How Water Resistant is this Case? I'm considering getting this case, but I have one particular use for a camera case that I'm not sure this will accomplish.

My wife and I go to Sea World a lot, and we like to sit in the Soak Zone at the various shows (especially the Shamu Show) quite often. If I am in the Soak Zone with this camera case, will the camera inside stay dry? Thank you.
asked by R. Crane on July 6, 2009
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They have waterproof cameras and I would take one of those along instead of your SLR. I have the Sony TX10, which is waterproof and it's awesome.
Leah J answered on January 4, 2012

I am about two years late, and I suspect you've handled the situation by now. However, my advice would be not to get your camera wet! Seems like common sense almost, but still, you asked. I think there may be waterproof shells for specific cameras. Check into that if you insist on getting your camera soaking wet.
Jonas J. Schreiber answered on May 7, 2011

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