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on September 29, 2012
Honestly, I got tired of a lot of people slamming this product and saying it was a terrible mounting system and that they couldn't get the garbage disposal in because it was too tight... whine, whine, whine! (Just teasing here! Don't take it personally.)

It is a very easy system if you know what you're doing. Sometimes a video works wonders compared to directions and a diagram. I hope this is the case and that it will assist others in using the EZ mount system and not getting frustrated or wasting time.

I hope this helps someone and encourages others to get the product. I think it is a great product and many of the poor reviews are because people didn't know how to use the mounting system. I gave it 4 stars because it doesn't have any tips in trouble shooting for when it leaks out the bottom. It should at least say to look at the drain hose and that it may be leaking inside from there and only appear to be leaking from the bottom. I also think Waste King should have made a video to show the EZ mount system. I mean it took me less than 10min. to do it all. Lastly, I don't like the click it can make when it turns on. While lots of people mention this and the directions say it's normal it is not "standard" in the garbage disposal business, meaning most don't make this noise. It can be startling and sound like something metal is in your disposal. While it is normal for their units, I still don't like it. It will take getting used to and then what if something metal is in my disposal will I think there isn't and that it's the click. That could cause damage very quickly if I think it's nothing and it is something.

Other than those things mentioned I think it's a great unit and will work really well for us, for a lot of years. It grinds lemons which our Badger 5 never did very well.
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on March 29, 2010
This is the second garbage disposal I have had to replace (in two houses) in the last ten years. The originally-installed disposals, as well as the first replacement model I purchased, were noisemakers, to be run only when you don't need to hear the TV sound in the next room. They also were not particularly effective, as I still got plugged drains from coarsely-ground food scraps. The Waste King L-3300 is much quieter and really pulverizes those scraps. Plus, the installation was much easier than the three-screw mounting system that seems to be the norm for other models. Make no mistake, this is a heavy unit and it is non-trivial to hold it up to the mounting flange while you twist the mounting collar to complete the installation, but it only takes a few minutes for that step, and a burly helpful neighbor or husband will suffice. That, or (hint) use your car's tire jack (scissor type) to hoist the unit into place while you tighten the ring.
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on February 20, 2012
I looked around on line for a week to find the best garbage disposal for around $100. I paid $115 at Amazon. As near as I can tell this is the same unit that Consumer Reports rated very well in a review I read from 2009. Amazon reviewers rated it well also.

Small throat
I was concerned that one reviewer mentioned the small opening in the throat of the disposal and how that impedes reaching one's hand in to get something out. With the rubber flange, reaching a hand is pretty simple, and I have huge palms. With the flange in, neither my nor my wife's hands fit. The flange is easily removed, if necessary, and if something really important is in there (say, a wedding ring), it will take hardly any time at all to pop the disposal off from the bottom if taking the flange out doesn't work. Others will point out that there are always tongs, which are safer. With the flange in, however, this would be difficult as well. So, if you buy this, plan on taking out the flange if you need to retrieve anything in there. Of course, the flange will prevent most things from going down, so it most likely won't be necessary.

Power cord
I was also concerned that the unit came with a plug-type power cord already attached. My old unit was hard-wired. Another reviewer remarked that it is really difficult to remove the plug on this unit to do a hard wire installation. I consulted the you-tube experts and some electrician blogs and learned that using a plug is safer anyway, so I mounted a box under my sink. Easy enough.

Very Easy Installation
I would give this 5 stars for ease of installation and initial quality of unit, however, I have given it 4 stars because the mounting flange assembly seems really cheap. I hope it lasts. Plumber's putty was all I needed to buy for the installation, and unless your under-sink pipes are unique or this is a new installation or if you are replacing a much differently sized disposal, it should be all you need to purchase.

The unit is very quiet compared to what we had before and seems to chew everything up so far. It does make a pretty good snap sound when turned on, which at least one reviewer commented on, but we are already used to that.

DO NOT fall prey to Amazon's bundle option. As always happens with Amazon, there was a "buy these three together" option. Included in the option I got was a flange and stopper, which come standard with the machine, and an adapter to mate the unit to an Insinkerator style sink mount. The adapter is $10. Plumber's putty is $2. Save the $8, unless you really need to keep the flange in your sink now. In other words, both of the bundle options are completely unnecessary.
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on July 30, 2013
I am a researcher. I read every review - the good and the bad. I've read the Consumer Reports reviews, read the Amazon reviews, read the other, sketchier review websites like (I made that one up but if you've done any research on the internet you get my point). I am writing this review to share what I learned about the product and about the many reviews I've read. My situation was that our 6 year old Badger froze up and simply quit on me, so a new one was in order.

