Customer Reviews: Waste King L-2600 Legend Series 1/2 HP Continuous Feed Operation Garbage Disposal
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on February 20, 2009
I bought this to replace 20 year old ISE disposer which lost both of its blades and was pretty much useless.

Installation was almost plug-and-play except for the sink flange piece. I had to remove old one (couple of minutes), clean some old plumber's putty and make sure contact surface is clean before I put the new one on. Since I have stainless steel sink, the supplied rubber gasket was just fine to use alone. The outlet orientation and dishwasher inlet were in exact same spot as the previous disposer so I didn't have to mock around with that - perfect compatibility.

Last was electrical hook up. The disposer comes with around 2-3 feet of cable with standard 3 prong plug on one end... I had to cut it off and make electrical connection to old cable. Manual covers that and tells exactly which prong should be hooked up to which color of wire on the other cable. Similarly to plumber's putty, there were no wire caps included with the disposer.

At this point I was finished so I decided to test the efficiency of this disposer... I took all the bits and pieces of food (nut shells, carrots, etc, stuff that old broken disposer could not chew), almost full chamber of it and stuffed it into the new disposer... It chewed thru all of it in about 10s, truly amazing. No wonder since this disposer spins at 2600 rpms which is something like 2x as fast than usual disposer in its class. It is also VERY quiet. When operating in normal fashion (not full chamber of hard stuff at once), you won't even notice much more noise when throwing stuff inside since the food gets chewed into little pieces immediately and has no time to bounce around the chamber generating noise and vibrations for sink to amplify.

The disposer comes with removable splash guard that sits about 2 inches below sink line inside of the flange. It also comes with sink plug, you insert it inside the flange. It is a very effective plug too.

I think this is the best bang for the bucks these days since for one, it is all stainless steel blades and chamber walls secondly it comes with 5 year in home warranty and life time rust warranty.

For comparison, I went to Lowes/HD and what did I find for this price? The cheapest they had was ISE Badger 1 which was actually $76 + tax. That one is noisy as hell, has galvanized steel parts (will rust in couple of years) and very short warranty...
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TOP 50 REVIEWERon August 12, 2009
Like several of the other reviewers, I purchased this to replace a Badger 5. I found the Waste King product impressive on a number of areas. The warranty is five years and it includes in-home service, which is a rarity nowadays. Some of the larger Waste King models (1 Hp) have a lifetime in-home warranty. I looked at them, but decided to go with the ½ HP version since I only use the disposal for plate scrapings (bones go in the trash and vegetable peelings go into the compost pile) and didn't want to buy way more disposal than I needed.

Waste King offers two mounting options - the traditional three bolt method, and the EZ method. This model is the EZ method and, true to its name, is really easy! Very clear instructions come with the unit, plus there are videos on the Waste King site to walk you through the process. If you have even the most basic of tool skills and can follow instructions, this is a job you can handle.

The other feature I liked about the EZ mount option was that the rubber guard (the piece of rubber at the top of the opening that you push scraps through) is removable for cleaning. It is not removable in the 3 bolt mounting option and, considering how horrible the one looked in my Badger after a few years, I wanted something that I could take out and clean (or replace). But, all the parts in the 3 bolt option are stainless steel, whereas there are plastic parts in the EZ mount option. The plastic seems sturdy enough, so I hope it will last a long time.

I'm especially pleased to report that Waste King has outstanding customer service. I emailed them some questions before I ordered, and they replied in a few hours, and answered all my questions in full (versus just those canned boilerplate responses you sometimes get from companies). After it arrived I had a question regarding if the sink flange (the part you see when you look into the sink) was plastic or stainless. So I called them and got an answer very quickly (it is stainless). Very pleasant phone call, and minimal (3 or 4 min) hold time.

Product works great. It runs faster (higher RPM) than the Badger, so it grinds quicker. Not as ultra quiet as the really high end ones, but less noise than the Badger. It has stainless cutters which should outlast the galvanized ones in the Badger by a long time.

