Customer Reviews: Watergate: The Hidden History: Nixon, The Mafia, and The CIA
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on July 18, 2012
This is a really amazing book. It puts Nixon in a whole new light, from the start of his political career in 1946 to Watergate, and even beyond. It shows the corrupting influence of too much money and too much power better than any fictional story. I thought I knew about Watergate, but the extensive documentation in this book (2,000 endnotes! Amazing declassified files reproduced in full!) showed me how different the actual reality was. I couldn't put it down. Though it's a big book, the excellent photo section and Chapter 1 gave me the basic story right off the bat, and left me dying to read the rest. Amazing new information about JFK, the CIA, E. Howard Hunt, and so much more. Highly recommended.
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on January 22, 2014
Lamar Waldron has won fame as an incredible researcher of the JFK assassination. In his book "Watergate: The Hidden History:
Nixon, The Mafia and the CIA" he does his peerless spadework to extract new material on the political crimes of the 1960s. Waldron begins with Nixon's early career when he early on became associated with the mob to help him achieve victory in California congressional and senate races. Among the revelations in this book:
a. Richard Nixon's closest friend was Bebe Rebozo who laundered money for Nixon and helped him make several crooked deals in California and Florida real estate.
b. Nixon wanted the Cuba Dossier file stolen from the Watergate because it revealed that he had been deeply involved in the CIA-Mafia plan to launch the Bay of Pigs and assassinate Fidel Castro. The Cuba Dossier also revealed Nixon's involvement in the assassination of Allende in Chili. By showing Nixon's involvement with mob figures he believed that if such information was revealed it would lead to his defeat in the 1872 presidential race against Democrat George McGovern. Hence the Watergate burglar caper.
c.. Nixon also wanted to pilfer the Cuba Dossier because it revealed he had received huge bribes from Jimmy Hoffa the Teamster President to keep him out of prison.
d. CIA chief Richard Helms also wanted to keep his involvement against Castro kept secret. Helms close associate E. Howard Hunt and rogue and former CIA agents were behind the Watergate burglaries which began with the raid on Pentagon Papers leaker Daniel Ellsberg's physician.
e. Waldron spends half the book discussing how mob kingpins Carlo Marcello, and other major mobsters plotted to assassinate JFK putting the blame on Castro and the Cubans. Oswald was a patsy and Jack Ruby was part of the Marcello crime family who murdered Oswald in a mob hit.
This book is very long! 825 pages of text with countless names to keep track of and plots to sort out! It can become tedious to read but the research and information will make it worth the effort. The bottom line is that Richard Nixon betrayed the trust given him by the American people. He was a criminal and dirty politician. Required reading for those wanting to return to that dark valley time of the 1960's. Recommended
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on September 12, 2012
Lamar Waldron does for Watergate, with this book, that he did for the JFK assassination with his two books on that case: He meticulously and convincingly puts all of the pieces of the puzzle together and ties up all of the loose ends, that most other authors on these subjects (except for Noel Twyman who wrote "Bloody Treason" and maybe a select handful of others) have not come even close to achieving.

Some reviewers knock Waldron for the length of his books. As a JFK assassination researcher myself, I say THANKS for the long books. Don't we WANT all of the available info possible? A book that gives us our money's worth, unlike the "The CIA killed Kennedy, because of the Bay of Pigs. The End" wastes of time? Unlike the "Some Secret idea who they were......killed Kennedy...they rule the world." Wastes of time?

The job of a JFK assassination author, and a Watergate author, is to NAME the principals involved, and coherently weave together the various threads, based on the documented evidence (not evidence based on speculation) into an easy to understand, informative narrative. Nobody is better at that than Lamar Waldron.

You may see some reviewers knock Waldron because he has the guts to go where the evidence takes him, instead of cowardly losing himself in a crowd of believers of an as of yet unproven theory.