First, is it loud or quiet? It really depends on which review you read, apparently. I believe it depends on more than that, such as what kind of sink is it being installed under - a stainless steel or a porcelain coated cast iron sink? One is very thin and flexible and will not block out as much noise or damp vibrations as effectively as a heavy cast iron sink. I have found the overall noise level to be a lot like the Badger 5 that I replaced. My wife thinks it sounds a bit different but neither louder nor quieter. It also depends on whether this is your first disposer (it is certainly louder than not having one) or a replacement. Bottom line, it's typically run for a few seconds, with the water running too, as you are cleaning up after meal (not in the middle of the night when everyone's trying to sleep) and it's no louder or quieter than the rest. I wouldn't let that be a deciding factor unless you have different criteria. If so, you can pay twice as much for that other "Elite" one by another manufacturer that is CR-rated as the quietest one. In my case I couldn't justify the added cost.

What's up with that scary loud noise when you turn it on? There are some reviews that make this sound like it is eating a spoon (a LOUD, disturbing, and/or startling snap or click noise, etc.). I have to say that was one of my biggest reservations when I ordered this thing, having read the reviews. A fairly large slice of reviewers commented negatively on it. Here's my take... The motor is 3/4 HP compared to my little dinky 1/3 HP motor on my old one. That is a lot more horsepower and, consequently, a lot more torque. The little "teeth" that do the waste grinding that sit in the base of the chamber spin freely. When you turn it on, the little grinders snap into place like how your head gets whipped back on one of those crazy spinning carnival rides. It's just from centrifugal force setting the blades into place. The fine print in the directions tell you that it is part of the anti-jam mechanism. It's not startling or even disconcerting to me or my wife. We didn't blink an eye. I couldn't scare my children by turning it on. It just makes a bit of a click when you turn it on. No biggie. Full disclosure here - ours is mounted to the bottom of a heavy, porcelain coated cast iron sink. Our sink may be better at handling the torque and may dampen the sound and vibration more than a thin stainless steel sink. Our sink weighs probably 75 pounds. A stainless steel sink weighs 7 pounds. A heavier sink can probably handle a garbage disposal operating under full load better than a flexible, lightweight sink. That's not why we got the sink but I think it's probably a benefit to damping sounds and vibrations.

Some folks knocked the instructions. Take heart. It appears that the Waste King guys have heard the criticisms from the negative reviewers. I am guessing that they have been re-written to better explain the installation because they are really easy to follow. My best advice is this: don't be afraid of a difficult or confounding set of installation instructions. It is really easy. Here's what you do. Go to and search for a video on How To Remove Your Existing Garbage Disposal because this is the hardest part. You will find one that matches yours. Watch it. I started removing the Badger incorrectly, stopped, watched a video, and then it was a piece of cake. In my case, I shouldn't have removed the three long screws before removing the body of the old one. You do it after it is disconnected. READ the instruction manual carefully. Then go ahead and youtube the Waste King installation video. It is very easy once you see it done. No filing or grinding gaskets, and Good Lord, no car jacks under your sink please. If it is hard then you are doing something wrong. STOP!!! Review the procedure. Start again. The directions are actually very explicit. The parts are well labeled. The diagrams show you what to do. The videos show you what to do. If you prepare yourself (15 minutes of reading and watching videos, tops) you will fly though the installation and be a happy person.

Regarding the comments that the EZ Mount is flimsy or cheap or plastic, I have to respectfully disagree. The purpose of the lock ring is to compress the rubber gasket tight enough to make a seal so the thing doesn't leak. It doesn't need to be made from titanium or cast iron. Just because it isn't made from a rare earth metal doesn't make it inferior! It keeps the price down and works (so far) flawlessly. I did not need to tap the ears with a small hammer to get it to slide to the fully locked position - I was able to twist it into place with my bare non-Superman hands. I did not need to put dish soap on the ear slots but the directions suggest doing that if it is difficult to put into locked position.

Removing ALL the old mounting hardware, cleaning everything really good, and installing the EZ Mount was truly a very easy and thoroughly explained process. No leaks at all on my first attempt!