Works well, easy to install, great warranty, excellent customer support, great price. What more could you want!
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on December 30, 2008
Like the other reviewer I replaced an older one with this. The trick is that older garbage disposals tend to have something called a three-point attachment just under the sink, while newer ones like this have a new design that rotates on. Now if you want to replace the current part that's in the sink this doesn't matter. But then you need the plumber's putty like the other reviewer said (unless it's a stainless steel sink, whose smooth surface apparently doesn't leak).

On the other hand you can do what I did and buy an adapter. This mounted under the sink, allowing me to keep the part you see in the sink when you look down, and thereby obviating the need for applying plumber's putty. It cost about $15 at Orchard Supply, but I'm sure you can get one from Amazon. It bolted to the sink part easily, and the Waste King rotated onto the adapter equally easily.

The only problem was that the adapter lowered the garbage disposal itself half an inch or so. I wound up going to Home Depot and rummaging around in their disordered bins until I found the pieces of piping I needed. It was a snap to install them once I got home, though. Plastic piping has become so standard, and works so well, it's hard to remember the old days when you needed plumber's putty for everything.

Now the installation under the sink looks professional, I've upgraded from a 1/3 to a 1/2 hp. motor, it's quieter (and mostly plastic, as the other reviewer said). This came with a 5 year warranty, and if I'd bought a more expensive Waste King I could have gotten a one-owner lifetime warranty. But this seemed good enough. And it was a much longer warranty than the comparable Kenmore unit.

It also came with a power cord built in. Didn't have to wire up anything.

I'd say, in general, that plumbing has become much easier for do-it-yourselfers. So if you're hesitating, I recommend going for it.
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on May 30, 2010
The installation was very easy for someone who has not done this sort of thing before. Saves about $150-$200 (plumbers quoted rate for disposal installation). The manual was detailed. I didn't have to look at web videos. Just spent 10 - 15 minutes skimming thru the manual. Removed the old Badger 5 - removing it was the difficult part. The installer of the Badger 5 had put glue and sealed the connection between the black elbow/bend pipe connector and the home 1 1/2" drain. So I had to cut just under the joint and remove the older black elbow/bend connector. Also the thin ring on the 3-bolt system was a bit tough to get off - had to use a strong screwdriver to push it down and out from the top - a difficult angle on something that is so close to the sink.

My sink is stainless steel so used the seal that came with the Waste King.

The Waste king comes with the black 1 1/4" elbow connector. Followed directions to first install the EZ mount on the stainless sink and test the seal by putting the stopper and half filling sink and letting stand for 3-4 minutes. Left the water in the sink for the duration of the install so that if any installation step causes seal break it will be known immediately.

Then I rushed to home depot to get the 1 1/2" to 1 1/4" reducer PVC connector (which I had had to cut off when I removed the Badger) and using glue connected it to the previously cut pipe - the plumbers glue has toxic fumes so make sure to properly ventilate if using the plumbers glue - horrible substance - glad I had to use it only once. Since I had made the cut very close, I did not need to patch the pipe with a union. Since PVC is a bit flexible when it comes to moving things around(as compared to metal pipes), I was able to slip the waste king black elbow into the PVC reducer connection and secure the connection with the screw type flange.

For electrical, if you are replacing a disposal that is directly connected to the home wiring without a wall outlet, then I would recommend the purchase of this part: Leviton 000-515CR-000 (15 Amp Rubber Grounding Plug, Black, also available in Vinyl for $4 - recommend the rubber version) - this is available on Amazon as well as in Home Depot/Lowes. It is only about $5 and saves having to cut or undo the three-prong plug on the waste king. You insert and affix your home wiring into this connector (of course after following necessary precaution of shutting off breaker). Then you plug the waste king into the other end of this which has a three prong female connector.

