Customer Reviews: Watch The Throne [Explicit]
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Superstar collaborations always generate a gargantuan amount of buzz. Certainly a collaborative affair with two of hip-hop's `kings' - Kanye West & Jay-Z - is no different. Watch the Throne's anticipation could be likened to the `Super Bowl' of hip-hop - it just had to materialize. Alongside the anticipation and buzz, there is almost always a downgrade when it comes to the actual material being presented. Falling in line with that, Watch the Throne is a solid effort and for naysayers who expected an incredibly undercooked effort, it over performs. That said, there was room for improvement on Watch the Throne as well, mostly in the area of its overall cohesion. One has to look no further than the first two cuts unlikeness to one another ("No Church in the Wild" and "Lift Off") to see a lack of cohesiveness in theme or concept. Despite this `all-over-the-place' persona, the album works.

"No Church In the Wild" seems a strange entity from an initial listen, but with successive spins, the odd cut unfurls its brilliance. The beat, contributed by 88 Keys is somewhat understated and simple, but that is the appeal. The crooning by Odd Future vocalist Frank Ocean is a nice touch, not to mention some oddball auto-tuned vocals by The-Dream. Comprised a handful of samples, "No Church" proves alluring with interesting rhymes by both superstar rappers. "Lift Off," featuring Beyoncé is most certainly aimed to be the pop-crossover cut, contrasting the alternative sensibilities of "No Church in the Wild." The production is solid (Kanye West, Jeff Bhasker & Mike Dean) and the track is enjoyable, if a little clunky. West goes back into 808s & Heartbreak territory with some quasi-rap/sung parts. Finishing off a trio of sound cuts, "N**as In Paris" shines brightly with the best production work as of yet (Hit-Boy, West & Mike Dean), providing yet another contrast. The best part of this five-star cut might be the change of pace, demarcated by a change in production scope and the hook-line "Don't let me get in my zone..."

"Otis" easily eclipsed "H*A*M" once it was released as a single promoting this effort ("H*A*M" only appears on the deluxe version). Characterized by its sample of Otis Redding's "Try A Little Tenderness" (it also uses two other samples), "Otis" is overall superb. While the verses by Jay-Z & Kanye are solid, no über fan will be so laudatory to call it the best raps of their career by any means. "Gotta Have It" is solid, though not nearly as lofty as the first couple of cuts, while the Nina Simone sampling "New Day" is spectacular. Both MC's have solid verses here, though West may have a shining moment: "And I'll never let my son have an ego/he'll be nice to everyone, wherever we go/I mean I might even make `em be Republican/So everybody know he love white people..." Charming, right?

"That's My B***h" samples James Brown classic "Get Up, Get Into It, Get Involved" and features some killer drum programming that gives off an overt, old-school hip-hop vibe. Solid and enjoyable, "That's My B***h" benefits especially from a clever hook. "Welcome to the Jungle" is typical Swizz Beatz. While it isn't a top echelon cut, Jay has a great reference: "Black Axl Rose/Move Halfs and Wholes/Come down to the Jungle/Just ask for Hov..." "Who Can Stop Me" is another shining moment, featuring some intense, fiery rhymes from Jay especially. The Hook stands out if nothing else does: "This is something like the Holocaust/Millions of our people lost/Bow our heads and pray to the lord/Til I die I'mma f***in ball/Now who gon stop me/who gon stop me huh?..."

"Murder to Excellence" is buzz-worthy for sure, creating an ambitious and interesting cut. "Made In America" featuring Frank Ocean once more is enjoyable, most notable for Ocean's hook ("Sweet King Martin/Sweet Queen Coretta/Sweet Brother Malcolm..."). "Why I Love You," featuring Mr. Hudson closes the standard edition of the effort solidly, though it is by no means the best cut. [The deluxe edition adds a couple of cuts to the arsenal. "Illest Mother- Alive" is enjoyable, while "H*A*M" is the bigger attraction. "Primetime" is a NO ID contribution, while "The Joy" features oft-sampled Curtis Mayfield's "The Makings of Me."]

Despite lacking cohesiveness, Watch the Throne is enjoyable and well worth the buzz. Most have come to expect superstar collaborations to underwhelm - R. Kelly & Jay-Z's two previous collaborative efforts certainly did. West & Jay-Z provide a pleasant surprise, even if West's previous album My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy is a better effort than Watch the Throne.
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on August 18, 2011
We've been "Watching The Throne" for almost a full year since its been announced last October. Well now it's finally time to listen to The Throne, and after much anticipation it is finally here. With the statures as high as Jay-Z and Kanye West, it's impossible to not have high expectations for the both of these two especially for the bar they raised on themselves with past critically acclaimed and commercially successful albums from each of them. Between the both of them (Jay-Z currently has 12 number one albums all went at least platinum, and Mr. West has 5 critically acclaimed albums (all went multi-platinum worldwide). There is nothing I can say that hasn't already been said about these two, these two are the most successful and influential figures not only in Hip Hop but music in general that far surpasses any other individual artists and having these two on one album is truly a monumental moment in Hip Hop.