The Mafia DID play a prime part in the JFK assassination. Any honest investigator worth his weight in gold knows this and will report it. In fact nobody on Earth had more connections to the JFK assassination than Louisiana Mafia boss, Carlos Marcello. FIVE of Marcello's associates were arrested within days of the assassination: The patsy, Lee Oswald, who worked as a "runner" for Marcello's gambling network. David Ferrie, who spent the last two weekends before the assassination of JFK at Marcello's Churchill Farms hideout. Jim Braden, A.K.A. Eugene Hale Brading, who was arrested in the Dal-Tex building for acting suspicously after the murder. Jack Ruby, who answered to Joseph Civello, Marcello's main man in the Dallas Mafia, of course, whacked the patsy. And "French Connection" heroin smuggler and assassin, Michel Mertz, A.K.A. Jean Soutre, A.K.A. Michel Roux, A.K.A. Michael Victor Mertz, and member of the Corsican Mafia in Marseilles, France, was in Ft. Worth Texas on the same morning that JFK was in Ft. Worth. And Mertz (who *may* have been the gunman on the grassy knoll) was in Dallas on the afternoon that Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas. Thanks to Waldron, we learn from former INS (Immigration and Naturalization Services) officials that a "Frenchman" fitting Mertz's description was arrested by Dallas Policemen shortly after the assassination. But since Mertz had Diplomatic Immunity (Awarded to him for having saved French President Charles de Gaulle during an assassination attempt), Mertz was then handed over to the INS, who, with the cooperation of the Justice Department, then flew him out of the country within 48 hours after Kennedy's death.

THAT is evidence. Names of the criminals, their connections to the crime and other criminals involved in the crime, their roles in the crime, their motives, means, and opportunity to commit the crime, is evidence. Saying "Some guys from this agency killed Kennedy because they hated him" is NOT "evidence".

Many wrongly accuse Waldron of saying that "The Mafia, acting alone, killed Kennedy". Not true. Waldron clearly allows plenty of room for the complicity of rogue C.I.A. and/or Military Intelligence officers, or Naval Intelligence officers, wealthy oilmen, and others in his scenario.

Marcello associate Irving Davidson was a major lobbyist, who was close to J. Edgar Hoover, Richard Nixon, L.B.J., C.I.A. officials, and other dangerous members of The Establishment who could easily have played a role in Kennedy's murder, along with Marcello and others as well.

And the Mafia, thus played a big part in the Watergate scandal, indirectly, because of the "hanky panky" that Richard Nixon spoke of, that was going on between the Mafia, and the CIA/Military Intelligence and Cuban Exiles in their mission to kill Fidel Castro. The Mafia, the C.I.A., The U.S. Military, Cuban Exiles, wealthy oilmen, etc. are all intertwined, because their common goal (kill Castro) made them necessarily intertwined, and since Watergate is related to the Kennedy assassination, all of these parties are intertwined in the Watergate scandal as well, by association, not necessarily by action. White is black. Black is white. And black and white are gray. A powerful clique in The Establishment killed Kennedy, and Nixon had connections to some of the members of this clique (it was Nixon and Jimmy Hoffa who spear-headed the Mafia/C.I.A. collaboration in the Castro assassination attempts). Thus, Nixon was worried that documents existed that would put him and his associates' "dirty laundry" on display for the entire nation to smell. Just being ASSOCIATED with criminals is a no no in Washington D.C., you don't even have to be a player in their crimes. And in Nixon's own words, that "scab", that, if opened, "would reveal a (heck) of alot of things" about "the whole Bay of Pigs thing (The Mafia/CIA collaboration, and their connections to Kennedy's assassination)" would be "very bad for the CIA and the nation".

Thus the reason for trying to close the open closet of skeletons. Thus the reason for the Warren Commission. Thus the reason for the Watergate Burglary. Thus the reason that a President and a nation was disgraced.

Lamar Waldron is a walking encyclopedia of American history. I highly recommend his books.

"If 'The Truth Shall Set You Free'", and if we do not have that truth about the Kennedy murder, given to us by our government, what does that make us?"
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on October 19, 2013
A few years ago I had read "Ultimate Sacrifice" and it was a very tough/long read. I did not feel comfortable with the author's claims then about a planned Cuban coup in December of 1963. Even with a bad book one can learn things, and since "Ultimate Sacrifice" was one of the first books I had really gotten into concerning the assassination I saw it as a good introduction (although painful to get through) to the host of personalities involved in certain aspects of the assassination.

Now to "Watergate", I stopped reading it at about page 270, I just couldn't take it anymore. The first 100 plus pages I found very interesting and a "hard book to put down" read as for instance I had no idea of the depths of Nixon's mob ties. Then gradually I felt as if I were reading "Ultimate Sacrifice" all over again. If in reading "Watergate" I came upon one more reference to Juan Almeida and the planned coup in Cuba I thought I was going to scream. This time I really did feel as though the author had thrust upon the reader an intolerable level of verbosity and self aggrandizement, for instance on page 260 guiding the reader to his 2 previous books as regards documentation for Chicago payoffs to Jack Ruby. And when I find a major mistake in a book of purported serious investigation I have a hard time trusting other facts an author may be putting forth, case in point: on page 261 the author makes reference to JFK's plan for the "withdraw of 116,000 US advisors" out of Vietnam by the close of 1963. Now that is a major discrepancy in a serious work of this type. Even casual students of the JFK era know that there were about 16,000 US "advisors" in Vietnam in 1963 and that JFK planned to withdrawal about 1000 at the end of the year. Now, that may just be a typo, poor editing...but still it's there, sloppy.