All the hammering to move the notch to the extreme left (as mentioned in the install guide) had caused the whole assembly to move a bit off the center when seen from the sink. But this was not something to worry. Gripping the Waste King with both hands, I was able to slide the whole assembly to a centered position without having to redo everything and the seal was still water tight.

The noise was much less than the badger. Every time you start it up, it has a little metallic click which can be especially heard if you do not have the strainer on. Initially I was a bit unsure if mine was defective, but then I RTFM where it was mentioned that this is normal.

Start time (start of opening the box and starting to read manual): 8:45 PM, end time 2 AM. In between took about 1.5 hour break to run to home depot as well as get dinner.
I will update review with actual usage experience as well as long term performance in a few months.
Result is not just that I saved money on the installation, but now feel confident to do a lot of minor plumbing tasks.

Considered new ISE low noise products before buying this, but didn't really feel that the trade off of noise to price was worth paying $100 plus. After all the disposal is used only once or twice a day for a few minutes and a 10-20% louder noise during these times is perfectly acceptable - this one does have good noise reduction though when compared to the badgers.

Would have been nice if Waste King had included the Leviton electrical connector as well as the PVC reducer in the package for upgraders, but for price that's expecting too much I guess.
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on September 17, 2009
I bought this unit from Amazon for $75. It replaced my "insinkerator badger 5" food disposer which began to leak water from the unit's bottom where the outlet cord goes in. It lasted 4 1/2 years.

Installation of the Waste King was simple and straightforward. However, a couple of things to note. This disposer is noisier than the insinkerator that I replaced. Also, the intake diameter of this Waste King model is smaller than the insinkerator model.

And, an important installation tip: Remember to knock out the plug on the disposer for the dishwasher hose!! I didn't read the instructions carefully and after installing this disposer, our dishwasher stopped draining after a wash. Called repairman; after five minutes he pulled out a white plug from the dishwasher intake hole. That cost me $75 for that simple diagnosis and fix... all because I didn't read the instructions carefully!!
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on March 16, 2010
I replaced my InSinkErator (ISE) Badger 5 which started leaking after only a few years and was already out of warranty. I read a lot of generally negative reviews of ISE products so when I ran across this model and read the positive feedback I decided to give it a try and I'm very satisfied with my purchase.

For what I paid ($75) the Waste King L-2600 came with everything I needed to replace my ISE in the box with the exception of plumber's putty which you must use if your sink is not stainless steel but this is reasonable. I have a non-stainless steel sink so I could not use the included rubber gasket but putty works just as well maybe adds an extra 5 minutes to installation. It also comes with a 3-prong cord which will plug into any outlet no fancy wiring needed which saved me time. Compare that to the ISE Badger 5 which costs more and they charge an extra $10 on top of that to get the 3-prong adapter kit so the Waste King was a better deal for me.

I removed my old ISE and replaced it with this one on a Saturday afternoon with time to spare. Included instructions are adequate but be sure to read all the steps, especially if you have a dishwasher since you need to punch out the plug BEFORE you install the unit. This was my first time replacing a garbage disposal and I can attest to the ease of installation.

As with other reviewers I found the unit to be quiet, fast, maybe too quiet. I'm so use to the loud roar of the ISE that the quiet buzz of this unit may make you think it's not working on but rest assured it works fine and handles everything we throw at it within reason. Also a 5 year in home warranty beats the competition as well.

The only negative I can think of is that this unit is made in China while the ISE is made in the USA. As much as I would like to support ISE their shoddy quality and cheap warranty were deal breakers for me. I highly recommend the Waste King L-2600.
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on September 29, 2010
Like darned near every other reviewer here, I purchased this to replace a heavy, noisy, and leaking InSinkErator Badger 5. That unit only lasted three years before it started leaking. VERY disappointing!

So I got on Amazon, like you probably are right now, trying to find a solution. are DONE looking...just order this thing. It's true what you've been reading everywhere else, this unit is a 100% direct-replace for a Badger 5. The outlet and the dishwasher hose mounts are the exact same as that of the Badger in all respects.