If I had to rate this Collaborative Hip Hop album I would have to compare it to the other Hip Hop Duo's such as the incredible OutKast (Possibly the greatest hip hop duo of all time), to the old school duos of Run D.M.C. to even the more recent collaborative efforts of Eminem and Royce Da 5'9". Now while I admit that Kanye and Jay (Collectively as The Throne) aren't at their craftiest in the lyrics department, their artistic effort musically is beyond anybody in Hip Hop today. This is where The Throne truly outshines the rest and proves their veteran status in Hip Hop, still coming up with new ideas and sounds to create an album filled with depth and variety. In my personal opinion, they really don't have to prove to anyone of how to make "Thriller" level music because the both of them have been doing it for years time and time again. All they have to do is just make music that is innovative and different that people will love, and I believe they accomplish just that.

Track By Track Review
1) No Church in the Wild feat. Frank Ocean - A good opener to the album. Frank Ocean is the new comer in the game and he should be proud because having a fresh face on veteran album is a pretty big accomplishment for Odd Future's R&B singer. Frank Ocean provides a nice chorus while Jay and Ye rap in retrospect. Nice production from Kanye and 88-Keys filled with Gritty drums and animal sounds in the back ground create a nice atmosphere. 10/10

2 Lift Off feat. Beyonce - This is probably the Album's next single featuring Jay-Z's wife Beyonce. This was the most anticipated song for me from the album, and I have to say I'm a little disappointed. Beyonce takes the show singing the long (but good) hook while Kanye comes in first dropping his very awkward verse. He does a little auto tune and mumbles at the end of his verse but sounds surprisingly good. Jay-Z's presence is close to non-existent sadly only doing a quick 8 bar verse that doesn't excite nor serve a real purpose. With that said this is the most impressive song production wise, with the help of "Fantasy's" production team Mike Dean and Jeff Bhasker they create a truly captivating song. I have to knock off a few points because this song sounds incomplete due to very very short appearances from the 2 main guys. 8/10

3) Ni**as In Paris - Now while I don't particularly like simple modern day beats such as these, it is pretty damn entertaining. It is not a high caliber lyrically indulged type of song, it's more of a f***ing around kind of song. It's a great party banger with a catchy hook provided by Jay and arrogant fun lyrics from Kanye, plus the Will Ferrell dialogue incorporrated within the song is very funny. 10/10

4) Otis - At first listen, this song was a little disappointing, but it grew on me the more I heard it. The choice of sample was a little of bad taste, Otis Reddings "Try a Little Tenderness" is a good song but the style of sampling was a bit weird I must admit. The lyrics are full blown braggadocios raps from the both of them but the cleverness is clearly shown. This is known as an anti-single, no chorus, no catchy hooks just straight rapping like in the old days. Not my cup of tea but hey, this is "luxury rap". 8/10

5) Gotta Have It - Sick production by The Neptunes sampling the Godfather of soul James Brown. This is just a fun track not to be taken too seriously. This is Tag-Team rapping at its finest, with Mr. West and Mr. Carter going back and forth finishing each other's verses. This song showcases the nice chemistry they have together. I just wish it was a bit longer. 9/10

6) New Day - This is the hidden gem as well as the Heart of the entire album and probably the most touching song made this year in Hip Hop. Kanye and Jay rap by venting to their unborn songs. With great in-depth lyrics from Kanye "I might even make him republican, to let everyone know he loves white people" and from Jay "Promise to never leave even if his mama tweakin, cuz my Dad left me and I promise to never repeat him." Accompanied by the great RZA, the production is very haunting with a very soulful sample from Nina Simone used as the songs Hook. 10/10

7) That's My Bitch - This song was the VERY first song released from WTT ever since the album was conceived. This version differs mostly in the length because the leaked version was 1 minute longer. I love the production on this song, and the added vocals of La Roux's Elly Jackson and Bon Iver's Justin Vernon are a nice touch. 9/10

8) Welcome to The Jungle - I have always HATED Swizz Beatz productions and this song is no different. Swizz's productions are amateur at best, way too simple and nothing but percussions. The lyrics are decent from The Throne, but this is my least favorite track on WTT. The song is good but it's not something Jay-Z and Kanye haven't done before. I'm sorry but Swizz Beatz adlibs always kill a song for me. 7/10

