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on October 29, 2012
My wife and I own 2 steel string acoustics and 2 electrics as well. I love classical guitar and have been wanting to venture into the classical genre. I am very impressed and happy with this Washburn. It is far my beautiful in person than the photos suggest. It is very well constructed and plays beautifully. My only complaint is that it seems to go out of tune quickly. That may be simply more of a prooblem with the classical style tuners perhaps. I bought a Chateau shortly after and it is not the same quality as this Washburn. This was a true steal for the money. We now have 6 guitars and will be adding more I am sure. But this one I would highly recommend for the money. I just wanted to give a quick update. I have since bought a Cordoba C5 and granted the Cordoba may sound slightly better. However this Washburn has lower action and a flatter neck which makes it easier to play. Now that the strings are broken in it stays in tune well as well. I just get a slight buzz on the 5th fret of the high e sometimes. But I really love this guitar.
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on December 29, 2013
Here's all you need to know: if you are looking for a cheap classical guitar, this is the one for you, you are getting much more than what you are paying for.
For the rest of my review I won't take the price into consideration, so keep in mind you're not paying 600$
Pros: Item arrived quickly and in absolute perfect condition, no scratch or visual imperfection whatsoever. the side and back wood is gorgeous in my opinion. The sound quality is very rich( I wasn't expecting it at such a low price), the action is very good (I will get it tune a little lower but it really was great straight out of the box). Built-in tuner is easy to use and very accurate. Pick-up gives a rich and clear tone when plugged-in thru a good amp. Once you get use to your new guitar I would recommend upgrading the strings as you will get an even richer and clearer sound for a tiny investment.
Cons: I don't really like the color of the top, a little too orange for me( I prefer plain-natural wood look). The pick-up is quite unforgiving and seems to focus a bit too much on finger-noise (that's my only real disappointment) so it's really not a guitar you could use for a live concert (but if that's your plan you'll need to show much more money). The guitar cannot be played standing up as it lacks attachment point for a strap. The sound isn't as powerfull as a full hardwood guitar (keep in mind, you're paying a ridiculous price).
All in all, I am 100% satisfied with this classical guitar. it ain't perfect but for the price it cost you cannot be anything but glad you bought it, enjoy!
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on February 8, 2014
So as most have stated this is a very nice guitar for the price. My biggest issue is that the nylon strings don't heard so well by the pickup. Kind of sucks because i like playing with it plugged in. However I'm still happy with it and like it a lot. It's very beautiful and sounds nice., It is orangy, if you're sensitive to that this may not be your guitfiddle.

Everybody said it was great out of the box i disagree. i was totally disappointed with the action. The strings sit way far from the neck. I'd consider adjusting the action absolutely mandatory first thing when you get it! be careful not to throw away the box before grabbing the allan wrench that is taped to the inside of it. Go buy new strings. My friend suggested extra hard d'addario strings to me. remove all the strings but the high and low E's and plug in the allan wrench to adjust the truss rod. TURN IT CLOCKWISE very slowly until the strings come down far enough. Keep plucking the Large E as you tighten. once it starts to rattle with a normal pluck turn the key back till it doesn't and put your new strings on. If you don't know how youtube it. This is delicate business so if you don't feel comfortable stop and take it to a shop but it worked amazingly well for me and the action is perfect now and i like the guitar a lot.
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on August 21, 2014
I've been playing guitar for 49 years (electric guitars and steel-stringed acoustics). I've never owned a classical guitar because I didn't want to spend a lot of money on something I might not play very often, and have been unimpressed by those I've played in this price range. However, I took a chance since Washburns are generally decent-enough guitars.

I made the right choice. It's well worth the budget price for an above average budget guitar, and I've ended up playing it quite often.

1. Its top color. It's probably the official guitar of the Syracuse University Orange football team - but it's acceptable.
2. "Dipped finish" appearance. It's super-glossy and a little thick, although not as thick as some other inexpensive guitars.
3. Fret edges are protruding and sharp, they need to be filed.

1. Back and side wood is attractive.
2. Tuner is accurate and comes with 9-volt battery included.
3. Heavy 9-foot cord included for connection to amp.
4. Stays in tune once strings stabilize after initial multiple tunings.
5. For me, action was a little high at first, but was adjusted to "just right" and is easily played.
6. If not played side-by-side with guitars costing hundreds more, it sounds pretty good. Decent volume.
7. Plugged-in sound is nice "flat", but EQ adjustments don't hurt.
8. Nubone (not CHEAP plastic) nut and saddle.
9. Wasburn is a better and better-looking guitar (with better brand recognition) than the no-name classical guitar I saw at Costco for about the same price as this one's sale price ($150): Costco guitar looked cheap and wasn't cutaway or electric like the Washburn, although it played OK and didn't have sharp, protruding fret edges.

