one decent battery (the sony) and 2 half dead batteries that might get me 200 shots between them.

The charger is great, the batteries are not so great. But for $40, I'm still ahead of buying the Sony charger, and I have a couple "reserve tank" batteries if my main one dies at the wrong time. Overall, I gave the kit 3 stars because the batteries are dragging the set down. Honestly the charger is worth the $40 and think of the batteries as icing, or toss them if you don't want them.
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I purchased this battery pack for SONY NEX-5N (a new SONY camera that came out in September of 2011), which takes NP-FW50. SONY NEX-5N uses batteries at a pretty fast clip, so having a couple of extra batteries that this battery pack offers is very handy.

Wasabi battery pack is a great deal. It includes two batteries, a recharger, a car charger and European plug converter for the price that is less than the price of one original SONY NP-FW50 rechargeable battery.

I charged one of the Wasabi battery in the SONY recharger and one in Wasabi recharger (see attached photo), and they both charged successfully in similar amount of time.

The camera accepted the battery and work well.

One note on the Wasabi charger design. I am attaching a photo of it to illustrate this point. The battery charger has thin plastic arms extending upwards to hold the battery in the charger. These arms extend up about 1/2 inch from the body of the charger. They are not collapsible. This seem to be a fragile point in the charger especially if you travel with this recharger. Thin plastic parts are likely to break as the luggage is tossed around in transit. Without them the battery will not make proper contact to be recharged.

* Compatibility

Sony has a special chip in every battery. So even though the batteries are NP-FW50, they are chipped for different versions. The older version of NP-FW50 compatible batteries do not work in SONY NEX-5N. When buying a non-OEM battery make sure your SONY NEX-5N is explicitly listed on the compatibility list.

I normally do not comment on sellers in a product review, but in this case I think the comment is relevant. The first battery pack I received did not have the new chip and was not compatible with my camera. Blue Nook, the company that produces Wasabi battery, was extremely responsive. Not only the return to Amazon was painless (as it always is with Amazon), in parallel with the return Blue Nook took the initiate to contact me and send me a replacement battery pack that worked perfectly. I was very impressed with Blue Nook's customer service. Blue Nook told me that the stock of old NP-FW50 has ran out, and the batteries that are currently available are the new batch that is compatible with SONY NEX-5N. I would have no hesitation buying another product from this company. They really take care of their customers.

Ali Julia review

Update 8/20/2014

It has been three years since I bought this kit. I am a repeat customer now. I just got another set of Wasabi batteries. The batteries I bought in 2011 still work but no longer hold the charge as long as they used to. I was using them in rotation with the SONY battery and they all aged at a similar rate. I use my camera a lot and change a battery every day so in almost 3 years of use I would say they were recharged at least 500 times.

In the 2014 version of the kit the manufacture fixed the only thing I did not like about the battery charger in the 2011 package - the thin plastic arms that extended up to hold the battery in the charger were a vulnerable point for breakage when the charger was empty. The new charger is totally flat and has no vulnerable parts.
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on June 2, 2015
I purchased this after reading the many reviews written by others, and on another battery+charger for my Sony A6000. I was very hesitant due to some poor reviews citing battery discharging even when not used, etc. I got the order quickly and tested them right off. After using and charging them for a few days, I was content enough about their functioning well and in gusty cold condition even, that I put aside the original batteries purchased when I got my A6000 (1 Sony original and a ProMaster generic). These batteries charge slightly faster in the charger and maintain their battery use levels as well as the originals I had purchased. I am truly happy. At one point of a busy shoot day, the battery lasted over four hours of shooting, camera on/off constantly, and even a few flash pixs, and still had a bit of juice remaining! That would not be the case as compared to the original batteries, all dying within two hours no matter what, and even LESS in cold weather. I am indeed happy with these and appreciate the honest truthful reviews written by others enabling me to make an intelligent decision!
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on February 10, 2011
I seldom take time to write reviews, however, for this one, I think it is right for me to share my experience.

Before purchase I read alot of negative comments about these 3rd party batteries. Well I'm worried, really, but for the price and with the charger, I took the chance.

The item did not arrive on time, due to the forwarder's fault, and Bluenook's service staff, Marc, is exceptional in his service, tried ways and means to contact me, through email, phone and even through skype, even though the reception with Skype and my Iphone 4 (worse in reception due to antenna issue) are just terrible, Marc is patient and work only with one objective, that is to help me get my goods fast.

In the end, he send a separate package out directly to Singapore at his cost. (the original package arrived eventually at my consignee's place, as the forwarder eventually got it right, I'm now trying to arrange to return the item to him).

For the performance of the batteries, both fitted perfectly, perhaps Marc had helped quality check the 2 batteries before sending.