9) Who Gon Stop Me - When I first heard Jay and Kanye were gonna do a Dub-Step song my first thoughts were "Why?" and "It's going to be a disaster." I was only half right thankfully. This song's sole purpose is to show the versatility of Mr. West and HOV. At first listen, I was concerned if they were able to flow on a dub-step track, and the result was not too bad. Kanye's voice compliments the bass slapping production, but as for Jay the beat just became hectic for him to keep up and in the end it just made Jay sound sloppy and choppy. But I commend them for trying something different and for Jay providing a classic 32 bar verse. 8/10

10) Murder to Excellence - While New Day served as the "Heart" of the album. THIS song is the "Soul". Kanye and Jay rap basically about rags to riches or Life and Death. The first half of the song is about death in the black community (although Kanye does do an unnecessary comparison of violence between Chicago and the war in Iraq?) and the second half is about status and how black people should aspire for more than the usual. The song is dissected into two main parts "Murder" and "Excellence" (hence the title) and each part is accompanied by two completely different beats, Murder by Swizz Beatz (which actually isn't bad) and Excellence by S1. Great production and great lyrics. 10/10

11) Made In America feat. Frank Ocean - While many may find this song one of the highlights on the album, it is not one of my favorites. The songs concept is about Yeezy's and Jay's rise to success, it's the kind of song you expect to be on Watch The Throne, no surprises here. The problem I have with this song is the lyrics. I find Frank Ocean's hook to be very corny, just singing important black figures names and then religious figures at the end feels unbalanced and uninspiring. And the inconsistent lyrics of Kanye and Jay-Z in this song really bother me. The song does not progress which is a bad thing because I cannot tell if the song is going to end. I may get some flack but this song was boring to me. 7/10

12) Why I Love You So feat. Mr Hudson - A fitting end to Watch the Throne. This song is in retrospect Jay-Z's thoughts of where he is now and reflecting why things are the way they are whether it be his past friendships or his loneliness at the top. But of course Kanye is with him so it's not soooo bad. The presence of G.O.O.D. music artist Mr Hudson seemed a bit too short; in my opinion Kanye should have used him a bit more in this song due to the fact that he only has one line which he screams out tirelessly throughout the entire song. It makes me wonder why he is credited as a full feature in the first place. If the song were a bit longer and Mr Hudson was used a bit more, this song would've been perfect. 9/10
Bonus Tracks:
13) Illest Motherf***** Alive - If you so happened to get the deluxe edition (which is the one everyone should've gotten in the first place) then you are treated 4 extra songs after the main set of songs. In my opinion these 4 bonus tracks fit the overall theme of the album and should've been included in the original tracklisting. This song has one of the more epic beats on the album but first has the (intentional) 3 minutes of silence so if someone is listening to the album in it's entirety, they can easily seperate the bonus songs from the intended tracklist. This song includes Kanye and Jay-Z basically spitting out expensive brands, famous people and so on. It actually sounds like they're freestyling. Not their most lyrical song but the operatic production makes this song epic. 8/10

14) H*A*M - The first official single off WTT, which ended up being a bonus track. The reception to this songs release was lukewarm. It was eiter people were satisfied but not blown away, or either dissapointed. This song continues the opera-esque style from Illest Motherf****** Alive which fits chronologically. The beat is great for anyone that loves to blast their music out loud, and Kanye does a great job of adding depth to Lex Luger's insane drum set up. A very catchy song, it might give some people a headache but I personally enjoy this song. 8.5/10

15) Primetime - Of all 4 bonus tracks this song is my personal favorite. The production was provided by Kanye's mentor No I.D. and it is a great classic hip hop beat which is neither overly produced nor too simple. Jay-Z comes in with his first verse describing his life using only prime numbers (in concept)and Kanye comes in with a vulgar yet very humorous verse. This is a great song only Hip Hop lovers would appreciate. 10/10

16) The Joy feat. Curtis Mayfield - Originally intended to be on Kanye West's previous album "My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy" this song was instead added on Watch The Throne as a bonus track, go figure. As a fan, people would already notice that this song is at least 1 year old originally released as a G.O.O.D. Friday song last year, however Kanye tweaked the song ever so slightly to make it sound more mastered. This song was produced by the legendary PETE ROCK which just screams out SOUL HIP HOP. The song primarily features Kanye with the first 2 verse and his flow sounds very reminicent of his College Dropout days, and Jay-Z finishes up with a quick 14 bar verse. With added backround vocals from Charlie Wilson and Kid Cudi as well as Pete Rock himself. This track is such a soulful track that any Hip Hop lover could appreciate. The only flaw to this song is the repetitive and tiresome vocals of Pete Rock at the end of the song which come off a little annoying and honestly almost put me to sleep a couple of times. I mean he could have said something else besides "It's Pete Rock, Kanye, 1 2, Ok" I don't know how many times haha. 9/10