And now to the index. Yes, there is an index but it is the type to index that is very frustrating. The index lists the pages to be found concerning a certain subject but not the specific reason for listing it in the index making it frustrating to refer back to it.

I understand that the author no doubt wanted to impress upon the reader the extent to which the perpetrators of Watergate were involved with the anti-Castro movement and CIA but I feel it was way over done. Maybe I'll try to go back to this book again when I am not so frustrated, but probably not.
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on May 6, 2016
As a Dallas person that grew up next to strange people that discussed Dealey Plaza which is very ultra annoying, this helped finally make sense of those strange stories. From strange neighbors that ended up being scared of people in the MAFIA and Organized Crime it made sense as to why even the cops would turn a blind eye towards everything. This book helped explain the ever so silent eerie feeling that Dallasites have around Cubans, Russians, and Jews and Greeks. Very strange situation.
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on December 21, 2014
Voluminous new details about Watergate and the historical events leading up that event, with copious citations to the most recently declassified documents. Includes a web site for newly discovered post-publication information.

Want to know what Nixon meant by "that Bay of Pigs thing?" Why the break-ins? What was Nixon looking for? You'll find out if you read this book, which consolidates all of the information uncovered in the past 50 years in one comprehensive volume. You might even find out who murdered JFK.

This book is somewhat repetitive, but is well worth reading. Well researched and impressive in its details and scope
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on November 17, 2015
This is a great book for anyone interested in political history of the 50's 60's and 70's. Lamar Waldron is one of the best and most thorough researchers that I have come across. I've read many books on about the Kennedy killings and related topics. It's amazing to me how the same names keep coming up with all these controversial events that have been stepping stones to where we find ourselves today.
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on January 11, 2016
I love history books, especially Cold War-era history. I try my best to find unbiased accounts of events. This book is extremely biased towards liberal minded thinking and i found it very hard to have to read through this book and at the same time having to sort between truth and liberal fiction.
What do i mean by this? Nixon was a dirty, corrupt politician, this is well known. However, i find it hard to believe that Nixon and other Republicans were the only politicians to use smear campaigns and take bribes to win elections. This book implies that to be true, which is assanign!
The books also build Nixon up to be the devil (justifiably so) and it paints JFK to be a saint, which he wasn't. For example, i dont know if the author was lying, or if he truly belived it when he said that JFK knew nothing of the plot to assasinate Castro. That has already been proven to be untrue. In fact, RFK was the one who gave the go ahead on operation Mongoose. I also find it humorous that the author refers to the attempt to overthrow Castro by the Republicans as an assasination attempt, while the Democrats were trying to "bring Democracy to Cuba".

These are only a few examples, but the book is filled with bias, and lies. It is a highly informative book, but if you dont have a good enough knowledge of the events that took place during this timeframe to be able to seperate fact from fiction, dont read this book.
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on January 11, 2014
This book was as much about the lead up to the assassination of JFK as it was about the corrupt Richard Nixon. It certainly gave me more insight into what Watergate was all about, the CIA and Mafia power at the time, the Bay of Pigs incident and other political matters during the time of the Kennedy's and Nixon himself. It still begs the question of why they still believe that Lee Harvey Oswald was the assassin?
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on March 30, 2013
I have read the authors first book the ultimate sacrifice and thought it gave a believable account of the JFK assassination. After reading this new book Watergate and its discussion of Nixon's ties to the CIA /mafia/ Castro assassination attempts in 1960 and indirectly in 1963, and Waaldron's disucssion of the Hoffa -Nixon campaign contributions in 1960 and 1971 with Robert Maheu and Howard Hughes thrown in, it sounded very believable again until I read the reviews of the one star critics: Jim DeEugenio, Dan Fulsom, Reto Houser, R Yckoff, Scott Delaney, and JMP. Their reviews caused me to doubt the whole premise of Waldron's book. So while I remain uncertain as to which "facts" I believe to be true, I will give this book a 2 while I read some of the books the one star reviewers suggested.
The bottom line is:I want to know the truth about watergate and the JFK /RFK assassinations. And I want it NOW! The U.S. government should not be hiding the information from us its taxpaying citizens! All materials should be released immediately to the public for review. I will update this review after further reading of other materials.
terry Jennrich
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