I just now finished the install, and it was a piece of cake. Although this unit is made in China, the instructions were not written in the broken, cryptic language of instructions to some of the other products made there. The installation was clearly spelled out with great illustrations. A rookie could easily install this.

The mounting system that comes on this unit is FAR superior to the clamp that was on my old one. No tools are required to mount this to your sink bottom, and it installs with no need for plumber's putty (IF you have a stainless steel sink). If you're doing a replacement everything you need to install this is in the box. Out with the old and in with the new was a 15 minute job, and I could have probably done it in 5 if someone put a wager on it. :)

My wife and I were both impressed with how quiet this was, as we ground up a few miscellaneous food scraps. I like the fact that it's plastic and won't suffer the same corroded fate as the galvanized steel Badger which is now rightfully buried in my trash can.

For the price, free shipping, and easy installation, you can't beat this deal The 5-year warranty is nice too!
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on August 6, 2012
I got this during one of the "Today's Deals" and paid $55 delivered with my Prime membership. All the units in the box stores were $100 plus. I had no experience with Waste King, but the reviews were convincing, so I took a chance.

The unit arrived on my doorstep in two days thanks to Prime and I installed it Saturday morning. It took about an hour. Most of the effort was getting the old GE disposal (not recommended) out of the sink and into the trash. The Waste King was easy to install in my stainless steel sink with just the rubber washer that came with it for a seal. I literally was able to intall this with a screwdriver.

I may have been lucky, but the discharge pipe fit perfectly into my plumbing without making a single cut and the dishwasher disposal line fit without modification. If you have a dishwasher(most people do), don't forget to knockout the plastic plug that seals off the inlet pipe before you get it under the sink. This step is not promenient in the instructions.

I have no complaints. The unit is compact and quiet to operate. I have not put a lot of food down it so far, but what I have was dispatched promptly.

Had I been thinking I would have bought two of these and used one to make that awesome margarita machine using a small ice chest. I have seen several of those around town, but have alway balked due to the cost of the disposal. They make great margaritas.
review image
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on October 3, 2012
I installed this disposal less than 2 years ago, and it is already leaking from underneath the unit. I tested the source of the leak via filling the sink up with water and adding food coloring, then verifying all connections were solid. After calling the Waste King support number, they told me to verify the connections with paper towel or toilet paper. I did that as well, and again, it is only dripping slowly from the bottom of the unit. After doing other searches on this issue, I discovered I was not alone with this problem, and that the it is indicative of internal seals going bad. It is cost prohibitive to replace the seals (it is more cost effective to just buy another unit).

Here is how the warranty is structured: if you have a problem such as mine, they claim that the motor will not work if the seals are bad. So they will send a representative to your home and if they find a leak in one of your connections, or if the motor works on the disposal, you get to pay the representative's fee. Again, cost prohibitive. Do not waste your time or money with this company.
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on November 2, 2009
Replaced an old Insinknerator that had a cracked casing.

-Quiet but I really don't think this is because of sound insulation, I think it is just a quiet motor with good bearings. (see cons below)
-If you are mechanically inclined enough to use a screwdriver and know how to read, you can install it yourself.
-Does what it's supposed to

-The outside shell is only two pieces of flimsy plastic (one on top, one on bottom) that were screwed together to make the disposer look bigger than it actually is. I thought this L-2600 looked bigger than the L-1001 because of the sound insulation mentioned in the specs but either there is no real sound insulation or they forgot to put it in mine. There is just a whole lot of empty space in between the casing and the actual disposer itself. If they had made the casing to fit this disposer just right then it would look like the skinny Waste Maid 58. I would have given 5 stars if it wasn't for this. Basically they wasted my cabinet space just so that they could make it look more heavy duty. For some people this might not be a big deal but it just seems to be a little deceptive to me.
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