As advertised, it does come with a corded plug so it will need an outlet. My old Badger was a direct wire. Some folks tore out the cord and the strain relief as a fix and hard wired it like their old one. Some folks put an outlet in, which I found that to be a 15 minute job. I didn't want to mess around with chopping out the stock cord and putting in a new one and messing with the strain relief replacement. I thought the new outlet process was much easier because, heck, the wire's already there and that's always the hardest part of wiring a box! I shoved some of the extra length of the existing wire back into the hole in the wall that it came out from. I thought carefully about where the new box should go so the body of the disposal didn't hit it. I screwed it to the back of the cabinet, poked the wires into the box, screwed them to a new receptacle and, voila!. NOTE: IF YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT YOU'RE DOING WITH ELECTRICAL WIRING, DO NOT ATTEMPT THIS YOURSELF. If you do, be sure to kill the power at the circuit breaker and it is probably the easiest box you will install. Just make sure it is securely mounted into something besides the flimsy back panel of the cabinet.

I think those are all the important items I wanted to share. The removal of the old one, cleaning the sink hole, and putting in the new box took about 35 minutes start to finish. I wasn't rushing but I was well prepared and had everything ready to go. Plumbers Putty was needed for install. Make sure you have that on hand. There was a thin rubber gasket that went under the flange (between the top flange and a stainless steel sink) that I didn't use because I didn't have a stainless steel sink. The one tricky thing I recall from the directions is that the same procedure is repeated twice in a couple of places - one for using the existing Badger mounting hardware and one for if you are using the EZ Mount system. If you are using the EZ Mount, make sure to SKIP the paragraph that is describing the work as it applies to the Badger mount. That's about it. I had to cut 3/4" off the black waste discharge pipe (90 degree elbow piece that screws into the new disposal) so that everything fit with my old plumbing. I loosened up all the slip joints on the old plumbing so I could wiggle things around as needed, aligned everything, and tightened the plumbing back up. New install was completed in well under 20 minutes after the removal and outlet installation.

I hope this helps some folks who were undecided about this product. How can you ignore a 10 year warranty on something that is well below the price of competing models? No regrets here - we've had it almost a month now and use it daily. We can FINALLY grind those lemon and lime wedges!!!

One last thought - Beef bones? I see that Consumer Reports tests these things by measuring the fineness of the grind using beef bones. Do people really put beef bones down a garbage disposal on purpose? You might think I'm babying mine, or maybe that's why I didn't have excessive vibration when I use it, but I'll put the beef bones in the trash and grind up the rest of the stuff with this and be just fine for many years to come, I hope!
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on November 7, 2009
I purchased this garbage disposal as a gold-box deal. I had been shopping around and comparing prices, but had already picked the Waste King brand because of their great reviews and Consumer Reports recommendation. My previous garbage disposal was 1/3 horsepower and did not work at all. I was unsure of what motor speed I needed for my new model so when it came up on GB for a great price, I jumped at it. And I am so happy with the purchase.

It is my opinion that I would like too much power than not enough power and this was a good choice for my household. In my household, it is me and my husband and we do not put a lot down the disposal but do have remnants from dinner and the occasional potato or apple peels. This handles all our food without any problems. It is relatively quiet (for a garbage disposal), and was easy to install.

I am very happy with this product!
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on May 9, 2010
I bought this disposer because of the excellent review that it was given by Consumer Reports. I guess it was a good value and it works well enough but it's so small that you have to dispose of stuff in small batches. The opening into the sink is so small that if something small falls into it, that's not supposed to go in there, you can't get your fingers past your knuckles and have to fish it out with tongs or some other type of implement.
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on July 21, 2015
Let me start off by saying I am NOT the type of person who installs garbage disposals. I don't do plumbing. I don't do electrical. I don't do appliances. I'll USE them, sure, but don't expect me to know how to install something! Well, after reading the reviews and watching a few YouTube videos, I decided to buy this and give it a go. Trust me, I was a little apprehensive but I was going to take this challenge like Rosie the Riveter.

The previous garbage disposal was a Kennmore 1/3 HP disposal and it worked great until one day, it just didn't work at all. I'd gone several months without a disposal for lack of knowing what to do or the want to call a handy man. Eventually, my sink started backing up because things were going down the drain I suppose and getting stuck so I had no choice. The old one was just going to have to come out in order to clear the blockage anyway... and I couldn't just leave a huge gaping hole to nowhere in my sink. And if I was going to replace the thing, I figured I might as well go big or go home (at least within my budget) so I upgraded from a 1/3 HP to this 3/4 HP disposal.