In conclusion, there'll be no buyer's remorse with this Washburn.
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on January 9, 2014
I have to say this is my second classical guitar, I returned the first which I got about a week before this, and that had a better price. The problem I had was how the chords sounded, it was hard to distinguish. I love this guitar.

The chords sound like chords to me and notes are clear. I also like how it sounds when recorded. It sounds like what i hear in my ears. And, you can connect either xlr or 1/4". But i might be biased as this is only my 2nd classical.
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on March 2, 2015
Electronics are garbage. It doesn't seem to pick up the higher strings at all while the lower strings are overpowering. The tuner doesn't pick up anything and for some reason it's programmed for a seven string guitar. It emanates barely any treble frequencies, the lower frequencies choke up the sound and you can barely get much clarity. When I gently push on the back of the guitar I hear the wood making an awful creaking sound. Don't be surprised if the finish starts chipping off real quick (it did on mine). Do yourself a favor and buy a real classical guitar.
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on September 26, 2014
This guitar is a crazy good deal! Elegantly crafted, beautiful ornate design, and boy! Does this baby resonate?! It's a great guitar even though it's considered a "Student" model.

The fact that it's acoustic/electric is fantastic. It comes with a cable for an amp and even has a built-in tuner on the side of the guitar, making sure you always stay in the proper tuning.

It's extremely easy to play and great to look at, the stock strings (I'm not sure what brand) play beautifully, it sounds like a guitar that would normally cost 3x it's price.

If you're on the fence about quality and looking for something inexpensive, then you've hit the jackpot here.
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on February 1, 2014
This is a great guitar for the money!!!! It has low action and has a truss rod in the neck for adjustments! The built in tuner works great and plugged up this guitar has a very natural and clean sound. I would recommend this guitar to anyone looking at it!!!!!
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on March 2, 2015
Great guitar overall. I was playing guitar on and off for number of years but I would not call myself a musician as I only strum a few songs here and there. Here is my humble opinion about this product. First of all I have to mention that I was transitioning from acoustic 12 -steel string guitar to classical nylon string guitar, and it is not easy since nylon strings are totally different animal and it takes getting use to. I have tried a number different guitars, but keep in mind I was not venturing out side of 100-200 dollars mark.

Most of the guitars I tried sounded to me as toys and just would not do it. This Washburn sounded great from the get go! After reading reviews I prepared to switch the strings right away and ordered a set of very good D'addario strings along with the guitar, however I have to disagree with other reviewers I think the stock strings are more than acceptable and after checking the specification I actually found out that they actually were D'Addario strings ( hard tension). The action on the guitar ( it is an important aspect especially for beginners ) was pretty low ( which is good) and there is not buzzing if you hold the chords properly (it also has a truss rod so action could still be adjusted) . The guitar sounded good with and without amp and installed tuner was very convenient. I was not looking into buying acoustic -electric , but considering that it had tuner I figured it would not be much of the difference money wise ( additional futures for not much additional cost). Also there is a video on very known video site where you can hear this guitar played with an amp and it sounds amazing in good hands. As many said before it is more on the orange side, it did not matter to me but don't expect natural looking finish. The guitar is very light despite of having electric component.

I ordered NEW guitar since I was always weary of buy used product, however it looks like all these guitars are either left over , wholesale or something but not retail. My guitar came in plane box with tuned strings that were not wrapped. Since I ordered 'New" guitar I contacted Amazon and say send me replacement. Well replacement was even more so a refurbished product judging by the packaging and stamp of inspection on it ( it also had battery already installed which normally is packaged separately as accessory) and strings were once again fully tuned ( may be they were manufactures whole sale , I could not find an explanation for this).The good thing about these “used or reburbished or whatever “ guitars was that since nylon strings take forever to settle in and stretch these guitars were already almost in tune and did not require as much re tuning.
In conclusion, I think that it is worth the money and these guitars are very solid good instrument.
review image
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on December 16, 2015
The pros and cons are generally what others have said. My problem is that it came with the tuning strip bent at the G-string tuner so it can neither be tuned up or down before the tuner mechanism slips. I'll have to try to fix this (or get it fixed locally) or the guitar won't be worth anything. Guess that's another caveat emptor for getting what you pay for, but this isn't an issue I think should be chalked up to getting what you pay for. You should at least be able to tune it and have it stay in tune. I can live with getting better strings, adjusting the action, etc. For its price, packing it up, sending it back, going through warranty issues, etc. may be more costly in terms of time and money than the guitar is worth. I'll see what I can do.

Update: Took off all the tuners (G, B, & E) then the plate to which they were attached and managed to bend the one bracket for the G tuner back a bit. That seemed to work when I put it all back together.
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