Water Pressure I've had this filter for more than 3 years in my Hotpoint fridge (I know, I know, long past expired) but from day one the fridge has had very poor water pressure. Does anyone know if this filter is related to low flow?
asked by M. Eggleton on February 1, 2011
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i had the same problem with mine. about 6-7 months later the water delivery started to drop. i changed the filter but it did not increase. my next conclusion was a blockage of some sort.
i happen to have a oil changer for my cars that works on suction. i pulled the fridge out shut off water supply removed the filter and put in the plug that came with the fridge. then i hooked up the inlet to the fridge to the oil changer. pumped it up and the pressed the water dispenser bar in front of the fridge. it sucked out some dirt and some kind of thick little globs of who knows what. put it all back together and the water flowed like it was day one. here it is 8 months later and i see i need to blow it out again. also fyi, you do not have to use the ge filters. a company called swift green filters makes one that fits. model sgf-g9 i found it for about 18.00 it is rated the same as the ge but for less money.
as for the oil changer it is a mightyvac mv7400. it was about 50.00 but worth it because we have 3 cars and at 30.00 a pop for an oil change it was worth buying and it doubles for the suction for the fridge. hope this helps you.
James Smith answered on April 9, 2013
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From Day 1, the water pressure from my GE Profile Side by Side was unbelievably S-L-O-W. Right before the "Replace filter light" was about to go off (every 6 months), the pressure went from slow to an unusable trickle, forcing us to immediately change the GE Smart Water MWF filter. The cycle would begin again.
Based on the Off Brand's poor reviews ( Water Sentinel,Brita )I never attempted to use anything but GE "Genuine Parts" ... Well, times are tough, and I'm sick of paying $80 a year to be aggravated on a daily basis.
We're not handy people, so words like by-pass an in line filter mean nothing.
What would be helpful, if we knew which GE Refrigerator Model/Year work with the off brands, and which ones don't work.
We have a 2006 GE Profile Stainless Steel Side by Side. The MWF filter is located on the upper right side of the refrigerator.
Thank you in advance to anyone who responds, or to those who begin to add this info to their review.
SandraDee answered on October 29, 2011
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My "in-door" water was working fine until I replaced the filter. Now it doesn't work hardly at all & makes a horible noise too boot. You can't really put the new filter in wrong. What can I do now? I hate to call GE and have a bilg repair bill.
J. Ivy answered on October 23, 2012
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Yes everything, find a by-pass and install an in line filter behind the fridge. you will save about a hundred dollars a year and have good water.
R. Urban answered on March 27, 2011
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