Long story short, the hardest part was getting the old disposal out (as everyone else seems to say in these reviews). But not just because it was difficult to remove, but because once I'd opened up the cabinets and got down on the floor, I'd noticed that a bucket that I'd *conveniently* placed under the pipes had filled with water. So I also had to replace a cracked pipe. Mind you, I'm NOT a plumber so I was ready to give up already by the time I saw the bucket full of water. The second problem I'd encountered was the previous garbage disposal was hard wired into the switch! Being that I'm no electrician, I was freaking out. Luckily, my brother is a guru at all things electrical as an engineer (though, he's refused to install my garbage disposal claiming he's no plumber, which was why I was doing it on my own-- cause I apparently looked more like one than he did, maybe I had a better crack for it. I dunno.). After a trip to Home Depot, he had the Waste King hard wired using the included electrical cord and it was ready for me to install. I replaced the new pipe and we were in business. Within 10-15 minutes, I had the whole thing mounted and done!!

Now was the moment of glory. Flipping the switch and seeing if it worked.... as soon as I turned it on, I could hardly tell it was on, it was so quiet. Okay, so maybe that's an exaggeration but oh my gosh--- compared to the old one, this thing is quiet as a mouse! It hums rather than sounding like an explosive going off. I was already impressed! Next came the moment of truth. How well does this thing do with grinding stuff up? I started with a rock hard hamburger that I found in my fridge that had something wild and green growing on it... might as well start with the tough stuff, I figured. Besides those annoying flaps on the splash guard that kept it from going down (though has thankfully saved a few of my spoons and forks!), it shredded that thing in no time at all, like it was seeking vengeance for a "Yo Momma So Fat" joke. I've not found anything this disposal can't chew up and spit out.

It's been installed for 7 months now. Not had any problems. The only thing that's been an issue is if the disposal is full of water because you stuffed the thing full and had water running before you turned it on, my entire sink and kitchen counter shakes like an earthquake surged through my kitchen and the disposal makes a VERY loud rumbling noise. You'd think I'd learn not to do it again, afraid the thing's going to violently shake free of my sink and pipes, but no. I apparently don't learn from my mistakes, as I've done it a handful of times now. Suffice to say, that EZ Mount system sure is secure!

I'm glad I chose this Waste King L-3300 Legend Series 3/4 HP Continuous Feed Garbage Disposal. Achievement unlocked!! Operation Install New Garbage Disposal was a success!! I came out of it feeling like Wonder Woman, and I didn't have to show any crack to be a plumber! It's been worth every penny as far as I'm concerned.

UPDATE December 21, 2015: I was putting some things away a little over a week ago and noticed water on the bottom of my cabinet under the sink. I found that it was coming from the top of the garbage disposal where the sink and disposal meet. In remembering all those times that the whole sink and counters would rattle when I had too much water in the sink when turning the disposal on, I figured perhaps the disposal was coming loose from it's easy-mount system. I was able to tighten in a little by hand. Daily use and 10 days later, the bottom of the cabinet is dry and so is the top of the disposal where the sink meets. I guess I need to be a little more careful in the future. FYI- Do not turn on the disposal when your sink is full of water............
review image review image review image review image review image review image
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on February 26, 2013
The price was right, but the long term prognosis is bad.
I was impressed originally after install, both by performance and level of quietness; but after a year or so, it would not hold a seal with the sink, and eventually disintegrated at multiple connection points on the disposal itself. This lead to leaks and mold.

Attempts to rectify with the company were unsuccessful, and any contact that was made was met with responses that were abnormally rude.

I could not recommend this product or the company's support of the product. Would warn to spend a bit more with another brand for longer term success and piece of mind.
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on September 21, 2011
I bought the Waste King 3300 garbage disposal to replace my corroded and leaking Badger 5. I considered a more expensive model, the Waste King 9950, which would have been easier to mount since it can use the Badger's "3-bolt" mounting hardware. But since there was no way to know if the old putty (between sink and Badger's sink flange) was still in good shape, and since it doesn't take much extra work to completely replace the mounting hardware, purchasing the 3300 made sense.

Installing the mounting hardware took even less work than expected because the 3300 came with a flat rubber gasket that can be used instead of putty if you have a stainless steel sink (which I do).