The charge is better than SONY's one, as it can also be charged on the go with car adaptor!!

Battery capacity, in my opinion (not scientific), it is better than my original SONY.

My original SONY battery level in %, reduces if I leave it in my A55 for 3 to 4 days. I'm very surprised!! these never happened to any of my SONY battery, A350, F828, F717, all the batteries remain full or the same level where I left them on the shelf even for weeks!!! But not for this SONY battery, perhaps, it is a lemon which I need to claim warranty.

having said this. Wasabi Power battery have not exhibited such problem in both the battery, they fitted snugly. Perhaps I'm the lucky one, I got 2 perfect batteries, and didn't experience those complains where they need to insert shims to make contact work.

Well, I just finished a 2D1N trip, I used both the wasabi battery, and I left the SONY as a backup now.

I think The price is really a steal!! Ppl with NEX3,5 and A33,55, should not miss this.
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on September 14, 2013
I purchased 2 new Wasabi Battery sets. The first set worked OK, batteries charged properly. About to go on a trip, I thought I'd recharge the other new set of batteries , everything seemed to be working fine while charging, but suddenlyI heard an huge "BOOM" and noticed flames on my kitchen counter and red hot debris in the surrounding area and floor. Dark black smoke/horrible smell/debris/soot all around, like a bomb went off. The battery shot out of the charger, basically "blew up" burned the counter and the kitchen floor. Very shocking and horrifying experience. Good thing we were home to put out the flames, otherwise the house could have burned down.
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on November 26, 2012
I bought this to try in my NEX-7. I'm happy to report that it works just fine, and these batteries charge in the Sony charger and the Sony battery charges in this charger. That's handy because it comes with an auto adapter.

The bad news is that, while supposedly offering more capacity than the genuine Sony battery, they don't last as long. While shooting, life is decent. In storage, however, like sitting in your camera bag as a backup battery, these are terrible. They lose capacity quickly while sitting without use.

If you need a backup battery, I'd recommend spending the extra for a genuine one. If you just need batteries that'll work for cheap and you're proactive about keeping these charged, then they're not a bad deal!
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on May 2, 2012
The 2 batteries and the charger that came in the kit seem to work fine. I did not test the car adapter.

I charged one of the Wasabi batteries in the charger that came in the kit and I charged the other Wasabi battery in the charger that came with the A55. I didn't time it, but both seemed to take about the same amount of time to charge. As mentioned in other reviews and pictures, there are 2 permanently fixed prongs that stick out of the charger that are designed to hold the battery. They seem pretty strong, but they do limit the portability of this charger somewhat.

I read some reviews here where there was a problem with the battery size not being correct. I did not experience a problem with either battery. I tested both batteries in my A55 and they worked fine. The camera was able to show the battery percentage and didn't complain about the battery being non-OEM (a very good thing and a big advantage over other non-OEM batteries).

A note on weight:
When I unboxed the Wasabi batteries, I was surprised at how light they were, so I weighed them on a food scale and compared the weight to the Sony OEM battery (I posted pictures of this comparison). The Wasabi battery, supposedly a higher capacity than the Sony (1300 mAh vs 1080 mAh), is significantly lighter than the Sony OEM.

Although I haven't compared battery life yet, I'd suspect based on weight that the Wasabi batteries will not last as long as the Sony, which would agree with the other reviews here that DID do a comparison.

Over all, I'm still happy with my purchase given that the price of the 2 batteries and charger where still almost a 50% savings over purchasing a Sony OEM battery.
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on March 14, 2011
I can highly recommend this package. The two batteries (Wasabi) fit the Sony a55 perfectly and work as well as the original, and the charger is GREAT. As far as I know, cannot beat the price: all this for much less that ONE battery made by Sony. The a55 eats battery power--don't leave home without an extra battery or two if you own an a55.
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on October 16, 2012
I bought this battery because other reviewers stated it worked with the Sony Nex-7. Unfortunately this does not seem to always be the case. The battery I received immediately produced an error message from the camera "Incompatible battery. Use correct model", and camera would then shut down. Not only that, it wouldn't fit properly, and it took quite a bit of effort to get it out of the camera. Seller has agreed to refund, waiting to see that goes through. So, YMMV with Nex-7.
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on December 16, 2012
I was slightly hesitant to buy a third party battery for my NEX-6 after having ones not fit my old A55 DSLT. These not only fit perfectly, this is a wonderful kit to have for the NEX-6 because the camera does not come with a charger - you have to charge the batteries in the camera! So you get to add two spare batteries (which you need because the camera does eat batteries for lunch), and a charger for one low price (esp. when you compare it to the cost of the OEM batteries!)
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