Kanye and Jay-Z are the known as the "Master's" or even "Kings" of Hip Hop and nobody can argue with that. Of course there are other MC's with more lyrical talent; of course the productions on this album could have been more epic, but if you delve too much on how much better it could have been, then you're going to be miss what you have in front of you. For the people that complain about the lyrics being too focused on "wealth", obviously you're overlooking the many songs that don't have anything to do with money. Besides that, these two have the most right in Hip Hop to talk about their wealth and success because these two are Hip Hop royalty so what do people expect? As of right now this album is not a classic by any means (that takes time). But what they do have at the moment is an album that is a game changer and I doubt any other hip hop artist (individual or group) can even come close to the level of this album. Trust me, with every listen the album just becomes better and better. In due time it will be relevant of how well executed this album really is.
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on September 14, 2011
Okay, so I'm reading through the reviews and they are mixed. One person said "Horrible." Really? What CD did they listen to? Jay and Ye are geniuses and for those that don't get sincerest apologies! I am a 44 year old woman and rap runs through my veins. I love it as much as I love jazz, R&B, classic Rock and some pop. Compared to most of the garbage out now (Soulja Boy, Wiz Khalifa, Wocka Flocka Flame....the list could go on and on), this piece of work is refreshing! 2 high profile rappers at the top of their game came together and created music that doesn't make me cringe. Hats off to both of them! Love the CD from START to FINISH!
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on September 10, 2011
I am a Jay-Z and Kanye fan from both the beginning of both of their careers. When I first listened to this album I expected something different, but as I gave it a second and third try it grew on me to the point where its one of my favorite albums and I recognize the growth in both of them as artists. I highly recommend it.
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on March 21, 2012
I scoured the web, this website and when it came to describing this deluxe 2 LP Watch the Throne vinyl, it seemed it would include all tracks that were released as the Deluxe edition. Well If you wanted to have "The Joy" on vinyl, sadly it was not included. The Joy was the only reason I dropped more than a 100 bucks on a vinyl. sure N*gg*Z in Paris sounds amazing though, as does "Who Gon Stop Me" but I am very disappointed. I could care less for the packaging, which is really what you're paying for. I just wish there was more detailed info on the tracklist on this vinyl, all it is is just copy pasted info from the cd.
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on December 7, 2011
Make no mistake about it- this is a concept album. There have been really great ones in rock, but not many in this genre. This is a very well thought out, and creative concept album about the fame, legacy, persona and personal life of two mega black hip hop moguls. Every song connects, and not always smoothly. But that's life. I really love the jagged and unexpected moments that this album offers. This is definitely a "big picture" CD. Those looking for lyrical genius, hype beats, and technical rapping skill will find it here and there, but that's not what this album is about, and so it may go over the heads of many. There's really nothing like this out there right now.
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on September 9, 2015
I didn't listen to this until two years after it's release. Despite liking all of Kanye's music, I'm not really a big Jay-Z fan. And that is why I avoided it. Also, that summer had other big releases (Bad vs Evil and Carter IV).

But, once I started listening to it I was floored. This is an example of what can happen when two heavyweights team up and have any producer they want to work with. Every song sounds different but they all blend together to make an incredible piece of work.

Lyrically, it's a fair amount of bragging. But, let's be honest, these two can get away with it. That being said there are also some good raps with good substance in here too and that is the difference between a 4 star and a 5 star album. The difference between something that sounds really hot TODAY and an album that is a CLASSIC.
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on August 25, 2011
I missed what was wrong with the album. I have listened to it five or six times now. I like all sixteen tracks. No, it's not perfect, but what album is? To me it seems as if both Kanye and Jay Z are charged, and enjoying each others company, as they trade verses over outstanding production. Jay Z is far more interesting, in my opinion, when he shares the stage with the likes of Kanye West, who is decadent and bombastic. I often find Jay Z to be a bit bland, monochromatic if you will, on many of his albums. On Watch The Throne Kanye pushes Jay Z to loosen up a bit, take some chances, and get back to his formal glory. And he certainly does so. Kanye West proved with his last album, My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, that he has no peers in hip hop today. And while this album isn't as good as that, it's still worth five stars.
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on March 4, 2012
Some people don't like this album as much. I really don't know why. The sound and the beats are a little different but they work really well. Jay-Z and Kanye really go off verse after verse in most of the songs. The delivery is great on all of them. Some of the chorus' take some adjusting to because they're different; but the songs I wasn't the biggest fan of at first are now my favorites. ("That's My B****" "Gotta Have it" "Who Gon Stop Me")

All in all, any Jay-Z, Kanye or Hip-hop fan should definitely give this a listen.
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on September 11, 2011
I had heard the hype surrounding "Watch the Throne" but had my doubts that something really quite remarkable and creative could have
come from these two artists, JayZ and K West. The work is surprising, fresh, and unique. I only wish that the packaging could have been
better such that reading the lyrics could have been easier.
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