I give top marks to Waste King's customer service, who at no charge sent me the disposal's drain elbow pipe before I placed my order, to help me check whether the 3300 would fit between sink and sink trap. It fits thanks to the sharp right angle in the L-shaped drain elbow. (I think the 3300 will fit for anyone replacing a Badger 5.)

Customer service also correctly advised me that because the 3300 has a larger diameter than the Badger, to make it fit it would be necessary to rotate the sink trap a few degrees away from the disposal and align the disposal so its drain outlet points at the trap's new position.

The written instructions are fairly good, but I have three complaints:

1. The instructions imply you don't need to remove the trap and only need to loosen one of the trap's two nuts. I doubt that's true for anyone. I found it necessary to completely remove the trap and install the trap last--after mounting the disposal--in order to slide the trap up to mate with the disposal's drain elbow. This meant it was necessary to use plumber's pipe tape to re-wrap the metal threads under the nut at the trap's other end, to prevent the trap from leaking there.

2. The instructions lack a section about how to remove the disposal. (I needed to remove it to inspect and further tighten its mounting flange to the sink. I hadn't tightened the flange enough because I was concerned about overtightening & stripping threads, and later noticed wetness below the sink.) The difficult step was rotating the disposal's mounting collar away from its "locked" position. This demanded much more force than I could apply with one hand trying to hold the disposal's body still and the other hand trying to rotate the mounting collar. I managed to unlock the collar by using a $9 strap wrench purchased at Home Depot. (Wrap the strap all the way around the mounting collar, then feed the excess strap through the slot in the wrench's handle. Hold the disposal body still with one hand and apply torque with the wrench using the other hand.) Customer service had recommended spraying WD-40 and hitting the collar with a hammer, which would have been my last resort if the strap wrench failed.

3. The instructions don't explain how to remove the 3300's power cord so that the 3300 can be hardwired to the existing power cable. The Badger had been hardwired to a power cable that emerges from the wall under the sink, and I had no power outlet into which the 3300's power cord could be plugged. I was unable to figure out how to remove the 3300's power cord--I didn't want to ignorantly unscrew nuts to see what comes apart; maybe I should have asked customer service?--so I bought parts for a power outlet box and drywall anchors and attempted to install the outlet onto the wall. Unfortunately there isn't enough room under my sink to reach the wall with both hands, and I wasn't able to screw in the drywall anchor screws one-handed, so I ended up letting the outlet box dangle from its cable.

The disposal has been working fine. No leaks after everything was tightened enough. (I hope writing this doesn't jinx it.)

Some reviewers have written that they're disturbed by the brief loud "thunk" at the moment it's turned on. The sound doesn't bother me, but the disposal makes quite a kick when it's turned on. (I know this because, before installing it, I tested it by turning it on while holding it under one arm.) I have to wonder whether torque from repeated kicks will eventually damage the cushion mount or the thin rubber sink flange gasket (or putty, for those who use putty). The 10 year warranty helps set my mind at ease. Still, it would be nice to know why it kicks, and what advantages the kick provides, if any. Does that prevent it from jamming? If the kick provides no significant advantages, perhaps power could be applied to the motor more gradually by using a more sophisticated motor controller.

Although the 10 year warranty seems worse than the lifetime warranty of the 9950, in one way it's better: The 10 year warranty can be transferred to a new owner (if s/he has the sales receipt) but the lifetime warranty can't be transferred. I recommend that Waste King modify all their lifetime warranties so that at least 10 years can be transferred.
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on May 16, 2010
About the product itself: Our previous garbage disposal was only 1/3 horsepower and was much louder than this one. It's so nice to have a brand new garbage disposal that is much quieter and more powerful. Of course, it's brand new, so I can't speak for its longevity, but thus far, we're very pleased. I'm stoked that it accepts bones, pits, and coffee grounds. With our old disposal, we had to throw these in the garbage.

About the install: Took me about 2 hours to install, not counting the time it took to run to the local hardware store to grab Plumber's Putty ($2) and a hacksaw ($5). (If you have a steel sink, you will use the rubber gasket that comes with this product, but if you have a ceramic sink, you will need Plumber's Putty). The only kink I ran into while installing it was that the elbow pipe that came with the unit was too long - I needed to saw off about 4 inches, which was incredibly easy with a simple, cheap hacksaw. I followed the directions meticulously and slowly - and all went well! Be sure to pay close attention to the diagrams so that you put all the pieces together precisely as indicated. If you can follow directions, you can self-install this disposal without a problem!
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